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  • A long weekend is ahead! Where are you heading to with your besties or family members? Have you planned out something yet or still in doubt?To ensure a fun time together barring all confusion, here we bring you some astounding domestic and international getaways. Beat this blazing summer and have a super relaxed time in the tranquil with your friends and family, far from the city crowd. 

    Whether you are planning to visit a snow-covered city or picking the lush green meadows for a romantic getaway, we listed down the best getaways just for you. If you simply just want to relax on the beachside or seeking adventure in the wild, we listed down ideal escapes that have something for everyone.  Pick that suits you the most! Not just this, flying to any of these places will not cost you a fortune.  We bring you the best deals on flight tickets that your pocket will adore.

  • 01Rishikesh - A Gateway to the Himalayas

    Rishikesh - A Gateway to the Himalayas

    New Delhi to Dehradun - INR 3,864 per Adult 

    (Return Flight Ticket Included)

    For Delhiites, traveling to Rishikesh will bring some peace to their minds and a sense of exuberance on the inside. Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is one of the most blessed pilgrimages in India since a very old time. Besides its religious significance, people across the world travel to this spiritual town to experience the most thrilling adventure activities, different forms of meditations and to admire the best ever nature scenery.

    Fly from Delhi to Dehradun the nearest city to Rishikesh with an airport at a minimal price and get a cab to get to the town.

  • 02 Srinagar - Welcome to Nature’s Best Creation

     Srinagar - Welcome to Nature’s Best Creation

    New Delhi to Srinagar - INR 4,243 per Adult

    (Return Flight Ticket Included)

    Someone describes it aptly, visiting Srinagar is a treat to the eyes! This mesmerizing city lies on the banks of River Jhelum with deep and dense alluring valleys rolling over the majestic mountains. Get a timeout from your everyday routine on the upcoming long weekend and explore some breathtaking locations in Srinagar.

    Fly Delhi to Srinagar with return ticket included at just INR 4,243 and capture some wonderful moments with your loved ones.

  • 03Ooty- A Must-Visit Romantic Getaway

    Ooty- A Must-Visit Romantic Getaway

    Bengaluru to Coimbatore - INR 4,362 per Adult 

    (Return Flight Ticket Included)

    Ooty in Tamil Nadu attracts plenty of tourists from across the world with its enchanting and immense greenery. Especially for the newly-wed couples, Ooty is a delightful honeymoon destination in India. Majestic mountains, rich green meadows, dense forests and endless tea gardens, all will leave you awestruck, with your eyes and mouth wide-open. 

    To travel to Ooty, get a flight to Coimbatore which is the nearby airport and then book a cab to Ooty, an incredible drive of approximately 84 kilometers.            

  • 04 Kathmandu - A Home for Independent Travellers

     Kathmandu - A Home for Independent Travellers

    New Delhi to Kathmandu - INR 11,606 per Adult 

    (Return Flight Ticket Included)

    Enjoy an ultimate weekend abroad with the rock-bottom priced flight tickets! Kathmandu in Nepal is a valley amidst 4 prominent hills.

     The city has numerous temples and many spiritual places, along with the majestic snow-capped hills, making it a perfect destination for the travelers seeking peace and beauty.

  • 05Jaipur - A Royal Weekend

    Jaipur - A Royal Weekend

    New Delhi to Jaipur - INR 3,172 per Adult 

    (Return Flight Ticket Included)

    With three major hill forts including Amer Fort, Nahargarh and Jaigarh and a number of exemplary architectures, Jaipur in Rajasthan is a trip to ancient history and culture. Many of you would be surprised to know that Jaipur holds the distinction of being the first planned city of India. 

    The city is a perfect blend of customary culture with the advantages of a metropolis. 

  • 06Munnar - A Trip Close to Nature

    Munnar - A Trip Close to Nature

    Bangalore to Kochi - INR 3,816 per Adult 

    (Return Flight Ticket Included)

    Munnar in Kerala is a town that anyone will fall in love with! Earlier called as the ‘Summer Resort of South India’, the hill station is a popular choice among the nature devotees. Situated in the Western Ghats mountain range, the town is laden with enormous greenery, beautiful tea plantations, and marvelous rolling hills, all making it an appealing spot for trekking.

    This weekend find yourself surrounded by the lush green majestic hills! 

    As Kochi has the nearest airport, one can take a cab for the next 125 kilometers to reach to this beautiful hill town.

  • 07Auli - The Skiing Destination of India

    Auli - The Skiing Destination of India

    New Delhi to Dehradun - INR 4,316 per Adult

    (Return Flight Ticket Included)

    Auli is the most sought-after skiing destination located in Chamoli district, Uttrakhand. Its clean aura, glittering slopes and giant oak and deodar trees, make it a must-visit place in India. The small yet promising hill station with invigorating views of the magnificent Himalayan range.

    Never miss out such a beauty on earth! Land on the nearest airport to Auli which is Dehradun and get a cab for the next drive. 

  • 08Dharamshala - One Destination for All

    Dharamshala - One Destination for All

    New Delhi to Dharamshala- INR 6,284 per Adult 

    (Return Flight Ticket Included)

    Besides an international cricket ground at an imposing height, Dharamshala is unarguably a heaven on earth, especially for a Shutterbug. Situated in the middle of cedar forests on the edge of the Himalayas, the hillside town is the abode of the Dalai Lama.

    If you want to explore Buddhism and Tibetan culture, Dharamsala would undoubtedly be a wise selection. 

  • 09Goa - The Beachside Getaway

    Goa - The Beachside Getaway

    New Delhi to Goa - INR 7,492 per Adult 

    (Return Flight Ticket Included)

    What else could be the best place for a relaxed time? Of course, it’s the beachside! And when it comes to beaches, Goa is our the first pick. A trip to Goa has always been fascinating for all of us. 

    With thrilling water sports, glorious sunsets, a cruise ride, a happening nightlife, numerous churches and a lot more, Goa is an ideal escape for an unlimited fun.       

  • 10Coorg - The Mini Scotland

    Coorg - The Mini Scotland

    Mumbai to Bangalore - INR 3,566 per Adult 

    (Return Flight Ticket Included)

    The Scotland of India, Coorg is a tiny hill station situated amidst grand mountains. This picturesque valley is well-famed for its exotic scenery and dense green meadows. It’s a perfect place for nature admirers and trekking enthusiasts.

    Fly to Bangalore which has the nearest airport and then take a cab ride to Coorg.        

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