5 Things to Do in Ramanagara 2023: Upto 40% Off

Ranging from boating in a serene lake to indulging in a thrill-filled night trek, there is a wide variety of things to do in Ramanagara for adventure lovers as well as tourists. Also known as The Land of The Seven Hills, this city in Karnataka is rapidly gaining popularity among all kinds of tourists seeking a memorable break from monotony of life. A number of picturesque tourist sites, refreshing wooded hills, exciting trekking trails, and fine quality silk are some of the most prominent factors that attract hordes of vacationers to come and spend some pleasant days here.

Whether you prefer sightseeing excursions or your idea of fun is challenging your body and heart by partaking in adventure, there are activities to do in Ramanagara for all. Trekking enthusiasts have a variety of trekking trails such as Savandurga Trek, Revana Siddeshwara Betta Trek, and Ramadevara Trek to choose from. Climb on the top of these hills and you can pamper your eyes with some captivating panoramas. Other adventure options available here include camping on serene spots and exhilarating rock climbing. Furthermore, for a relaxed vacation, you can spend your time here indulging in shopping, boating in Rangarayana Doddi Lake, and watching birds at Kanva Dam. So if you are planning a happening vacation in Ramanagara, you are definitely not going to run out of activities to try.

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Ramanagara Trek, Bangalore


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455 Ratings

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Adventure Day Out at Ramanagara


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Ramanagara Camping With Adventure Activities


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People Also Ask About Ramanagara Things To Do

  1. What are the must things to do in ramanagara?

    1. Camping And Adventure Activities In Ramanagara: The exquisite hilly landscape of Ramanagara ensures that outdoor lovers find ideal sites for camping and a myriad of adventure activities to try their hands on. Camping here is a sheer delight for both nature lovers and thrill seekers, and is counted among the best activities to do in Ramanagara. Pitch your tent in the middle of hills, by a lake, and experience nature at its best. To enhance the overall fun, you can also pair the camping experience with other activities like rappelling, trekking, ziplining, kayaking, etc.

    2. Night Trek In Ramanagara: One of the most stimulating things to do in Ramanagara every outdoor enthusiast must try is night trekking. The city is replete with hills, and has a number of trekking trails which are apt for both night and day excursions. However, the thrill and pleasure of marching ahead under a starlit sky is unparalleled. If you time your trek perfectly, you will be rewarded with a gorgeous twilight sky, followed by a glorious sunrise scene.

    3. Rock climbing in Ramanagara: Out of all the things to do in Ramanagara, the adventure of rock climbing holds a unique feeling. Whether you are a pro or you want to try your hand at rock climbing, this city, with its rocky hillocks, gives perfect experience laced with adrenaline pumping action. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, you get a chance to try various grades of rappelling and chimney climbing in several locations in the city.

    4. Bird watching at Kanva Dam: A picturesque location which is home to a wide range of exotic bird species, Kanva Dam is an artificial reservoir, and is among the best places to visit in Ramanagara for bird watching. For the most memorable experience, be here during one of the winter mornings when you will be greeted by plenty of migratory birds in the lake and wooded hills around it. In addition to shots of some rare birds, you can also capture some stunning pictures of a surreal sunset scene here.

    5. Spend a day at pilgrimage center-Purushottama Tirtha Gavi: If you are travelling to Ramanagara in pursuit of peace and contentment, immersing yourself in spirituality at Purushottama Tirtha Gavi is one of the recommended activities to do in Ramanagara. Located close to Kanva Reservoir, this shrine dedicated to Purushottama Tirtha Gavi enjoys a huge reverence among Hindus. Hordes of tourists as well as devotees frequent the temple, especially on weekends. Since the temple is located amidst pristine nature, away from civilisation, it is a good place to meditate and connect with God.

    6. Savandurga Trek: Renowned as the largest monolith in the entirety of Asia, Savandurga attracts trekkers in huge numbers throughout the year. In order to reach to the top of this 4220 feet high hill, one has to undertake a strenuous uphill trek which will surely fix your hunger for action and thrill. For those who want to take a break from inactivity, this is certainly among the best activities to do in Ramanagara. Upon reaching the top, you can be assured to witness a beautiful scenery of the undulating hills and verdant plains.

    7. Go for City Shopping: If you are visiting the city with your family over the weekend, embarking on a shopping spree is certainly one of the best things to do in Ramanagara. The city is a hub for cottage weaving industries, and is best known for offering fine quality silk. Whether you want to buy finished silk products or raw silk skein, Ramanagara promises to impress you with the quality of silk available here.

    8. Bike trips at Ramadevarabetta hills: Popular among the local youth, a bike trip to Ramadevara Betta Hill is one of the most memorable things to do in Ramanagara. Riding to the foothills of this majestic hill is quite rewarding, as you get to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding hills and plains during your journey. Embark on this adventure with your friends and spend a day chilling out or share your lover’s company to add shades of romance to the experience.

    9. Rangarayana Doddi Lake Boating: A visit to Rangarayana Doddi Lake and boating there is counted among the most soothing activities to do in Ramanagara owing to the breathtaking beauty created by the water body and the surrounding hills. A boat ride in this lake gives you the chance to delight in the scenic beauty of the lake from different perspectives and capture it in your camera. Whether you are being accompanied by your lover or your family, the vibe of this place and activity will enhance your mood.

  2. What are the places to visit in ramanagara?

    1. Ramadevara Betta Hill: Named after the 1000 year old Lord Rama temple situated at the top of the hill is Ramadevara Hill, a famous Hindu shrine. Just 50 km from Bangalore it is the perfect place for a short trip for someone seeking a breather from the fast paced life of the city. The granite hill is surrounded by a forest and pond Tirtha, which is an overwhelming scene for those who are able to view it from the top . There are two more temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman which are nearer to the base of the hills. Offering an ideal terrain for rock climbing and trekking, this hill is also famous for adventure activities in Ramanagara.

    2. SRS Hills: The Sri Revana Siddeshwara Hills is a sacred ground for the followers of Shiva and is a hub for adventure activities in Ramanagara. Its popular among trekkers and rock climbers who are fascinated by the monolithic boulder and challenge themselves to reach the top. The hill is surrounded by paddy fields and lakes. The cave temple at the top of the boulder is the Sri Revana Siddeshwara temple while two more temples Bheemeshwara and Renukamba are at the base. Adjacent to it is huge lake Devrakere. The temple holds Rudtabhisheka pooja everyday which shouldn’t be missed by those trekking.

    3. Janapada Loka: This is a museum dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the rural culture of Karnataka. It houses around 5000 folk artefacts including hunting equipment, agricultural tools, household wares, scriptures, folk literature and music, puppets, and around 400 years old sculptures. The museum has different sections like Loka Mahal, Chitta Kuteera, Doddamane Shilamala, Ayagaramala etc. Blue lake greenery park and regional food. The perfect time to visit is during the Lokothsava and kite festivals.

    4. Channapatna: Known as the Toy Town of India, Channapatna is listed among the best places to visit in Ramanagara. It has the most creative and gorgeous handcrafted wooden toys that are in high demand in the country as well as abroad. Channapatna is also famous for its Kadu Winery of the Sulu vineyard. There is a wine tasting and wine making tour for those interested. The town also has Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary that is popular among bird watchers.

    5. Mekedatu: It is a quiet picnic spot situated by the Kaveri river as it flows through a narrow ravine. There is a coracle for those who want to enter the water. Meekedatu's popularity is with its name which means ‘Goats leap' . It has mythological significance with the disguise of Lord Shiva as a goat. The scenic beauty and the calming sound of the waves makes it the perfect place to unwind.

    6. Kanva Reservoir: The reservoir is an artificial lake formed by the construction of a dam on river Kanva for an irrigation project. The spot is popular among bird watchers and those seeking extreme sports. The banks of the Kanva is used as a camping ground for those visiting. There are lots of activities for those visiting like fishing, kayaking, zip lining, rope walking and swing walking. There is also a temple nearby that is visited by tourists called Purushothama Tirtha Gavi.

    7. Arkavati River: Another peaceful spot for visitors to come and relax amongst nature is the Arkavati river. It is the largest mountain river of Karnataka emerging from the Nandi hills. The river has a dam built on it called Harobele dam. The river is a popular fishing spot as visitors sit by rocks and fish while enjoying the scenery.

    8. Ramanagara Silk Cocoon Market: The sericulture sector of Karnataka is the biggest among all the states of India with major silk coming from Ramanagara. Ramanagara is called the largest cocoon market of Asia. The silk cocoon market has a wide variety of silk from the crepe silk with gold sari borders to the celebrated Mysore silk. It’s the right place to get the purest silk with shops offering different varieties and there’ll be something for everyone.

    9. Sholay Shooting HillTop: The hills of Ramanagara are called Sholay Shooting Hills after the blockbuster movie Sholay(1975) that captured the hearts of many and is still remembered as a masterpiece and classic. Tourists travel to the hills to try and identify the different locations from the movie scenes. Whether it was the scene were the iconic train chase occurred, or when Gabbar assaulted Thakur or where his famous dialogue with Kalia took place. The hills is also where another movie called Passage to India (1984) was shot.

    10. Ramanagara Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary: This is the only vulture bird sanctuary in India. The sanctuary was built to stop the extinction of Asian vultures from being displaced due to the rapid industrialisation in Karnataka. There are around 20 endangered species of birds. Trekkers, researchers and bird watchers visit the sanctuary to catch a glimpse of the critically endangered long boiled vulture and the Egyptian vulture.

  3. Which are the Adventure things to do in Ramanagara?

    1. Rock climbing at Ramadevara Betta: Invest your energy and time in indulging in rock climbing adventure at Ramadevara Betta, and you will be rewarded with panoramic views and a sense of triumph. A popular trekking spot in the region, Ramadevara Betta is a hill with a popular trekking trail, which also offers perfect opportunities for rock climbing. If you are in the mood for a serious adventure, you must consider this option.

    2. Chimney Climbing at Revana Siddeshwara Betta: Revana Siddeshwara is a 3066 feet tall hill in Ramanagara that makes chimney climbing – an easier variant of rock climbing – available for adventure junkies. For those who want to experience rock climbing without having to tax their minds and bodies, this activity is certainly one of the most sought after adventure activities in Ramanagara. A Shiva temple is perched atop a hill, which makes it a popular adventure as well as religious spot.

    3. Revana Siddeshwara Betta Trekking: Offering you a delightful experience that combines the thrill of adventure and calm of nature, Revana Siddeshwara Betta Trekking lets you climb to the top of a hill that is more than 3000 feet high. One of the best adventure activities in Ramanagara, this trek is sought after by many over the weekends. Looking down at the sweeping views of the verdant landscape below will soothe your senses and transport you to another dimension. For some extra fun and an even intense adrenaline rush, some also prefer to undertake this adventure at night.

  4. What are the best luxury resorts in ramanagara?

    1. Eagleton Golf Resort: A lavish property spanning across acres of land with sprawling golf courses, Eagleton Golf Resort is a delight for any traveller with a taste for extravagance. Apt for a comfortable break from routine, the resort features a variety in terms of accommodation, food, and amusements. A collection of six tasteful dining venues will keep your taste buds pampered on your stay here. Accommodations at this luxury resort are available in three categories – Executive Suite, Deluxe Room, and Standard Room – all of which come with a range of amenities.

    2. Vana Resort: Some of the factors that make Vana Resort one of the best choices of accommodation in the region are its refreshing atmosphere, well-equipped rooms, and modern amenities. If you are in for a peaceful retreat, this resort, featuring manicured lawns, clusters of tropical trees, and a forest area, will keep you close to nature and relaxation. As per your budget and requirements, you can choose from heritage cottages, standalone villas, and well-appointed rooms.

    3. Shilhaandara Resort: A mid-range luxury resort located at the foot of a hillock in Ramanagara, Shilhaandara Resort is an ideal choice if you want to enjoy a rejuvenating getaway with family and friends. The resort presents to the guests a kaleidoscope of ancient architecture, world-class accommodations, and an exciting range of adventure activities in Ramanagara. Get adventurous by partaking in an ATV ride, stay in a tent or a lavish suite, and put your mind and body at ease by opting for an ayurvedic spa.

    4. Club Magnolia Resort: The ultimate destination for a rewarding staycation near Ramanagara, Club Magnolia Resort turns no stone unturned to make your vacation unforgettable. An in-house restaurant to fix your hunger pangs with delicious meals, lavish suites and rooms to give you a world of comfort, and a tastefully developed garden are there to give you a virtually perfect break from monotony of life. Whether your purpose of visit is business or leisure, the resort has all the facilities ready.

    5. Hill View Resort: Spend a few days away from the hubbub of the city by embracing verdance and tranquility of nature at Hill View Resort. Set around a rock formation, laced with all modern amenities, this gives a perfect value for money stay experience. The resort offers a perfect space and ambience to create memories with your loved ones. While the cozy royal suites with modern furnishing lets you bask in to your heart’s content, the adventure activities such as trekking, rock climbing, and archery are a treat for the thrill seeker within you.

  5. How to Reach Ramanagara?

    You can reach Ramanagara from any part of India by air, rail, and road.

    By Road: Ramanagara can be comfortably reached by roadway, as a six lane expressway connects it to major cities in the state like Bangalore and Mysore. Regular buses and private taxis are available to travel to Ramanagara.

    By Air: Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore is the nearest major airport from Ramanagara, which has regular flights to and from major cities in India like Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. The airport is located at a distance of 87 km from Ramanagara and can be easily reached by road.

    By Rail: Ramanagara is connected with major cities of South India through railway network. Numerous train to and from the cities like Bangalore and Mysore are available on a daily basis.

  6. What is the Best time to visit Ramanagara?

    Ramanagara has a tropical climate, and is thus known for its pleasant climate throughout the year. However, summer days tend to get too hot sometimes and it frequent rains are not uncommon during monsoon. So, the winter months, which span from November to February, feature the most favourable climatic conditions here. Especially if you are visiting Ramanagara with the objective to indulge in activities such as rock climbing and trekking, these winter months have the most favourable temperatures. Besides, the moderate day temperatures also help sightseers explore the city better.

Newly Added Ramanagara Experience
29 May 2017
Madhusudhan Anand Ramanagara Adventure Camp
It was a team outing, 30 of us from office and a few also got their family and kids! I and few others in my team were looking everywhere and nothing seemed to match our requirements. It had to be fun, well coordinated, there should be team building and games, physical activities, adventurous and it should be a memorable day. Well the budget too was pretty tight. Nothing seemed to tick all the check boxes until I arrived on this resort's page on Thrillophilia. There are a lot of activities that you can do, zorbing, jumaring, rappeling, trekking, zipline, rain-dance, bow and arrow, dart, cricket, hiking and lots of team games.There is fresh air, great ambience, kids would love it, they even gave us a tent, the food was very good, one of the friendliest staff, it was overall incredibly memorable and fun. I recommend this place for short groups, friends and family too!
28 December 2020
We had never thought that had that Q Mango Forest Adventure Camp can give so much fun in a single day. The Q Mango Forest Adventure Camp offers everything from adventure activities to relaxing and gazing at the stars at night. The food was very tasty. The kayaking and swimming experience was amazing and we had a lot of fun doing it as that day there is less traffic there. We are definitely visiting here again with a bigger group of friends.
17 August 2014
Rageshwari Deshpande Adventure Stay at Ramanagara
After I moved to Bangalore, I realized that there are quite a few amazing weekend getaway spots. However, not everything can be planned all by us. When I saw, Ramanagara trek package, I took the deal. It was an amazing deal. The whole trek was planned and it was cost-effective too. I also learnt a lot on the significance of that place.
07 January 2021
Ramanagara is a very beautiful place a few kilometres from Bangalore city. One can reach there by train, bus or cab/car. There are many activities organised by them. Some of them include rappelling, ziplining, kayaking, cricket, badminton, muddy volleyball, raindance, campfire, etc. It was a great fun to play all those activities. All the activities are safe and thrilling and guides are very helpful. The meals provided by them is also good. At night one can enjoy the bonfire with loud music and dance. The sleeping tent looks so beautiful and its good for one night stay. Its a different experience altogether. The morning tracking organised by the team was awesome. The walk around the hills and bushes was so cool and beautiful.
04 May 2015
rahul khemka Ramanagara Trek
Awesome trek to go with friends and chillout with a bonfire at the summit. You wake up to the most beautiful sunrise infront of you. The trek arrangements were really nice.. comfortable sleeping bags were provided as well.
"All activities are good. Best food for the price"
16 February 2021
One of the best experience to have even if you are a couple or in a group. We made mew friends over their , the activities are soothing , the rain dance was awesome and the best part was food.
15 February 2021
Sachin Shrivastava Ramanagara Adventure Camp
We went in a group of 2 families. I can rate the entire tour by below rating. Food (Breakfast+Lunch+snacks+Dinner) : 5/5 || Activity (Trekking/boating etc) : 5/5 || Hospitality(Staff behavior) : 5/5 || Security Measure: 5/5. The set of activities available here is just surprising (Zipline, Kayaking, Trek, Archery etc). We can not believe the price we had paid and the activities we were offered there. It was a great deal to come here and experience one of the most amazing adventure activities here. We along with my kids all just enjoyed it so much here. It was really a nice experience as it's a complete full entertainment package.
"very good place for lovely weekend."
Wonderful location. Had great time. Staff are very friendly and supportive especially Santosh was really helpful.

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