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About Mildura
Lying on the Victorian side of River Murray in north-west Victoria and known for its history of grape and orange farming, Mildura is one of the most scenic places to visit in Victoria. Mildura was declared as a borough back in 1920 and got recognized as a town in 1922. It was finally declared as a city in 1934. The ever-charming beauty of Mildura can be accredited to its gorgeous tree-lined streets and lush fruit orchards. The Mediterranean-style sunshine, vibrant local culture, and relaxed atmosphere of the city also have unique elements to add to its much famed beauty.

A plethora of stunning landmarks are spread across the territory of Mildura. The best places to include in your itinerary for the perfect tour to Mildura include the Mildura Arts Centre, the Mungo National Park, the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, The Chaffey Trail, the Sunraysia Farmers Market, and the Trentham Estate.

On your tour of Mildura, you can spend time watching the luxury houseboats over a cup of coffee at Café de Caravan, taking an exploration tour of the Old Wentworth Gaol, sampling some great beers at the Mildura Brewery, and witnessing vintage cars at the Mildura Holden Motor Museum. Mildura experiences a semi-arid climate, which is characterized by cool winters and hot summers. The best time to enjoy a trip to Mildura is between the months of May and September.
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Mildura FAQ's

What are the best places to visit in Mildura?

1. Jaycee Park: Jaycee Park is located in the heart of the city, and is a top attraction in Mildura tourism. The park is a great place to take a stroll, have a picnic, or simply relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including ducks, swans, and turtles.

2. Australian Inland Botanic Gardens: The Australian Inland Botanic Gardens is a botanic garden located in Mildura, Australia. The garden covers an area of 155 hectares and was established in 1987. The garden contains a large collection of native plants from across Australia, as well as a number of exotic plant species.

3. Mildura Arts Centre: Another major highlight of Mildura tourism is the Mildura Arts Centre, a vibrant and unique cultural hub in the heart of the city. The Centre is home to a range of arts and cultural organisations, including the Mildura Arts Centre Inc, Mildura Regional Art Gallery, Mildura Writers Group and the Mildura Performing Arts Company. The Centre also hosts a range of events and workshops throughout the year, making it the perfect place to experience the arts in Mildura.

4. Lock 11: Lock 11 is located in Mildura, Australia and is part of the Murray-Darling Basin. The lock was built in 1887 and is the oldest lock in the basin. The lock is used to regulate the flow of water in the Murray River and is one of the busiest locks in the basin.

What are the things to do for children in Mildura?

  • Visit the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens
  • Take a scenic drive or walk along the Murray River
  • Visit the Sunraysia Cellar Door for some wine tasting
  • Play Mini Golf at Mildura Waves
  • Visit the Mildura Fruit Bar for some delicious fruit ice cream
  • Go for a swim at one of the many public pools in Mildura
  • Take a ride on the historic Mildura Paddlesteamer
  • Visit the Mildura Chocolate Company for some sweet treats
  • Play at one of the many playgrounds dotted around Mildura
  • Visit the Mildura Farmers Market for some fresh produce
  • Take a walk through the Native Botanic Gardens
  • Visit the Rural Museum of Mildura
  • Go for a bike ride along the many cycle tracks in Mildura
  • Visit the Mungo National Park to see the ancient Lake Mungo
  • Get up close to some Australian animals at the Grampians National Park
  • Visit the Silverton Hotel & Bakery for some old-fashioned hospitality

What are the best things to do in Mildura?

1. Explore Rio Vista Historic House: A major highlight of Mildura tourism, you must definitely explore the Rio Vista Historic House. It was built in 1887 by George and Annie Chaffey, and is now a museum. It is full of fascinating historical artifacts, and has a beautiful garden. It is a great place to learn about the history of the area, and to see a beautiful example of a historic house.

2. Take a stroll along the Mildura Riverfront: Mildura Riverfront is a beautiful spot to relax and take in the scenery. The riverfront area is well-maintained and offers plenty of seating and walking paths. There are also several restaurants and cafes nearby, making it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing stroll during the evenings. The views of the river and the surrounding area are simply stunning, and the peaceful atmosphere is perfect for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

3. Try local wines at Trentham Estate: For the best Mildura tourism experience, go for a wine tasting tour at the Trentham Estate. The Trentham Estate winery is located in the heart of Mildura and is known for its award-winning wines. The Trentham Estate winery produces a variety of red and white wines, as well as a sparkling wine. The Trentham Estate winery has a long history in Mildura, dating back to the early 1900s.

4. Go back in time at Mungo National Park: The park is home to the Mungo people, who have lived in the area for over 30,000 years. The park is also home to the world's oldest human remains, which were discovered in the 1970s. The park is a beautiful place to visit, with its red sand dunes, Lake Mungo, and unique wildlife.

What makes Mildura a tourist hot spot?

There are many reasons why Mildura is a tourist hot spot. The city has a rich history and is located in a beautiful part of the country. There are plenty of things to see and do in Mildura, and the city is home to a number of great restaurants and cafes. Mildura is also a popular destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities. 
There are numerous hiking and biking trails in the area, and the city is located on the banks of the Murray River, which is perfect for swimming, fishing, and kayaking. In addition, Mildura is home to a number of festivals and events throughout the year, which attract visitors from all over the world.

Is Mildura worth visiting?

Yes, Mildura is definitely worth visiting. The city is situated on the banks of the Murray River and is known for its scenic views and sunny climate. Some of the reasons why Mildura is worth visiting include its stunning scenery, its sunny climate, and its many recreational activities. Mildura is also home to a number of excellent restaurants and cafes, making it a great place to enjoy a meal or a coffee.

Which is the best time of the year to visit Mildura?

Spring season, from September to November is the perfect time to visit Mildura, as the weather is warm and the days are long. The town comes alive in spring, with the local markets and festivals in full swing. There are plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained, including hiking, biking, and kayaking.

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