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Traveller Tales from Nilgiris


Ambar Shukla

10 October 2015

It was the best thing that I have ever done. Hands down this is better than having a luxurious hotel stay. Firstly, it feels so much like being in home. Secondly, this is way cheaper in terms of money....


Manisha Bharadwaj

06 January 2016

It was a nice and satisfactory trip after a really long time. I haven’t had a satisfactory trip in a long time and taking this was the good thing that happened to me in the recent past. It was relaxing...


Gitanjali Devar

24 October 2015

Aaaah! The cackle of the bonfire, the warmth of the logs and the laughter of the night is still echoing in my ears. Unforgettable experience.


Naval Chaturvedi

22 May 2015

It was the best vacation of this year. Taking a south Indian hill stations tour was something that I wanted to do. The climate here was good, the bonfires were fun, and it was just a perfect vacation.


Rohan Dhawan

22 May 2015

This escape from the corporate grind was badly needed! Amazing experience! I filled up my lungs with enough oxygen to last me a lifetime! :D


Amritambu Nambeesan

21 May 2015

Out of the world: Yes, staying in a typical home-like scenario near the nature is a beautiful way to spend a weekend. I really enjoyed this totally and so were my friends. There weren’t much to do exce...


Kamalesh Chopra

11 April 2015

It was a just about an average stay. There were mosquitoes all along. The only relief was the bonfire which was all fun and interesting to do.


Aditya Gupta

02 April 2015

Some of the best things happen when you least expect it. This is so true with this trip. I never expected to have a lots of fun as I thought it is gonna be just a laid back trip, but I was clearly wron...


Minakshi Mukhopadhyay

29 March 2015

Camping in the 'Blue Mountains' of the Nilgiris is indeed the best way to enjoy the beauty of nature! Indeed this camping place near Bangalore is the best weekend getaway.