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What You Should Know More About Bahamas

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Start your vacation in Bahamas with a tropical drink, and do not assume, unless mentioned, that the welcome drink offered is free.

    • Check out the Caribbean cuisine as it is exotic and not available in most of the ethnic restaurants across the world.

    • Buffets are usually crowded, so check for numerous dining options for lunch and dinner.

    • Do not loiter alone in the streets or on the beach after dark.

    • Bahamas is a destination for the shutterbugs. Do not forget the sun screen, summer hats, resort clothing, shades, flip-flops, shorts, swimwear, and cameras.

    • Elevators in most of the hotels and resorts in Bahamas are slow. Take the staircase if you can.

    • Always take prior appointment before visiting a spa or a saloon. Spa tour at Bahamas is a must try.

    • Always carry clothes in your carry-on luggage as well and pack casual and summer clothes in them.

    • Take a dip in the hot springs, pools, and the hot tubs.

    • Clubs for kids activities are also available for those who travel with family and kids.

    • There are many shore tours and cruises available that you shouldn’t miss.

    • Bahamas is hot, so protect you from sunburn.

    • Island shopping is something not to be missed when you visit this resort city.

    • Try their native and tropical fruits, they taste exotic and delish. Bahamian cocktails are also popular drinks to try.

    • Do not walk bare foot on any of the beaches, as you might likely step onto a sea creature and experience a bite.

    • Always take your room keys along with you when you leave the room.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age of drinking in Bahamas is 18 years old and above.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Islands and reefs

    Quiet apparently, you cannot visit all the 700 islands even in a few trips. However, there a few islands that is not to be missed. Acklins & Crooked Island is a remote island. It is popular for snorkelling, coral gardens, sandy beaches, diving, cliffs, caves, cays, churches, lighthouses, turtles, Marine Farm National Park, and many other places of sightseeing on this island.

    Andros is an island in Bahamas with beautiful and natural surroundings. They have one of the largest reefs and are said to be a home to some of the mythical creatures. You can visit this island to get a glimpse of its flora and fauna, bird watching, eco tourism, snorkelling, hiking, diving, fishing, cay and resort beaches, docks, cuisine, and more.

    Bimini has pristine beaches and is popular for boating activities. The Bimini Road is said to be a remains of the Lost City of Atlantis. This is the Bahamian island known for its mystical history and intriguing past. Take walking tours, visit churches, and enjoy sunbathing at these beaches with clear waters.

    Cat Island has beaches with pink sand. Visit this island for its natural beauty, and unwind under the sun umbrellas. Enjoy the food at the Karaoke bars, take walking trails and visit the historical hermitage.

    Eleuthera & Harbour Island has pineapple fields and pink and white sandy beaches. There are more secluded coves and coastlines that stretch miles away on this island. The architecture of the buildings and lifestyle on this island is very British. This is one of the best Caribbean islands. Ocean Fox Cotton Bay on this island is great for scuba diving and water sports activities. The Hill Top Petting Zoo allows you to feed and play with animals.

    Grand Bahama Island is a mix of history, ecology, and modern day attractions. This is a small town which has three national parks, umpteen beaches with blue water, and many upscale resorts. Here you can take cruises and ecological tours and enjoy the sight of the nature and marine life. Garden of the Groves has exotic plants, waterfalls, picturesque chapel, and arts and crafts centre. The Perfume Factory is a must visit as it creates the most popular perfumes like, Pink Pearl, Conch Salad, and more. You can also create your own perfume here. The Grand Bahama Yacht Club has a pool bar and serves sandwiches.

    Inagua is an island that is a home to more than 80,000 flamingos. If you love bird watching, this is the place to be. There are more than 140 species of migratory birds that can be found on this island. There are also national parks and reserves that can be visited.

    Long Island has breathtaking serene beaches, coral reefs, ad cliffs. The cliffs are a haven for people who love fishing, diving, and boating. The Saint Mary the Virgin Anglican Church is a church built in the 18th century. Sunsets here are beautiful. Carlton Hill Salt Pond Beach is a scenic beach. The local stores of this island have handcrafted jewellery made in seashells that are worth a buy.

    Mayaguana is a fishing village and has numerous spots for fishing. The beaches are free and this place has a countryside appeal. Nassau & Paradise Island is cosmopolitan and has all the modern amenities. There are island resorts, restaurants, shopping stores, clubs to enjoy nightlife, golfing course, aquarium, a casino, and many places for sightseeing. Here you can take aviation tours, jet tours, enjoy the cuisine and fine dining, enjoy umpteen water sports activities, take Aqua Island tours, and enjoy undersea adventures.

    Ragged Island is a quiet island that is popular for bone fishing. You can find huge number of different species of fish when you go fishing on this island. These beaches are not yet explored or popularized but are a good picnic spot and a place for relaxing. You can pick shells from the coves and explore many historical places of this town.

    Rum Cay, known as the “Sleeping Beauty” has historical ruins, coral reefs, sandy beaches, and is popular for snorkelling, diving, surfing, and water sports activities. San Salvador

    San Salvador has many monuments, ruins, shipwrecks, memorials of Christopher Columbus and also has an underwater monument. This island also has many secluded beaches, clear water sea, and inland lakes. The Abacos is an island with calm water and is considered a paradise for sailors. This is an island that has colonial charm with bars and restaurants sprawled across the town.

    The Berry Islands has beautiful beaches and waters that are ideal for swimming. This has a cluster of many cays and a private cove. Most of the beaches are secluded and have numerous caverns, reefs, diving sites, and bill fishing sites, and churches. The Exumas has turquoise waters and is one of the dream destinations of many for its beautiful beaches and resorts.

    Nightlife and live music

    This is one of the places which are live 24 hours. You will find the best of lounges, bars, and clubs on this island that play live music and serve most splendid cocktails. You can try the beach side bars and restaurants on these islands to taste the most exotic cuisine.

    Casinos, parks, and spas

    Bahamas are a place of complete recreational and relaxing activities. There are many parks where flamingos are trained and you get to watch the most exotic birds. At the spas you can experience the ancient Egyptian sugaring technique to help your relax and rejuvenate your body. At the Blue Holes National Park in Andros Island you can take water baths and visit the saltwater labyrinths.

    Shopping and sightseeing

    You can buy hand printed fabrics from then stores of this island. The hand printed fabrics and the handcrafted jewellery are one of the most famous items that most of the tourists like to buy at these stores.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Water sports, adventure activities, and clubs

    Most of the tourists visit the Bahamas to experience the sea, clear waters, and the exotic experience of the Caribbean island. The food is delightful to experience. The cocktails and fruits at any of the restaurants and resorts are a must try.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

    Website: Official Website

    Forum: Official Forum

  • Q. Books

    Lonely Planet the Bahamas (Travel Guide) by Lonely Planet and Emily Matchar