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About Aktau

Unlike other cities of Kazakh, Aktau doesn't have a direct relationship with the pioneering history of the country. But, as the city is a part of Mangestau, one can witness the glory of the smaller trading routes around the Caspian area. Aktau is a Soviet-founded city, the word having an eternal literary meaning- WHITE MOUNTAIN. The name comes from the chalky white appearance of the Aktau ranges, peering above the Almaty region in the country. Despite being divided into16 political districts, Aktau celebrates a unified culture which is its main source of beauty.

Aktau has seen its fair share of history, which is why the city has several memorials you must take a look at before your departure. The WWII memorial is said to be the seat of an eternal flame that glows constantly. Right down the lane across the MiG fighter plane memorial, you will have the seafront, filled with cliffs and roaring sea wave noises. You can also visit Mikrorayons to watch the statue of the melancholic Ukrainian poet, Shevchenko.

Since Aktau is a part of the Caspian area, you can go on a yacht along the shoreline. For adventurous tourists, the 0.6 biking trail will be a wonderful choice. The main city has a puppet theater for families and children. Aktau has drastic weather, with the summer being hot and arid whereas the winters are cold but long.

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