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About Aktobe

Located on the Ilek river, Aktobe got its name from the high elevation where the first settlement was established. In Kazakh language, Aktobe means white hill, which symbolized the snow-covered lands the city experienced at the beginning of the 19th century. Aktobe's beauty comes from it's history where tales of many Asian empires have been noted. Two prominent figures from the Kazakh history- Abulkhair Khan and Eset Batyr were from this Kazakh city. Due to the steppe lands and the numerous rivers flowing around, the city is the epitome of natural magnificence.

Aktobe has witnessed a fair share of battles and downfall of empires of troops. So, having a museum based on a female sniper who killed ninety-one German soldiers is expected. The Aliya Museum will give you a detailed insight into her life and how she conquered the fight against Germany single-handedly. Another major attraction that makes Aktobe one of the best places to visit in Kazakhstan is the Aktobe Regional Museum. It is a scientific haven, delineating every detail about nature, starting with the meteor craters to the local hornless rhino remains.

For experiencing the culture of the city, you can visit The Boulevard of Unity and Accord or the Nur Gasyr Regional mosque. Several cafes and restaurants are there to satisfy your roaring stomach during your trip.Aktobe experiences an almost average temperature, with little to almost no snowfall. However, the land certainly receives a fair share of rainfall during late summers.

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