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Universal Studios Singapore Ticket - Flat 28% off

Universal Studios Singapore Ticket - Flat 28% off

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Singapore Zoo Tickets - Flat 24% off

Singapore Zoo Tickets - Flat 24% off

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5 Nights Singapore Honeymoon Package with Cruise

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4 Nights Singapore Tour Package with Airfare - Thrillophilia Exclusive

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  • There are so many exciting things to do in Singapore that it is almost impossible to find a moment of boredom while you are there. One of the most popular destinations across the globe, Singapore caters to all kinds of tourists fittingly. Whether you want to try some thrilling adventures that will make your heartbeat go wild or you want to relax and soak in the beauty of its dazzling cityscape, Singapore never fails to impress. Majorly famed for its futuristic architecture and breathtaking skyline, Singapore also offers an unending range of fun activities to indulge in.

    Also popular with the name of “The Lion City,” Singapore is an ideal travel destination for everyone irrespective of where their passion lies. It is perfect for foodies, shopaholics, thrill-seekers, nature lovers and culture vultures. If you are a thrill-seeker – during your visit to this land dotted with architectural wonders – you can indulge in activities like paragliding, jet skiing, kayaking, trekking and much more to get your adrenaline rushing. Singapore also features numerous other fun activities for those who want to go easy like golfing, prawning and sailing. Featuring exciting amusement parks, high-tech shopping malls, scenic beaches, lush green forests and much more, Singapore – as a tourist destination – stands undefeated.

    Singapore is a melting pot of traditions, cultures and delicacies. Singapore is where the vintage meets the modern. It is where the adventure meets the leisure. All these blending results in exceptional opportunities for tourists to experience it all at a single destination. Add different flavours to your holiday experience by indulging in the varied activities this pretty city has on offer. All in all, Singapore holds a sea of fun and excitement within its ambit, which can truly be discovered only when you visit this interesting place. We have curated for you a list of things to do in Singapore which will let you know how fun this place really is!


    Some of the best things to do in Singapore are:

    1. Tour to Universal Studios
    2. 360-degree view from Singapore Flyer 
    Cable Car Ride in Sentosa
    Gardens by the Bay
    Adventure at Night Safari
    Ziplining in Sentosa Island
    Indoor Sky Diving at iFly Singapore
    Dance the Night Away with a Bang Bang Party
    Take a visit to Singapore Zoo
    Tree-Top Walk At MacRitchie Reservoir
  • Must Do Things: Thrillophilia Recommendation

  • 01Best Offers on Singapore Tour Packages: Enquire Now

    Best Offers on Singapore Tour Packages: Enquire Now
  • 02Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands

    Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands
    If you are thinking of what to do in Singapore, this could be an option. The Infinity Pool, located on the roof of the fifty-seven-floor Marina Bay Sands Hotel, offers spectacular views of the city.

    Facilities like sun loungers and towels are provided while sunscreens/other products and swimsuits are conveniently available at SkyPark Shop.

    Various refreshments are offered poolside from 07:00am-11:00pmand you can also relax and enjoy a stunningly beautiful sunset. But access here is restricted only to registered guests and you have to present your room keycard to enter. 

    Location: The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is located on Bayfront Avenue.

    Price: Prices vary according to the package you choose.

    Timings: It is open daily from 06:00am-11: 00 pm.
  • 03Tiger Sky Tower

    Tiger Sky Tower
    Tiger Sky Tower, Singapore’s highest observation deck at a height of approximately 131 meters above sea level, provides spectacular views. The cabin revolves around showing you various sights as far as Indonesia and Malaysia and a commentary provides information about each. 

    Location: It is located on Imbiah Road.

    This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings: It is open every day from 09:00am-09: 00 pm.
    Tiger Sky Tower Singapore Flat 40% off

    Tiger Sky Tower Singapore Flat 40% off

    NNNMM28 Ratings

    h1 Hour


    Starting from


  • 04Visit a Casino

    Visit a Casino
    Singapore is one such country where gambling is absolutely legal. Gambling is one of the most popular activities in Singapore. There are four prominent cities where gambling has been allowed by the Singapore authorities. The largest city in Singapore in terms of gambling facilities is considered to be Changi where casinos are present with 38 table games, 200 gaming slots and video poker machines. Apart from Changi one can visit Marina Bay Sands Casino too with 700 table games and 2500 poker and gaming machines.

    Casinos are one of the most popular places in Singapore. Some of the most regularised and disciplined casinos like Lido Casino, Aegean Paradise, and Resorts World Casino Sentosa are present here. There are superb facilities available in all these centres and one can truly enjoy and have superior gaming fun here. It is one of the must stop for the visitors and as a result, remains crowded almost all times throughout the year.
  • 05Visit Marina Bay

    Visit Marina Bay
    The Marina Bay, with several well-known attractions, is a perfect answer to the question what to do in Singapore. This includeMerlion, Esplanade Theatres, Singapore Flyer, CE LA VI, Marina Bay Sands Resort, Sky Park, Lightshow, and Casino. In addition, Marina Bay Golf Course, Gardens by the Bay, ArtScience Museum, Sustainable Singapore Gallery, Helix Bridge, Singapore Grand Prix.

    Each of these provides a unique and unforgettable experience and you can choose to visit any combination of these places. 

    Location: It is located in the Central Area/City Area/City Centre of Singapore. 

    Price: Depends on the attraction you choose.

    Timings: Depends on the attraction you choose.

    Check out some of the best Singapore family resorts to have an amazing stay.
  • 06Tree-Top Walk At MacRitchie Reservoir

    Tree-Top Walk At MacRitchie Reservoir
    Image Credit : Eustaquio Santimano
    One of the most popular destinations for the nature lovers, nature walkers, and runners, this beautiful part at the heart of Singapore is a must-visit destination. Constructed in 1867, this reservoir has 250-meter aerial treetop walk through suspension bridge between two highest points, Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang.

    It is about 25 m above the ground with clear visuals making it feel closer to nature. The sight of forest birds, long-tailed macaques, colugos all becomes splendidly clear along with the panoramic view of Upper Perce Reservoir. More than 80 kinds of birds and almost 18 types of unique trees can be seen here.

    An ideal location for hiking in Singapore, as one can enjoy the beauty of Nature at its best. It’s an 11km walk to the tree point and there’s food available at the entrance. This place is always on the list of Honeymooners in Singapore and a must visit when you are here with your family or friends.

    Off Lornie Road, Singapore

    Check out the best tourist attractions in Singapore here.
  • Adventurous Things to Do in Singapore

  • 07Scuba Diving, Sentosa Island

    Scuba Diving, Sentosa Island
    Singapore is a popular destination all over the world for water adventure sports. From jet-skiing, waterboarding to kayaking, there are numerous adventure options in Singapore to satisfy your lust for the thrill. Among the best water-based adventure activities one can try in Singapore is scuba diving.

    has a number of amazing scuba diving experiences to offer different levels of diving under different scuba diving programs. Among those options, Sentosa is celebrated as the best scuba diving spot. Scuba diving in the SEA Aquarium, located in Resorts World Sentosa is a must-do thing on the bucket lists of tourists visiting Singapore from different parts of the world.

    It is a great way to witness the colourful marine life with a more vivid 
    perspective. Whether you are a trained scuba diver or you want to make your underwater debut, there are various programs to match the experience you need. Wash all your blues, diving into the deep, blue waters of Sentosa!

    Location: Sentosa Islands
  • 08Paragliding

    Paragliding is one of the best things to do in Singapore especially if you are an adventure lover. Paragliding is a popular sport in Singapore. For all those who enjoy adventure, thrill and elevation this is an ideal sport. It is not only treated as a casual sport in Singapore since there are regular competitions held over the sport. Some of the best shops having paragliding gears are located in the popular shopping zones of the country.

    The Paragliders Association or the Paragliding Sports Society provides exclusive training on the sport and they believe that the same can be learnt quite early though one can never stop knowing more about the game. For the experienced flyers, it is a good place to enjoy the sport. However physical fitness is a must so one should be very alert while conducting the sport.
  • 09Hiking

    Hiking is never leisure in Singapore and that is why the planned city is filled with beautiful long trails for hiking showcasing the panorama of scenic beauty and urban society in Singapore. One of the popular hiking trails in Southern Singapore is the 10km long Southern ridges connecting series of hill parks. Another prominent nature haven and a prime spot for migratory birds is Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve which serves an excellent hiking trail amidst natural greenery.

    The tree top walk at Macritchie Reservoir Park along with six hiking trails and the Punggol Promenade hiking route are other popular tracks in Singapore where the sport gets a whole new meaning. Apart from this the Bukit Timah Hill Nature Reserve is famous for hiking sport. In a nutshell, there are several prominent and attractive hiking routes in Singapore that can be explored for a lifetime experience.

    Macritchie Reservoir Park, Bukit Timah Hill Nature Reserve and Punggol.
  • 10Reverse Bungy at Clarke Quay

    Reverse Bungy at Clarke Quay
    Image Credit : Choo Yut Shing
    An adventurous ride is one of the best activities to indulge in Singapore that make the country so popular. In a planned set up, the country boasts a number of interesting adventurous sport in which the latest inclusion is reverse Bungy.

    Strapped in padded chairs with a metal caging the players are propelled up to a height of at least 60meters from where they are pulled down by gravitational force at a speed of almost 200km/hour.

    It is one of the most thrilling sports with beautiful scenic locations around only if one can keep the eyes open. The sport takes about 5 mins and only people above 12 years of age is allowed in the game.

    Location: Clarke Quay, 3E River Valley Road

    : Open on all days from 2 pm and weekends from 1 pm.

    : $45 approximately.
  • 11Snorkelling

    Snorkelling is another popular water sport that entices everybody in Singapore. There are excellent snorkelling sites in Sister Islands and Pulau Hantu on the southern part of the country which serves as a good destination to enjoy the sport. The main problem in most of the waterfronts in Singapore is that they consist of the busiest ports of the country, as a result, the waters contain much sediment.

    However, the above-mentioned places are different as it contains beautiful soft corals, superior marine water life with the unique collection of fishes and crabs and clear waters.
    Lazy beaches and warm sun under shady palms and beach shelters make these islands ideal for campers.

    Visitors can take a boat ride to these destinations and enjoy a lovely day here. Long-tailed macaques can be seen in Sister Islands where they don’t get aggressive until disturbed. Boats can be arranged from Marina Souther Pier.

    Sister Islands and Pulau Hantu

    : Admission to the island is free.
  • 12Jet Skiing

    Jet Skiing
    When it comes to water sports one can never miss the thrill and excitement of Jet Skiing. The high-speed boating across the cool waters of Singapore enjoying the fascinating vistas is a huge enjoyment on its own. There are several clubs which provides rented Jet Ski boats for travelling but there are some rules and regulations which need to be followed to enjoy this sport in Singapore.

    In the country, one needs a boat driving License often named as Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL) to drive the powerboats in the waterfront. Apart from this, there are other techniques and tips which are generally provided at the boat training centres.

    There are Jet Ski safari tours which can be enjoyed here with double seaters so as to spend some quality time with friends and loved ones. It’s a wonderful sport and a perfect pastime for adventure lovers.

    Sentosa, Keppel & Punggol
  • 13Wake Boarding

    Wake Boarding
    The list of things to do in Singapore cannot be over without wakeboarding. Either to shed some adrenaline or to step out of the comfort zone one of thrilling sport to try hands on is wakeboarding. There are few professional wakeboarding centres where one can take the maximum enjoyment of the sport.

    Absolute7 water sports of Marina Country Club is a popular place to try out this sport as it provides training and has an arrangement for amateurs as well as expats. They charge about$200 for Beginners course which continues for 2 days.

    Edge Wakeboarding is another popular place to enjoy the sport with instructors having 10 yrs experience in the game. They provide faster learning at $130/hour. Lastly, Ski 360 is another provides lessons in wakeboarding. There are facilities for all levels of the sport and training can also be fetched at only $50 per hour on the weekends.

  • 14Paddle Boarding

    Paddle Boarding
    Image Credit : Andym5855
    An excellent combination of Kayaking and surfing can be experienced in the thrilling water sports Paddle Boarding. In this particular sport, one needs to stand upright and balance on a longboard and then paddle the boat using a double-bladed oar. You can find this at various beaches in Singapore.

    The sheer excitement and absolute awe-striking experience can be guaranteed in this watersports activity since here one challenges the inner strength, flexibility, and balance and coordination. One can experience the adventurous sport at Sea Breeze Water Sports at Wave House where training is available and one can enjoy the sport at Siloso Beach. There is usually no age bar for this activity.

    : 36, Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore

    : 10:30 am to 7:00 pm on all days. Last booking is taken till 6:30 pm

    : $30 per board per hour.
  • 15Jetpack

    Image Credit : Cayobo
    One of the most intriguing sports is the water propelled jetpack. Strapped like a small backpack and then affixed with a motor boat having a water pump connected this sport enables one to be air borne and fly across the waters. In Singapore one can enjoy this breathtaking sport where the jet pack fetches 25mph speed and achieves a elevation of 30 feet.

    It’s an enthusiastic sport and excellent packages of the same can be enjoyed Sea breeze water sports at Sentosa. They maintain high standards of safety which makes it more relaxing to enjoy the sport. The game can be enjoyed only by people over 16 years of age and above 45kgs weight. For the sport detail training of one hour is provided.

    : 36, Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore

    : 10:30am to 7:00pm on all days. Last booking is taken till 6:30pm.

    : $228 approx for 45 minutes
  • 16Zorbing

    Zorbing has always been interesting and attractive in several parts of the world but now the same is available in Singapore too. It is a must do activity especially for those people who love to adrenaline activities and thrilling tasks. The game can be played by people of all ages. Risk factor here is much less as one remains confined in the safe and air cushioned clear plastic ball and all the bumps and bounce is taken by the outer transparent layer of the ball.

    As one walks and balances the ball rolls and if ones topple the centrifugal force the plastic keeps them safe within the ball. So it’s a fun and storming experience with a revolving view unique of its own. There are three different types of Zorbing and each centre at Singapore have training schedules to make players aware of the situations and how to deal with the same.

    Boon Lay Way
  • 17Indoor Skiing

    Indoor Skiing
    Image Credit :
    Indeed it is true that the people of Singapore and the visitors, need not book flight tickets to enjoy skiing as Urban Ski has come up with an excellent arrangement to enjoy Indoor Skiing right here. Based in the ground floor of Millenia Walk Shopping Centre just beside TCC cafe, this centre of Urban Ski provides facility to enjoy both Skiing and snowboarding.

    The slopes are made of nylons material for smooth skiing. Occasional water is given to make the surface better. There are locker rooms, changing rooms and cafes for the visitors. An experienced trainer helps in getting training of the sport and in the initial phase of skiing. There is option for both one to one and group training as preferred. Equipments are available on rent in the premises only

    : Millenia Walk, Singapore

    : $306 for 1 hour training and equipment
  • 18Camping in Singapore

    Camping in Singapore
    Image Credit :  Christopher Michel
    Singapore is one of the happening destinations of the world and being well planned the country promises multiple activities to be enjoyed here. One of such activities is camping with friends and families in the heart of nature enjoying the natural charms. There are plenty of national parks which allow camping to appreciate the beauty of the destination. There are stores which provide complete gear for camping either in rent or as a sale and help the visitors enjoy at its best.

    Though there are many competent camping sites, Changi Beach Park, East Coast Park, Pulau Ubin Island, Pasir Ris Park and West Coast Park are some of the most popular camping destinations which promote relaxation, enjoyment, harmony and fascinating serene beauty. However, for camping in Singapore, it is important to have a camping permit from National Park’s Board Singapore. This can be applied online through the official website.

    Changi Beach Park, East Coast Park, Pulau Ubin Island, Pasir Ris Park and West Coast Park
  • 19Giant Swing at Clark Quay

    Giant Swing at Clark Quay
    When it comes to adventurous sport, Singapore has multiple options which are both thrilling and interesting. Along with reverse bungy another popular sport raising the ranks is the Giant Swing or Extreme Swing. Pumping the adrenaline at the best, this game is quite similar to reverse bungy.

    Here one gets strapped in glass capsules and gets thrown to 50 meters high and then comes back with the pull of gravity and they get flipped in the air in the Giant Swing. This is one of the most entertaining sports available only in few countries including Singapore. One can make a video of the act by paying a mere $15 for 1 GB USB video.

    : Clarke Quay, 3E River Valley Road

    : Open on all days from 2pm and weekends from 1 pm.

    : $49 approximately.
  • 20Ice Skating

    Ice Skating
    Image Credit : Steel Wool
    According to many, Ice skating in Singapore can’t be possible especially after knowing that the country is quite sunny. However, for the enthusiasts in the sport, it is good news that in Singapore now there are three prominent leisure parks which accommodate ice skating and helps in learning the sport and enjoy fun sessions. Kallang Leisure Park has Kallang Ice World at Stadium walk which provides training as well as organizes the competition.

    Marina Bay Sands Ice Skating Rink is a 600 sq metre skating rink which offers a range of class. Lastly, there is The Rink @JC cube is an Olympic size rink which hosts a group of activities like ice hockey, figure skating, and speeds ice skating along with basic ice skating rink. All the three centres are open on all days though in most of the timing of weekdays and weekends differ. Almost all the centres have training facilities so choosing anyone for the amateurs in the sport is not a problem.

    Location: Leisure Park Kallang and Marina Bay
  • 21Drive Super Cars with Ultimate Drive

    Drive Super Cars with Ultimate Drive
    Ultimate Drive gives you an opportunity to rent and drive a supercar of your choice for fifteen minutes or longer. It also offers packages for city/island tours, supercar convoys as well as weddings.

    Location: Head Office is located at Leng Kee Road and Marina Bay Sands Outlet is located on Bayfront Avenue.

    Price: This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings: This depends on the options you choose.
  • 22Indoor Surfing at WaveHouse Sentosa

    Indoor Surfing at WaveHouse Sentosa
    Of the entire range of water sports, one that ranks quite high in popularity is the Indoor surfing. There are several attractions in Sentosa, but Indoor surfing arranged at Wavehouse pulls in crowd from all places. The arrangements and setting here is such that the sport can be perfectly enjoyed by beginners to professionals. Several stages in surfing is available which makes the sport more interesting and challenging to the gamers.

    With safe precision quality, multiple reefs and high wave frequency it provides an enjoyable recreation for all. In fact the wave stimulator can mimic a wave of as high as 10 feet making it enjoyable and realistic for the expats too. Apart from surfing, there’s pool, restaurant for the best hangout destination.

    : 36 Siloso Beach Walk,

    Singapore Price
    : $40/hour
  • 23Driving on the F1 Track

    Driving on the F1 Track
    Get immersed in the world of racing and live life like the racers at the exclusive Singapore F1 track and enjoy driving the race cars. There are several driving centres that are ready to provide the excitement through several packages from 15mins drive to one hour.

    There are exclusive offers to be chauffeured through the track on own chosen racing vehicle for 30 mins or one can take a 15 minutes training and then travel on the track for the next fifteen minutes.

    Other options like dividing the experience into two preferred cars within the time slot or having a long 1 hour time on the track are truly sensational. With attractive discounts, these packages this thrilling car rides are money’s worth in every aspect.

    Location: Marina Bay Sands
  • 24Kayaking in Mandai Mangroves

    Kayaking in Mandai Mangroves
    An important area of biodiversity in Singapore, Mandai Mangroves has a wide variety of resident and migratory birds. It also has a large population of mangrove horseshoe crabs and one of the most important stands of mixed mangroves. Kayaking through this area you get to experience these and much much more. 

    Location: Located in Northwestern Singapore and fed by Sungei Mandai Besar and Sungei Mandai Kechil, it faces Western Straits of Johor.

    Price: This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings: This depends on the options you choose.
  • Things to Do in Singapore at Night

  • 25Party till You Drop at 1-Altitude

    Party till You Drop at 1-Altitude
    Image Credit :
    Set on the canopy of the tallest building in Raffles Place, 1-Altitude isn’t just the highest rooftop bar in Singapore it’s the highest al fresco bar in the world. The bar is completely open and there’s nothing but a five-foot glass barrier to keep you from walking off the edge. Boasting phenomenal views of the shimmering city, the bar utilizes the entire rooftop to create the perfect 360-degree platform.

    The bar serves a wide variety of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and the drink must be self-collected from the bar while 1-Altitude does not offer happy hour promotions and does have a delicious food menu with gourmet pizzas and snack platters perfect for sharing. If you’re in the mood for a more formal meal, slip down one level to the partnered Stellar Restaurant on Level 62 for an oyster bar, sushi, and wood-fired steak.
    Location: Set at the Raffel Palace and can be easily accessed by any local transport like a taxi or public bus.

    Timings: Opens at 6 PM and closes at midnight.
  • 26Attend Trivia Nights and Quizzes at Local Bars

    Attend Trivia Nights and Quizzes at Local Bars
    Image Credit :
    Well for the brainiacs this will be among one of the best activities to do in Singapore. There is a considerable measure of bars and bars in Singapore which held tests for the quiz partners. What could be superior to anything testing your adversary with a blend in your grasp?

    In the event that you are at Brewerkz Clarke Quay you can discover the people at Brewerkz, are as genuine about their Monday night bar test as they are about their lager, so ensure you stow your cellphones and your gathering involves between 2-8 individuals.

    Party time keeps running all through test night, so ensure you get two or three its tricky mix. A portion of alternate spots for tests is Prince of Wales Little India, Lazy Lizard sixth Avenue, Picotin Express, SG Tipsy Trivia etc.

    Price: Approximate price starts from $150 per person.
  • 27Attend an Outdoor Music Concert

    Attend an Outdoor Music Concert
    While you are in Singapore don't miss an opportunity to take off for a night show which is another best activity in Singapore. There are a ton of music show in Singapore which is a hit among the general population everywhere throughout the world. Be prepared to exhaust your pockets as you will be the ones who will be there purchasing tickets.

    There is a portion of the lobbies which are extremely well known for these shows. Zouk, Suntec Convention and Exhibition Center, Victoria Concert Hall, Velvet Underground are a portion of the show corridors which will without a doubt make your night unique with your friends and family. Hit these shows and make your Singapore trip all the more shaking.

    Price: Approximate price starts from $28 per person.
  • 28Sing all Night in Karaoke Bars in Singapore

    Sing all Night in Karaoke Bars in Singapore
    Image Credit :
    For all the travellers there is an extensive measure of things to do in Singapore. Well, there is probably in that there is dependably a piece of us who adores singing their heart out. Also, here we go for the singing buff this is unquestionably the spot for you. While you are in Singapore there is a considerable measure of Karaoke Bars where you can sing for the entire night.

    Nothing truly beats the sentiment belting out some of your main tunes. In any case, rather than doing it in the shower why not snatch a few friends for a night of karaoke? Visit a portion of the best Karaoke bars in Singapore like Tand Music Box, Cash Studio, K-Box, Ten Doller, Party world and so forth.

    Highlights: The best thing about the Karaoke bars are that they are exceptionally shabby which resemble twofold treat for the clubber who can make your night the most significant one.

    Price: Approximate starts from $ 5.50 per person.
  • 29Go for Walking Pub Crawl

    Go for Walking Pub Crawl
    Image Credit :
    Singapore has a vibrant nightlife and one of the ways of exploring this is opting for Singapore Pub Crawl.Professional guides take you to popular bars, pubs, nightclubs where you can party, make new friends and have complementary shots. 

    Location: It is located in Raffles Place. 

    Price (if any): This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings (if any): This depends on the options you choose.
  • 30Indulge in Chinatown Trishaw Night Tour

    Indulge in Chinatown Trishaw Night Tour
    Nightlife in Chinatown Singapore manages to offer something a little more option compared to the city's more famous party destinations. Most of the bars and clubs in this vicinity fall into the quirky, compact and independent categories, attracting diverse crowds who are seeking a place to relax and have fun at the end of the day.

    Chinatown Singapore is a community filled with shophouses and tight lanes, with Ann Siang Hill and Club Street a hot party spot thanks to the numerous bars, clubs and eateries you can find here. If you’re looking for something a little more fabulous, then head to Pagoda Street and the roads that surround it after dark.

    Here, lamps glow red, sellers showcase a range of China goods and you can enjoy some of the best street food in the city.

    Location: Chinatown is a subzone and ethnic enclave located in the Outram district in the Central Area of Singapore and can easily be reached by train.

    Timing: Opened daily from 10 AM to 12 PM.
  • 31Dance the Night Away with a Bang Bang Party

    Dance the Night Away with a Bang Bang Party
    If you are wondering about things to do in Singapore at night, Bang Bang can be an option. It is a high-end, trendy and luxury nightclub with a dress code and age limit (women-21 years and men-23 years). 

    Location: It is located in Marina Square.

    Price: The cover charge is free but there are other expenses.

    Timings: It is open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00pm-06: 00 am.
  • Other Things to Do in Singapore

  • 32Go for Duck Tour

    Go for Duck Tour
    Image Credit :
    Two main options are provided by Duck Tours. The first option takes you on a city tour of Singapore’s Civic District on the Duck Tours’ amphibious vehicle. The second option combines the first option with Singapore’s Hop-On Hop-Off Tour that includes 7 lines, 63 stops, and 24/48/72 hours-pass.

    Location: It is located on Temasek Boulevard.

    Price: This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings: This depends on the options you choose.
    Hop on Hop off Singapore Bus Tour Flat 19% off

    Hop on Hop off Singapore Bus Tour Flat 19% off

    NNNNM37 Ratings

    d2 DayslSingapore City


    Starting from


  • 33Go Prawning

    Go Prawning
    Image Credit : Marcus Linder
    One of the interesting and the most upcoming favourite pass time for the vacationers and the natives in Singapore are Prawning. Slowly gaining popularity this sport is both thrilling and exciting keeping a relaxing pace that makes it too much enjoying. Singapore has some of the best prawning sites and centres where one can learn more about the same and master in the art of Prawn fishing.

    It is also an interesting sport for the new learners and provides a good pastime for family gatherings. And when the barbequed prawns are served with favourite drinks they make all the activity more alluring. Pasir Ris Town Park where the packages are hourly based and quite affordable. If someone asks you what to do in Singapore? I am sure they will not be disappointed with your answer as there will lot of adventure activities involved.

    : Pasir Ris Drive 1

    :$13 for 1 hour and $39 for 4 hours where the last hour is free
  • 34Golfing in Singapore

    Golfing in Singapore
    Image Credit : SingaporeMaven2013
    Golfing can be a really fun thing to do in Singapore. All round the year it remains quite sunny and with lush greenery spread everywhere and excellent golfing facilities it's almost a paradise for the golfers. There are almost 14 golf clubs and nearly 26 to18 hole courses in Singapore, so one just needs to take a pick and enjoy golfing in fascinating ambience.

    The golfing courses at Singapore require proper dress code with trousers, short pants and golf shoes. Golf carts are available with the courses along with locker rooms and showers.  There are cafes restaurant and other entertainment outlets in the golfing zones of the country. Since it is a popular activity here, bookings should be made early for assured service.

    There are many golf centres in Singapore so the price of the service is different in each case. However, Marina Bay Golf course, Changi Golf Club and Champions Golf prices stay under $100.
  • 35Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
    Image Credit :
    You can include the Reserve on you what to do in Singapore list, as it offers a variety of attractions.Located on Bukit Timah Hill, the highest in Singapore, it has hiking and biking trails, gardens, nature reserves, and parks.

    It also organizes various events, camps, and workshops.It is a forest reserve, one of the largest areas of primary rainforest in Singapore and an ASEAN Heritage Park. 

    Location: It is located on Hindhede Drive.

    Price: This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings: It is open every day from 07:00am-07: 00 pm.
  • 36Go for Chinatown Food Tour

    Go for Chinatown Food Tour
    Image Credit :
    This includes a visit to Chinatown Complex Food Center where you can enjoy a variety of breakfast and other dishes. There are a number of stalls selling kopi/Singapore coffee and many types of food eaten for breakfast or other meals.

    Location: It is located in Outram District in Singapore’s Central Area.

    Price: This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings: This depends on the options you choose.

  • 37Laser Clay Shooting

    Laser Clay Shooting
    Clay Pigeon Shooting has been a popular game all along. Laser Clay shooting is almost a similar concept making it more nature friendly, keeping in mind the conservation and global warming factors. Laser Clay Shooting is fun and done with laser hitting a clay pigeon with the realistic gun “bang” that makes it feel so authentic.

    This sport requires patience, composure, focus and perseverance. This sport increases concentration and can be played by individual of all ages. This game can be played anytime and there is a scoring system of the same. Centres for the same are located at Fort Siloso, Sentosa etc.

    : Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm

    : $35 per person and $800 for system rental at Fort Siloso
  • 38Rent a Yacht

    Rent a Yacht
    The most magical and enchanting experience is the aqua voyage on the rippling waterfronts and the fascinating getaways to regional islands of Singapore. With a yacht rent being so easy and affordable one can enjoy the breathtaking city skyline of Singapore in a luxurious ride. Visiting pictorial Bintam and Riau islands are added attractions of this tour.

    The charter bookings can be enjoyed for simple pleasures, romantic cruise rides, social events and corporate meets to nurture a different flavour to the occasion. There are several yacht rent packages by a host of companies for multiple destinations and varied purposes. Renting a yacht is one of the best things to do in Singapore for couples.

    Even the length of the yacht booked to its capacity of the number of persons allowed onboard decides the package. This can be a pleasant experience to enjoy the charismatic beauty of marine life in the luxurious yachts
  • 39Experience Little India

    Experience Little India
    Image Credit :
    When it comes to enjoying Singapore visit, one can never miss the experience of visiting Little India, Singapore’s Indian community. Based on the eastern side of Singapore River, this place provides an array of colourful shops, regional Indian products sold at versatile shops, fascinating aroma of restaurants and kitchen and business houses of Indian nature.

    Mosques and temples are also quite common here where spiritual chants fill the air. The Mustafa centre here is a must-visit shopping destination where the market remains open all day and night. Street foods and delightful cuisine bring in all kinds of visitors to this place. There are hotels, popular sightseeing destinations, shopping areas, distinctive nightlife locations and popular restaurants in Singapore.

    : Close to Serangoon Road, Singapore
  • 40Go for Shopping

    Go for Shopping
    Image Credit : James
    Being the most vibrant shopping hub of Asia, Singapore is the place for shopping lovers. In fact, the favourite pass time for the natives as well as the travellers can be considered as shopping. One of the primary locations which boost the maximum number of malls and markets is the Orchard Road. Bigger brands, flashy setup and eye-catching designer goods are the essences of the malls here.

    In fact, the natives are so obsessed with the activity that almost two months from May to July, the country celebrates Great Singapore Sale where price slashes by 70%. Apart from the mentioned one, other popular markets in Singapore include Mustafa Centre, Bugis Street, Lucky Plaza, Far East Plaza and Anchor point Shopping Centre.
  • 41Visit Forest Adventure for Treetop Obstacle Course

    Visit Forest Adventure for Treetop Obstacle Course
    Image Credit : Nathaniel
    For the adventure seeking minds, Singapore has a lot to offer for both individuals and group visitors. One of the most striking adventurous trips here would be Forest Adventure with the exclusive Treetop Obstacle. Being the first of its kind this sport can be enjoyed by people of all ages and it guarantees fun and excitement for all members of a group. There are several courses like Grand course, Kids course and mini course which can be opted for different members.

    The grand course is of 2.5 hours where there are 34 obstacles of various kinds in multiple sites. These obstacles need to be covered either with giant swings, or through monkey jumps, scary trapezes and many others. There are discount packages on every Tuesday over the course which makes it quite crowded on that day every week.
  • 42Sailing In Singapore

    Sailing In Singapore
    Sailing in Singapore is one such sports activity which gets a lot of promotion especially with the active interest of Singapore Sailing Federation. Under the committee there are several clubs and organisation which provides best arrangements for sailing in the waters of Singapore. Most of the clubs have detailed courses on the sport given by experienced trainers.

    To learn sailing it is important to know swimming so most of the clubs have criteria of knowing how to swim for at least 50 meters. There are competition and events organised by the clubs on this sport which make it more attractive to the natives as well as the visitors. There are membership facilities also for the interested people. Sailing courses for kids are provided too in SAF Yacht Club and Little Steps which continues for 4 days and after completion a certificate is provided.
  • 43Race Course Tour

    Race Course Tour
    At Singapore, Turf Club you can enjoy horse races held each month on selected Fridays, Sundays and public holidays. But guests have to be 18 years and above and dress code varies according to the seating area/room.An English-speaking tour guide may also be an option if you find it to be convenient. 

    Location: Singapore Turf Club is located at Sungei Kadut and Singapore Racecourse is located on Turf Club Avenue. 

    Price: This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings: This depends on the options you choose.

  • 44Singapore Botanic Gardens

    Singapore Botanic Gardens
    This is Singapore's only tropical garden as well as one of three gardens recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Attractions include National Orchid Garden, Ginger Garden, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Rainforest, and Botany Center and Tanglin Gate. 

    Others include Saraca Stream Walk, Bandstand Area, Sundial Garden, Sun Garden and Palm Valley. It has three lakes, that is, Swan Lake, Symphony Lake, and Eco Lake, where on weekends concerts are sometimes held.

    There are four core areas called Tanglin Core, Tyersall-Gallop Core, Central Core, Bukit Timah Core, and sculptures and heritage trees. In addition, the extraordinary Singapore Garden Festival is held here. It also has several eateries, world-class restaurants, and visitor’s gift shops.It focuses on a number of important areas including Biodiversity research, education and recreation, horticulture, and a “Garden City Vision”.

    Location: It is located on Cluny Road. 

    Price: This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings: This depends on the options you choose

    Check out some amazing Singapore sightseeing locations
  • 45Cable Skiing at Singapore Wake Park

    Cable Skiing at Singapore Wake Park
    The Wake Park provides you with the option to enjoy Cable Skiing during the daytime and at night. The Park is designed in such a way that this attraction is flooded with light at nighttime by carefully-calibrated-powerful-floodlights. 

    Location: It is located on East Coast Parkway. 

    Price: This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings: It is usually open from 11:00am-09:00pm on weekdays, and 09:00am-09:00pm on weekends and public holidays.
  • 46Para Jump at Sentosa

    Para Jump at Sentosa
    The ParaJump or MegaJump is an exhilarating experience you can enjoy at Mega Adventure Park. The attraction recreates a free-fall parachute jump from a height of fifteen meters.This is the first time Singapore has done so and it really and truly is an incredible and unforgettable experience. 

    Location: It is located on Siloso Beach Walk.

    Price: Prices vary according to the package you choose and available offers.

    Timings: It is open daily from 11:00am-07:00pm.
  • 47Visit The Famous Esplanade Theatres

    Visit The Famous Esplanade Theatres
    A visit to the famous Esplanade Theatres, known as “the Durian”, is among things to do in Singapore for couples. Couples can enjoy a variety of shows along with shopping and dining and have an enthralling and exciting time.

    Location: It is located on Esplanade Drive.

    Price: Prices vary according to the package you choose, applicable concessions and mentioned terms and conditions. 

    Timings: It is open every day from 12:00pm-08: 30 pm.
  • 48Visit Tiger Brewery

    Visit Tiger Brewery
    A Visit Tiger Brewery includes an interactive tour during which you learn about the history of the place. You also get an opportunity to learn about the beer-making process and ingredients used and taste different types of beer.  

    Location: It is located at Jln Ahmad Ibrahim.

    Price: This depends on the options you choose.

    Timings: It is open on Tuesday-Saturday from 01:00pm-05: 00 pm.

  • 49Forget Belly - Learn Pole Dancing from skilled Acrobats

    Forget Belly - Learn Pole Dancing from skilled Acrobats
    For the wellness monstrosities, Singapore will be a paradise as this spot is loaded with bunches of shaft moving which really helps you to lose your weight. Situated in the varied neighbourhood of Bukit Pasoh inside strides from Outram Park MRT, this studio offers extreme yet fun workouts through our mark Pole and Aerial Fitness classes, running from Basic Pole Gym and Dance and also Aerial Fabrics and Hoop classes.

    Ladies and men of any age and wellness levels can appreciate stand-out wellness and move workout that is custom fitted to their bustling timetables. Formally perceived as a game lately, Pole Fitness is an order that advances quality, adaptability and cardiovascular advantages joining move, tumbling and trapeze artistry. You can settle on various classes like Pole Pole conditioning, aerial workout, aerial fabrics, aerial hoop and so forth.

    Timings: Opens from 10:00 AM -10:00 PM
  • 50Conquer your Fear with an Escape Room Challenge

    Conquer your Fear with an Escape Room Challenge
    Image Credit :
    Well, who does not love to escape into a room and after that vibe the rush as you discover your companions and your companions discover you? Intriguing would it say it isn't? A shout out to every single gamer, secret solvers, riddle breakers or any individual who is searching for something somewhat distinctive, somewhat more energising and a mess of fun!

    Enough of playing virtual amusements; be the fundamental character in the diversion. Escape room experience in Singapore is certainly the spot for you. Inspire prepared to crush your mind juice, encounter the rush, challenge your mind, and overcome the genuine getaway recreations in Exit Plan.

    At Exit Plan, we are a riddle based break diversion where players are required to amass their own one of a kind group to challenge the rooms. Each room at Exit Plan is special subsequently what might be intense for some might be basic for other. So don't miss an opportunity to visit this one of kind energising break room in Singapore.

    Price: Approximate price starts from $ 15 per person.
  • 51Master the Ukulele

    Master the Ukulele
    Well, there are a lot of us who needed to learn guitar however you couldn't get it going. So why not take a stab at something which is distinctive and additionally fascinating. Expert the Ukelele which is quickly picking up notoriety in our sunny island, Singapore.

    Figure out how to strum your most loved tunes and include a touch of Hawaiian feel to your music. So while you are in Singapore take the ukulele course, planned chiefly for grown-ups and adolescents. Expert the essential strategies through our syllabus.

    Take in about the ukulele as our accomplished educators guide you through the diverse music classifications most regular to the ukulele, regardless of the fact that you are a fledgeling with no earlier foundation in music. In any case, in the event that you know a harmony or two, you are qualified to join a more propelled level.

    Price: Approximate price starts from $30 per person.
  • 52Go Island Hopping

    Go Island Hopping
    Who does not love the shorelines and Singapore is one such place which is loaded with a hellfire parcel of shorelines all around. So while you are travelling in Singapore visit probably the most cherished shorelines alongside your friends and family. There are numerous external islands around Singapore for Singapore Island Hopping, particularly in the south of Singapore.

    Broadly known as "Southern Islands". Get your caps and shades now, and go for a Singapore Island Hopping. Is there any better approach to appreciating and unwind under the sun, the ocean and nature saves?

    A portion of the best islands which are an unquestionable requirement visit is Kusu Island, St John's Island, Sisters Island, Pulau Ubin and so on. Likewise, enjoy some energising shoreline exercises with your friends and family.

    Price: Approximate price starts from $ 15 per person
  • 53Visit the Iconic Haw Par Villa

    Visit the Iconic Haw Par Villa
    Make your Singapore trip all the more fascinating while you visit the notable Haw Par Villa. This is a standout amongst the most gone to spot in Singapore. Set out on an extraordinary trip into Chinese old stories and mythology at the Haw Par Villa amusement park. Worked in 1937, Haw Par Villa is renowned for its regularly abhorrent delineations of Chinese legends' 10 Courts of Hell.

    In any case, this brilliant amusement park has significantly more to offer elegant scenes from other Chinese legends, for example, Journey toward the West and Madame White Snake. Pick your most loved from the more than 1,000 beautiful statues and tableaux in plain view, among them a mammoth gorilla and gigantic divinity heads.

    Timings: Opens from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • 54Go Bonkers at Great Singapore Sale

    Go Bonkers at Great Singapore Sale
    Image Credit :
    The Great Singapore Sale is a shopping paradise that occurs yearly in Singapore. Although it is called a sale, the Great Singapore Sale is, in fact, an exhibition that is organized by the Singapore Retailers Association, and co-organised by stores and malls to support the tourism industry in Singapore.

    During the GSS, retailers here offer steep discounts, sometimes up to 70 percent off their original prices. You’ll discover great bargains on just about everything, from fashion to jewellery, electronics to toys, even spa treatments, hotel stays, and visits to local attractions for a total lifestyle experience.

    Over the years, the range of the GSS has exploded tremendously. The entire island is modified into a shopping paradise, as even shops in the rural areas join in.

    Location: Shopping destinations to keep an eye out for including the glitzy Orchard Road belt, with its stunning line-up of designer brands, fast fashion labels, and massive malls. Don’t forget the smaller but any less exclusive shops in Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India. Those who like perusing through independent shops are certain to fall for Haji Lane in Kampong Glam precinct.
  • 55Pamper Yourself with Spa

    Pamper Yourself with Spa
    Spas in Singapore combines an authentic Japanese hot spring practice along with traditional Thai massages. Which relieve muscular tension, improves blood circulation and skin health, or so its proponent's claim.

    There are many spas in and around Singapore offering different experiences and packages for both male and female most of the spas in Singapore are famous for their Thai foot massage by a skilled masseuse.

    Most of the spas have luxurious treatment rooms and hot and cold plunge pools in both the female and male locker rooms. Aside from the signature treatments they've rolled out many special body treatments for the benefit of the customer.

    Location: There are many spas in and around Singapore and can be easily accessed.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 38 USD.
  • 56River Cruise

    River Cruise
    The Singapore River was the centre of the country's growth and residues from our colonial past still tower proudly on the river banks. Carefully restored shop houses stand side by side with stately historical buildings such as the Supreme Court and The Art House " the Old Parliament.

    Board the authentic traditional bumboat and witness Singapore's past and the present collaborating in true Singaporean fashion. Trendy bars, clubs and eateries at Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay and Collyer Quay have set up shop.

    The boat tour shows you all this before it segues into the stunning Marina Bay, where contemporary architectural wonders at the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay await.
    Location: You can experience the boat ride from various locations, including Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, and Marina Bay.
    Timings: The boat ride operates daily from 7 AM to 11 PM.

    Price: Approximate price starts from 40 USD.

    Cruises in Singapore will lead you to some of the wonderful destinations that you cannot afford to miss.
  • 57Enchanting Flower Dome

    Enchanting Flower Dome
    A splendid and innovative design of the Flower Dome in Garden's Bay which is a reputed attraction in Singapore. Enjoy a pleasant stroll through this spectacular garden which is known as one of the best things to do in Singapore. It is the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions is replicated here in the Flower Dome which is the best for those flowers only seen in such countries.

    Of course, here you get a perpetual spring where mesmerizing flowers are bloomed always that too very rare species of them. There is another fact to wonder which is like this, "it is the largest glass greenhouse in the world as listed in the 2015 Guinness World Records".

    Depending on the blooming of different flowers, there will be flower show conducted. Basically, this breathtaking view of colours around you automatically let you fall in love with it.

    Location: It will take just 18 minutes to reach the location.

    Timing: The garden is opened from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM.
  • 58A Walk Down the Orchard Road

    A Walk Down the Orchard Road
    It will be a miraculous choice to visit the Orchard Road in Singapore which can be considered as a perfect one among the Singapore activities. It is a 2.2 KM shopping belt which was just a small lane where fruit orchards, nutmeg plantations, and pepper farms were arrayed.

    Now it is a hub of retail shopping flanked by exorbitant shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels. The road is suitable for any appetite, any palate, and any budget. Imagine anything you would like to buy, the shops lined on the road will give you the mammoth choice of picking up.

    Be it designer threads, fast fashion, upscale restaurants, ethnic wares, art galleries and relaxed hangouts, Orchard Road exists as an ocean. In short, Orchard's Road is named as the shoppers' paradise for its abundant collection of materials.

    Location: You will take only 21 minutes to reach the road.

    The shops are opened until 11:00 PM at night.
  • 59Visit Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

    Visit Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum
    The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, one of the never-miss places to visit in Singapore offers a reverberating experience. A stroll around the museum can be the best among the activities to do in Singapore which let you travel back to the history of the city.

    This five-storey Buddhist temple preserves the left canine tooth of the Buddha which was recovered from his funeral pyre in Kushinagar, India. A gold statue of Buddha of 420 KG is a dazzling attraction of the temple. Some more religious relics and artefacts are preserved inside different floors of the temple which still have a celebrated space.

    Also, the temple exhibits the rich culture and art of Buddhism but the fact that it is a recent addition will amuse every visitor of the place. What makes the temple different from other structures is its Tang styled architecture.

    Location: It will take around 30 minutes to reach the location from Singapore airport.
  • 60Join the Bird Singing Club

    Join the Bird Singing Club
    The rims of Singapore hold numerous secrets and the western corner of Ang Mo Kio Town Garden is no different. On any day, but most busy on the weekend, you'll see handfuls of fabulously decorated cages dangling high atop twenty-foot poles. These birds, precious pets, are known for their grace and, often for their singing ability.

    It's an opportunity for the birds to communicate and bask in the sunshine, for the owners to talk birds, drink coffee or play checkers. Regular competitions are held by the Kebin Baru Bird Singing Club where the voices of numerous birds will fill the corner.

    A unique Singaporean experience and a sight into local life amongst an otherwise hectic city.

    Location: The park is located in the western part of Singapore and can be easily reached by taxi.

    Timings: Opened daily from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • 61Relish the Local Cuisine with a Food Tour

    Relish the Local Cuisine with a Food Tour
    Experience the exotic taste of traditional cuisines of Singapore with an elaborate food tour. Among the most fundamental things to do in Singapore, the food tour stands always on top since this tour hides the immense surprises in terms of food in its gallery.

    The vibrant city is lined with live street shops, food stalls, and restaurants where you fix your eyes and tongue for a while. A walking journey opens up the vista of scrumptious local cuisines which are highlighted with an enigmatic aroma.

    Never miss this chance to satiate your appetite as well as palate with the magical traditional taste of Singapore that too from the very native chefs of Singapore. Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab, Fish Head Curry, Fried Carrot Cake, Kaya toast, Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Rojak the list never ends since Singapore has plenty of foodies around.
  • 62Explore Coney Island

    Explore Coney Island
    On the off chance that you are searching for some exciting spot to visit in Singapore then don't miss an opportunity to visit the Coney Islands. Once a mogul's island and wakeboarder's heaven, Coney Island used to just be available by watercraft.

    From 10 October 2015, this has changed with the opening of two extensions interfacing the 50-hectare island to the territory of Singapore, making it available to the overall population. This serene island, despite the fact that only one hundred meters far from Singapore at its nearest point, the island has had moderately couple of guests.

    Highlights: Those who visited were weekend wake guests drifting the island's waters and exhausted Outward Bound School ocean endeavour kayakers needing a rest stop.

    Timings: Opens from 10:00 AM-10:00 PM
  • 63Try Museum Hopping

    Try Museum Hopping
    Singapore is considered as one of the best places to satisfy your inner cultural and historical venture. There’s a wide range of diverse museums to tour in the city from design-centric venues to specialized institutions, you’ll be busy hopping from museum to museum, so get ready for a memorable visual feast by hopping museums.

    The hopping enables you to acknowledge Singapore’s vibrant history and thriving art scene. Spend a day in the company of precious artefacts and the finest modern art by touring the Singapore Art Museum, Asian Civilisations Museum, ArtScience Museum and National Museum of Singapore.

    Also, visit the two latest reinforcements to Singapore’s art scene; the Singapore Pinacothèque De Paris and National Gallery Singapore.

    Things to keep in mind: Be sure to get on board the free museum shuttle bus service in the Civic District or Bras Basah.

    Timings: The tour operates between 10 AM to 11 PM. 

Sightseeing in Singapore

Adventure in Singapore

Attractions in Singapore

Walking in Singapore

Sailing in Singapore

Water rides in Singapore



Universal Studios Singapore

If you are planning for some family outing along with your family then this place should definitely be on your bucket list. Universal Studio Singapore is a theme park which highlights a tempting choice of attractions, rides and stimulation for families and daredevil. Family holidays will never be this exciting ever. There are in total 6 roller coaster in this exotic theme park.

Highlights: While you are at the Universal Studio enter into the exciting universe of motion picture enchantment as you Ride the Movies on thrill rides and other motion picture-themed attractions. Be amazed and charmed by an immersive excitement encounter that breathes life into the silver screen.

Location: The Universal Studio Singapore is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore.

Price: The approximate price for adult INR 3750/SGD 73

Night Safari, Singapore

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the wildlife during the night time? Sounds interesting right? Well then now is the time you should head out for the night safari in Singapore. Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo which is already a hit among the people all over the world.

The Night Safari right now houses more than 2,500 animals with more than 130 species, of which 38% are undermined species. The Night Safari is overseen by Wildlife Reserves Singapore. It is separated into seven geological zones, which can be investigated either by walking by means of four strolling trails, or by cable car.

Highlights: The animals of the Night Safari, includes from Indian rhinoceros to tarsiers, are made obvious by lighting that looks like moonlight. In spite of the fact that it is brighter than full moonlight by a couple of requests of greatness, it diminishes enough not to aggravate nighttime and crepuscular creatures' conduct. London based lighting originator Simon Corder made the lighting for Night Safari.

Location: The Night Safari is located at 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore. 

Price: The cost is INR 
2030/SGD 40 

Singapore Flyer

When it comes to enjoying the 360-degree panoramic view of the pictorial country then Asia's largest giant observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer is the ideal destination and one of the best Places to Visit in Singapore.Located in Raffles Avenue, this giant wheel is positioned at a height of 165 meters from the ground and its about as tall as 42 storeys building providing a magnificent scenic view from the top.

It a magical experience of full 30 minutes with loads of thrill in one of those 28 fully air-conditioned glass capsules. Be it Raffles Palace, Singapore River, Merlion Park, Marina Bay, Padang and Empress Palace one can fetch a bird’s eye view from the Flyer. To have an experience of wine and dine in the clouds in Singapore Flyer in flight packages where one can yummiest food with coolest drinks.

Location: 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore.

: 8:30am to 10:30pm

: The cost is INR 1700/SGD 33 

Gardens by the Bay

For those who love to spend some time in nature, then Garden by the Bay is a must-visit destination for you while in Singapore. Garden by the Bay is a nature stop traversing 101 hectares (250 sections of land) of recovered land in focal Singapore, contiguous the Marina Reservoir.

The park center comprises of three waterfront gardens likely Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. The biggest of the patio nurseries is Bay South Garden at 54 hectares.

Highlights: Bay South Garden is the biggest of the patio nurseries. Motivated by an orchid, the plan takes after Singapore's national bloom, Vanda 'Miss Joaquim'. You can't miss the monstrous Supertrees here. These tree-formed vertical greenery enclosures are between nine to 16 stories tall. Stroll on the suspended walkway between two Supertrees to appreciate a 10,000 foot perspective of the greenhouses. At night, get the sky show of choreographed lights and sounds at the Garden Rhapsody in the midst of the Supertrees.

Location: The Park is located at 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore.

Price: The cost is INR 1210/SGD 24

Tiger Sky Tower

Ever wondered what it is to be like watching the half of Singapore from the tallest of a building. Well now here it is. Tiger Sky Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. As Tiger Sky Tower tenderly turns up to 131 meters above sea level, begin blazing out your cameras or take it easy in the air-molded lodge to relish 360-degree all-encompassing perspectives over Sentosa's renowned shorelines and attractions.

Be hypnotized by perspectives of Singapore's cityscape and discover a look at neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia too!

Highlights: The Sky Tower has a limit of 72 in its encased, aerated and cooled lodge. The day and night see from the tower guarantee to be both grand and amazing. Appropriate for all ages, the Sky Tower is a key purpose of intrigue and structures a particular point of interest as it delicately rotates to survey tallness of right around 50 stories over the encompassing regular greenery.

Location: Tiger Sky Tower is situated on Sentosa Island of Singapore.

Price: The cost is INR 925/SGD 18 for adults and INR 515/SGD 10 for children. 

Jurong Bird Park

If you are a lover of nature then and want to spend some time exploring the vivid flora and fauna then Jurong Bird Park is the perfect place for you. Jurong Bird Park is a standout amongst the most famous bird park with a portion of the biggest free-flying aviaries in the world.

In territories that mirror their naturalistic surroundings, Jurong Bird Park is home to the shades of the world, as Asia's biggest fledgling park with a gathering of more than 5,000 feathered creatures crosswise over 400 species.

Highlights: While visiting the park you can also indulge in some other activities. Climb into the wondrous and biggest stroll in an aviary, the Waterfall Aviary that houses more than 600 winged animals and additionally a 30-meter high waterfall.

Location: The Jurong Bird Park is located at 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore

Price: The cost is INR 1250/SGD 25

Singapore Zoo

While you are visiting Singapore this time make it a point to visit the Singapore zoo. Since 1973, Singapore Zoo has been known for having among the most delightful untamed life stop settings on the planet, where creatures wander unreservedly in open and naturalistic living spaces.

Highlights: The natural surroundings consolidate exceptional review elements, for example, raised stages to see our giraffe display, submerged exhibitions to see the watery universes of otters, pygmy hippos and mammoth estuarine crocodiles, and glass observatories to see creatures, for example, the savage cheetahs and lions.

Location: The Singapore zoo is located at 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore.

Price: The cost is INR 1525/SGD 30

Peranakan Museum

If you have a fetish for history and culture then this museum is a must visit for you. The Peranakan Museum investigates the way of life of Peranakan people group in Southeast Asia. Introduced in the previous Tao Nan Chinese School, worked in 1912, this cozy historical center has one of the finest and most exhaustive accumulations of Peranakan items. Displays on three stories delineate the social customs and the particular visual specialties of the Peranakans.

Highlights: The Peranakan Museum gives an animating and instructive experience for all, while speaking to the living society of the Peranakan people group in the district. The historical center is a segment of the Asian Civilisations Museum, working under the National Heritage Board.

Location: The museum is located at 39 Armenian St, Singapore.

Price: The approximate price starts from $5.50 to $11.

Club Kyo

While you are travelling this exotic destination you will definitely want to explore the vivid nightlife. After exploring the various places during the day you would definitely love to hit the pub for the night. And for that Club Kyo is the perfect place for you. With the appealing void, somewhere down in the high rise's cellar of clamoring business region of city Singapore, it must be Kyo of basic music and visionary craftsmanship.

Highlights: For tired voyagers, Kyo is a panacea that refines and revives yourself to increase back fervor for your next trips. Another fascinating thing about this place is that every night's playlist includes a particular class and state of mind.

Location: The Club Kyo is located at 133 Cecil St, Singapore 069535

Price: The approximate price $20 for ladies, $25 for men

Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach is part of the Punggol Township and has been recently renovated to a lifestyle park and it is one of the best places to Visit in Singapore . Hence, it is also known as Punggol Point Park. Getting to the park is quite easy as most of the parks in Punggol Promdenade are interlinked. Punggol Jetty is one of the prime spots of the beach and it is known for the plague that honors ‘SookChing Massacre’ occurred during the Japanese invasion.

Punggol Beach is known for its long walking and cycling trails, children’s playground and a pond. Also, from the Punggol walking pathway, you can view Singapore’s offshore island, PulauUbin.

Highlights: Beautiful white sand beach; the beach looks even more mesmerizing and unusual because of the big rocks strewn over the sands. The Point Park has lot of amenities for children and adults including a Horse Stable, eatery and picturesque view.

Location: Punggol Road, Singapore

Timing: Open 24 hrs

Lazarus Island

Lazarus Beach d is considered the best beach Singapore can treasure. It is called Singapore’s secret paradise with turquoise water, foamy froth and undisturbed fine white sand. The splendour of the beach lies in its raw and secluded beauty of the island’s landscape.

You may not find many activities happening around the place; neither would you see a lot of marine lives under the water, but that what is so pristine about the island. So, before it becomes commercialized, it is now one of the best Places to Visit in Singapore.

Highlights: Holiday bungalows at St. John’s Island where you can lodge overnight, beach pavilion and pathways. The beach does not have any food stalls or refreshment shops; therefore you need to  carry everything with you. Camping not allowed.

Location: Lazarus Island

Wild Wild Wet

A memorable and life time experience!! The Wild Wild Wet is Singapore’s largest water theme park featuring remarkable water games and other thrilling experiences that would leave both children and grownups breathless and seeking for more. The park opened in the year 2004 and is known for its efficient safety management. 

The park is a wholesome family entertainment; thus has been awarded with the Pro Family Business Mark award. Few of their effective facilities include free lifejackets, baby 

Live entertainments such as mermaid tales, sensational jets etc. Relaxing floats along the River Shiok, 8 Adrenalin pumping rides, UllarLah being the most favoured one and fancy shopping haunts and eateries. 

1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore

Timing:  Monday - Sunday : 10 am - 7pm

Haw Par Villa

There is a never ending array of theme parks in Singapore, each defining various fine amenities. But nothing can top Haw Par Villa which takes you through a Chinese folktale journey. Everything is unusual in this Park; the Chinese mythology features depictions from the 10 Chinese Courts of Hell, classic scenes from celebrated Chinese legends and lot more attractions.

Located on one of the Pasir Panjing hills, this ancient park was built in 1937 but went through a lot of changes after the WWII. In 1985 the Singaporean Tourist Board acquired it from the owners and completely renovated it.

Highlights: Now the park has guided tours where you will learn great daunting stories of the Chinese history, the Courts of Hell has graphic exhibits that might scare a few. The park has over 1000 statues and around 150 dioramas portraying visuals from Chinese mythology.

262 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore

Timing: Monday - Sunday :  9 am - 10 pm

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah Reserve is perched on top of the highest peak of Singapore, Bukit Timah (163 meters). It is a very small reserve (around 1.5 km stretch), yet preserves 40% of the country’s flora and fauna. In spite of its small size, this national rainforest shelters more species of trees than the North American continent.

The only way to reach the top is by trekking, which is fun and adventurous as you will encounter many species of flora and animals on the way up.

Highlights: Declared in 2011 – ASEAN heritage site; Trek to the Bukit Timah through a steep and slippery trail; dwelling to many native wildlife such as pythons, long tailed macaques which you may see on the way up.

There’s also an eco-link, an ecological bridge that connects the Bukit Timah to the Central Catchment reserve.

Hindhede Dr, Singapore

Timing: Saturday - Sunday : 7 am - 6 pm
Monday to Friday it remains closed


Pulau Ubin's Puaka Hill

There is more to PulauUbin than just the ChekJewa. This offshore island is an adventure in itself where the kampong heritage is still alive. The Puaka hill trek has been shut to the public until recently after it was readied for hiking and walking. The 3- 4 hours hike to Puakahill is tough due to steep and slippery trails. The trek is comprised of rocky terrain and circled with thick growths of wild ferns where the highest peak is reached at 76 meters. There are 4 different routes to reach the peak.

Highlight: The view at the top is worth the 20 minute steep climb. If you are lucky enough and if the weather is clear then you would be able to view past Changi into the city. However, the absolute sight of the Malaysian border and the glimpse of sun stricken Granite Quarry is definitely a bonus point in the trek.

Location: PulauUbin Island.

Difficulty Level: Moderate 

Sri Mariamman Temple

Situated in Chinatown, the Sri Mariamman Temple goes back to 1827 and is the most seasoned Hindu sanctuary in Singapore. Clamoring Chinatown is home to the most seasoned Hindu sanctuary in Singapore, the Sri Mariamman Temple. Going back to 1827, the temple was known as Mariamman Kovil or Kling Street Temple, and worked by outsiders from the Nagapatnam and Cuddalore locale of South India.

Highlights: It is committed to the goddess Mariamman, known for her energy to cure sicknesses and infections. Presently a national landmark, a significant part of the present structure is accepted to have been inherent 1862-63 by Indian specialists. Other than love, the temple was a vital place for group exercises amid the frontier time. It was even the Registry of Marriages for Hindus – at the time; just the sanctuary was approved to solemnize Hindu relational unions.

Location: The Sri Mariammam Temple is located at 244 South Bridge Rd, Singapore

Price: The entry is free of cost.

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