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Most Popular Places Around Salzburg

What You Should Know More About Salzburg

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Carry your passport and other document copies whenever you go out.

    ·         Maintain decorum and behavior at the Chapels, Cemetery, and Churches which you visit.

    ·         Do not step out alone in the late hours, as it might not be safe. Wear simple clothing and do not wear flashy jewelry so that you are not exposed to the occurrence of any thefts.

    ·         Book your hotel stay well in advance so that you do not have to face last minute inconvenience.

    ·         Carry enough amount of money but do not carry excessive cash with you. Do not litter at monumental places and do not spoil the charm of the places in any way.

    ·         Enjoy your time here but so not fall into any type of illegal activities.

    ·         The place is a religious hub and hence, you are advised to carry a suitable behavior appropriate for the place.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The minimum legal age to consume alcohol in Salzburg is 18 years of age for all types of alcoholic drinks.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?


    Salzburg is one of the places with many different historic sites which are well-maintained and adorned with beautiful architecture. The fortress of Hohensalzburg is one such place. The castle was built in 1077 and is one of the most impressive places to visit. Frequented by many tourists, this is an utterly beautiful spot, with one of the best backgrounds to click pictures. There is also an ancient lime tree over here which is said to be planted years ago.

    Mozart’s Birthplace

    This is a house in Salzburg where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. This house, which is now a fascinating museum consist of numerous mementos and also have a lot of Violins, portraits and original scores which were composed by Mozart. There is also a vast exhibition at this place which you can witness and get an essence of this artistic and cultural place.

    Salzburg Cathedral

    The Salzburg Cathedral is one of the most prominent buildings in Salzburg, with a lot of attention gathered from tourists all over the world. This place is famous for the Italian style of architecture it boasts about. From the colossal marble statues, attractive entrances for the building and massive bronze doors, every aspect of this cathedral makes it one of the most beautiful monuments over here. You will surely be charmed by seeing the breathtaking beauty of this building.

    St. Peters Abbey

    Located in the western part of Salzburg, this place has been the place of residence of the Archbishops till 1110. You will find a lot of early religious and cultural aspects at this Abbey, including the Christian Catacombs and St. Maximus Chapel as well as the St. Peter’s Fountain, which was built in 1673. This place is one of the most picturesque destinations of Salzburg which will give you some of the best pictures of this trip.

    Festival Theaters

    Salzburg has been famous all over the world for the amazing music festivals it hosts. There are many historic theaters and concert halls in this place which are used for hosting many different cultural and art activities over here. These halls are usually ones built in the olden times and hence, they have a lot of architectural beauty to them, which is like a cherry on the cake along with the performances.

    Franciscan Church

    Located to the north of St. Peter’s Church, the Franciscan Church is a parish Church, which is one of the most phenomenally beautiful monuments for sightseeing in Salzburg. It has antique interiors of Gothic Romanesque style and a high altar from the 17th century. The entire construction of this church is really charming and rustic in its look and feel and is indeed worth checking out.

    St. Sebastian’s Cemetery

    The St. Sebastian’s Church and Cemetery, a place established in 1512 is a Rococo style place which has the graves of many famous people like Archbishops and artists who were born over here. The tombstones of this cemetery are exceptionally beautiful and this place is something you should indeed visit for a different experience of history altogether. 

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Beautiful Monuments

    Salzburg is a home to some of the best monuments, ancient buildings, and Cathedrals in the world. Not only will you get to see some of the best monuments of the world, but will also have some of the best pictures of the trip because of these beautiful structures.

    Preserved Culture

    The people of Salzburg have managed to effectively maintain the culture, art, and music of the place. Hence, you will get to experience some of the best cultural and art activities in Salzburg which will give you a true essence of the heritage of this place.

    Beauty of the City

    Salzburg is place is with colorful and charming buildings, which together make the city look really beautiful. This is one of the prettiest places you will ever see in your life. Right from small pathways and alleys to panoramic views of the city, everything is just very mesmerizing to the eyes.

    Tourist Facilities

    There is a misunderstanding that if the place is historic and cultural, it is underdeveloped and does not have enough convenience facilities. This is indeed wrong as Salzburg is a place equipped with all kinds of tourist facilities like numerous resorts and hotels, restaurants, transport and other convenience facilities for all types of tourist requirements.

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