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Check out 50 other beautiful places in India.h its diverse ethnicity, culture and tradition, food and language. Political and business center of the country, Delhi boasts of being the perfect blend of history and modernity. From temples to nightclubs, there is something for everyone which makes it an ideal one.


52. Alleppey


Image Source: Amit Rawat – Flickr

Kerala is known as “God’s Own Country” for its beautiful natural treasure. One of the best places to experience the natural beauty of Kerala is Alleppey.

Known as the ‘Venice of the East’, the exquisiteness of Alleppey captivates tourists both from India and abroad. There are magnificent antiquated churches and temples here that spread divinity and quaintness in the aura.


Image Source: harikrish.h – Flickr

Stay in a houseboat and take a tour of the backwaters of the Alleppey for a romantic experience. While taking the cruise, do not forget to visit the quaint villages which are located by the backwaters.

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53. Munnar


Image Source: Ramesh NG – Flickr

Leaving out Munnar from the list of beautiful places in India is a cardinal sin. This hill station of Kerala is a nature lover’s delight.

You are greeted with a vast expanse of tea and cardamom plantations here and rich forest cover. At an altitude of about 6000 feet above sea level, Munnar is all about gorgeous valleys, majestic hills and pristine surroundings.


Image Source: jonbrew – Flickr

If you are an adventure enthusiast then Munnar has a number of exhilarating trekking trails for you. There are resorts here which date back to colonial times and have been adding to the charm of the place.

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Image Source: Liji Jinaraj – Flickr

54. Wayanad


Image Source: Chandru – Flickr

Wayanad is a stunning hill station located in the north-eastern part of gorgeous Kerala. The hill station is characterized by several tea and coffee plantations, making it ideal for a relaxing holiday. The best way to experience the beauty of Wayanad is to stay in a homestay and enjoy the hospitality of local people.


Image Source: Arun Katiyar – Flickr

With its low population, verdant greenery, and several beautiful trekking trails, it energizes your body from the inside out. Also known as the “Land of Paddy Fields”, it is epitome of what Kerala stands for- green, tranquil and relaxing.

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Image Source: Chandru – Flickr

55. Sunset at Cochin


Image Source: Brian Snelson – Flickr

Cochin is very unlike the rest of Kerala, and yet, very similar to it. It is known for its colonial past, which is still evident today in the cobbled streets and the quaint cafes of the city. There are more than a few highlights of Cochin. There are the Chinese Fishing Nets, which are a different kind of experience.

There is the beautiful sunset by the harbor which makes for a really romantic experience. And there is also the sunset cruise you can take, alone or with your special someone. Just roam the streets of Cochin and are in for a delightful surprise.

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The name Kumarakom is a permanent word in the dictionary of world tourism, for the tranquility of this island surrounded by the largest lake in Kerala, Vembanad, lacks the heart to get faded. Be it any season, regular visitors, those are visiting for the first time will find it difficult to take their eyes off such a bewitching panorama. What Kumarakom boasts of confidently is the unique houseboat, looks like a proper house with all amenities; maybe it is the luxurious stay on the calmest waters of Vembanad Lake. Monsoon is the most demanding season since when the water from the sky merges with the water on Earth, we can expect magic.

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It looks like a fable when you get rare chances to spot the giant elephant coming to drink water or to have their kids fed. Thekkady is the parent of some unique flora and fauna. Dotted by precious greenery, there is a lake that overflows during monsoon and then there will be an incomparable scene of the flocks of elephants crossing the lake so easily. This rare show is the most celebrated feature of Thekkady. Tigers, bears, deer, cattle, hippopotamus and much more are there, grazing or roaming around the location freely. Boating on the lake enhances every trip to Thekkady hugely.


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A trip to Kerala will be definitely incomplete if you miss the Kovalam beach. The southern end of the coastal region of Kerala is a haven for migratory tourists round the year. Proud rock structures inviting each wave towards them arrange a spectacular sight every eye loves to behold. The vast shore that remains wet every moment seems like appreciating our steps forward. Irrespective of nationalities, tourists appear to be equally happy here. It is a kids’ friendly beach as well offering space for them to play in the waves. Eras old lighthouse led multitudes of ships and people to their destinations still holds its head high in one corner of the beach. 

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Tamil Nadu

59.Tea Estate of Coonoor


Image Source: Balaji.B – Flickr

A gorgeous hill station in Tamil Nadu is that of Coonoor. It is one of the largest hill stations in the Nilgiris, and also serves as a base for those interested in trekking in the Nilgiri Hills.


Image Source: ZeePack – Flickr

However, for those not interested in trekking, the highlight of the hill station is its many tea estate. When here, stay in a tea estate and you will have some really delightful experiences. Most of the tea estates here belong to the British times, which give you a taste of the colonial past. The period furniture, the greenery and the tranquility all make for a wonderful holiday experience.

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Picturesque Emerald Lake

Famous for the eucalyptus trees and the flowers, Nigiri hills share the major portion of Ooty, yet another most visited tourist center in India. Ooty still enjoys its freedom from pollution, whether it is noise or air, focuses on agriculture which is the predominant revenue holder. The Botanical Garden, the huge hectares of tea plantations, the Avalanche Lake, Pykara waterfall, the Ooty Lake etc vividly represent the reason why tourists are still flooding to this delicate hill station every year. Beauty is defined elaborately here with the unwinding plethora of landscapes and natural miracles.

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Though the highly crowded and fast Chennai is, the number of visitors who come in search of the centuries-old tradition of South India here is replenished dramatically. The remnants of the British Raj still possess some corners of this tremendous city. World famous Fort St. George, Guindy National Park, Marina Beach, Vandalur Zoo, Mahabalipuram, San Thome Basilica etc are in close proximity to the city promising a complete tour package to you at any time. A reincarnation of the history can be carved out from the ancient buildings arrayed in a strategic format in the heart of city leading you to fall in love with the glory of Chennai as it was before.


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Known to be the ‘princess of hill stations’, Kodaikanal is a bit more relaxed and silent though it is affected by a large number of tourists always. It will be a big mistake if you think it is a remote village in the interiors of Tamil Nadu because it can boast of plenty of international quality things. One among them is the International School that gives education to the students around the globe. The broadleaf trees like rhododendron, mahogany etc are the proud possessions of each hill that gives Kodaikanal its name. There is a huge lake encircles this magical hilly region; honeymoon couples and groups of friends are the majority of visitors of Kodai though it has waterfalls and trekking hills hidden somewhere in it.


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There will be a minimal number of people who must have no idea about his extreme southern part of India, Rameshwaram, and a widely applauded sightseeing tourist destination for centuries. Located in the middle of India and Sri Lanka, this island seems to be the favourite spot of Hindu devotees since the entire region is famous for the Rama stories written down in the epics. Backing these religious aspects of Rameshwaram, there are different numbers of temples dedicated to Lord Rama here which are appreciated and praised for its magnificent stone structures. Recently, the longest bridge on a sea is bestowed upon Rameshwaram, which is the Pamban Bridge. In addition, there is another important site no one ever should miss while you are in Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi beach.

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How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Coimbatore from Chennai at INR 1,834.

West Bengal

64. Sandakphu


Image Source: Bappaditya Dasgupta – Flickr

Located in close proximity to Singalila National Park in West Bengal is Sandakphu, or Sandakphu. This peak is the highest peak of the region, based at an elevation of approximately 3636 M above the sea level.

Sandakphu has an extremely mesmeric trekking trail for all you adrenaline junkies. But you need to endure a moderately difficult trek in order to reach the summit and then you will be rewarded with awesome views of the Kanchendzonga Peak.


Image Source: Nicolas Mirguet – Flickr

There is even a small village at the top of the peak where you can find some hostels for a stay. Of course, there is nothing like camping under the starlit sky and enjoying a cool mountain breeze.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Bagdogra airport from Kolkata at just INR 1,277.

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65. Darjeeling Tea Gardens


Image Source: Antony Vance Clicks – Flickr

Experience the chills, admire the hypnotic creations of Nature and slurp on that sizzling delicious tea at Darjeeling. It is a town in West Bengal, situated in the Himalayan region at an altitude of 6700 ft.

The lush tea gardens of Darjeeling are also among the list of tourist places in India. These tea gardens are not only known for their flavorsome tea cultivation, but also for their scenic beauty.


Image Source: Vikram Singh – Flickr

The best time to visit Darjeeling is from November to February. Endless stretches of tea plants which tends to vanish with the mist, creates a magical spell on the visitors.

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Image Source: Antony Vance Clicks – Flickr


Since British and other imperial countries have shared their wealth and concepts in selected places in the state of West Bengal, Kolkata still holds that glory of white marble structures giving the city a distinct appearance contradicting the culture and custom of the natives here. Belur Math, Victoria Memorial, Kalighat Temple, Marble Palace, Tagore’s House, Barabazar and much more attractions are there giving a regal touch to the minutest spot of Kolkata even. An elegant collaboration of Indianness and Englishness is very obvious everywhere in this crowded, lively city that will take you through the stories of transition Kolkata managed to go through.


How to reach: Catch a flight to Kolkata from New Delhi at just INR 3,095.


Sprawling across India and Bangladesh, this club of variant islands is a well-preserved biodiversity in India, remarkably a prestigious spot in West Bengal. The mangrove forests, very rarely appeared in India as a whole are the heroes of Sundarbans. It protects a rich cluster of rare and threatened species of fauna and fauna both on land in water. It is also a tiger reserve and biosphere reserve dedicated to acting as a haven for many endangered beings seen in the forests of India. Turned to be a national park, Sundarbans is a Heritage Site in the list of UNESCO. If you wish to make a visit to West Bengal, Sundarbans should be marked as one ‘never miss out spot’ since such an ecosystem is rare to rare ones in India.



68. Kutch


Image Source: Roshan Panjwani – Flickr

Imagine barren lands where you can push full throttle and have the thrill of your life? That’s Rann of Kutch for you, in Gujarat. Kutch is a shallow wetland, which means it gets submerged during the monsoon season because of rains.


Image Source: Anurag Agnihotri – Flickr

However, during the summer months, the water recedes, giving way to salty land which is barren yet beautiful. The Rann of Kutch is known for road trips in India. It is also known as a habitat for exotic species of birds and animals. There are quite a few wildlife reserves in the region, the most prominent of which is the Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary.

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69.Gir Forest National Park, Kutch

A national park and wildlife sanctuary which is famous for dedicating a large space to preserve the pride symbols of India, Asiatic lion is the Gir Forest National Park in Kutch. The only place where these Asiatic lions can be spotted out as solely or as a family is Gir Park. Also, the amicable ecosystem it preserves is being considered as the major reason for the presence of these typical lions here. More than 400 species of flora can also be seen here letting the region appear like a complete forest. On top of that, seven perennial rivers flowing near the park play an important role in making the park a favourite place for migratory birds as well.


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How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport of Bhuj from Mumbai at INR 6,806.


Andhra Pradesh

70. Araku Valley


Image Source: Raj

A pristine tourist spot in Eastern Ghats in Andhra Pradesh is Araku Valley. Located at a height of about 3000 feet above sea level, the valley is known for Sunkarimetta Forest Reserve and Anantagiri, both of which are biodiversity hot spots.

It is also known for its coffee plantations, which together with the biodiversity hot spots, give the valley a beautiful green cover. While in the valley, do not miss a chance to interact with the local tribes, which gives you an insight into their eclectic culture. Relatively untouched by commercialization, the valley makes for a relaxing vacation in the hills.

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71. Belum Caves


Image Source: Praveen – Flickr

Belum Caves are situated at a village called Belum in the Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. These Caves are known for being the longest in India and the second largest in the country.

They were discovered way back in 1884 by a British named Robert Foote are popular amongst the tourists for their stalagmite formations. There are several passages and chambers to explore, making it a mystical experience.


Image Source: Mahesh Telkar – Flickr

Even if you are not too much into cave exploration, the natural formations in these caves will leave you speechless. So pack your bags and head to these caves for an eclectic adventure experience.

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Image Source: harikrish.h – Flickr


Picture an unconquerable fort built in red granite stone, guarded by a 20 feet high entry gate, enclosed in a  fort wall running around the 5 mile perimeter;  101 bastions, each about 40 feet high, are cut into the fort wall; beautiful palaces with exquisite carvings; perennial springs constantly irrigating the fruit and flower  gardens; old temples, providing a look into a past with their walls, pillars, ceilings and floors sporting bas-reliefs, co-existing with a mosque,  probably built by different rulers. Unconquerable because the fort is protected by a deep gorge on one side, 4 km long and 700 m deep, with enormous boulders adding to its natural defense, cut by a river flowing below.


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Arunachal Pradesh

73. Sela Pass


Source: Anirudh Rao – Flickr

Sela Pass is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. Connecting Tawang district to other parts of the country is the Sela Pass. This mountain pass is about 13,800 feet high and gives you some really scenic views of the surrounding views. With its high elevation, you can almost feel the clouds passing through your hands here.


Image Source: rajkumar1220 – Flickr

During the winter months, most of the pass is frozen with snow, with temperatures dropping to well below the zero degree mark. For some gorgeous views and panoramic shot for the lens, head to Sela Pass in Arunachal Pradesh. You will be delighted.


74.Ziro Valley


The 5754 ft  high town is almost a level valley enclosed on all sides by pine-clad low stooping hills. This area, also called Apatani Plateau, is famous for Paddy-cum-Fish culture. It is the part of the beautiful whole of nature. This place also comprises of the quietly flowing rivers of Subansiri, Nishi, Apatani, Dafla, and Miri. Zero is the land of Apatani tribal who are fond of hunting and Zoom cultivation is their prime profession. Apatani tribals are now for their handsome and beautiful looks. Local wine ‘Apang’ is their favorite drink. They are equally fond of colorful dresses, with specialties and varieties. Women-folk loves to draw a tattoo on foreheads and cheeks and wear on cane nose pins.

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Experience the unexplored, awe-inspiring charm of Arunachal Pradesh in this quaint hill town. Understand the Tibetan-Buddhist elements that influence the culture, food, and lifestyle here, granting it an absolutely unique flavor. A trekker’s delight, Tawang will simply steal your heart away. Located at a height from Tawang is the serene P.T.Tso Lake, which remains frozen for 4 to 5 months in a year. Tawang offers a unique experience for skilled and amateur trekkers, with different trekking trails for each level of difficulty.

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76. Gurudongmar Lake


Image Source: soumyajit pramanick – Flickr

Located at an altitude of a little more than 5000 meters above sea level is Gurudongmar Lake. The lake is located in Sikkim, close to the Chinese border and is known for its scenic views. The fresh water lake remains frozen for most part of the year because of jaw dropping temperatures.


Image Source: Nara Simhan – Flickr

But when the ice thaws, it gives way to crystal clear waters that just take your breath away. The rugged terrain around the lake adds to the experience. However, you should be prepared for some hard work if you want to visit this lake, because it involves a sufficiently challenging trek.


Image Source: Kartik MS – Flickr

77. Goecha La Pass


Source: AndEggs – Flickr

Another gorgeous mountain pass in the Himalayan region is Goecha La Pass in Sikkim. The pass serves as the base camp for those who wish to climb Mount Kanchenjunga, world’s third highest peak. In order to reach the pass, you need to start trekking from Yuksom. It takes about 7 days to trek to the pass.


Image Source: juicyrai – Flickr

Along the way, you are greeted with some beautiful rhododendrons and other highlights of the region. View of Mount Kanchenjunga from Goecha La Pass is just amazing.



A prominent Buddhist pilgrimage site, Gangtok is nestled in the high peaks of the Himalayas and shelters the Enchey Monastery. This raw untouched beauty of northeast is situated in the Shivalik hills of the eastern Himalayas at an altitude of 1,700 meters. This enthralling Himalayan city is the capital of Sikkim since 1894. It offers a stunning view of Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak of the world. Gangtok has an amicable cultural fusion and people live peacefully in spite of the diverse ethnicity and religions. On a tranquil walk down the street in Gangtok, you can catch the whiff that comes from the lush tea plantations.

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79. Majuli


Image Source: Rocky Barua – Flickr

A quaint island in the state of Assam is Majuli. Once upon a time, the island was spread across an area of about 1,250 square kilometers and was well known for being the biggest River Island in the World.

However, the raging River Brahmaputra eroded a large part of the island, and left a little over 400 square kilometers of area. Yet, Majuli is one of the most beautiful places in India.

It has been bestowed with a large number of migratory birds and hence bird watching is one of the highlights here. The best time to visit Majuli is during the months of January, February and March.


Image Source: rajkumar1220 – Flickr

Nevertheless, it is one of the most beautiful places in India. Bird watching is a highlight here, and so are the colorful tribes of the region.

80.Kaziranga National Park


The famed one-horned rhinoceros, one of India’s best-known tourism mascots, calls the expansive grasslands of the Kaziranga National Park its home. The park’s population of 1800-odd rhinos represents more than two-thirds of the world’s total; in 1904 there were just 200.

The park consists of western, central and eastern ranges, the central range doubling as the venue for popular early-morning elephant safaris. Lasting an hour each, these rides offer unparalleled opportunities to get close to rhinos, which don’t seem phased by the elephants, even when surrounded by several safari groups.

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Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is situated in the Northeastern region of India. Valleys plush with natural beauty and raw ethnic cultures makes Kohima an ideal place to visit. Originally named ‘Keira’, Kohima’s name was changed to its present one by the Britishers due to their inability to pronounce the name correctly. Rich in tribal culture, the people of the city have successfully maintained their cultural ethnicity in this fast moving modern world.  This verdant city features a humid subtropical climate that offers a pleasant weather throughout the year. The Hornbill festival hosted in the city every year in the winters is a cultural extravaganza where you can relish your eyes and ears to the vibrant Naga music, dance, and artistry. The Rock concert on the last day of the festival is a huge hit all across the Northeast.

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Popularly referred to as the ‘Gateway to Nagaland’, Dimapur is one of the most commercial and important cities in the State. Nagaland’s only railhead, the city is a crucial trading center. Rendered with an alluring historical past, it is home to the remnants from the Kachari dynasty.

Inheriting its name from the Kachari word ‘Dimasa’ after the river which flows through it, Dimapur is a burgeoning urban town. In close proximity to Dimapur, is the highly visited and popular town of Medziphema, which is surrounded by villages like Aoyimti, Darogarjan and Aoyimkum.

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83. Loktak Lake


Image Source: Hemam Bishwajeet – Flickr

Manipur is home to world’s only floating lake, the Loktak Lake. It is also the largest fresh water lake in this part of the country. The floating mass of vegetation and organic matter give the lake a floating appearance. A part of the lake is home to Keibul Lamjao National Park, which is the habitat for Sangai.


Image Source: indiawaterportal.org – Flickr

Sangai, or Manipur brow antlered deer is a rare species which is on the brink of extinction. The beauty of the lake itself and the surrounding flora and fauna make this region of Manipur an absolute delight.


Image Source: Hemam Bishwajeet – Flickr

Madhya Pradesh



Home to the timeless and artistic temples of the Chandela dynasty. Khajuraho offers intriguing insights into the intricacies of Hindu mythology. Recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the historical city is a symbol of medieval art. Out of the 85 temples, 22 still exist in all their grandeur. The temples nest artistic sculptures and carvings depicting Kama Sutra. The Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Khajuraho Temples, and Lakshmana Temple are a must visit for their archaeological essence. Right in the heart of this country, which gives evidence of its discomfort with expressions of love and intimacy every day, exist some of the most explicit and eloquent depictions of lovemaking carved in stone.

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85.Kanha National Park


Madhya Pradesh is the king of the jungle when it comes to tiger parks, and Kanha is the most famous. The forests are vast, and while your chances of seeing a tiger are probably slightly slimmer than at nearby Bandhavgarh, at a time of research sightings were on the rise. Add to that the fact that you can really go deep into the forest, and you have a complete safari experience, rather than the rush-and-grab outings some complaint of at Bandhavgarh. The sal forests and vast meadows contain tigers (89 at last count) and leopards and support huge populations of deer and antelope, including the rare barasingha (deer). You’ll see plenty of langur monkeys, the odd gaur (Indian bison), maybe even a family or two of wild boar and the odd lonesome jackal or two. The park is also home to more than 300 bird species.

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Bandhavgarh is the destination of choice for countless visitors going on holidays to Madhya Pradesh. After all, few can ignore its myriad charms by way of lush game stocked forests, meandering rivers, rich history, and an overall wonderful surreal scenery. Snuggled between the hilly Vidhya areas and the Satpura ranges and blessed with some of the best of nature’s bounty, Bandhavgarh is a major hit with visitors. While the fame of the Bandhavgarh National Park here has spread throughout the country, the majestic Bandhavgarh Fort with its Ramayana connection mesmerizes history bugs.

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Union Territories



Monukiri and Monu Islands. Fiji Islands

Monukiri and Monu Islands. Fiji Islands

Comprising a string of 36 palm-covered, white-sand-skirted coral islands 300km off the coast of Kerala, Lakshadweep is as stunning as it is isolated. Only 10 of these islands are inhabited, mostly by Sunni Muslim fishermen, and foreigners are only allowed to stay on a few of these. With fishing and coir production the main sources of income, local life on the islands remains highly traditional, and a caste system divides the islanders. The real attraction of the islands lies under the water: the 4200 sq km of pristine archipelago lagoons, unspoiled coral reefs, and warm waters are a magnet for flipper-toting travelers and divers alike.



88.Andaman and Nicobar


Explore the cities of Andaman and Nicobar islands on your trip to this part of India. Be amazed by the incredible places as you unravel one attraction after another. In the cities of Andaman and Nicobar islands, explore the rich heritage of culture and traditions, meet the local people and know the nuances of their everyday lives, visit numerous historic sites that have stood the test of time like Port Blair, Dak-Omkeh, Eoya, Herbertabad and much more. Also collect several memories as you discover more.

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Delhi speaks through its diverse ethnicity, culture and tradition, food and language. Political and business center of the country, Delhi boasts of being the perfect blend of history and modernity. From temples to nightclubs, there is something for everyone which makes it an ideal one.

The city features architectural brilliance of the British and Mughal buildings such as the Rashtrapati Bhawan and Red Fort to the contemporary brilliance of several amusement parks, shopping malls, and party hubs. Not only is the city popular for its culture and celebrations, it is also known for its diversely delicious food from all the regions of the country.

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How to reach: Catch a flight directly to New Delhi from Mumbai at 2,301.

90.Daman and Diu


Ruled by the Portuguese for over 450 years, the union territory of Daman and Diu along with Goa were a part of a single union territory of India. In 1987, Goa gained its statehood leaving Daman and Diu as a single and distinct union territory. The union territory consists of two districts, namely Daman and Diu which are around 198 kilometers from each other. The place, being a former Portuguese colony, houses various no. of buildings and monuments evident with the Portuguese styled architecture and town planning.



Also known as ‘The French Riviera of the East’, Pondicherry (Puducherry) (Puducherry) exhibits a heavy French influence, which is more evident at the destination’s old quarters. The place is pretty laid back and has some fine restaurants serving passably good French cuisine. A favorite visiting spot is Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which attracts scores of Indian as well as foreign tourists due to its highly sought after yoga and meditation courses. Amongst other attractions, some must visit places are the lovely beach front promenade, Auroville, Gingee Fort, Gokilambal Temple and the Government Museum.

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Amritsar beckons with its myriad charms. Be it, the pompous ceremony by troops at the Wagah border and the dazzling opulence of the Golden Temple, or the soul-stirring experience at the Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar offers all this and much more. Amritsar is the nucleus of the Sikh religion and the lavish and legendary Golden Temple is Amritsar’s main claim to fame.  Besides the Golden Temple, visitors also flock to the infamous Jallianwala Bagh, which represents one of the blackest episodes of British colonial rule.

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The beautiful city of Pathankot is located in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab . Erstwhile, this city was a part of the princely state of Nurpur. Pathankot has a rich cultural heritage and has held on to its traditional roots while blending perfectly with the modern world. Pathankot is a very important city in the state of Punjab. It serves as a junction of three major states of Northern India which includes Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. So, on your next trip to the hill stations of Jammu or Himachal, you can probably make a stop here and enjoy the natural beauty of Pathankot. The Ranjit Sagar Dam located near the city is one of the highest gravity dams in all of Asia. It is one of the major tourist spot in the city apart from the many important temples here.

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94.Chitrakot Waterfall


Chitrakoot waterfalls, popularly known as Niagara falls of India, is the largest waterfall in India that falls from a height of about 100 feet and widens up to 150 meters in peak rainy season. The horseshoe shaped fall is located near Jagdalpur, a small city in the state of Chhattisgarh. This fall is situated in Vindhyachal Ranges, which are stretched between Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. River Indravati, a tributary of Narmada, is the main source of this waterfall. During monsoon, the waterfall turns wild and violent. Chitrakoot waterfall is best seen during and after the monsoon, between July and October.


95.Nalanda University


Nalanda University was one of the earliest Universities in the world founded in the fifth century. Know more about Nalanda University history and its magnificent library through images of the ancient ruins of this University. The Ancient university of Nalanda is believed to be founded by the Gupta Dynasty who were ruling at the parts of present-day India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.  In its middle phase of life, Nalanda university was supported by the Buddhist emperors and later in the last phase, by the Pala kings who ruled mostly the south and eastern part of India. The whole complex of Nalanda University was protected around by the thick walls of red bricks varying in their height. It is believed that the whole University campus is spread across over 15,000,000 square meters and only 10% of which has been excavated while resting of the ruins still lie earthen under the ground.


96.Bodhi Tree


Bodh Gaya, located 100 km (62 mi) south of Patna in the Indian state of Bihar, is the most venerated sacred place in Buddhism. It is the place where Prince Siddhartha Gautama while meditating beneath the Bodhi Tree, attained enlightenment and became the Buddha. Traditional accounts say that, in the early years of the 4th century BC, Siddhartha Gautama saw the suffering of the world and wanted to be free from it. As a young man, following the ancient traditions of Hinduism, he sought out spiritual teachers. Inquiring of their knowledge, he diligently practiced various yogas and meditations. Seven years passed, the last three in extreme asceticism, yet still, he had not achieved his goal of enlightenment.




House to the famous Sun Temple and the festival of the same name, the small locale of Konark  is an extravaganza that comes in a small package. Explore it for its dance festival, art and handicraft. Konark  is a true blend of history, culture and natural beauty. The famous Sun Temple along with the Sun Festival and the five-day long dance festival make this tiny place an ever-hustling tourist destination in Orissa. The Craft Mela and Handicraft exhibition organized as part of the dance festival is also a hit among the locals and the travelers alike. Displayer of the ethnic Oriya architecture, the Sun Temple becomes a beautiful backdrop to this fair. If all these are not enough, you are bound to love a long walk on the beach nearby. 



The azure waters gently lapping the soft sandy beach perfect for swimming, coupled with a heady, ceaseless milieu of religious fervor in the city nearby- the result is Puri. Welcome to this holy seaside destination where devotees throng especially to visit the Jagannath Temple. Among the most revered cities for Hindus, Puri is part of the Char Dham pilgrimages and also one of the 7 holy Indian cities. The beach here is wonderful for swimming and perfect for watching the sunrise and sunset. Puri’s top attraction is the highly revered Jagannath Temple, famed for its Chariot Festival. No less astounding is the Sun Temple at Konark amongst a slew of other sightseeing wonders. The Sun Temple is a World Heritage Site and dazzles the onlooker with its amazing sculptures and architectural brilliance.