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Canggu FAQ's

Travel advice:

  • Never leave your important documents or cash and valuables in the hotel room.

  • Always make sure that you book a hotel or a resort in the bustling area.

  • If you are lost anywhere or someone from the group is lost, you must immediately seek the help of the police.

  • Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

  • Do not get involved in physical or verbal spat with anyone.

  • Don’t flash your valuables in the public area.  

  • Do not hire a guide who is not from a trusted or authentic agency.

  • Never trust any stranger who gets friendly with you in just a short while.

  • Don’t eat food off the street vendors without examining the quality.

  • Carry with you a copy of your licenses and passport.  

  • Don’t let anyone in the city misguide you. Acquire sufficient information before heading to a new place.

  • Dress appropriately.

  • Nudity is strictly prohibited here.

  • Do not film or do videography without the legal permissions.

  • In case the banner or sign says, ‘No Photography’ obey it.

  • Avoid traveling alone in the night hours.

  • Do not go around with too much cash during the night hours.

  • Take a comprehensive travel and medical insurance before traveling.

  • Keep the touts at bay.

Drinking laws

Countrywide there are no bans on liquor.

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Nelayan Beach

Also called as the fisherman beach, Nelayan beach is where one can get fresh fishes, lobsters, prawns and other seafood items. It is one of the most beautiful and clean beaches in Canggu. This is definitely an important tourist attraction of Canggu.

Berawa Beach

Berawa beach has black sand and is basically not good for most water sports or swimming. But it offers some renowned and good surfing challenges which is sure to give you a great experience. You can enjoy beautiful the waves here and have a relaxing time at the beach.

Tanah lot

Tanah lot temple is one of the most important temples in the village. Located on a rock just offshore, it is said to be the work of a Hindu priest Nirartha that forms an important element in Balinese spirituality and mythology. Tanah lot is an extremely popular tourist destination which in the afternoon is very crowded. Also, adjacent to the temple are souvenir shops selling every imaginable Balinese trinket you can imagine. Shopping for these souvenirs can be a great thing to do here. A beautiful and historic place built in 15th century, this is a must visit tourist attraction.

Echo Beach

Canggu village has many beaches and Echo Beach is among one of them. Echo Beach lets you enjoy the sunset in the best way. It is also filled with black sand just like some of the other beaches in the village making it the best sightseeing attraction of Bali.  

Casa Day spa & delivery

Holidays are a perfect time to relax from your stressful life. Casa day spa helps you relax and lets you enjoy the delightful services they have to offer. It is located on the main road Raya Canggu on the way to Tanah lot temple and Echo Beach. Tourists must visit this high style spa to enjoy delightful treatments.

Nirwana Bali golf course

Designed by Greg Norman, Nirwana golf course is beside the dramatic, wave-lashed sea temple of Tanah Lot to the north. It is consistently voted as one of the best golf course in Asia. Tourists must visit this beautiful golf course and experience how nice it is to play golf here.

Samadi Sunday organic produce market

Every Sunday farmers from Bedugul come to Canggu with fresh fruits and vegetables that includes strawberries, cherry tomatoes, beetroots and even mulberries. There are fish stalls and homemade jam stalls complete with baked scones, brownies and delicious hummus. Also, there are clothing and natural cosmetics items up for grab.

Old man's mix bag market

We can find here everything right from granny’s cookies to odd bric a brac. Old man’s mix market is held on Saturdays. It is the place where Bali’s fine Pottery studio meets Australian design to sell off their samples and leftovers. No one can resist to stroll through old man's market without buying a couple of zigzag patterned bowls and vase. Old man's market is a famous place and a favorite playground for the Canggu community. It is definitely an important place to see.

Black market

Black market is where hipsters, jewelry makers, graphic designers, vintage collectors meet. They come together to sell creative products. Tourists must visit the black market to purchase creative products and catch all creative forces at one place.

What you will like here?

Test your swing at the Nirwana Golf Course

Wish to take a miniature tour to Bali? Head to the Nirwana golf course and enjoy a game of golf at this 18 hole golf club. This course will take you through the rice terraced paddies that envelope the Indian Ocean located past the legendary Tanah Lot temple. Besides this, you will also enjoy the challenges of the Greg Norman of this magnificent golf course. Many locals and visitors regard it as the best golf course of Indonesia.

Explore the Canggu area from the back of a horse

When in Bali, an important thing to do is taking a Bali Equestrian Centre’s horseback riding tours that are prominent in the Canggu area. You can opt from the tours on the beach to the village tours. In the beach tour, you can take a tour along the edge of the water on the Berawa Beach in the early hours of the morning or during the sunset. However, in the village tour, you’ll be strolling through the small villages and the rice paddies. Such tours are conducted at the walking pace and are suitable for anyone and everyone aged 7 and up. For the children below the age of 7, the Bali Equestrian club offers the pony rides and the grooming guides.

Visit the Tanah Lot Temple

The Tanah Lot temple of the Canggu doesn’t need any introduction since this is undoubtedly the most famous temple in Bali. Situated just 15 minute drive from Canggu, the temple is at its natural best during the sunset when the flaming sun presents a spectacular background for the temple. Sadly, this happens to be one of the worst kept secrets of Bali. This temple is definitely one of the most important places to see in Bali. If you wish to avoid the crowds, it is advisable for you to reach the temple early in the morning.

Go shopping

Want to have a fun Sunday evening shopping in Bali? Head to Sunday Samadi Bali which is a recreational and a yoga center of the Canggy. This center hosts a small market every Sunday. It is basically a mix of organic local farmers who set up stalls here to sell vegetables and fruits here. Other things that you can shop in Canggu include the handicrafts and the handmade jewelry. Several Canggu expats also stock the homemade products which are a hit amongst the tourists

Relax at one of Canggu’s Spas

Your holiday to Bali is simply not complete without undertaking a massage or spa treatment. There are a number of treatments to opt from. Right from the authentic traditional Balinese massage to the rather more exquisite and exotic treatments with coffee and mint. In an around Canggu, there are more than 20 spas, so you really have a good chance of finding a spa right around the corner of your resort or villa. Treatments can also be arranged within the villa you are staying in. The spas of Canggu are never going to disappoint you but there can be a huge difference in the degree of facilities available.  The facilities here can range from being just modest to being ultra modest.

Have fun at Splash Waterpark

In the late 2014, the splash Water Park was commenced as part of the Canggu Club. The entrance fee of the Club grants access to this waterpark. This water park isn’t as extensive as the other water parks of the Bali but definitely offers a range of fun water slides. As of today you have 6 different slides to make a choice right from Crazy Creek to Giant Race slide.   

Hit the Canggu waves

One of the most consistent breaks of Bali is the surf break at the beaches around the Canggu. Both tandem and professional surfers can be excited as Canggu definitely has a lot on offer. If you are an experienced surfer, Canggu has a number of good spots to choose from like the Pererenan Beach, Echo or Berawa. If you are a beginner at water sports, you need to take out some time, hire an instructor who will help you better explore the waves and even learn the art well. You can take your surf lessons at the Echo Beach that provides everything from the single lessons to the week long lessons.

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