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Global Village Dubai Tickets highlights

  • Experience the cultures of countries around the world in one place at varied theme zones with a visit to the Global Village.

  • Indulge in delicious international cuisines and treat your taste buds with a variety of delicacies

  • Take on thrilling roller coaster rides, enjoy carnival games, spin on the ferris wheel, or test your aim at water gun games.

  • Enjoy a festive atmosphere at Global Village where you can witness dazzling fireworks, vibrant cultures, festival celebrations and so much more.


Global Village القرية العالمية
Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road - Exit 37 - إ311 - دبي - United Arab Emirates

Global Village Dubai Tickets cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • In the event of unforeseen weather conditions, union issues, government restrictions, or any other circumstances beyond human control, certain trips or activities may be cancelled. In such cases, alternate feasible options will be provided. However, a cash refund will not be available.
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Global Village Dubai Tickets overview

About Global Village Dubai:

Global Village Dubai is an annual cultural and entertainment centre that brings together the world's cultures at one vibrant destination. The park features pavilions from over 75 countries, showcasing diverse traditions, cuisines, and crafts. The event hosts live performances, entertainment shows, international cuisines, shopping opportunities, funfair rides, and seasonal festival celebrations throughout the year. Global Village is a celebration of global diversity and a one-of-its-kind experience.

About the Global Village Dubai Tickets:

  • Get access to Dubai’s Global Village, which offers a blend of international cultures. 
  • Enjoy varied cultural festivals and immerse yourself in its festive atmosphere.
  • Ride exciting roller coasters, enjoy a spin on the ferris wheel, or play other games at the Global Village, creating everlasting memories.
  • Witness a mesmerising display of cultural performances from Chinese acrobatics, and folkloric dances from various countries, to fire-breathing shows.
  • Savour delicacies from cuisines around the world and surprise your taste buds as you try new dishes.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: Global Village is located 29.1 km from the Dubai city centre. It will take around 25 minutes by car via the Al Ain - Dubai Rd/E66 route.
  • By Bus: Take either of the buses 102, 103, 104, 106, and 107 from the city centre to reach the Global Village. This should take you approximately 30 minutes.
  • By Metro: Global Village is located 22 km away from the Dubai city centre. Although there is no direct metro line, visit the First Gulf Bank Station on the Red Line. Take a taxi or a bus to reach Global Village. It will take 45 minutes to reach your destination by metro.

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Global Village Dubai Tickets faqs

What are the different attractions in Dubai Global Village?

Here are some must-visit attractions to visit in a Dubai global village: 

  1. Cultural Pavilions: Representing over 90 countries, each pavilion offers a unique cultural experience, showcasing traditional crafts, and souvenirs, and tasting delicious cuisine. Don't miss the pavilions of India and Egypt for a rich cultural immersion.
  2. Ripley's Believe It or Not: This fascinating museum features artefacts from around the world. It's an engaging and educational experience that intrigues visitors of all ages.
  3. Fantasy Island: Fantasy Island is perfect for families as it offers thrilling rides and fun games. Many attractions like the Ferris wheel and bumper cars ensure endless entertainment for kids and adults alike.
  4. Stunt Show: Known for its adrenaline-pumping performances, the stunt show features skilled stuntmen. It displays daring feats with bikes, cars, and more, providing a thrilling experience.

You may explore these attractions with tickets to Global Village Dubai!

When was Dubai Global Village built?

Global Village Dubai was built in the year 1996 in the form of a number of kiosks representing various countries. In the beginning, it has drawn more than 500,000 visitors from different places and made it a big success.

Initially, it was located on the Creek Side opposite to Dubai Municipality, and then later it was moved to the Qud Metha Area located near Wafi City for 5 years. At present, Global Village has its current location on the exit of Sheikh Zayed Exit. On its 23rd Session started on 30 October 2018, almost 90 countries and 27 pavilions were established for its tourists.

How long is my visit expected to last for Dubai Global Village?

To cover all the attractions, including exciting rides and slides, cultural shows, traditional to contemporary souvenirs, the food, and so on, you may need at least 5 to 7 hours inside the Global Village.

Can I bring my own food in Dubai Global Village?

No, you can not bring outside food and beverage to Dubai Global Village. In the village, there are 200+ cafes, restaurants, and street food options at each zone where you can satisfy your hunger. You can tingle your taste buds with a range of food options like juicy fruits, Asian bites, spicy street snacks, and delicious desserts at restaurants designed with specialty concepts.

How many pavilions are in Dubai Global Village?

Being the world’s leading multicultural Festival Park, the Dubai Global Village is featured with 32 magnificent pavilions and stalls, portraying 75 different countries of the world. In order to witness most of the cultures and its uniqueness at one place, the park is designed in such a way.

One can take a stroll across each pavilion and explore the amazing elements including heritage, culinary flavours, cultural events, and food. With an array of pavilions, one is loaded with plenty of attractions to explore with his family and kids. Likewise, there are many shopping places to purchase elegant gifts.

What are the food options inside the Dubai Global Village?

Just like different kinds of amazing pavilions, Global Village is also famous for different varieties of dishes, desserts, and snacks. Right from the black charcoal ice cream to pink dreamy ice cake, freezing cold coffee to milky cookie shots, a flavour-rich food world is present for its travellers to taste.

Some of the most sought-after restaurants are Lion Cookies, Yuki No Hana, Depresso Café, Peace Treats by Mitts & Trays, Dare Delights, Strawcolate Chocolate Coffee Shop, etc. The place gives equal importance to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian eatables. 

How many countries are in the Dubai Global Village to experience?

Currently, the Dubai Global Village combines about 90 countries' cultures in one place. Thus, it claims to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping, and entertainment project. All countries are categorized into different regions. For instance, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Kuwait, Khalifa Foundation, Jordan, etc. are placed under Mena. Turkey, Russia, Bosnia & Balkans pavilion, etc. comes under Europe and much more alike.

Each pavilion is embellished with fascinating statues and portrays of ancient and medieval periods. It includes eminent personalities like scholars, emperors, philosophers, inventors, explorers, and so on. One can enjoy every pavilion at his own pace and understand their distinguished culture and heritage.

What are the shopping options in the Dubai Global Village?

Global Village offers you a unique shopping experience through 27 pavilions having nearly 3,500+ shops. The famous retail shops inside the park comprise of Iraqi Arts, Zalatimo Bros for Sweets, Abdul Samad AlQurashi, Sehr Al Qamar, Animazing, etc.

If you’re a fashion maniac, then this is the best place for you to satisfy your thirst for fashion. There are fashionable apparels, bangles, shoes, hats, cosy bags, glasses, jewels, and many more.

Each item is brought from different countries like bags from Mexico, sandals from India, leather jackets from Pakistan, sunglasses from Japan, and so on. Thus, it is a one-stop destination to satisfy all your personal and material needs.

Is it allowed to wear shorts in the global village? What is the dress code in Global Village?

No. You won’t be allowed to wear shorts while stepping inside the Global Village of Dubai. This village follows a strict dress code, and all the guests visiting here are requested to follow the same.

Every single male or female visiting here should follow a respectful attire covering their shoulders, knees, and legs. The perfect example of respectful attire to be worn at the Dubai’ Global Village is a covered torso.

What are the rules in Global Village?

Here are some rules and regulations you need to observe on your Dubai Global Village Tour:

1. Families shall be admitted to Dubai's Global Village only on Tuesdays. The only exception to this provision would be Tuesdays being a public holiday.

2. All children entering the park premises are requested to put on their wrist bands for ensuring their safety. You may find these safety bands both at the Kiosks and the Ticketing Booths.

3. All the visitors are requested to follow both the verbal and poster instructions as directed to them by the authorities of Dubai’s Global Village.

4. There are minimum requirements for each attraction, game, and ride here at the park concerning the visitor height, size, age, and health.

5. You won’t be allowed to bring in your animals or pets within the park premises. The funfair, restaurants, and other such areas are all strictly prohibited for smoking purposes.

6. Wheeled devices such as the skateboards, roller skates, tricycles, bicycles, and hoverboards are not allowed any entry to the park.

7. The officials at Dubai’s Global Village have a complete right to inspect all the luggage and bags accompanied by the visitors to this park.

8. Whatever belongings you are planning to bring here will be your own responsibility.

These are just a few rules and regulations to be followed by each visitor visiting the Dubai Global Village premises. All the visitors are requested to check their official website for all other rules to be observed.

What is the Wonder Pass at Global Village?

Wonder Pass is a must to have on your Dubai Global Village tour. This pass gives you the liberty to load as much as you want to add to the wallet and enjoy as many attractions as you want. In case you fall short of your Wonder Pass wallet amount, you may top it up at any point in time. You may do so either by visiting the Wonder Pass reloading kiosks or do it all by yourself through online reloading mode. Your Wonder pass makes you eligible for -

1. Entry to the Stunt Survivor Show at 10 AED.

2. Entry to the Circus Circus at 15 AED.

3. Entry to the Ripley’s Believe it or not at 40 AED.

4. Entry to the Ripley’s Mirror Maze at 25 AED

In addition to the rides mentioned above, you may enjoy unlimited rides and attractions at the Carnival.

What is the Dubai Global Village festival?

The Dubai Global Village festival is a grandeur spectacle representing the culture, customs, and traditions of various regions across the world. This event is organized by multiple nations around the globe where representatives from these regions collaborate and set up their respective pavilions.

Each country has been awarded one pavilion for exhibiting their culture, food, shopping arena, and unique offerings. Visitors here can grab hold of numerous products and specialties produced at the international levels. Besides, this grandeur event of Dubai also witnesses live concerts, stage shows, street entertainments, kids theatre shows, and circus events.

What are the various Dubai Global Village concerts?

The Dubai Global Village schedules a wide array of live concerts on all Fridays of their annual festival season. Scheduled sharp at 09:00 pm, entry to the concert will cost you around AED 15 per head. The live concerts organized here feature international stars coming from regions such as Asia, North East, and other different areas across the world.

For regular updates on their concert schedules, you need to stay up-to-date with the concert section of their official website.

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What languages are spoken at Global Village Dubai?

At the Global Village Dubai, several languages are spoken which displays the multicultural nature of the park. You may find people speaking languages like Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, and Filipino.

How much do Global Village Dubai ticket price?

Global Village Dubai tickets cost AED 25 per person when purchased online and AED 30 at the gate. Children under 3 enjoy free entry. During special events, travellers can enjoy special discounts.

What are the different types of Dubai Global Village tickets offered?

Yes, there are different kinds of tickets available. These include: 

AED 22 (INR 511) at the gate, providing access to all cultural pavilions, shows, and attractions. Get a ticket to Global Village Dubai from our website.