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    Image Credits: Girish S

    Rajasthan is one of the richest states of India, not only by way of its royalty, but also in terms of its culture and tradition. A Rajasthan trip leaves you in love with the people of the land, the many forts and palaces of the region, and the legacy that has been left behind by the royal families of Rajasthan.

    At Thrillophilia, we have put together Rajasthan trip packages that get you up, close and personal with different facets of Rajasthan. Some of the best Rajasthan packages that we have with us include Rajasthan Cultural Tour, Golden Triangle Tour, Rajasthan Desert Tour, Royal Rajasthan Tour, Rajasthan Village tour, Rajasthan wildlife tour, Camel safari Jaisalmer and Desert safari Jaisalmer.

    Rajasthan Cultural Tour

    Image Credits: Annie-flickr

    Get to know the colorful traditions and customs of Rajasthan with this Rajasthan trip, which takes you to havelis of Jaisalmer, Bikaner and more.

    Golden Triangle Tour

    Delhi, Agra and Jaipur form the golden triangle of India. This tour takes you to all the three cities, exploring the highlights of all of them

    Rajasthan Desert Tour

    Image Credits: Imke Stalman

    No desert state is as beautiful as Rajasthan. This desert tour takes you to the forts of the region and some old temples as well, giving you an intimate experience of the desert.

    Royal Rajasthan Tour

    Image Credits: Lucia Sanchez

    This Rajasthan trip lets you get up, close and personal with the royal ways of Rajasthan. You visit some of the most beautiful palaces and forts on this Rajasthan trip.

    Rajasthan village tour

    Image credits: whiskeyandtears

    A village tour of Rajasthan helps you understand the age old customs and traditions of Rajasthan, including some really old forts of the land.

    Rajasthan Wildlife tour

    Image credits: John Conell

    For those interested in adventure, consider taking a wildlife safari through Ranthambore, where you get to see tigers and other wild animals in their natural habitat.

    Camel safari Jaisalmer

    Jaisalmer has many forts and palaces that date back to hundreds of years ago. This Rajasthan trip lets you explore the mystic and the charm associated with the forts of Jaisalmer.

    Desert Safari Jaisalmer

    Hop on a 4*4 and take a safari through the desert land of Jaisalmer, exploring its many forts, and the many stories associated with each of them.

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