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What You Should Know More About Osian

  • Travel advice

    • You can get to Osian from Jodhpur by rail or road. Jodhpur is the nearest airport if you have to reach Osian from most of the metropolitan cities in India.

    • When in Osian, do not litter the desert area.

    • Do not smoke in public places or when you visit temples.

    • Wear ethnic or conservative clothes when you visit temples.

    • Carry cotton clothes, sun screen, and some camping gear.

    • You can camp at a few sites in the Thar dessert.

    • You must always carry bottled water and cash as most of the restaurants might not accept cards.

    • When you shop, it is best to carry cash.

    • Do not accept edibles or drinks from strangers.

    • Do not get over friendly with strangers or over tip.

    • Tipping is not mandatory, but followed as a common gesture at most of the places in India.

    • Eat only in hygienic places. Do not ask for meat that is not on the menu.

    • Do not carry meat with you when visiting religious places.

    • Maintain a low voice inside the temples.

    • You are not allowed to take pictures inside the temple.

    • Ask for permission when you want to take pictures of the locals.

    • Do not talk to women directly.

  • Drinking law

    Do not drink in public or holy places. Do not ask for drinks at a restaurant if it is not on the menu. You cannot buy drinks on national holidays or during festivals.

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