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About Leuven

Leuven is one of the great Belgium Tourist places which is located about 30 kilometres from Brussels and about 60 kilometres from Antwerp. People can visit this place because it has a rich Belgian heritage and the city centre is renowned for its many historic buildings that date back from Roman times to Contemporary Art.

Leuven is one of the great Belgium places to visit to see the oldest bridge in the country, the Halve Maen. You'll find this bridge in the heart of Belgium's capital during a wonderful walk across the city. There's almost an 8 km long boardwalk which leads past numerous museums and castles to a beautiful place with an 18th-century view over Leuven and its surroundings.

Leuven is one of the famous places in Belgium to do things like family trips, day trips or even weekend breaks. There are many other activities to do in Leuven such as going for a drink or trying some beer tasting at one of the several pubs or going see one of the many churches such as Catholic, Renaissance, Gothic or Baroque Notre-Dame Cathedral. Along the cobbled streets are cafes, shops, old churches and big red brick buildings, it is also home to many iconic breweries.

The weather in Leuven is cold but not too cold and one feels good walking around. It is the capital of the province of Flanders and is well known for its university. The city has a lot of history and is full of monuments, cafes and restaurants and interesting shops.

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