(Last Updated On: February 9, 2018)

According to a survey conducted by Thrillophilia.com on 9000 travellers in the month of October and November 2014, Mumbai tops the list of 50 most tourist-friendly destinations of India with a 4.4 rating out of a maximum of 5. This was followed by Goa (4.3), Delhi (4.1), Jaipur (4) and Jaisalmer (3.8) in overall rankings.


Thrillophilia.com has come out with an interesting survey that sheds light on the travel preferences of Indian holiday goers. The 6 factors taken into consideration were activities, food, nightlife, shopping, sightseeing and ease of transport at these locations.

When it comes to tourist-friendly destinations in India, Mumbai rules the roost, coming in at the 1st position with an overall rating of 4.4/5, topping the food (4.5) and shopping (4.8) category.  Mumbai was also 2rdin the nightlife (4.6) and transport (4.5) categories while it came in at 9th in the sightseeing category (4.3).

Mumbai was followed by Goa(4.3), Delhi (4.1), Jaipur (4) and Jaisalmer (3.8) in the overall rankings.

According to the study, travellers preferred Goa for its nightlife with more than 60 percent of them giving it a complete rating with an overall nightlife rating of 4.7.  The state also came in 1st and 3rd in the transportation (4.5) and activity (4.5) categories respectively.

Delhi came in 3rd in the nightlife (4), transport (4.4) and shopping category (4.3), 2nd in food (4.4), 13th in sightseeing (4.1) and 22nd in activities (3.6).

For nightlife ratings, the south Indian destinations came in high with Chennai (4), Bangalore (3.7) and Hyderabad (3.6) following  Goa, Mumbai and Delhi which made up the top 3 positions.

An interesting revelation was that while Ladakh (3.2) came in at the 23rd position for overall travel satisfaction, it stood first in the sightseeing category (4.7). A good 67 percent of the participants gave it a full rating in this category.

Other destinations high on the sightseeing rating were Nainital (4.6), Sikkim (4.6), Manali (4.5) and Shimla (4.5).

Surprisingly, Jaipur did not make it to the top ten list for sightseeing but came in at 2nd for shopping (4.5) and 3rd for food (4.4).

Delhi (4.4), Goa (4.3)and Jaisalmer (4.3) were the other favourites among the travellers for destinations in the food category.

When it came to activities and adventure ratings, it was no surprise that Rishikesh (4.8) was 1st with 72 percent voting for it. It was followed by Ladakh (4.7) Goa (4.5), Jaisalmer (4.5) and Manali (4.4) which rounded the top 5. With the many water sports activities luring tourists, Andaman too came in the top 10 list with 40 percent voting for it.

Overall, according to the studies, tourists are looking for a complete experience, with a blend of activities, food, nightlife, shopping, sightseeing and transport.

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