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About Bhagalpur
With around 1515 villages and 4 small towns, the district of Bhagalpur exhibits the perfect essence of historical harmony and natural beauty. Sitting along the plains of Ganga, Bhagalpur has been attracting various devotees from the corners of the world. Having a very fertile land, this place has contributed to the economy of Bihar through the plantations of rice, wheat, maize, barley, and oilseeds.

With high-standing mountains, gushing river streams, and ruins of numerous historical buildings, Bhagalpur is known for its beauty which is embellished in nature as well as architecture. Bhagalpur is also known to be the"Silk City". The "Silk City" of Bhagalpur is known for the unique silk fabric Tussah or Tusser. The rise of such industries has made it reach the list of developing cities under the smart city program. 

The city of Bhagalpur lies at a distance of 221.5 KM from Patna

Places to Visit:
Make sure that you mark a visit to the Dolphin Sanctuary
The major attractions like the Jaiprakash Udhyan add more beauty to its surroundings with the variety of flora and fauna they hold. 
Be it gazing at the granite boulders of Mandir Hill or just traversing along the shores of the Ganges, you will be visiting various beautiful locations here.
One of the must-visit attractions of Bhagalpur is the ruins of Vikramshila - a royal university dating back to 770-810 A.D.

Activities to Do:
From exploring the royal history at the Bhagalpur Museum to taking part in the aarti along the ghats of the Ganges, you will find a plethora of activities to do in Bhagalpur. 
Ensuring that your vacation pictures will be beautiful, make sure that you visit the ruins of Vikramshila and enjoy a photo session along the ruined walls and splendid architecture. 

Best Time to Visit:
With its highest temperature ranging around 37 degrees celsius, Bhagalpur remains comparatively colder than other districts and cities of Bihar. However, the best time to enjoy a vacation is between October to March, when the climate remains cold and blissful.
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