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About Semey

Semey is a border city on the Russian side. The Irtysh river flows in close vicinity to the city, thereby lending natural beauty to the town. It is believed that during the 18th century, Semey flourished through the trades between the Asian nomadic communities and the Russians through the Irtysh river.

Semey is considered to be a bridge city between Siberia and central Asia, thanks to the Turkestan-Siberia railway. Despite being small in size, the city attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world, thanks to its association with the Russian and Central Asian culture. Semey's history talks a lot about Dostoevsky, a famous poet whose entire lifetime became a notable turning point in Semey culture. That's why visiting the museum built in his memory is a must. If you love art and history, the Fine Arts Museum will be the ideal place as it showcases all the important arts from the 16th century onwards.

For understanding the anti-nuclear movement of Semey, you can visit the Polygon and the surrounding areas. If you are up for a day full of adventure, a visit to Polkovnik Island is a must. The town of Semey experiences a humid climate. Summers are extremely hot, with humidity levels spiking every day. Contrary to this, winters are cold, often accompanied with snowfall.

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