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Adventure Day outs Around Delhi - Upto 30% Off

  • 01Adventure Camp Near Delhi For a Perfect Getaway Flat 22% Off

    Adventure Camp Near Delhi For a Perfect Getaway Flat 22% Off
    • d1 Day
    • lNew Delhi
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    About the Campsite:
    The campsite is settled around 50 km away from Delhi, near damdama lake in Haryana. The surroundings provide you with good scenery, lush green surroundings, picturesque locations and proximity of Aravalis. The Camp offers a unique combination of insight of rural farm life and wild ambiance for adventure seekers for an unforgettable lifetime experience. A short drive from the capital will land you at the site.

    About the Activity:

    Check In Time for With Breakfast: 10:00 AM
    Check In Time for without Breakfast: 11:00 AM
    Check Out Time: 05:00 PM

    - Day out in the camp will land you in a plethora of multiple activities like Village tour where Pottery making, Pitthhu, Village walk, Kabbadi, Rides (Choose any one) - Camel Cart Ride or Tractor Ride or Bullock Cart Ride will be in your list.
    - Complimentary use of Obstacle park is here where you can enjoy activities like Burma Bridge, Burma loop, Hop Scotch, Rope Climbing, Balance walk, Cat Crawl, Monkey Crawl, Parallel rope commando Net, Rope ladder, Tyre Wall, Balancing Rope, Tent Pitching, Swinging Bridge, Tyre Net, Tyre Swing, Double rope Bridge, Balance Beam, Spider web etc.
    Adventure activities like Flying Fox, artificial wall climbing, Rappelling, Valley crossing will be available right there for you.
    - Recreational games like Badminton, Soft Ball, Cricket, Tug of War, Chess , Carom, Volley Ball, Tambola, Archery, Dart, Air Gun Shooting, Hula Hoop, Frisbee, Swimming Pool, Boating (20 Minutes), Musical Chair are present here.
    - So, don't wait anymore! Choose the package and hop on the site for a perfect getaway on your next vacation.

    How to reach?
    The adventure seekers can reach here easily after the booking as details will be shared. It is located near lake Damdama in Haryana and can be easily reached by private car or shared vehicle.

  • 02Adventure Day Out Near New Delhi - Flat 17% Off

    Adventure Day Out Near New Delhi - Flat 17% Off
    • h7 Hours
    • lNew Delhi
    • NNNNN138 ratings
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    Since, New Delhi is the capital of the country, it comprises of various opportunities that attracts many people from all over the country and world. And after some stressed hours of work, you need a cool break in adventurous place for sure. So, Thrillophilia brings you one of the best offers to take a day off or your weekend so you can spend some time doing many activities, enjoying life and having yummy meals in between.

    About the activities:
    - Get yourself welcomed in the campsite and enjoy some delicious breakfast. Now you have thousands of activities to cover all your day.
    - After a briefing, you can enjoy adventurous activities like climbing wallBurma Bridge. Rope Ladder Climbing, Tyre Net, Zorb Roller, Double Rope Bridge, Block Bridge, Tarzan Swing, Balance Beam, Running Bungee, Zipline, Plank Bridge, Commando Net, Hanging Tunnel and Trampoline.
    - Village activities like Potters Wheel, Rural Kitchen, Mud Bath, Charkha, Tractor Ride, Dairy & Poultry, Chakki and Camel Cart Ride are also available.
    - Games and recreational activities are present here as well like Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Cricket, Volley Ball, Dart Throw, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Badminton, Rain Dance , DJ, Bonfire, Tug of War etc.
    - What else you wish to make your day out perfect? Just be here and take a perfect feel to rejuvenate minds and heart.
    - You get to enjoy lunch at 1.00 PM and snacks at 4.00 PM along with activities in between.

    Check in time: 10.00 AM
    Check out time: 4.30 PM

    How to reach?
    The property is located around 2 km from GT road and easily accessible by private or shared vehicle. Exact address will be shared with you right after the booking confirmation.
  • 03Adventurous Day Outing Package Near Delhi - Flat 21% Off

    Adventurous Day Outing Package Near Delhi - Flat 21% Off
    • h10 Hours
    • lNew Delhi
    • NNNNN155 ratings
    • Mamta
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    A day-out near Delhi will surely cheer you up and bring you in an adventurous aura for uplifting your mood up and high. The activities will surely rejuvenate you and fill with energy for a refreshed bounce back in your work life. The camp is well settled in the Aravalis and offers wonderful and relaxing view to its visitors.

    About the activities:
    - While you arrive in the campsite, you will be facing plethora of opportunities to enjoy and fall in love with them. 
    - Recreational activities like Volley Ball, Ludo, Cricket, Carom, Football etc are ready to be taken and enjoyed by your group.
    - You can visit 
    Rope obstacle course to take part in Burma Loops, Swinging Tyre, Heebie Jeebie Combo, Burma Bridge, Planks/log/loop bridge / Twin rope missing planks bridge, Hop Skotch, Cat Walk, Monkey Crawl, Commando Net, Tunnel Crawl etc
    - Adventure activities like Natural rock climbing and Rappelling can be availed at the site as well. You will also be going for an adventurous hike in Aravalis for about 2 hours in afternoon.

    - In middle of the day, you will be served with buffet lunch. And by the time you will be ready for departure, evening tea and snacks will be ready for you.

    Check in time: 9.00 AM
    Check out time: 5.00 PM

    How to Reach?
    The location of campsite is around 40 km via Sri Aurobindo Marg, 50 km via Faridabad -Gurgaon Road and 44 km via Mathura Road. The exact location will be shared with you right after the confirmed bookings.
  • 04Adventure Day Out Near Delhi, Flat 23% Off

    Adventure Day Out Near Delhi, Flat 23% Off
    • h7 Hours
    • lNew Delhi
    • NNNNN121 ratings
    • Mohd Azam
      Mohd Azam
    • 23% Off1,300
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    Relax some time in the lush green zone, away from hustle bustle of city life. The resort is well flanked by natural beauty and is perfect for a getaway, even with your friends or colleagues.

    About the Activity:
    Check-In Time: 10 AM
    Check-Out Time: 5 PM

    - Drive for around 2 hours, and you get here after a small drive. Enjoy some snacks and begin with activities like VolleyBall, Badminton, Pottery, Bullock cart rides, Tug of war, Table tennis etc.
    - Enjoy delicious buffet lunch in between and either relax or avail some more extra added cost activities like zip line, rappelling, paintball, rope activities etc.
    - Before you check out in the evening, enjoy yummy snacks with tea and coffee.

    *NOTE: Minimum number of people required- 10
    *NOTE: Ask for availability before booking on weekends.

    How to reach?
    Located at 110 km from Delhi, the resort can be reached within 2-2.5 hours by private or shared vehicle. You will be specified exact location right after confirmed bookings.