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About Baikonur

Baikonur might have a long history associated with the Soviets. But the roots of the city are deeply embedded in the mining industry as the original place was used for digging up innumerable mines. Located on the northern riverbank of Syr Darya, Baikonur is now the home to Cosmodrome- a Russian leased spaceport. The city is mainly known for the space centers which are managed by the Russians. On the other side, human settlements have been established, and yet, almost thirty percent of the soil is barren.

Coming to Baikonur and not visiting the space cosmodrome is definitely not acceptable. After getting approval, you can take a guide to discover the hidden mysteries including the initial launch pads, the Soviet missiles, the control towers, and so on.

You can even take a stroll along Cosmonaut Grove. It's a single avenue, bordered by trees that were planted by the Cosmonauts prior to their departure from Baikonur Cosmodrome. Baikonur experiences a cold desert climate even though the mercury levels rise above normal during the months of May to July. The winters are harsh and cold to a great extent.

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