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Lovely tour of the Osho garden and also got to know and learn a bunch of new facts about his teachings from our guide, Vishnu, that I didn’t know before.
Pune is a beautiful place to visit but this part of Pune is another level. I'm a curious person and this walk tour around Osho garden, Koregaon proved to be very informative and spell binding. I learnt a lot about teachings of Osho and got to see the beautiful place. The guides told the story interestingly. It was a peaceful and spiritual experience for me. It was relaxing and uplifting in it's own way.
Pune is more of a hill station than a city. Visited during monsoon and the tour proved to be quite life altering.
Since this tour, Pune has become one of my favourite cities in India, we learned some life-changing facts about our conscious and sub-conscious mind. We even toured a bit of Koregaon park after our session that held in Osho garden. A peaceful quest!
I am not a traveller but still when I got the chance to take this tour in Pune, I couldn't say no. I liked the tour very much. It was a pleasure family trip with a spiritual touch. I liked the Osho Garden so much. Calm and peaceful place. It is a good tour for old people as well. I want to take my parents next time. They will also enjoy this tour so much. Nice.
Learnt a lot about Osho and his teachings and also about the various Yogic principles and the ways of harmonious life. This was a very peaceful walk and a lovely overall experience, which I definitely recommend to anyone visiting Pune.