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Adventure Activities in Nepal (Upto 25% Off)

  • 01Upper Seti River Rafting in Pokhara - Flat 20% off

    Upper Seti River Rafting in Pokhara - Flat 20% off
    • h3 Hours
    • lPokhara
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • Renu - KL
    • 20% Off4,198
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    About the Activity:

    - Enjoy river
    rafting in Pokhara on the Upper Seti River in the adventure capital of the world.

    - This half-day rafting activity is an exhilarating experience that takes about 1.5 hours for completion.

    - You get a view of the snow-capped Annapurna mountain range while you paddle on the clean water that comes from the Himalayas.

    - An experienced guide will accompany you and teach you the necessary skills required to paddle on the river.

    - All the Kayaks and rafting equipment used for Upper Seti River Rafting have an ISO recognition.

    - This package includes the cost of pick-up and drops from and to the hotel.

    - You will find a professional first-aid team available to serve in case of unforeseen injuries.

    - Paddles, helmets, life jackets, dry tops and wet suits will be provided to you by the operator.

    - It takes approximately thirty minutes to reach the Upper Seti River from the main city.

    - The official pick-up time is 10.00 a.m., and the trip concludes at approximately 01.00 p.m.

    What to expect in different months:

    - October-June season: Class IV & IV+ rapids
    - December-March season: Class III & III+ rapids

  • 02Mount Everest Flight in Nepal - Flat 20% off

    Mount Everest Flight in Nepal - Flat 20% off
    • h1 Hour
    • lKathmandu
    • NNNNN29 ratings
    • Renu - KL
    • 20% Off14,959
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    About the Everest Mountain Flight

    - This Everest mountain flight will take you through the majestic mountains of Himalaya revealing you the eye-popping charm of Everest region.

    - Choose for a reliable airline such as Buddha Air, Simrik Air, or Yeti Air and make your trip hassle-free.

    - Witness the summit of Mount Everest, world’s highest mountain, and be amazed at this unspoiled charm.

    - Along with Mount Everest, capture nearly 16 other adjoining peaks including Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, and several others.

    - Throughout your hour-long flying, treat your eyes with the snow-capped mountains, striking glaciers, sloppy cliffs, shimmering lakes, matchless landscape, and plenty of mind-blowing sights.

    - Fly across the imposing mountain peaks and get the incredible vibes as if you’re soaring high on the clouds.

    - Soar beyond the world and behold the clouds from the closest proximity and the earth from the farthest.

    - The airline promises you a happy, seamless, and memorable journey.

    About the Destination

    If you’re the one who craves to catch the glimpse of the Himalayan region but can’t muster up your courage to make the grueling climb to the peak, the
    Everest mountain flight is for you. It does not only get you to the top of the summit but also allows the awe-inspiring spectacles of nature and clouds.

    In fact, the
    Everest mountain flight is the most exciting activity you can do in the Himalayan region. It takes you through some of the highest mountain peaks of the world and offers the soul-stirring dekko of snow-clad mountains, unique topography, diverse ecosystem, and a different world altogether.

    Staring from Langtang Lirung Peak to finally at Chamlang peak, you’ll be capturing the astonishing sights of Kanchenjunga, Mount Dhaulagiri, Mount Annapurna, Mount Ama Dablam, and many other mountains. The flight will also take you to the closest to the Himalaya, from where the earth seems a tiny world, mountains appear a snowy ocean, and the clouds float by you.

  • 03Bungee Jumping in Nepal - Flat 25% off

    Bungee Jumping in Nepal - Flat 25% off
    • h20 Minutes
    • lPokhara
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • Renu - KL
    • 25% Off7,672
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    About the Bungee Jumping in Nepal:

    - Enjoy bungee jumping in Pokhara at  Nepal’s very first tower Bungee!

    - It is located only 25 minutes away from the Pokhara Lakeside and is easily accessible.

    - With this adrenaline pumping bungee jumping in Nepal, you can jump off a gorge which is 160 meters high.

    - Feel the fresh breeze tingle your face at the time of free fall which lasts for about 3 seconds.

    - This 20-minute activity will be all performed under the supervision of the trained jumpmasters so that the safety is taken care of.

    - While you wait for your turn to can take a glimpse of the beautiful Himalayas and the tiny little booklets, which will truly melt your heart away with its beauty.

    - Listen up to the safety instructions and along with that enjoy your refreshments.

    About the Destination:

    Located in central Nepal, this quaint city is settled on the Phewa lake and is famed as the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit which is the entrance to the Himalayas. Owning a number of high peaks makes bungee jumping in Pokhara a worth-trying activity. From the serene temples to the tranquil yoga centers, this place has a whole platter of all of it.

    Apart from being located on an elevation of 1,400 m above the sea level, it also has a Mountain museum where you can take a deep insight into the lives of mountaineers. Places like the Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake, Davis falls, and several others are the major tourist attractions of this silent city.

    Meet Up Information:

    Location: Hemja Bungee Jump (High Ground Adventures) Baglung Rajmarg, Pokhara 33700, Nepal
    Please arrive at the venue 15 minutes before your prefered time on the voucher to register. Any late check-ins may be re-allocated to a later time subject to availability

    Operational Hours: 
    8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Daily.
  • 04Paragliding in Pokhara - Flat 20% off

    Paragliding in Pokhara - Flat 20% off
    • h30 Minutes
    • lPokhara
    • NNNNN36 ratings
    • Renu - KL
    • 16% Off11,958
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    About the activity:

    - Above the world, up in the sky, paragliding in Pokhara is a 30 minutes adventure ride worth experiencing by every kind of a traveller

    - Starting from Sarangkot, you get lifted at this takeoff spot with an expert pilot tagging along for your safety and controls

    - The pilot also navigates the tandem flight

    - It is indeed no less than a crash course to be flying with the exprt pilot who also allows you learn the paragliding controls; thus giving you the complete liberty of living every moment to the fullest

    - Accelerating at a height of 1592 meters, the flowy wind guides your way and the ride offers a bird’s eye view of the stunning Pokhara valley that looks completely different to the ground level views, the humongous ranges of Annapurnas, peaks of Mount Everest and even the virgin Mount Fish Tail

    - Cherishing every little observation from high above, one ends the adrenaline rush with happy moments by landing near a spot at Phewa Lake

    About Pokhara:

    Pokhara has become a hub for tourists, and adventure enthusiasts alike who get here to absorb the best of nature’s beauty. Here, paragliding particularly has gained popularity in the last few years and is considered to be one of the best tandem paragliding destinations in the world today.The ride takes one above the city heights at 1492 meters and offers views of the entire Pokhara valley that looks enchantingly beautiful with Annapurna ranges serving as the backdrop. It also takes one close to many other popular summits of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

    One could be a beginner or an experienced paraglider, the experience of paragliding in Pokhara is only fun either ways. Beginners can learn controls of paragliding from expert pilots and advanced level enthusiasts can seek for a license here. Moreover, there are facilities to even record your fly in videos and photographs that can be cherished forever!

  • 05Trishuli River Rafting in Kathmandu - Flat 20% off

    Trishuli River Rafting in Kathmandu - Flat 20% off
    • h10 Hours
    • lTrishuli
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    • Renu - KL
    • 20% Off4,884
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    About the Trisuli River Rafting:

    - Trisuli river rafting journey will take you through scenic gorges, rock formations and villages which will give you a sight of native and migrant birds.

    - Choose from two available rafting packages - Kathmandu-Kathmandu River Rafting or Kathmandu-Pokhara River Rafting. Both packages cost the same. The second one is also ideal for those headed to Chitwan National Park.

    - Both are full day experiences of rafting in Kathmandu, including the 3-4-hour journey between Trisuli River and your hotel. The day begins at 7 am and you return to your hotel by 6 pm

    - Trisuli white water rapids are short and ideal for first timers and intermediate participants.

    - This is a group activity .

    - The activity package includes lunch and all required rafting gears so that you don’t have to carry any additional luggage.

    - Pick-up is provided from all hotels within Kathmandu city limits. Surcharge will apply for any hotels outside Kathmandu city. A private drop-off is provided to your hotel location as per the chosen rafting package.

    - All participants, irrespective of their proficiency level, will be briefed about river rafting and safety procedures to be followed.

    - Trained Trisuli river rafting guides with certification, rescue qualification and first aid knowledge will ensure your safety.

    - Knowledgeable English and native language speaking guides and drivers are provided for ease of communication.

    About the Trisuli River:

    Trisuli River is the most famous destination for river rafting in Kathmandu. Originating in the Himalayas, Trisuli River provides the ideal rapids – Ladies’ Delight, Monsoon, Upset and Surprise – for those trying white water rafting for the first time. January to May are the best time to try this adventure as the waters are calmer at that time.

    Trisuli rafting begins at Chaurandi and ends at Gaighat. White water rafting in Trisula River is also the best way to travel for those headed from Kathmandu to Pokhran instead of taking a flight or the road. Or if you are headed to Chitwan National Park then choose this interesting mode of transport.


    - 7:00am hotel pick up
    - Transfer to Trisuli River (approx. 3hrs journey)
    - 1hr orientation and preparation
    - 3hrs rafting adventure
    - Kathmandu-Kathmandu River Rafting Return to Kathmandu hotel at approx. 5:00-6:00pm (approx. 3hrs journey)
    - Kathmandu-Pokhara River Rafting: Head to accommodation in Pokhara at approx. 4:00-5:00pm
  • 06Zip Flying in Pokhara - Flat 25% off

    Zip Flying in Pokhara - Flat 25% off
    • h15 Minutes
    • lPokhara
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • Renu - KL
    • 25% Off7,595
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    About the Activity:

    - Zip flying in Nepal
    , especially in the city of Pokhara, is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the country.

    - The activity consists of zip lining a vertical drop of almost 2,000 feet, through a distance of 1.8 kilometres.

    - Considered the worlds fastest and highest zip line, the activity occurs at an incline of 56 degrees, which allows for high-speed zip lining through scenic places at a speed of 120 kilometres per hour.

    - The activity is offered exclusively by Highground Adventures.

    - While zip flying in Pokhara, one will be able to witness the rolling green hills of Nepal with breathtaking views of Mt. Machhapuchchhre also known as the Fish Tail Mountain.

    - The angle of descent combined with the speed and distance makes the experience almost like free-falling through the valleys of Nepal and is an experience no adrenaline junkie should miss on their visit to Pokhara.

    About Destination:

    Pokhara is a hotspot for tourists and adventurers who are seeking to climb some of the highest mountains in the world. three out of the ten tallest mountains in the world, including Annapurna, Manaslu and Dhaulagiri are located in Pokhara, making is an attraction for hikers and those interested in mountain climbing.  It is also a thriving metropolitan city, which makes it a comfortable and easily accessible for tourists to come and enjoy thrilling adventures and activities in the lap of nature.

    Apart from mountain climbing, hiking and trekking, one can also enjoy
    zip flying in Pokhara, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. With destinations such as the Annapurna ranges, the Fewa lake, Davis waterfalls several valleys, flower gardens, rivers and forests, the place boasts of overwhelming natural beauty that makes it a must-visit destination. If you are planning on zip flying in Nepal, there is no better place than Pokhara to check it off your bucket list. 

  • 07Ultralight Flight in Pokhara - Flat 23% off

    Ultralight Flight in Pokhara - Flat 23% off
    • h15 Minutes
    • lPokhara
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • Renu - KL
    • 23% Off10,282
    • Book Now
    About the Activity:
    - Ultralight flight in Pokhara is a 15-minute flight organised by Avia Club Nepal

    - Fly at a height of 9,000 feet above sea level amidst the scenic Himalayan range

    - Pokhara ultralight flight experience gives you a bird’s eye view of the 
    Phewa Lake and takes you near Fish Tail Mountain

    - Private group bookings are allowed

    - Hotel pick-up and drop-off facilities are available for all hotels within Pokhara city

    - For hotels outside Pokhara city range , additional charges will apply

    - All safety equipments will be provided for the flight by the organiser

    - Insurance is provided by the organiser to cover any unforseen circumstances

    - The activity takes place in two time slots – 7 am - 11 am and 3.30 pm - 5 pm. Indicate 
    your preference at the time of booking

    - Hotel pick-up is provided an hour before the flight time

    - All safety checks and briefings are completed by trained professionals.

    About Pokhara:

    Considered the tourism capital of Nepal, Pokhara is popular among adventure sport 
    enthusiasts for a wide variety of available options to choose from. It is especially famous as the base for the popular Annapurna Circuit Trek. So it is no surprise that this should also be the centre for ultralight flight in Pokhara. Standing on Phewa Lake, Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal and Pokhara ultralight flight is the best way to experience the city and its scenic views.

    This experience organised by Avia Club Nepal will take you to a height of 9,000 feet in the 
    centre of the Himalayan range, right into the Seti Valley near the Fish Tail Mountain, considered sacred by the locals. Pokhara is the ideal destination for both adventure sport lovers and nature enthusiasts and the ultralight flight experience combines both. This is undoubtedly, one of the best ways to experience Pokhara.

    Operational Hours: 7 AM to 11 AM and 3:30 PM to 5 PM