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This desert town located in the district of Jodhpur in Rajasthan is sure to give you a sizzling experience. It is a 65 km drive from the city of Jodhpur and is accessible only by road. The nearest cities to get to Osian from are Bikaner, Jodhpur or Jaipur. Offering the best tourist places in Osian, this oasis boasts of Hindu and Jain temples, close to 16, and thus is also known as the “Khajuraho of Rajasthan” given the erotic sculptures at the temples and thus is of utmost significance to them. The specialty of these temples is that they stand out for their architecture and history behind each of them. Back in ancient times, it was also a prominent trading site for silk in the region. With extreme climates at the desert, the time of visit is extremely important when visiting Osian. It is also commonly known as the “Oasis of the Thar Desert”.

A maximum of one or two days of trip to Osian is sufficient to cover the entire temple town. The town has many hotels, camps and resorts to stay at during your trip there catering to all kind of budgets. However, most travellers stay at Jodhpur and complete exploring Osian in a day if it is well planned. There are some heritage hotels available in the region for those looking for a comfortable stay. Apart from temples visits and pilgrims, the most common and popular activity here would be the camel safari. Most hotels would facilitate your bookings for the safari, if not it is recommended to pre-book it with a tour agency to avoid paying huge amounts at the last minute. A trip to Osian will give you a complete desert experience. Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers to help you plan your trip to this desert town:

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30 August 2019
It was an amazing experience. I just loved it. Thank you Thrillophilia for arranging such an amazing tour.
23 August 2019
We reached OSIAN in a Government bus as road was flooded due to torrential rain. Taxi dropped us midway. The tour operator guided us well in availing bus. We were picked in a Jeep and driven to desert. The camel ride was thoroughly enjoying in the drizzle. Demeanour of camel controller is appreciable. Hats off to the trip amidst rain falling.

People Also Ask About Osian

  1. Travel advice

    • You can get to Osian from Jodhpur by rail or road. Jodhpur is the nearest airport if you have to reach Osian from most of the metropolitan cities in India.

    • When in Osian, do not litter the desert area.

    • Do not smoke in public places or when you visit temples.

    • Wear ethnic or conservative clothes when you visit temples.

    • Carry cotton clothes, sun screen, and some camping gear.

    • You can camp at a few sites in the Thar dessert.

    • You must always carry bottled water and cash as most of the restaurants might not accept cards.

    • When you shop, it is best to carry cash.

    • Do not accept edibles or drinks from strangers.

    • Do not get over friendly with strangers or over tip.

    • Tipping is not mandatory, but followed as a common gesture at most of the places in India.

    • Eat only in hygienic places. Do not ask for meat that is not on the menu.

    • Do not carry meat with you when visiting religious places.

    • Maintain a low voice inside the temples.

    • You are not allowed to take pictures inside the temple.

    • Ask for permission when you want to take pictures of the locals.

    • Do not talk to women directly.

  2. Drinking law

    Do not drink in public or holy places. Do not ask for drinks at a restaurant if it is not on the menu. You cannot buy drinks on national holidays or during festivals.

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  4. When is the best time to visit Osian?

    Although the place is accessible throughout the year, the best time to visit Osian would be from the months of November to March. This place bears extreme climates, and thus is extremely hot in the summers. The colder season is more bearable than the summer, and thus winter would be the best time to enjoy exploring this ancient town located in district of Jodhpur.

  5. How to reach Osian?

    This desert town is only 65 km to the north of the city, Jodhpur. It takes around 1 hour and 30 min to get there from the city. The nearest train station is Jodhpur and you will have to travel by road to get to Osian. The options of road travel available from Jodhpur are:

    • Bus – The local RSRTC buses are available. It is always advisable to check on the bus timetables and pre-book your tickets if you wish to take this mode of public transport.
    • Taxi – Almost all travellers prefer taking a taxi from the Jodhpur Station to Osian as it is more convenient and dependable.
  6. What are the different things/activities to do in Osian?

    Do not underestimate the desert town to merely a boring estranged desert. There are quite a few interesting activities in Osian that will keep you occupied during your visit there. Some of them are:

    • Dinner with folk dance – Approximately INR 2000 per person
    • Camel safari – Approximately INR 500 per person
    • Royal camping – Approximately INR 6000 per person
    • Champagne and camel ride – Approximately INR 3300 per person
  7. Which are the famous attractions to see in Osian?

    Apart from the desert, Osian is popular for its list of temples. Some of the famous attractions to visit in Osian during your visit there are:

    • Sachiya Mata Temple
    • Surya Temple
    • Kali Temple
    • The Mahavira Temple
    • Harihara Temple

    You could also witness the folk dance at the desert safari in Osian, which is a popular attraction by itself.

  8. Which are the best resorts to stay in Osian?

    Osian has many resorts to stay at, most of which are beautifully designed in its original Rajputana style. You can enjoy a unique experience by staying in one of these lovely resorts in Osian:

    • Osian Resort Camp
    • Samsara luxury resort and camp
    • Karni Bagh – The Heritage resort
    • The Osian sand dunes resort and camp
  9. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Osian?

    Osian being a small desert town, there is not much commuting that you will have to do. The only travel would be during your temples visits or if you are off to explore some activity, which are almost are close to each other. While travelling within the sands of the desert limits, camel is the best and most unique option. Otherwise you could opt for local taxis or rickshaws to take you around the place.

  10. Which are the best places for shopping in Osian?

    There is really not much shopping that you can do in this town. If you wish to buy some souvenir or locally made products, you could visit nearby cities such as Jodhpur and Jaisalmer to purchase traditional Rajasthani handicrafts. However, you may find small stalls outside the temple campuses with small local things to buy.

  11. What are the best places for desert camping in Osian?

    Osian being a desert town by itself has numerous desert spots and companies with which you can camp with. The most popular and the best desert safari in Osian are:

    • Osian Resort Camp
    • Camp Thar
    • Safari Camp Osian
  12. Where can one enjoy Camel safari in Osian?

    You cannot miss a camel safari in Osian and there are plenty of places to try them. It is the most common activity of the region. The safaris cost as less as INR 500 per person and can vary according to the place of the desert and duration. You will have a guide escorting you through your tour and thus safety is assured. Among the numerous options, the best place to try the camel safari here would be at the Real Osian Camel Safari.

  13. What are the famous Temples in Osian?

    After the desert activities, the second most prominent attractions in Osian are its temples. Osian has various temples to visit that will occupy one whole day of your holiday. The famous ones that are worth the visit are:

    • Sachiya Mata Temple
    • Surya Temple
    • Kali Temple
    • Harihara Temple
    • The Mahavira Temple
  14. What are the best desert safaris in Osian?

    There is a plethora of desert safaris to choose from during your visit to Osian as it is a desert town. It is also the most common activity there and thus, it is always better to book your tours in advance. There are several tour operators offering different safari experiences. The top two best desert jeep safaris in Osian are:

    • Desert Jeep safari – INR 3000 each person, 2 hours.
    • Dinner with Folk dance Safari

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