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    Get ready to be soaked

    The Indian Subcontinent is best known for the breathtaking scenes it has to offer.The adventure sports in India are emerging faster than any other activity. You can now experience the paragliding tours, skiing, rock climbing, trekking and white water rafting.

    There are several places that offer you great white water or river rafting experience in India. Up North, there are places where you can engage in rafting like Zanskar and Indus River in Jammu and Kashmir, Bhagirathi River in Uttarakhand, Teesta River in Sikkim and Rishikesh in Uttarakhand.

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    All these mentioned places offer you a breathtaking view of mountains on both the sides as the rivers flow through the valley. In Central India, you can ride the raft in Kolad, which is in Maharashtra. Down south, there are several places in Karnataka, where Dandeli rafting in north Karnataka and the Barapole Rafting in Coorg are known to be exciting.

    Rafting is an adventure sport which includes a team of people to travel through the river on a raft. White water rafting or river rafting basically involves travelling on an extremely challenging rocky course. You not only get to enjoy the mountainous place with its beauty, but also to connect with raw nature in its ultimate force. Moreover rafting in India is an exciting experience in itself.

    This guide will give you a glimpse of all the places and how you can make the most of your river rafting adventure.

    There are degrees of rough water which are suitable for river rafting. The degrees are usually mentioned in grades of rafting standards. The grades range from 1-6 and the higher numbers indicate the roughness of the course.

    Grade 1 requires a very basic skill level and very little movement of the raft is necessary.

    Grade 2 has a little aunt of rocks and the movements are more pronounced in comparison with the previous grade.

    Grade 3 includes white water which is gushy in nature.

    Grade 4 includes rocks and medium waves, with a considerable drops and sharp movements, which are required.

    Grade 5 has a heavy amount of water with large rocks and dangerous spots. It requires a considerable amount of practice in order to perform the movements in this stage.

    Grade 6 is the most hazardous and is extremely dangerous rafting standards. Completing such a course is considered to be a matter of skill and is more than often taken up by people who are experienced with rafting.

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    In any grade of river rafting, it is extremely important to observe the safety aspects. Precautions must be taken while indulging in the activity. With a wide range of beautiful landscapes, rafting in India can indeed be a memorable experience.

    The best river rafting locations in India:

    1. Rishikesh

    Rafting in Rishikesh

    Riding the fresh waters of the river while the shivering cold water splashes on your face. This is one enthralling experience, and this is exactly what you experience when you raft on the white waters of Rishikesh.

    The camp is placed in Shivpuri which is a sandy beach. This place is an adventure house which offers different types of packages for rafting, adventurous trekking and rock climbing. Surrounding the camp is the fresh and brisk air from the lake and crystal clear water from the Ganges.

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    The camp also offers other facilities like Swiss Alpine tents, sanitation options and a 24 hour kitchen. You can raft down from the Marine drive to the camp and back again which would be a 20km ride. You can make your trip better by coupling with other adventures like rock climbing or trekking.

    2. Manali

    Rafting in Manali

    Nestled in the valley of the River Beas, Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations to go and enjoy rafting in India. Located at the altitude of 2,050m the place Kullu in Manali is a popular river rafting destination. Rafting in Manali can be taken in the River Beas where the currents are strong but manageable.

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    River rafting in Manali at the River Beas kund from Pirdi goes for up to 4 km down to Jhiri which goes up to 14 km. The journey would take an hour and a half but the experience will stay with you for a lifetime. The view of the pine and deodar forests surrounding the place is quite soothing. The best season for rafting in Manali is during April and June.

    3. Himachal Pradesh

    Natural greenery in abundance; the clear waters that pass by purifying every pebble on its way; the lovely mouth watering red apples; you just run out of phrases to describe this beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. Adventure sports are quite popular in Himachal Pradesh and especially river rafting gets a great deal of appreciation.

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    The rivers of the upper Himalayas that run across the state are the best for white water rafting.  They are challenging with insane ups and downs; it is quite an experience when your inflated boat crashes through the rocky banks. Moreover these rivers and snow fed every year making it all the more cold and challenging but fighting the currents as you row your boat down the path is completely worth it.

    4. Barapole River, Coorg

    The mighty Barapole River Coorg

    Just imagine walking on the roads early in the morning and all that surrounds you is thick mist and the only sound that lingers in your ears. The beautiful Coorg or Kodagu as it is called has a lot to offer to its tourists.

    It is also the birthplace of River Cauvery that flows across the state. Besides being nestled between beautiful hills like the Brahmagiri, Coorg also entertains adventure sports. Do not leave the place before going rafting in the Barapole River of the district.

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    Rafting here is very well planned considering all the safety precautions with river guides, paramedics and all the support being present round the clock at different spots. Yes, it sounds scary to battle the strong currents of the harsh river, but the feeling cannot be matched.

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    5. Dandeli

    Dandeli, a small town in the Uttara Karnataka district which was home to several adventure sports and the wildlife safaris has now introduced the white river rafting, which is the first one of its kind in South India. The white river rafting packages in Dandeli are available in two different forms.

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    The Bison River run stretches up to 13 km, and the ride through the Bison river lasts for four hours. It gives you an insane rush of adrenaline as you raft through the entire section of the roughest channels and the beautiful forests of the Western Ghats. You may also be able to see some wildlife in the journey.

    The other river rafting in india package is called the mid run which is a 3 hour raft for about 9 km. In the second river rafting package the rafting again goes through the Bison river falls and goes past some of the rough channels for a while before the ride gets smooth. This ride will take you through the forest area and again there is a possibility of having close encounters with wildlife.

    All the safety precautions are considered here and all the rafts are closely monitored by rafting professionals who are alert all the time. The rafters will be provided with walkie talkies and there are meeting points in several places throughout the stretch in case of any emergency. Life jackets, helmets and other safety gear come within the river rafting package.

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    6. Bhagirathi River

    If the waters make you happy, you must try the white water rafting in the Bhagirathi River. The river flows through the beautiful villages and the sandy beaches, it offers an unimaginable but enthralling experience of rafting through the 150 Km stretch. You will come across rapids like the Elephant rock, the Chute, the Sharp ‘S’ and the confluence rapids.

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    After all the challenging hues, if you are craving for more, then this white river rafting experience in the Bhagirathi river will tighten your belts. The point of the Bhagirathi with the Alaknanda river at the Devprayag that forms the Ganga is extremely challenging. You really need to battle the current with force.

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    In fact, further ahead there are more rapids waiting to welcome or perhaps waiting to fight with you; the currents at the Ganga are a tough one to deal with followed by the Daniel dip and the Wall. This is one of the best places that offers rafting in India.

    The best season to take up white river rafting at the Bhagirathi is from October to Mid-May.

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    Tips to a great river rafting experience:

    What To Bring?

    Light Clothing: You must carry a pair of clothes, which are made from the material that dry quickly. You wouldn’t want to keep shivering with wet clothes for the whole day.

    Preferably, wear shorts, as it will be easier to swim across the river with a pair of shorts than heavy pants which will hinder your leg movement, when in water.

    T-shirts or quick-drying clothing and it is better to wear them. They are comfortable and can be easily dried.

    Footwear: Wear some suitable footwear like shoes or sneakers. Heavy duty rubber sandals are good for such adventures as your feet can breathe and can be easily dried.

    Sunscreen: You will have need to carry a good sunscreen as the whole day is going to be spent outdoors.

    Eyewear: It is better if you have protective eyewear like swimming goggles.

    Jacket: Don’t forget to pack a windproof jacket, as it is not just the river rafting activity that you will be indulging in on that day. Such places are usually cold and after the activity, you might want to keep yourself warm.

    Towels: Carry some towels.

    A light sweater: Don’t forget to carry a sweater, in case you decide to spend the night camping near the river.

    Essentials like: A Flashlight and the first aid box

    How to Plan?

    Get ready for an experience of a lifetime

    Plan in advance

    Plan your rafting experience in advance. Always consult before finalising on river rafting packages. Rafting in india can be difficult at times. The grade of the river rafting experience too is important. Plan these details in advance, keeping in mind all the members joining this adventure. Choose the grade level, the place and plan the trip in advance.

    Keep a budget

    Keep a tight but flexible budget. Whatever be the condition, do not compromise on the safety aspect of the adventure.

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    Carry stuff with you, instead of buying items at the place where you need them. They might overcharge you for things that are not that expensive, only because you need it at that particular. Better be safe than sorry. Carry some essential things that you need.

    Consult Professionals

    White water Rafting is an adventure sport. The instructors and the organizers need to be professional enough to handle the safety and the quality of the ride. You can consult some professionals who can manage the activity without compromising on the safety.

    What You Should Expect?

    This is a risky Sport: This adventure sport is risky and not without any expected course. The path is not always a planned course, in higher grades. The lower grades are not so risky but keep in mind that this sport is an extremely adventurous sport with a lot of risks involved.

    Safety first: Make sure all the safety precautions are carried out, from the start till the end of the course.

    Be ready to take a dive: There might be constant jumps in the course, where you get completely immersed in the river for a while. Be ready and enjoy these unexpected dives

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    Help in maneuvering: Don’t just sit there, help the maneuvering in the course, which will make you more involved in the sport and get the raw thrill out of it.

    Never forget your life jacket and helmet: Do not underestimate nature, and always ensure you wear your lifejacket and safety helmet. Take responsibility so that others do it too.

    Not for the light hearted: This sport offers you a constant adrenaline rush, and is not for the light hearted folks out there.

    Be Prepared: Unlike any other ride, this sport has an unexpected course with a lot of spontaneous movements. Be Prepared for such jolts, movements and dips.

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    Do’s and Don’ts


    ?       Communicate with the guide clearly

    ?       Wear light clothes which dry quickly

    ?       Wear appropriate footwear

    ?       Wear appropriate glasses


    ?       Do not wear heavy clothing

    ?       Do not carry electronic goods

    ?       Do not litter the area

    ?       This adventurous activity is not suitable for pregnant women in carriage and people with heart issues.

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    We hope this guide to rafting in India has been helpful in providing you more information and happy rafting!

Rafting in India