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About Chandipur

One of the most unique beaches in the country, Chandipur is located on the shores of Bay of Bengal in the Baleswar District. The beauty of Chandipur Beach is considered to be unparalleled, and rightly so. Its yellow-golden sands and blue waters create a stunning picture-postcard like imagery. Dotted with rocky outcrops, sand dunes, and thickets of Casuarina trees, it is one of the best and the most beautiful vantage points in Orissa to savour a beautiful sunset.

Also known as the ‘vanishing sea’, and ‘hide-and-seek beach’, the waters at this beach recede twice every day during the low tide for about 5-6 kilometres revealing the seabed, making it one of the most intriguing
places to visit in Orissa. Visitors love to walk on the seafloor and find colourful treasures of seashells and colourful stones and seeing the unique sand formations. The beach houses the rare Horseshoe Crabs along with a huge variety of fish. Another reason why the beach is famous is that this has been the site of the launch of DRDO’s Agni, Prithvi, and Akash ballistic missiles.

One of the best activities here to walk deep into the seabed during the low tide. Biking enthusiasts can even ride up till the end of the shores. The beach has some amazing cafes and shacks that offer great seafood like prawns and pomfret, which are a must-try. This is a great place to meet friendly fishermen and observe their fishing activities. Every year in January, one can enjoy the Chandipur Beach Festival that includes cultural performances by local artists of dances like Chhau, Bihu, exhibits by DRDO, watersports like rafting & parasailing, etc.

The summer temperatures range between 25-40 degrees making the place hot and humid. The best time to visit the beach is during the winter months of October-March when the temperatures range between 17-27 degrees making it cool and pleasant to enjoy the outdoors.

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