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About Mons

Mons is one of the best Belgium Tourist places. This city gets its name from Mons Sacraal which means that it is the old city that was built on top of an older historical site. Mons Sacraal became such an important place to live because it was protected by natural barriers which allowed people to live without being attacked by outside forces since there were no natural weaknesses for invaders to exploit unlike other places in Europe.

A charming city just a few hours away from Brussels, Mons is full of history and medieval charm. It's the capital of the province of West Flanders, which has been called "the land where French Flanders once was."

It is packed with some great places to explore, including the bustling market square which dates back to 1378. One can enjoy great European cuisine at Patisserie Claude Chevre, wander through its many churches and religious buildings - most notably Notre Dame de la Grace - or enjoy some local beer in one of its many cafes.

It is also a well-known European holiday destination with a wide range of things to do including a museum, a botanical garden, and breweries. It is one of the nicest places in Belgium where the weather is warm, the people are friendly and cosy, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

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