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  • Now when we talk about Sydney it’s just a combination of the beaches, harbours and the most of all Sydney opera which is a hit among the people. You will be amazed with the sightseeing options that this place has to offer. This city also offers a spanning sporting competitions and innovative exhibition.

     Stroll at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and forget about all your worries as you enjoy the mesmerizing scenery of the place. The best thing about Sydney is that the city beaches is the best place where you can spend time with your loved ones. Get sun kissed in the striking beaches while you are in Sydney and make your summer special.

    Here we bring you the interesting list of Things to do in Sydney:

  • 01Whale Watching Experience in Sydney

    Whale Watching Experience in Sydney
    • h4 Hours
    • lSydney
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    • Tony
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    About the Activity:
    • Embark on an exciting journey that will allow you to witness the great creatures of the ocean- The Humpback Whales.
    • This tour can be avail at 2 different time 8.00 AM and 12.30 PM.
    • Your tour starts at 8.00 AM or 12.30 PM.
    • The tour lasts for over 4 Hours and practices safe and unobtrusive methods to witness the marine creatures in their natural habitat.
    • It takes place with a small group of a maximum of 12 passengers to ensure a safe and memorable learning experience for everyone.
    • Witness the huge mammals and learn about them with the professionals on board.
    • End this exciting tour at 12.00 PM or 4.30 PM depending on the time slot selected.
  • 02Underwater Scooter Tour at Bare Island in Sydney

    Underwater Scooter Tour at Bare Island in Sydney
    • h3 Hours
    • lSydney
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Chris

    About the Activity: 

    • Bare Island is one of Sydney's most exciting diving and snorkeling sites as it has so many different sites to choose from in one location and has a protected bay as well.
    • After reaching the starting point, meet your guide and learn carefully about the procedure and listen to safety instructions. 
    • Start your underwater scooter activity, which will last for three hours. 
    • During the activity, view the magnificent marine life from above, and through the cool waters in an underwater scooter and explore the marine life and spot star fish, sea urchins, cuttlefish, anemones, the blue groper and much more. Parking is available at Clovelly Beach.
    • If you’re a confident swimmer you can dive down and explore the ocean floor. Those less experienced can still enjoy underwater scooter in a fun, safe way from the surface.
    • The activity starts at around 10 AM and takes place throughout the day after that, hence, you can enjoy the same as per your convenience. 
  • 03Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tours

    If you are in Sydney, wine tasting tours must be among the activities you definitely need to do. All these are small personal wine tours so you get a complete experience of the event. You can book tickets for it online through various sites.

    Location: The tour starts from the Potts point in NSW where you will depart from and go around various places to taste wine. There are other places too where you can choose to take a tour from.

    There are full and half day tours that take you around the hunter valley into some of the most special wineries for wine tasting. Nothing could be more better for people who love to have different varieties of wine.
    Price: The price for these tours vary but most of the sites have a listing of 125 Australian dollars per person which is decent for a full day tour where you will visit a lot of places.
  • 04Visit Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Sydney Harbor bridge is also known as Coat hanger and is the world's largest steel arch bridge. It is also one of the iconic symbol of Australia. The bridge carries eight vehicle lanes, two train lines, footway and a cycle way too. The bridge helps in connecting the Sydney central business district and the North Shore.


    Location: Sydney harbor is located at Sydney New South Wales and is in close proximity with most of the transportation facilities. For tourists, it is great to get along to different famous places from here.

    Highlights: The place looks beautiful and the scenery is just amazing overlooking the waters. The bridge and the river together look more beautiful and captivating. The design of the bridge is inspired from the Hell Gate bridge in New York City, USA.

    Best time to visit: The bridge looks beautiful at night so you might choose to visit it after dusk for capturing good pictures.
    Sydney Harbour Bridge Bike Tour

    Sydney Harbour Bridge Bike Tour


    h5 HourslSydney

    Starting from


  • 05Surfing

    Australia is home to some of the best beaches in the world and surfing is the best activity you can do in a beach. But you do need to know how to surf then it will surely be one of the most enjoyable activities when you are in Sydney.

    Location: You can head to any beach you like in Sydney with your surf board to enjoy it. However, there are many surfing schools which provide you training where you can first learn it and then start doing it.

    Highlights: For those who know how to do it right, surfing can be extremely fascinating. Although there is a risk factor involved, but this is the reason it is known as an adventure activity.

    Price: There is no price for surfing in your favourite beach however, if you choose to learn surfing from professionals, you would have to pay a certain sum to learn it.
    Surfing Experience at Byron Bay

    Surfing Experience at Byron Bay


    h2 HourslByron Bay

    Starting from


  • 06Scuba Diving

    Image Credit :  Lee & Ayu
    It is said by many that if you are ever in Sydney, you must never miss the adventurous scuba diving. There are many private agencies that help you organize a scuba diving session and you can enjoy it at a great price anytime you are in Australia.

    Image Credits : Lee & Ayu

    Location: Some of the best scuba diving sites in Sydney include the south reef, signal station, Shelly beach, royal shepard and much more. Almost the complete coastal range of Sydney has many diving sites where you can go for scuba diving.

    Highlights: People who are enthusiastic about scuba diving will love it and scuba diving is also among the to do lists of many to do it at least once in their lifetimes.

    Price: The pricing of the activity varies as per the different agencies you choose. However, the average cost of scuba diving in Sydney is around 200 Australian dollars which is quite a decent price.
  • 07Jet Boating

    Jet boating is one of the most favourite activities of people. Especially, in the Australian island, elements like jet boating can surely make your vacation more exciting. Sydney has a great coastal region overseeing the city so there are many sites on which you can choose to do jet boating.

    Location: The best jet boating offering is available between ferry wharf 2 and opera house. There are many places around Sydney where you can depart on a jet boat to enjoy your ride.

    Highlights: At most places, you can also get a video made while you are enjoying a jet boating ride. There are no slow zones in the region so you can fully enjoy your ride in full speed. The activity is fully safe as all the security measures are taken.

    Price: There are various kinds of packages which offer many activities and they all start from around 69 Australian dollars.
  • 08Cruising

    You can experience the world's most beautiful harbor by going on a cruise around Sydney. It is certainly one of the most good looking places and what better than to sail through the waters of Australia.

    Location: Captain Cook cruises which is located at No. 6 Jetty is a good touring agency that can help you in getting cruise rides.

    Highlights: Sydney offers the best cruise rides so if you are ever visiting the city, you must not miss out on cruising. Usually, there are 3 nights cruises which you can enjoy and relax throughout the time.

    Price: There are various packages and deals for cruising at offer. It depends on the nights you want to spend cruising, for 3 nights, you can get a deal for 349 Australian dollars per person.

    Best time to visit: If you are planning for cruising around Sydney, all the major places open up by morning 8:30 and are up till evening. So you can plan your trip and activities accordingly.
  • 09Kayaking

    Tourists who are up for an adrenaline rush can always go kayaking around Sydney. It is among the most loved adventure sport in Australia which tourists as well as locals enjoy to a great extent.

    Location: Sydney Harbor Kayaks offers you great kayaking packages so you can reach them at Parriwi Road.

    Highlights: There are experienced trainers and guides who will be constantly along with you so safety is ensured. You will love to kayak around the beautiful coast of Sydney.

    Price: The price for kayaking is cheaper than some of the other adventure sports. You can kayak for around an hour at 30 Australian dollars. But during seasonal times, these prices are set to rise so time your visit well to experience more by spending less money.

    Best time to visit: All the kayaking places are opened by morning 9 or 10 so if you are planning it, you can get around to the place at that time.
  • 10Helicopter Ride

    Many of us have wished to ride on a helicopter since childhood. You can make your wish come true while in Sydney. You will have a beautiful skyline to gaze at and the Australian sky looks extremely beautiful especially during the evening time.

    Location: There are many locations in Sydney where you can take a helicopter ride.

    Highlights: You are above the whole city of Sydney and can have a bird's eye view of the city by getting into a helicopter ride.

    Price: The price for per person is around 100 Australian dollars but be assured that the experience is totally worth the money you pay.

    Best time to visit: Usually helicopter rides can be taken anytime you wish to but people who prefer a good view can opt for going in the evening. If you are someone who loves the night sky, then you can have a ride at night.
  • 11Skiing

    For all those who want to do something adventurous while in Sydney, Skiing makes a great option. Although you first need to train a bit so that you can handle yourself while skiing.

    Location: There are various ski resorts around Sydney that offer skiing at great prices. The NSW sky field is very near to Sydney and you can get here if you want to do skiing.

    Highlights: It is truly an experience of a lifetime to go skiing around the snow clad mountains of Sydney. The experience is even greater when you have a family and you all skii together.

    Price: You can get to a decent skiing resort and avail their skiing passes at around 100 Australian dollars per person.

    Best time to visit: Since skiing can be done with a lot of snow around the mountains, it is recommended that you visit the place during the winters so that you get the perfect environment.
  • 12Rappelling

    Rappelling is among the most intense adventure sports where you need to give a lot of your energy in the activity. It is for people who are looking for a high adrenaline rush. The activity is also popularly known as abseiling in many parts of the country.

    Location: Blue Mountains is one of the most famous locations to do rappelling. You will find various tourist agencies who conduct activities like rappelling so you can be a part of it and join them.

    Highlights: It is a great experience to do rappelling in the mountains of Sydney. Usually, there are a group of people involved in the activity and you can choose to go along with your family.

    Price: There are different prices along different agencies but on an average, the price for rappelling is around 50 Australian dollar per person which is cheaper than the other adventure sports options out there.
  • 13Yacht Sailing

    Yacht sailing is one of the most leisurely activities you can do while in Sydney. With the beautiful Sydney harbor and a great coastline, the experience will be really enjoyable.

    Location: The most popular Yacht sailing location is in the Darling harbor region of Sydney. You can get tickets for yacht sailing at this place and then enjoy your sail.

    Highlights: It is very soothing to beat along the sea on a yacht. If you like the experience of sailing around the sea, this should be among the top priorities when you visit Sydney.

    Price: The price for yacht sailing is around 100 Australian dollars per person but you would enjoy it with your family so look for a package deal.

    Best time to visit: For enjoying yacht sailing, you need to go there after morning 9 and before 4 or 5 in the evening. The atmosphere is quite lively around evening so you can enjoy yacht sail during this time.
  • 14Golfing

    If you love golfing, Sydney is among the best places where you can play it. While on a visit there, make sure to have a few rounds of golf in a good golf club.

    The Royal Sydney Golf club as well as the Moore Park Club are among the finest golf clubs in Sydney.

    Highlights: If you know how to play golf and are passionate about it, you can have a round at the best golf clubs in Sydney. They are full fledged clubs with all the amenities so be assured for a complete experience.

    Price: All the clubs run on a membership basis but you can get to play several rounds at a particular price. On an average, the price for a single round is around 40-50 Australian dollars.

    Best time to visit: Most of the golf clubs open at 6 in the morning so you can go there from anytime after that. Usually, these clubs stay open till late evening so make sure to visit before it's too late.
  • 15Mountain Biking

    Mountain bike trails are among the most famous activities to do in Sydney. But you need to know how to ride a bike and be able to handle it in rough conditions. This adventure sport is a little risky compared to others, but it offers an equal amount of fun too.

    Location: There are many mountain bike trailing centers where you can register yourself for a trail. New South Wales motorbike trails and Australian mountain bike trails are among the famous ones. They offer good services and are affordable too so you can choose them.

    Highlights: You can choose to ride along your favourite locations so it will be an even better experience. But this activity is strictly for those who have a good hold over riding bikes.

    Price: The price specifically depends upon how long the trail is, if it is a complete day tour the price is around 200-300 Australian dollars.
  • 16Zip Lining

    Zip lining is among the best aerial adventure sports and is not available at much places. But at Sydney, you would find this at various locations and this is truly an enjoyable experience. All the safety measures are taken so you can be completely safe throughout the adventure.

    Location: Treetops is the best zip lining service that you can choose in and around Sydney.

    Highlights: This is an individual adventure activity so you can enjoy it alone unlike some of the other activities which can be done with your family. Many people want to do zip lining so this will be the perfect opportunity to try it out and fulfill your desire.

    Price: The price for zip lining is as low as 28 Australian dollars per person. This is among the cheapest adventure activity around Sydney so if you are doing low on a budget, you can surely try it out.
  • 17Horse Riding

    We all love horse riding and it feels exhilarating to be on the back of a horse and make way through a breezy beach or a grassland. In Sydney, it is one of the most popular activities that people love.

    Location: You can spot various horse riding facilities near the famous beaches of the place. Sydney trail riding center is one of the most popular destinations where you can have a horse riding session.

    Highlights: Horse riding in itself is an adventurous and fun activity. People prefer to ride alone but if you are a couple, you may choose to ride together as well. You need to first know how to ride a horse without which, the process can be a little difficult.

    Price: Usually horse rides are for 10-15 minutes which will cost you not more than 30 Australian dollars on most places. However, during tourist season, locals may charge you more depending upon what time it is.
  • 18Canyoning

    If you have previously done canyoning, chances are that you will love doing it again. If you have never done it before, don’t miss the opportunity to do it while you are in Sydney because it is one of the most amazing experiences you can have.

    Location: Blue Mountains is one of the most famous mountains in Sydney and is quite popular for adventures like Canyoning. So, you can head there for doing some canyoning.

    Highlights: It is a challenging activity but those who are up for it, canyoning can be great fun. There are only selected places in which you can do canyoning and Sydney is among those places. So if you are in the city, don't miss out on canyoning.

    Price: Most of the tourist and adventure sports agencies offer a good deal on canyoning. Average cost is around 100 Australian dollars which is quite affordable.
  • 19Fishing

    Fishing is a leisure activity that many people love to indulge in. Although it is not an intense activity like some of the other activities but it still is very enjoyable for many. If you are in Sydney, you must definitely go for fishing, it will certainly be a delightful experience.


    Location: Deep sea fishing charters is one of the most popular destination for a fishing charter which offers great value for money and an engaging experience.

    Highlights: Fishing is quite popular among some people and you if you have never done it before, you can try it out in Sydney which is home to some of the best lakes and water bodies in the country.

    Price: The average price for a session of fishing is around 100 Australian dollars.

    Best time to visit: Usually morning trips for fishing are the most suitable since the environment is good too. But it depends upon you to go whenever you feel like.
  • 20Visit Royal Botanic Gardens

    If you are someone deeply interested in botany then you must not skip the Royal botanical gardens in Sydney. The place was opened in 1816 which makes it one of the oldest scientific institution not only in Australia but in the whole world.


    Location: The Royal botanical garden is located in the Mrs. Macquarie's road in Sydney and the place is quite accessible from most of the major locations in the city.

    Highlights: It is one of the major botanical gardens located in the heart of Sydney where you will find plants of a wide variety of species.

    Price: The entry is free to all which makes more people come here and explore the place.

    Best time to visit: The botanical garden is open from 9 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening so you need to visit the place during these times to be able to see plants that are on the display.
  • 21Visit Taronga Zoo

    Taronga Zoo is one of the best zoological park in Sydney, New South Wales in Australia. The zoo was opened on 7th October 1916 and is among the best places to explore different types of wild animals.


    Location: Taronga Zoo is located in the shores of Sydney Harbor in the suburb of Mosman. To reach the zoo, you can use public transport which is easily available or private vehicles if you please.

    Highlights: Taronga Zoo has different animal species nearly about 340 species and more than 2600 individual animals. You can also hire the venue to organize any functions or events with a 180 degree and peaceful view of the Sydney harbor making those events truly memorable.

    Best time to visit: Taronga Zoo is open daily including the Christmas days. The visiting hours are 9:30 am-4:30 pm in the month of May to August, 9:30 am-5:00 pm from September to April and on new year's eve 9:30 am - 4:00 pm. You need to plan your trip accordingly to the timings of the zoo.
  • 22Visit Royal National Park

    Royal National Park is the second oldest and protected National Park in the vicinity of South Sydney. In December 2006, the park was added under Australian National Heritage List. It is also known as Nasho or Royals and was established in the year 1879.


    Location: Royal National Park is located at Sutherland Shire, New South Wales in eastern Australia. Public transports like ferry, tram or trains are easily available to reach the national park.
    Highlights: This place has incredible landscapes and beaches and is the best place to explore the beauty of nature. It's also a perfect place for walking, cycling, surfing, picnicking, whale watching or bird watching.

    Best time to visit: Usually, tourists like to visit the national park in different seasons to enjoy different attractions. In the summer, people can enjoy surfing and relaxing on the Garie beach. In the winter, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the coast and spot whales too.
  • 23Visit Bronte Park

    Image Credit :  Robert Cutts (pandrcutts)
    Bronte park is a famous recreational space for families in Sydney. It has many great facilities and promises you a delightful experience. This is among the must visit tourist attraction while you are in Sydney. What most people like about the place is that it also has a beach in the park so people can enjoy it too.

    The park is located at the east end of Bronte road in the Bronte region itself.

    Highlights -  
    The park is extremely pleasant and quite grassy. It is perfectly suitable for a family outing and also for leisurely activities like cooking barbeque. You can have a beautiful view of the ocean through the park and even swimming pool facilities are available.

    Best time to visit: The park stays open on all days from 6:30 in the morning to sunset in the evening so you can visit it anytime during the specified timings.
  • 24Visit Art Gallery of NSW

    Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of the most iconic public gallery and among the largest art museums in Australia. The gallery was established long back in 1874, over a century ago. It's one of the best galleries to explore the beautiful artwork from across the world.


    Location: It is located in Art Gallery Road, The Domain in Sydney, Australia. Public transport is easily available to reach this amazing place.

    Highlights: Extensive collections like Australian art, Aboriginal art, Asian art, Contemporary art, European art are displaced in the art gallery. One can also enjoy various programs and facilities that are held in the gallery. Tourists love to visit the art gallery to come close to Australian culture and heritage.

    Best time to visit: The place is open everyday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm except on Wednesday when it's open till 10:00 pm. The Art Gallery is closed on Christmas Day and on Good Friday.

    Price: The entry to this Art Gallery is completely free, both for adults and kids.

  • 25Visit Sydney Opera House

    Sydney Opera house is a multi venue performing art center located in the prime destination of Sydney. It is one of the most prominent tourist attraction place with over eight million people visiting it every year. The opera house has been included under UNESCO World Heritage List on 28th June 2007.


    Sydney Opera House is located at Bennelong Point in Sydney, Australia. The building structure and its surrounding occupy the whole of Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbor which lies between Sydney Cove and Farm Cove.

    The opera house is home to some of the best performing arts that happen in the country. The place was designed by famous Danish architect Jorn Urton. Multiple events in all sorts of art happen in the Sydney Opera house so tourists can enjoy them. For recreational purposes, there are various bars, cafes, and restaurants inside it.

    Best time to visit:
    Events keep happening at different times so you need to be there at the decided timings if you don’t want to miss them.
  • 26Visit Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

    Queen Victoria Building is also popularly known as QVB among locals and tourists. It was built in the late 19th century replacing the old Sydney original site. This beautiful architecture is 30 meters wide and 190 meters long. QVB occupies the entire George, Market, York and Druitt Streets. In 1987, the new market building was honored to Queen Victoria for her glorious reign which marked her diamond jubilee.


    Location: Queen Victoria Building is located at 455 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales in Australia. Public transport is easily accessible to reach this destination.

    Highlights: Queen Victoria statue is placed in front of the Druitt Street entrance. The building has four main shopping floors and many memorials along with historic displays. The building consisted of concert halls, coffee shops, offices, showrooms, city library and a variety of trade people are accommodated

    Best time to visit: The shopping center is open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • 27Visit Museum of Contemporary Art

    For art lovers, the museum of contemporary art is one of the finest places to visit in Sydney.

    Location: It is located in The Rocks area of Sydney and getting there is very simple as well. You can check the map on its website for the exact location.

    Highlights: It is among the only museum which houses Australian and international modern art so art lovers will have a great time here. The museum is also home to Aboriginal art which is quite rare to find elsewhere.

    Price: The entry is free to the museum so anyone can visit it during the given timings.

    Best time to visit: The museum stays open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening so you can visit it during these times. There is a certain amount of rush experienced between 11 to 12 in the evening so you can avoid the time slot if possible.
  • 28Visit Susannah Place Museum

    Image Credit : Gemma_Anne
    Sussannah Place Museum is a historic museum which was built in the year 1844. The architecture of the four terrace house is something which will take you back in time. The museum stands as a sign of all the working class people in the locality. A few things were recently repaired in the museum so that it stays stable to be visited by tourists.

    Image Credits : Paul Walter, Newbury, UK

    Location: It is located in The Rocks, Sydney. Getting to the place is quite easy as you can get many public transportation facilities heading to the museum.

    Highlights: Tourists mostly visit the place for its architecture and rich heritage. It has been in existence since more than a century back so it's definitely worth a visit.

    Best time to visit: The museum is open from 2 to 5 in the afternoon on all days so if you wish to visit here, be sure to visit it during the given timings.
  • 29Visit Westfield Sydney

    Tourists love shopping and Westfield is the best shopping center present in Sydney. The place was opened in the year 2010 and the rush never seems to slow down. The whole place is operated by Scentre group. The place went through a huge redevelopment process and after that there has been many new stores opened up.

    Location: Westfield is located right below the Sydney Tower in the Sydney central business district. It is also very near to the Westfield Sydney Central Plaza so getting around other famous places is hassle free as well.

    Highlights: There are more than 361 stores and services in the shopping center so you can purchase from a wide range of collections here. You will also find some of the high end luxury stores like Guess, Esprit and Cue in the place. The Pit Street Mall is also here, which is supposedly one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world.
  • 30Visit Madame Tussauds

    Image Credit : Google
    Famous for its wax statues of people who are achievers in their fields, Madam Tussauds was first opened in London. It showcased the work of great wax statue artists who worked tirelessly day and night to appeal to high artistic and aesthetic sensibilities. After its raging success in London it opened in many other places with similar success. After a long wait, in 2012 Madam Tussauds opened in Sydney with great fanfare and pomp. Right now in Sydney, it showcases many brilliant artists, businessmen, politicians, sportspersons who have made their life living examples of success and achievement. Madam Tussauds aims to commemorate this achiever spirit and challenges us to look within and carefully nurture the achiever within us all.

    Location: It is located in near the central business district in Sydney.

    Highlight: Wax statues of many famous people can be found here so, if you wish to be photographed with celebs, this is the place to visit.

    Best time to visit: Can be visited any time of the year. It might be crowded during holidays and weekends.