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  • With sprawling 52km of golden beaches, sunny days and a massive number of visitors each year, the Gold Coast serves up varieties of cocktails with sun, surf, sand and activity. This is one of the best places to learn to surf in Australia, so grab a board while you're here.

    Loaded with famous beaches, a shimmering strip of luxury apartments, restaurants, bars, clubs and theme parks provides an ultimate destination for fun seeker. Don't miss the Gold Coast's lush subtropical hinterland – including Lamington and Springbrook National Parks – whose delights include rainforest walks, spectacular waterfalls, sweeping views and private mountain retreats.

    Here are some Things to do in Gold Coast:

  • 01parasailing

    Parasailing is one of the famous recreational activities where an individual is tied behind a boat and a specially designed canopy wing is also attached which resembles a parachute, generally known as a Parasail Wing. It is also known as Parascending or Parakiting. The harness attaches the pilot to the parasail, and then it is connected to a vehicle or a boat, by the tow rope. The vehicle is then driven off, carrying the parascender (or wing) and person into the air.

    The parascender generally has little or no control over the parachute. The sport started developing during the early 80's. The first international competition was held during the mid 80’s and continues to this day. The major drawback is that it is highly unregulated. Gold coast is famous for Parasailing and the cost incurred is around $88.00 for one person. It can be availed throughout the year.
    Jet Ski and Parasailing in Gold Coast

    Jet Ski and Parasailing in Gold Coast


    h1 HourlGold Coast

    Starting from


  • 02jet boating

    Jet boats are referred to boats which are propelled by a water jet, generally ejected from the back of the craft. Unlike a powerboat or motorboat, where an external propeller is used under the water or behind the boat, a jetboat draws the water from under the boat with the help of an intake and into a pump-jet, inside the boat, before expelling it by a nozzle at the stern. Jet boating includes two types of Jet boats.

     The first and most popular is a & quot;sit down", in which the rider uses the watercraft by mainly sitting down and it typically holds two or more people. Paradise Jet Boating is one of the famous activities on the Gold Coast. The cost of jet boating varies from $50 for children to $69 for adults. It can be performed throughout the year.
    Early Morning Jet Boating in Gold Coast

    Early Morning Jet Boating in Gold Coast


    h55 MinuteslGold Coast

    7% Off


    Starting from


  • 03kayaking

    To experience the best of both the Broad beach and Gold Coast opt for a 2-hour kayaking experience. A guide will be there to lead you and your family for exploring the Broad beach canals. Along theway, one gets to learn about the ancientimportance of the Broad Beach and Gold coast, before reaching a calm and secluded beach to indulge in a glass of pleasant wine, chilledbeer, and nibbles. Generally speaking, Kayak Hire usually includes a free delivery and a pick up (within 10km of Broad beach), life jackets and backrests.

     Must experience: Kayak and Pilates and explore canals, for an experience that appeals to all senses, feeding both the mind and the body with fresh air, beauty, fitness workout and fun. One may escape to explore canals for a relaxing experience and treating oneself with refreshing health drinksor protein balls.

    Top places to Kayak on the gold coast: Karalee Bend where entry is free, Lake Cooroibah, Lake MacDonald, Wavebreak Island, Beachmere, Coomera Island, Currumbin Creek, Four Mile Creek, Pumicestone Passage North and Tinchi Tamba Wetlands
    Kayaking Tour to Wavebreak Island in Goldcoast

    Kayaking Tour to Wavebreak Island in Goldcoast


    h2 HourslGold Coast

    Starting from


  • 04Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

    Image Credit : phalinn
    Voted as one of the most popular tourist destinations, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has been the crown of National Trust of Australian properties. Enlisted also as one of the earliest nature-basedtourists spots of Queensland, this Sanctuary is an embodiment of all that the NTAQ represents: conserving Indigenous, historical and natural heritage and cultures. Blinky Bill is now present for the daily shows thereby making the total experiences worth paying a visit. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the ultimate spot to visit when on a holiday adventure with the family or loved ones.

     The four identifiable areas in the main sanctuary comprise of three on the eastern side of the highway: original sanctuary site on south of Tomewin Street, reserve lands around Flat Rock Creek, picnic ground and car park on the north of Tomewin Street and an area of land on the west of Gold Coast Highway, popular as the Western Reserve. A tunnel under highway links eastern and western sides of the sanctuary.

    Things to do: Catch the free flight bird show and go on the absolutely eco-friendly Segway Safari or visit the wildlife hospital and visit the sanctuary market. The best time to visit is in end of October and from 11 onwards.
  • 05Visit Springbrook National Park

    Visit Springbrook National Park
    Image Credit :  Lenny K Photography
    Springbrook has been enlisted as a world heritage national park. Springbrook is the home to a world of epiphytes, strangler figs, rare birds and plants, glow in the dark mushrooms, vines tangling around trees, mossy fern groves. Few places in the world contain such plants and animals which remain unchanged from the ancestors in fossil records. Springbrook Mountain has its origins millions of years ago. Still not spoilt by excessive commercialization, Springbrook is a part of ancient Gondwana Rainforests and home to avariety of wildlife such as the rare Albert’s Lyrebird, rosellas and the bowerbirds. One can relax in the protected rainforest and look at the stars in the clear sky or pay a visit to the colonies of the glow-worms any time of the year.

    Location: Gold Coast hinterland 45 minutes from Surfers Paradise and about 1.5 hours away from Brisbane.

    Things to do: Walking tracks, picnic, guided tours and long walks, View wildlife and Horse riding.
    Trip to Springbrook and Tamborine National Park

    Trip to Springbrook and Tamborine National Park


    h8 Hoursh30 MinuteslGold Coast

    Starting from


  • 06fishing

    Fishing is defined as the activity of trying to catch fish. Fishing is normally done in the wild. Several techniques are used for catching fish, which consists of hand gathering, spearing, netting and trapping. Fishing, however, may also include activities like catching other aquatic animals, for example mollusks, cephalopods, echinoderms and crustaceans. The term fishing generally is not applied to aquaculture or to other aquatic and marine mammals, such as whales, in that case a more appropriate term whaling is used Recreational and sport fishing are two kinds of fishing done primarily for pleasure or competition.

    Top ten fishing locations in Gold Coast are Pine Lake, The Broadwater Parklands jetty, The Sand pumping Jetty, Jumpinpin, Tweed River, Seaway, Paradise point Foreshore, Deep hole, Crusoe Island, Tippler’s passage. According to the types of fish available there it is possible to carry on fishing across the year.
  • 07hot air ballooning

    The activity of flying hot air balloons is referred as Hot air ballooning. Various attractive aspects of ballooning are the exceptional quiet, the lack of feeling of movement, and the bird's-eye view. The balloon moves with the direction of the winds and thus the passengers never feel any kind of wind except for brief periods like during the flight, when the balloon climbs or descends. Generally the hot air balloon launches are done during the cooler hours of the day, for example at dawn or two to three hours prior the sunset.

    During these times of day, the winds are considerably light and make it easier for launching and landing of the balloons. The sport can be dangerous due to the excessive speed that it takes during landing or mid-air collisions which might lead the balloon to collapse. The cost of hot air ballooning in gold coast depends upon the duration of the ride, from $230 for half an hour to $279 for one hour.
  • 08snorkeling

    Snorkeling is defined as the practice of swimming on or through a body of water, while the swimmer is equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel along with usually fins. If the water is cool a wetsuit can also be worn. Usage of these equipments allows the snorkeler to observe the beauty beneath the water, for extended periods and that too with relatively little effort and its also enables to breathe while facing down towards the surface.

    Snorkeling is one of the popular recreational activities, especially around tropical resort locations. The foremost appeal is the opportunity to take a glimpse of underwater life in a natural setting, without any usage of complicated equipment and training which are generally required for scuba diving. It attracts people of all ages because of the little effort required. September to April is the best time for snorkeling in gold coast, however it can be availed throughout the year. Famous snorkeling sites are Tangalooma Wrecks, Shelving Beach, Chalkies Beach and Langford Beach.
  • 09skydiving

    Skydiving which is also known as parachuting, refers to a method of transiting from a high point to ground with the aid of gravity. It involves the control of speed while descending with the use of a parachute. It also involves more or less free-fall, which is a time when the parachute has not been deployed yet and the body has started to accelerate gradually to terminal velocity. Parachuting is generally performed as a recreational activity or a competitive sport, and is considered widely as an extreme sport due to its risky nature.

    Modern militaries and armies use parachuting for the deployment of airborne forces. It is also used by special operations forces. Occasionally, forest firefighters also use parachuting in order to rapidly insert themselves in case of forest fires, especially in remote or areas which are generally inaccessible. Tandem Beach and Kirra Beach are famous for sky diving in the gold coast.
  • 10white water rafting

    Rafting which is also known as white water rafting are considered to be important recreational outdoor activities. An inflatable raft is generally used to navigate a river or other water bodies. This is generally done on whitewater or on different degrees of rough water, and it generally represents a challenging environment for participants. It deals with a lot of risk and the need for teamwork is an essential part of the experience.

    The activity developed as a leisure sport has during the mid-1970s, and it evolved from one single individual paddling a 10 feet (3.0 m) raft with a double-bladed paddle to multi-person rafts, which are propelled by single-bladed paddles and are steered by a tour guide around the stern. It is considered to be an extreme kind of sport, and can prove to be fatal. The best times for rafting in gold coast are the month of April and May. Cost of rafting varies from $100 to $200 in gold coast.
  • 11flying fox

    The Gold Coast is the metropolitan region located south of Brisbane at the east coast of Australia, famed for sandy beaches, surfing, inland canals and waterways. It is the home of national parks, theme parks and of course provides numerous fun activities. Whether you and your family had planned to face the fear of heights or enjoy a day and get some fresh air, the high ropes, and the flying fox adventure will never disappoint. Such a unique adventure does allow thrilling the seekers and the nature enthusiasts for exploringthe unique landscapes of Australia. This adventure includes climbing ladders, teetering across the walkways and crossing suspended bridges as one navigatesthe way deeper into a park. The rider definitely feels an adrenaline rush as he/she flies across to the next obstacle on one of the eleven flying foxes, where some span over about or more than 100 metres! One must carry closed shoes and a challenging attitude.

    Location: Tourists get to experience this in Tamborine National Park and Thunderbird Park among the many, stretching over 112 hectares on the Tamborine Mountain, Australia.
  • 12scuba diving

    Gold Coast Scuba Diving allows divers to indulge in a serene environment where one gets to discover multiple dimensional freedoms while swimming amongst vividly colored fishes and gazing over blue vista or studying the intricacies of corals. With about 2,900 islands there to explore, warm waters and with some of the world's best dive sites, one can satisfy the lust for snorkeling off a beach or jumping and heading out to wilds of Great Barrier Reef during his/her stay at the Gold Coast.Depending on the season of the tour one can glide with Manta rays at the Lady Elliot Island or perfectly Snorkel with the Whales asthey start their migration or Witness a rush of live shark feeding at Queensland's North.

    Gold Coast provides the ideal experiences to Stare with wonderment at colorful coral of Great Barrier Reef as already mentioned, take some awesome selfies with reef fish or Swim with huge Turtles. Best places to scuba dive: South Wall Dive Area encompasses Sand Pipe, Short Pipe, and Eagle Ray Cleaning Station. The South West Wall Dive Area with less flow of current and easy beach entry point, is an ideal for new divers. Wave Break Island Dive Area and South East Wall Dive Area are also the best.
  • 13camping

    The Gold Coast’s is perfect to indulge in fun irrespective of whether one wants to spend days at any theme park, or ona golf course, learning how to surf, dining or soaking the sunshine.

    Things to do: If you wish to enjoy sleeping under stars to thelull of waves crashing or enjoy the luxury of 'Glamping'; then it calls for camping! For a truly memorable camping adventure, opt fo 4WDingand heading to an incredible beach highway on Fraser, Moreton or the North Stradbroke Island. Or you may keep it low and camp how it is meant to be with tents, great food, quality time with family and friends and witness the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets,solitude or sit back and watch the local wildlife (or a kangaroo hopping by).

     The most popular among the youth has been hiring caravans and parking at beautiful spots. Irrespective of which mode of camping you opt for, unlimited fun is guaranteed so do pack up the boardies and necessities to camp by the sea or enjoy the scenicbeauty from a rainforest or an outback camping ground. To camp on the gold coast, visit around end of April to May.
  • 14Stand Up Paddling

    Stand up paddle surfing is referred to a sport which originated in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing. In traditional surfing the rider is generally sits until a wave comes, however in stand up paddling the boarders maintains an upright posture on their boards and further uses a paddle to propel themselves amidst the water. Growth of the sport has risen since 2013, and according to a report it was identified as the outdoor sporting activity where the most first-time participants have taken part, especially in the United States of America during that year.

     There are multiple modes of stand up paddling which includes flat water paddling, suitable for outdoor recreation, fitness as well as sightseeing. It is also suitable for racing on lakes, large rivers, canals and also for surfing on ocean waves, paddling in river rapid. It is used for SUP Yoga, and even fishing. Currumbin Creak Estuary, Tallebudgera Creek, Budds Beach and Cudgen Creek are few famous places in gold coast for the same.
  • 15Go Karting

    Kart racing or karting is another category of open-wheel motorsport consisting of small four-wheeled vehicles, which are generally open, known as karts, go-karts, and even gearbox or shifter karts, depending on the design of the car. The race generally takes place on scaled-down circuits. Karting is vehemently perceived to be the stepping stone towards the higher ranks of motorsports. Speed of the cart varies widely and some carts, popularly known as Superkarts reaches upto a speed of 260 kilometers/hou, in contrast the amusement parks go-karts which are largely intended for the general public are limited to a speed of not more than 40 kilometers per hour which is 25 mph.

    Kart racing is considered to be the most economic form of motorsport, especially those available on four wheels. As a leisure activity it can be performed by anybody. Kingsford-smith Drive is a famous place in the gold coast for kart racing.Cost of kart racing is $20 for an hour and thus easily accessible to many.

  • 16Zorb Balling

    Zorb Balling is a famous recreation or sport of rolling downhill while staying inside an orb, which are generally made of transparent plastic. Zorb Balling also known as Zorbing is performed on a gentle slope, but it can also be performed on a level surface, which will enable more rider control. Places with absence of hills have triggered some operators to construct inflatable ramps of wood. Due to its buoyant nature Zorbing can preferably be carried out on water, however provided that the orb is inflated properly and completely sealed once the rider is inside it.

    Orbs can be of two types, harnessed and non-harnessed. Non-harness orbs are those that carry up to three riders, while the harness orbs carry one to two riders. David and Andrew Akers established the first Zorbing site in Rotorua, New Zealand. Pimpama is a famous place in gold coast for Zorbing. And it can be performed all round the year.
  • 17Surfing

    Image Credit : Michael Dawes
    Gold Coast is popular as a surfers’ paradise. Gold Coast provides the wonderful opportunity of discovering the ideal breaks or learning how to surf in the surfing paradise. With 70 kilometers of the beaches drenched in sun and four point breaks, it is quite easy to figure out why Gold Coast is indeed the home to Surfers. Gold Coast is also an international party destination boasting Australia's best and most consistent waves and hosting international surfing competitions for years.

    Ideal places to surf: If you are a surfing novice, then Gold Coast would definitely be an ideal place to learn surfing. If you’re not willing to venture far and outside the city, the Palm Beach will suit greatly. Southern points at the Kirra, the Rainbow bay beach, the Snapper Rocks and Duranbah combine to form ‘Superbank’ on Queensland or the New South Wales border. They are also considered to be the best surfing spots on Gold Coast.

    The Superbank break tops the “must do” surf experiences for enthusiastic surfers. The Rainbow bay beach is ideal for learners and intermediate surfers. Situated further down near the border of New South Wales, Coolangatta Beach is for surfers wishing to hit powerhouse waves. The Duranbah Beach hosts professional and international surfing competitions. So, if you decide to surf, visit thegold coast to maximizing the surfing experience. Gold Coast enjoys surfing throughout the year; the best time to surf is from January to April.
  • 18Horse Riding

    The Gold Coast offers the most Authentic Aussie horse ride experiences. Horse Riders should carry enclosed shoes, long pants, swimming gear if one plans to go on a 3-hour ride. The safety helmets that are supplied must be worn. A Three hour romantic ride at $300 per couple aims to offer the lifetime experience of horse riding through the natural environment of Yowgurrabahsas the scenic beauty accompanies meandering alongside the way down to the river flats, the creek crossings, and stopping for a romantic interlude which would include variety of cheeses of one’s choice along with a refreshing array of fruits served on the platter with champagne, tranquil surrounds of lush green and a cascading stream ideal for a romantic interlude for indulgence, and eventually returning to stables creating a golden memory .

    Location: Located in Numinbah Valley 45 minutes from the wonderful Surfers Paradise is worth visiting. Horse riding can be done throughout the year. For a relaxing getaway,Tassiriki Ranch is another place for horse riding. Situated on North Coast of New South Wales, on east coast of Australia, just 75 minutes south of Gold Coast and short drive from Byron Bay, Ballina and Lennox Head, Tassiriki Ranch is in the middle of the best surfing beaches.

     Other activities : national park walks, golfing, beach fishing, whale watching at times and boating.
  • 19Visit sea world gold coast

    Image Credit : Flying Cloud
    Sea World has been a popular oceanarium, marine mammal park, and a much-visited theme park situated on Gold Coast, Australia and includes animal exhibits, rides, and other attractions, promoting wildlife conservation by imparting education and rescuing and rehabilitating the injured, sick, orphaned wildlife.

    Activities: Catch the rides and attractions include Jet rescue- the newest roller coaster, Storm Coaster which is a Mack Rides Water Coaster, the Sea World Monorail System  the first and foremost monorail system which permits guests to travel in-between three stations all through the park, the Viking's Revenge Flume Ride which is a popular water flume ride, Castaway Bay containing a kid’s area featuring a Sky Fortress, Sky Climb and Battle Boats and Beach Break Bay, a themed zone that features rides specifically designed for kids.

    Catch some of the popular shows are Affinity, Fish detectives, SpongeBob square pants 3-d, Dora’s best friend’s adventure and so on. Marine attractions must not be missed include polar beer shores, penguin encounters, ray reef, shark bay, dolphin nursery pool, seal harbor and so on. Upcharges include sea world helicopters, sea world books, animal adventures, sea world cruises and so on. Thus, summarizing it, visit sea world gold coast to make memories of a lifetime.

    Best time to visit: End of April to May and preferably on a weekday.
  • 20Visit Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast

    Image Credit :  holidaypointau
    The Gold Coast has been popular for the spectacular beaches, theme parks and thrilling rides, scenic rainforests and unlimited entertainment 24 hours every day. Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast has been popular as one of the largest water parks located in Gold Coast, both operated and owned by Village Roadshow Theme Parks. The park stays open throughout the year with the pools and the slides heated during winter months. For the much awaited splashtacular day out with the family, keep Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast, on the list with endless summer at its exposure.

    The 'AquaLoop' slide cannot be missed for the gut-wrenching experience which it offers as the trapdoor gets released, sending the riders to plummet and accelerate into a vertical and massive free fall. The ultimate adrenaline rush comes with the Extreme H2O Zone and followed by the Blackhole, the Tornado, Kamikaze and Mach 5. General Ticket charge is about $64.00 while several discounts and advantages apply to groups purchasing more than 20 tickets.

    Location: Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast is the famous water park located in Oxenford, Gold Coast.
  • 21Visit BurleighHeads,Queesnland

    Australia's Gold Coast is the buzzing city, the favorite to Surfers ideal for a thrilling holiday with festivals, golden beaches, nightlife, theme parks and more. Burleigh is famous for its surf beaches and point breaks and its laid back atmosphere. The beachside town, Burleigh possesses a charm of its own, a beach culture with plenty of activities. Strolling along a promenade lined with the Norfolk Island pines and taking in sounds and beauty of Burleigh has been a favorite of tourists ever since.

    Alfresco dining at the cafes or restaurants next to the beach or surfing the lifesaving clubs have so much to offer. Local shops take care of the shopping needs with the shopping centers located within easy reach. The James Street with boutiques as well as and other shopping and dining options is mesmerizing for shopaholic souls as well as non-shopaholics.

     Location: It is bordered by the breathtaking Miami Beach and Palm Beach and the mountains reaching the Gold Coast.
  • 22Visit Dreamworld

    Image Credit : holidaypointau
    The Gold Coast is the city with numerous districts, Surfers Paradise ideal for sightseeing, dining, nightlife and holidaying. Dreamworld is a very popular theme park located on the Gold Coast at Queensland. Needless to mention over and again, it is the largest theme park in Australia with more than 40 joy rides and quality attractions, including the five thrilling roller coasters. Screamworld, as it has been named, includes thrill rides and children's rides to make the evenings memorable. Dreamworld has broken up into series of luxurious themed areas with anextensive collection of shows, rides, shops and quality attractions. From the entrance one gets to see the: Main Street, the Town of Gold Rush, the Rocky Hollow, the Dreamworld Corroboree, the Wiggles World, the River town, the Tiger Island, the DreamWorks Experience and finally the Ocean Parade.

     Ideal time to visit: As Gold Coast always packs a punch throughout the year; it does not matter when you're going. Unlimited entry to Dreamworld, Skypoint Observation Deck or Whitewater world for 1, 7 or even 21 consecutive days begin at $85, $89 and $95 respectively.

     Location: Dreamworld spanning over 30 hectares is located in the South East of Queensland at the north end of Gold Coast, on Pacific Hwy, 17kms north from the Surfers Paradise and 48kms south from Brisbane.
  • 23Visit Skypoint Observation Deck

    Image Credit :  phalinn
    SkyPoint Observation Deck is Australia's one and only beachside with an observation deck. Rising 230 meters in the sky, SkyPoint is among the Gold Coast’s popular attractions and is a destination worth a visit for locals as well as visitors. It provides a 360-degree panoramic view which stretches from surf the hinterland and beyond and provides the ideal location for its visitors to experience an unforgettable Gold Coast shimmering skyline or take views of Brisbane to the Byron Bay. SkyPoint Observation Deck thus is on the list of must-see places for Gold Coast visitors. With its unrivaled 360 degrees view from coast to hinterland, mini-theatrette, and feature zones along with the amazing displays providing the entire needed information, one can plan the holiday hit list without any hassle. During the night, SkyPoint Observation Deck can be seen to transforms into a high altitude and chic lounge bar with pleasing music.

     Location: SkyPoint Observation Deck located on the Levels 77 and 78 of Q1 Building at Surfers Paradise. The one-time entry starts at $24 while day and night admission is priced at $19.
  • 24Visit WarnerBros.Movie World

    The Gold Coast has been the premier holiday destination of Australia and Gold Coast Tourist Attractions include Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast, Paradise Country, Australian Outback Spectacular, and Sea World Resort. If you have been wondering how to find daily show timings at movie world, you ought to know that every visitor is handed a map of the park and list of show times as soon as one enters the park. It is recommended the children under 14 years of age be accompanied by any adult. At the Warner Bros Movie World ‘Parent Swap’ has been introduced that is offered to friends, guardians or parents who may have a child unable or very frightened to go up on a ride. With the Parent Swap one person enjoys the ride while another waits with a child. When the first individual is done with their ride the second, goes to the queue front and enjoys the ride, minimizing delays. Visiting the Warner Bros Movie Park can never be a disappointment.

    Location: Located on the Pacific Motorway on Gold Coast, Queensland. The best time to visit would be during holidays specifically before Christmas and during 1-7pm.
  • 25Visit WhiteWater World

    Image Credit :  zayzayem
    Introduced by Dreamworld, the WhiteWater World isn’t yet an ordinary water park – it is a water ride park which features the extreme waterslides on the planet with lovely family oriented and friendly attractions. WhiteWater World pays homage to Australian surf culture, and it is the first Australian park where one gets to experience four hottest waterslides. With thrilling water rides one gets to enjoy the newly featured games and rides and other attractions such as the ‘The BRO” or 'Triple Vortex’, the first eight-lane octopus racer of the world or even the 'Super Tubes Hydro Coaster' - the intense water rollercoaster; 'The Green Room' a funnel ride; 'The Rip' which is the biggest gurgler; or 'The Temple of Huey' and 'The Cave of Waves' that allows you to witness the surging 1.5 meter waves. Children and adults can also enjoy, play and splash at Wiggle Bay, with sprays, toddler rides, and water pianos!

    Location: WhiteWater World is situated in the South East of Queensland at the northern end of Gold Coast, on Pacific Hwy, about 17kms north of Surfers Paradise and about 48kms south of Brisbane. The best time to visit would be during autumn and spring.