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  • 01Tanah Lot Sunset Tour, Bali- Flat 11% off

    Tanah Lot Sunset Tour, Bali- Flat 11% off

    Tanah Lot Sunset is one of the most famous tours to visit the spectacular rocky temple with a beautiful background of sunset along with other attractions. 

    Tanah Lot sunset tour package covers visits to three iconic religious shrines in Bali: Tanah Lot, Taman Ayun, and Alas Kedaton

    Tanah Lot:
     Counted among the most prestigious temples in Bali, Tanah Lot is a 17th Century Hindu shrine sitting blissfully, unhindered by the crashing of waves of the sea that surrounds it. In addition to its scenic offshore setting, Tanah Lot is best known for sunset backdrops, appealing to a large number of tourists and photography enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

    Taman Ayun:
     A charming temple with unique architecture on display, Taman Ayun is an archetypal 17th Century Balinese temple which was renovated in 1750. The fascinating temple compound is delimited by a unique garden featuring a wide moat, adding to the temple’s serenity. Taman Ayun has a huge historical and religious significance and is a visual treat to look at.

    Alas Kedaton:
     Located in a deep forest, disconnected from the hullaballoo of the town, Alas Kedaton is another temple you will get a chance to explore on the Tanah Lot tour. This pretty Hindu temple is widely known by tourists for the great population of monkeys that inhabit the complex.

    About the activity:
    -Tanah Lot Sunset Tour is a distinctive tour designed to let you explore some of the most iconic temples claimed by Bali in the most convenient way possible
    -The tours will start from 14.00 PM from your hotel then we will drive you to visit Taman Ayun Temple.
    -Then your trip continues to visit Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest.
    -While discovering and experiencing the history and culture of the region, you will also get plenty of photograph opportunities during the tour.
    -Then our last journey is visiting Tanah Lot Temple
    -The package also entitles you for free hotel transfers and service of English speaking driver
    -Different variants of this package are available for a group of 2, a group of 3-5, a group of 6-9.

    14.00 pm: Pick up from hotel
    15.15 pm: Visit Taman Ayun Temple
    16.30 pm: Visit Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest
    17.30 pm: Visit Tanah Lot Temple
    18.30 pm: Drive back to the hotel

    Minimum 2 pax. are required to book this activity.

  • 02Ubud and Kintamani Tour- Flat 20% off

    Ubud and Kintamani Tour- Flat 20% off
    • h9 Hours
    • lKintamani
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • Jerro
    • 20% Off2,820
    • Send Enquiry

    About the Activity:
    -This is a private tour of Ubud and Kintamani regions of Bali
    -If you are staying in one of the free pick up and drop off zones, you are entitled to a complimentary hotel transfer facility
    -Ubud and Kintamani tour is designed to let participants experience the cultural gems of Bali
    -During the tour, you get a chance to witness the traditional dance performance of Barong
    -Then your tour will proceed toward visits to Celuk and Mas Villages that are best known for gold, silver and wooden products
    -You also get an opportunity to witness grand views of Batur Volcano at lunch and capture some memorable pictures
    -Then the tour takes you to the iconic sites of Tirta Empul Temple and Gunung Kawi Royal Monument
    -The tour ends on an unforgettable note where you get to see captivating rice terrace scenery near Tegalalang
    -You also have the option to take halts at galleries and purchase Balinese art pieces to take back home as souvenirs
    -This is a group tour that can be taken in a group of 2, group of 3-5 or in a group of 6-9
    -You will have an English speaking driver throughout the Ubud and Kintamani tour
    -The package charges are in inclusive of all entrance fees and donations

    About the Destinations:
    Batubalan: This is a traditional art village in Bali, best known for the local art of stone carving and Barong dance performance depicting the fight between good and evil through talented actors and dancers, and their colorful costumes.

    Celuk Village:
    The most important center for goldsmiths and silversmiths in Bali, Celuk Village can be visited to explore the local art and buy a few masterpieces for yourself.

    Mas Village:
    The quaint village where the famous Nyana and Tilem Gallery is located, Mas Village is known for the traditional products exemplifying excellent woodcarving that can be bought here. 

    If you wish to witness the majesty of Mount Batur and the lake beside it, there is no better way than to take a
    Kintamani tour.

    Tirta Empul Temple:
    Counted among the most revered temples in the region, Tirta Empul Temple is known for its cleansing holy springs, and is a key place on
    Ubud tour.

    Gunung Kawi Royal Monument:
    It is an 11th Century Hindu temple located close to Bali, housing some magnificent specimens of rock-cut architecture in the form of 10 huge shrines.

    If you are a nature lover or a landscape photographer, you are going to love the surreal beauty of Tagalalang on
    Ubud and Kintamani tour because this village is dotted with swaying rice field terraces.

  • 03Waterbom Bali Tickets @ Flat 23% off

    Waterbom Bali Tickets @ Flat 23% off

    About the activity:

    ● Splash and splurge the water from one slide to another along with the world's longest slide, The Constrictor at the Waterbom Bali.
    ● From the children attractions to the elegantly designed slides, this place has all of it to make your vacation perfect
    ● Do what you like either unwind at the Lazy River and simply rejuvenate your body by witnessing the thrilling water slides.
    ● Delight your buds with the exotic range of cuisines that will be available at the park itself.
    ● Try the hand-made leavened pizza which is a signature dish of this place.
    ● Create everlasting memories at Asia's largest water park which is surrounded by the lush green parks.

    About Waterbom Bali:

    Refresh each and every quarter of the body with the wide array of slides at the Waterbom Bali. Featuring several sections for the kids and adults this park gives an excellent fusion and is just perfect for a family vacation. Something which makes this place worth witnessing is that it is Asia’s largest water and has the longest slide of the world that is the Constrictor. This is the best place to spend a complete wet day at leisure and has almost 17 different kinds of slides.

    From the adrenaline-pumping slides to the mini pool for the kids, the Bali water park is indeed a choice with no regrets for a day outing. Apart from this, it also houses a park of 3.8 Ha and this magnifies the charm of this place. Boasting of as a premier park of the region, it also victuals to the lip-smacking delights right at its open-air restaurant. Be it the continental or the authentic Balinese cuisine, each one them is available here. Another factor which makes it a major tourist attraction is its location, that is it located only a few meters away from the Discovery shopping mall and you can cover them all together. Add a new chapter to your vacations and create everlasting memories at the thrill-filled park of Bali.

    Ticket Types:
    1. One Day Pass(for Malaysians)
    2. One Day Pass(for Foreigners)
    3. One Day Pass for Family - 2 adults + 2 children(for Foreigners)

  • 04Bali Safari and Marine Park Tickets - Flat 20% off

    Bali Safari and Marine Park Tickets - Flat 20% off

    About the Activity

    -         You will witness over 400 species living together with this package experience.

    -         The package options available to you are Night Safari, Leopard, Breakfast with Lions, Dragon, Adventure package, and Jungle hopper.

    -         You can watch the nocturnal animals live their life with a Night Safari, which also includes a BBQ dinner.

    -         Watch the hungry piranhas relish their food at the freshwater aquarium with a visit to the Marine Park.

    -         If you wish to experience both, Bali Safari and Marine Park, then you will have to go with the Rhino package.

    -         Some packages even include an elephant ride.

    -         The campus houses a petting zoo and conducts an animal show which you can also watch.

    -         Unwind at the Fun Zone and Water Zone along with some adventure activities.

    -         Not all packages include lunch or dinner.

    -         You can avail a complimentary shuttle service from pre-decided locations.

    About Bali Safari and Marine Park

    Bali Safari and Marine Park is a fantastic journey that will allow you to spot a wide range of animal species, some of which are even endangered. The best part about this park is that it is spread over vast acres of land where animals can live in their natural habitat rather than being caged in zoos. A tram ride will take you around the park to catch of glimpse of them. You can also enjoy a Night Safari where you can watch the nocturnal animals awake from their slumber.

    The park allows visitors to get to know some animals with the availability of a petting zoo where your children will have an amazing time. If you are lucky, you will see some elephants have their fun time while bathing in the water. The Marine Park Bali in this premise is home to over forty species of fishes that are kept in a safe and clean environment.

    Check in with one of the caretakers at the park of the feeding time of piranhas & tigers and be there at that scheduled time to watch them feed.

    Apart from just being heaven for the animal nation, this park also encloses a mini theme park, fun park and water park apart from conducting fire shows and Bali Agung show.

  • 05Ayung River Rafting with Local Lunch, Bali- Flat 20% off

    Ayung River Rafting with Local Lunch, Bali- Flat 20% off
    • h4 Hours
    • lDenpasar
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    • Dana
    • 20% Off1,390
    • Send Enquiry
    Ayung River is the most challenging white water rafting sites in Bali, which has a stable water condition all year around. Apart from the rafting route, the panorama of this beautiful, intact natural area is highlighted by the appearance of wild animals. So, get ready to experience like never before for who would like adventure and rafting in the medium level rapids. 

    About the Activity:
    -Ayung river rafting is 4 hours expedition that takes you through the most adventurous rafting experience with the gorgeous scenic beauty around.
    -It allows you to explore the lush green rainforest, spectacular waterfalls, and awe-inspiring gorges.
    -It is a group activity. Two packages are provided and you can choose as per your personal choice and convenience.
    -An English speaking guide is provided who will brief everything about rafting. He will tell all the do's and don’ts in order to have a safe tour in the river. 
    -Pick up and drop off services to and from the hotel are included in the package.
    -The activity starts will the pickup from the hotel.
    -After pickup and reaching the starting point, the briefing will be done by the rafting expert.
    -Start your much awaited Ayung white water rafting, which takes you to the scintillating waterfall and beautiful surroundings. Rafting takes for around 2 hours.
    -Lunch will be served at the restaurant. 
    -Return to your hotel which marks an end to the expedition.

    08:30 am: Guests pick up from the hotel and transfer to Kedewatan village for registration, welcome drink and changing, all valuable things keep in the locker.
    10:00 am: Transfer to the starting point, using life jacket, helmet, then river guide brief the guest and demonstrate the safety standard and ready for 2 hours rafting action.
    12.15 pm: Guests arrive at the finishing point, and go up to the restaurant. Changing rooms are available at the restaurant where you can shower, change your clothes before lunch.
    14.00 pm: Finish the trip transfer back to the hotel.

    Two packages are available:
    Rafting (without Shared Transfer)
    Rafting (with Shared Transfer)

    Minimum 2 pax. are required to book this activity.

    The total duration of the tour:
    4 Hours
  • 06Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking, Bali- Flat 20% off

    Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking, Bali- Flat 20% off
    • h10 Hours
    • lKintamani
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • Jerro
    • 20% Off2,700
    • Send Enquiry

    About the Place:
    Mount Batur is amongst the most active volcanoes in Bali, but it definitely worth a visit. Standing tall at the height of 5,600 feet above the Sea Level, it saw its last volcanic eruption in the year 2000. The peak of the mountain is considered amongst the best places to get a view of the sunrise in Bali.

    Since this is an active volcano, you might be able to find some areas on the mountain top that emits hot smoke because of the hot molten inside.

    Mt Batur Sunrise trekking allows you to experience one of the most adventurous treks with some amazing views of the surroundings.  
    Pick up point in Serongga. ( Special Rute, with the best view and reach on HIGHEST SUMMIT  where a guide can cooking breakfast in the hot steam of active volcano)
    03.30: Arrival at the starting point, briefing for experience from professional trekking guide
    03.40: Having Coffee/ Tea for a better hike.
    04.00: Start your trek with a guide and your trek will be only 1 to 1 and a half hour to the top
    04.30: Begin rocky trail trekking to the top of Mount Batur
    04.45: Continue our trek to the summit
    05.00- 05.30: Arrival at the summit, where we witness the spectacular views and sunrise, while there we enjoy refreshments de egg and banana boiled in volcanic steam
    06.20: Continue our trek around the crater rim
    08.00: Begin our descent to the parking
    09.30: Arrival at (parking)
    10.00: Stop off at a Balinese coffee plantation
    11.00: Return back to the hotel
    12.00-13.00: Arrive hotel

    Swim at natural hot spring that will help you release the tight muscle after climbing Mount Batur. 
    Pick up time at the hotel, and transport directly to the starting point in Toya Bungkah.
    03.30: Arrival at the starting point, briefing for experience from professional trekking guide.
    03.40: Begin trail trekking to the top of Mount Batur.
    05.40: Arrival at the summit, where we witness the spectacular views and sunrise, while there we enjoy refreshments de egg and banana boiled in volcanic steam.
    06.20: Continue our trek around the crater rem.08.00 begin our descent to Toya Bungkah.
    9.30: Arrival at Toya Bungkah (parking).
    9.30: Tike Sower and enjoy hot Spring Water Full.
    10.35: Leaving Hot Spring and return to Coffee Plantation.
    11.15: Stop at a Balinese coffee plantation.
    12.00: Return back to the hotel.

    Enjoy the blissful sunrise from the top of Mount Batur on this private and full-day adventure Bali tour. You can also savor delicious breakfast with the vistas of Lake Batur. Later on, you get an adrenaline rush on a white water rafting trip on the Ayung River. 
    Pick up time at the hotel, and transport directly to the starting point in Serongga,  Songan Village or the higher starting point, as we offer 3 different rules trek, also these rates directly reach the highest summit of Mount Batur Volcano. 
    03.30: Arrival at the starting point and having a welcome drink coffee or tea before treks.
    03.45: Briefing for experience from a professional trekking guide.
    04.00: Starting your trek with local Guide.
    04.40: Begin trail trekking to the top of Mount Batur.
    05.40: Arrival at the summit, where we witness the spectacular views and sunrise, while there we enjoy refreshments de egg and banana boiled in volcanic steam.
    06.20: Continue our trek to see the crater and amazing view.and then ready to go back parking.
    07.30: Begin our descent to Parking.
    08.30: Arrival at (parking).
    08.30-08.40: Leaving Parking and continue your tour to the coffee plantation
    10.00: Stop at a Balinese coffee plantation.
    10.45: Return back and continue to White Water Rafting.
    11.00: Arrive at Water Rafting, get welcome drink and safety intrusion, and get safety Jacket also paddle rafting. 
    11.15: Start your Rafting with a professional rafting guide.
    13.15: Finish your rafting and time to change your dress. 
    13.30: Having lunch. 
    14.00: Return Back hotel.

    Jungle swing experience will be rush your adrenaline to trying the jungle swing with the jungle valley view and make an unforgettable experience. 
    Pick up time at the hotel, and transport directly to the starting point in Toya Bungkah.
    03.30: Arrival at the starting point, briefing for experience from professional trekking guide.
    03:40: Begin trail trekking to the top of Mount Batur.
    04.00: Continue our trek to the summit.
    05.40: Arrival at the summit, where we witness the spectacular views and sunrise, while there we enjoy refreshments de egg and banana boiled in volcanic steam.
    06.20: Continue our trek around the crater remains.
    08.00: Begin our descent to Toya Bungkah.
    9.30: Arrival at Toya Bungkah(parking).
    10.00: Stop at a Balinese coffee plantation.
    10.30: Stop off at Bali Swing
    10.15: Enjoy your Swing
    11.30- Return back to the hotel.

    Pick-up time: 
    Seminyak : 01.30 am
    Kuta          : 01.15 am
    Canggu     : 01.30 am
    Ubud         : 02. 20 am
    Sanur        : 02.15 am

  • 07Uluwatu Kecak Sunset Tour in Bali - Flat 20% off

    Uluwatu Kecak Sunset Tour in Bali - Flat 20% off
    • h10 Hoursh30 Minutes
    • lUluwatu
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • Jerro
    • 20% Off1,470
    • Send Enquiry
    Shun the self-drive hassles and check off three classic south Bali attractions on this Uluwatu Kecak Sunset Tour in Bali. Start your tour from Uluwatu Temple, set on the top of cliffs from where you can capture sweeping views before you watch a “Kecak” dance and firewalking performance with the sunset. Finally, travel to Jimbaran Bay and feast on fresh seafood on the sands (own expense) before your private driver drops your hotel.

    Garuda Wisnu Kencana Jimbaran: 
    Garuda Wisnu Kencana is the name of a cultural park on Bali’s hilly southern coast famous for the ongoing construction of a gigantic statue of Vishnu riding on the back of a ‘Garuda’.

    Uluwatu Luhur temple: 
    A photography enthusiast's pilgrimage, perched atop a cliff overlooking the sea, Uluwatu Temple offers perfectly instagrammable frames with the drowning sun. It is a Hindu temple, counted among the most significant ones in Bali. The perfect location offering spectacular views brings to this place the honor of being the best sunset spots on the island. So don't forget to fully charge your camera before coming here. 

    Once you are done soaking in the sunset vistas of the place, brace yourself for Kecak Fire Dance – an intense traditional form of dance that is performed at Uluwatu Temple every evening. This dramatic performance involves actors enacting scenes from Ramayana along with trance chants and a local style fire dance. This experience makes Uluwatu sunset tour such a visual treat for visitors.

    Jimbaran Beach: 
    Jimbaran Beach is famous for its amazing sunsets. The endless ocean seems to swallow the sun whole before the horizon glows with twilight’s embers.

    About the activity:
    -A unique sightseeing experience designed to amuse participants with various shades of Bali.
    -The tour starts with a visit to Uluwatu Luhur temple, which is a cliff top Hindu temple.
    - Enjoy breathtaking sunset scene from the temple and capture it on your camera.
    - Then after the sunset, you can watch the most intense dance performance of Bali, Uluwatu Kecak Fire Dance which involves powerful chanting, enacting of chapters from Ramayana.
    - Indulge in a scrumptious dinner experience at Jimbaran Beach.
    - An English speaking guide will accompany you on the tour, so you can learn more about the local culture and traditions from him.
    - The package also covers round-trip transportation from and to your accommodation in Bali.

    11.00- 12.00 pm:  Pick up from the hotel.
    13:00 pm: Lunch & holiday at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Jimbaran.
    15:30 pm: Depart to tourist attraction Uluwatu Luhur temple.
    16:30 pm:  Take a walk around the tourist attractions of Uluwatu Luhur temple.
    18:00 - 19:00 pm: Watch the performance of the Kecak dance in Uluwatu temple.
    19:30 pm: Depart for Jimbaran beach.
    20:00 - 21:30 pm:  Dinner on Jimbaran beach with grilled seafood dishes.
    21:30 pm: Return to the hotel.
  • 08Full Day Bedugul Tour in Bali- Flat 20% off

    Full Day Bedugul Tour in Bali- Flat 20% off
    • h7 Hours
    • lBedugul
    • NNNNN39 ratings
    • Redika
    • 20% Off2,139
    • Send Enquiry

    Bali is much more than a tropical paradise. The island, in addition to offering some of the most magnificent views in the world it lends its inherent spirituality to whoever visits it. Your first stop in the full day Bedugul tour in Bali will be Pura Ulun Danu Beratan. This place is famous for people who are looking for a retreat to calmer places in Bali. This Hindu temple, located on the shores of the Lake Beratan, was built in the 17th-century to worship the lake goddess Dewi Danu and brings people from all over the world to admire its magnificent Mengwi architecture. Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, covered under the Ubud tour, offers superb views of this striking landmark surrounded by a lake and beautiful gardens and landscaped by the mountains

    After a simple lunch, you will be taken to Ubud Art Market, which is a must-visit for anybody visiting Bali to pick up traditional artisanal art pieces, handicrafts, souvenirs, and other quirky pieces to remind you of Bali for a long time to come.

    About the tour
    -Experience the rich cultural and spiritual side of Bali on the full day Bedugul Tour in Bali.
    -Soak in the calming aura of the temples away from the chaos and lose yourself in the local Balinese art scene at the Ubud Art market on this private tour.
    -During the Bedugul tour, you will visit the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, located on the shores of Lake Beratan, which is one of the most important icons of the Shaivite faith in Bali.
    -Enjoy shopping at the Ubud Art market for authentic Balinese handicrafts and artwork.
    -All this with convenient pick-up service from your hotel without you having to worry about planning your own commute or multiple transfers.
    -You will be accompanied by a professional and experienced driver/ guide throughout the duration of the activity for easy access at these places.

  • 09Breakfast with Orangutans at Bali Zoo @ Flat 20% off

    Breakfast with Orangutans at Bali Zoo @ Flat 20% off

    About the Activity:

    -         The Bali Zoo breakfast with Orangutans package is a fabulous opportunity to sit by the orangutans and relish your morning meal.

    -         You get the chance to pick your menu from International cuisines or local delicacies.

    -         This breakfast ends with a cup of Balinese Kopi Tubruk or English Breakfast Tea.

    -         You need to be two people or more to book the Bali zoo breakfast with Orangutans package.

    -         Your breakfast will also include seasonal fruits, fruit juice, and baked food.

    -         You can choose this package without hotel transfer which is available from Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran.

    -         Enjoy an entertaining session of Bird Show as an inclusion in this package.

    -         You will also spend quite some time with the feature of Animal Encounter as an inclusion in this package.

    -         You will be sitting amidst the fauna in this zoo.

    -         The operator will provide for insurance, the cost of which is included in the package price.

    About Bali Zoo:

    The Bali Zoo is situated in the Sukawati area of Gianyar region of this island. Elephants, Orangutans and African residents are the primary residents of this zoo who are visible to tourists during their visit. Lush greenery and tall trees act as a shade to the animals in the zoo which adds the beauty of this place.

    Orangutans are labelled as the ‘Kings of this Jungle’ who are lovely to look at when you visit here. One amazing way to spend time with this royal breed is by opting for Bali Zoo breakfast withOrangutanspackage that allows you to sit with the playful orangutans hovering around you while they play. They are friendly and are as good as one of you as they roam about in comfort even with your presence.

    This zoo in Bali also conducts various other activities like Bird Show and Animal Encounter which extends your chance of spending more time with these majestic creatures of nature. You are sure to take back some exciting pictures after your visit to this attraction on the island for it lets you spend personal time with the animals who are not caged.

    The Bali Zoo breakfast with Orangutans is value for money and is amongst the best things you can do when in this premise because it gives you a peaceful breakfast with an impressive background. You would need approximately five-six hours to explore it, and partake in the in-house activities. 

    Types of Packages Available:

    Breakfast with Orangutans
    - Only Ticket
    Breakfast with Orangutans + Return Transfers
    - Hotel Pick up and drop off to Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Ubud, and Sanur

    *NOTE: Timings of the activity are 7.00 AM to 12.00 PM