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Simplistic Holiday Homestay in Coorg

Simplistic Holiday Homestay in Coorg

4.0 38 Reviews
Stay in Luxurious Nature Homestay, Coorg

Stay in Luxurious Nature Homestay, Coorg

4.0 26 Reviews
Cottage Style Homestay in Coorg

Cottage Style Homestay in Coorg

4.0 29 Reviews
Homestay in Coffee Estate, Coorg

Homestay in Coffee Estate, Coorg

3.0 23 Reviews
Fishing Camp in Coorg Flat 31% Off

Fishing Camp in Coorg Flat 31% Off

5.0 161 Reviews
2899 2000
Offbeat Estate Stay Near Karada - Flat 20% Off

Offbeat Estate Stay Near Karada - Flat 20% Off

5.0 673 Reviews
Homestay Amidst Coffee Plantations in Coorg Flat 21% Off

Homestay Amidst Coffee Plantations in Coorg Flat 21% Off

5.0 141 Reviews
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Estate Stay With Lake View, Coorg Flat 21% Off

Estate Stay With Lake View, Coorg Flat 21% Off

5.0 156 Reviews
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Camping in Coorg - Flat 50% off

Camping in Coorg - Flat 50% off

5.0 2032 Reviews
Coorg Camping Experience - Flat 20% Off

Coorg Camping Experience - Flat 20% Off

5.0 585 Reviews
Camping in Gonikoppa in Coorg - Flat 22% Off

Camping in Gonikoppa in Coorg - Flat 22% Off

5.0 697 Reviews
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Trekking and Camping in Madikeri, Coorg - Flat 20% Off

Trekking and Camping in Madikeri, Coorg - Flat 20% Off

4.0 928 Reviews
Adventure Stay In Coorg Flat 35% Off

Adventure Stay In Coorg Flat 35% Off

5.0 127 Reviews
Coorg Stay In The Wild Flat 25% Off

Coorg Stay In The Wild Flat 25% Off

5.0 129 Reviews
Nature Camping Experience in Coorg Flat 25% off

Nature Camping Experience in Coorg Flat 25% off

5.0 153 Reviews
Riverside Camping In Coorg, With Rafting - flat 30% Off

Riverside Camping In Coorg, With Rafting - flat 30% Off

5.0 132 Reviews
Kumara Parvatha Trek, Coorg | Book @ ₹3079 Only!

Kumara Parvatha Trek, Coorg | Book @ ₹3079 Only!

5.0 1508 Reviews
Adventure Sports Package in Coorg - Flat 23% Off

Adventure Sports Package in Coorg - Flat 23% Off

5.0 153 Reviews
Tadiandamol Trek 2019, Coorg | Book @ ₹3050 Only!

Tadiandamol Trek 2019, Coorg | Book @ ₹3050 Only!

5.0 1958 Reviews
Sunset Jeep Drive At Mandalpatti Flat 30% Off

Sunset Jeep Drive At Mandalpatti Flat 30% Off

5.0 540 Reviews
  • Bestowed with the miraculous beauty of nature, Coorg is one of the most beautiful and scenic holiday destinations in India. It is in this vicinity, you can easily find a vibrant range of homestays, resorts, guest houses, jungle lodges and eco camps. These places to stay not only offer pleasant staying options, but also give an insight to the locality, its colourful traditions and cultures to its visitors.

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  • 01Vivanta by Taj Resort

    Vivanta by Taj Resort
    Located on the slope of a picturesque hill at a height of 4,000ft, Vivanta by Taj is one of the most exquisite resorts and best places to stay in Coorg. A true delight for its guests, the retreat boasts of  lavish hospitality, spectacular views, cosy amenities and lot more.
  • 02Amanvana Spa Resort

    Amanvana Spa Resort
    Crafted perfectly for a blissful holiday experience, the Amanvana Spa Resort is surrounded by stunning streams and waterfalls. Adding to the resort's splendour, its rooms and bungalows have a unique earthy feel and vibe, cosy ambience and the modern-most amenities that make the stay more exciting and memorable as well.
  • 03Evergreen County

    Evergreen County
    With all its rustic outlook and hospitality, Evergreen County resort in Coorg is sure to add more fun and excitement to your vacation. Wearing all the authentic colours of the coffee land, this holiday resort is ideal for families, nature lovers, couples and corporate groups. Located in the Virajpet region of Coorg, it is also known for its Kodava cuisines and traditional Coorgi foods.
  • 04Machaan

    Set in a sprawling plantation area, Machaan is also one of the most idyllic holiday resorts located in Virajpet. Offering true and indigenous vibes of Coorg, this retreat is ideal for families with kids, couples, corporate groups and backpackers. In addition to authentic cuisines served in Machaan, warm hospitality and the wholesome ambience, the guests can also participate in several activities.
  • 05Meriyanda

    Visit the Meriyanda Resort in Coorg and witness the pristine beauty of the nature blended with all luxuries galore! With all the amenities and facilities that make for a serene vacation, this resort also entices its patrons with its delicious foods and a multitude of cuisines.
  • 06Orange County Resort

    Orange County Resort
    Secluded from all the complexities of city-life, this 300acre property is bestowed with a vibrant range of flora and fauna. Surrounded with lush coffee estates, spice plantations and other natural landmarks, Meriyanda offers a delicious range of dining options to its visitors.
  • 07Porcupine Castle

    Porcupine Castle
    Tucked away from the rest of the world, Porcupine Castle is one of the most ideal places to stay in Coorg for an exciting holiday. Great hospitality, an array of activities and mouth-tickling dining options are the main attractions of this holiday retreat.
  • 08The Silver Oaks Resort

    Be a part of nature and witness its miraculous beauty! Visit the Silveroaks Resort in Ponnampet, South Coorg and experience the splendours of nature with all its grace. Located close to the fascinating Kunda Hills, it is an ideal holiday retreat for families, couples, backpackers, adventure buffs and corporate groups.
  • 09The Windflower Resort and Spa

    The Windflower Resort and Spa

    Experience the pleasant breeze caressing and soothing all your senses while holidaying in the Windflower Resort and Spa. Offering facilities and amenities like internet connectivity, conference halls, a reading lounge, coffee shops and many other sorts of amenities, this resort never allows a dull moment to its visitors.

  • 10Coffee Flowers Resort

    Spreading over a vibrant 13.5 acres of untouched vistas, Coffee Flower Resort is located around 19km from Kushalnagar in Coorg. A picturesque getaway, the warm hospitality, top class service, great dining options and other delights of Coffee Flower entices visitors from different corners of the globe.
  • 11Old Kent Estates and Spa Resort

    Old Kent Estates and Spa Resort
    Located only 20km from Madikeri, Old Kent Estates can also be easily reached from Mysore. Surrounded by scenic coffee plantations, it represents nature in its most salubrious form. Ideal for families, couples and nature lovers, it extends a mixed experience of English and Coorgi cuisines to its guests.
  • 12The Tamara Resort

    The Tamara Resort
    One of the best places to stay in Coorg, The Tamara Coorg stands graciously amidst an aromatic coffee plantation in Virajpet. Listed among the top destinations for couples, this resort is also ideal for families travelling with kids, corporate groups, nature lovers and backpackers as well.
  • Some Of The Best Homestays in Coorg

  • 13Coorg Homestay in The Lap Of Nature Flat 31% Off

    Coorg Homestay in The Lap Of Nature Flat 31% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lCoorg
    • NNNNN168 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator

    Coorg, popularly called the Scotland of India, is one of the most favorite hill stations of southern India. Famous for the coffee plantations that spread as far as the eyes can go, this heaven in the Western Ghats is famous for a lot of reasons. The place is a favorite amongst trekkers, nature lovers, and people who wish to do offbeat things.
    This nature homestay amidst a naturally beautiful location is one of the best stays in Coorg. Complete with all the amenities, with balconies overlooking some of the best sceneries showcasing Coorg's beauty, this homestay is something one should definitely try at least once. The homestay is amazingly close to a majestic waterfall with many treks nearby.
    The living space in the homestay contains a total of 10 rooms along with washrooms. The rooms are available on double sharing (4 rooms), triple sharing basis (5 rooms) and 6 people sharing (1 room), making it really well suited for a getaway with friends, family, or your loved one.
    The homestay also serves traditional food in Coorg style, with options available for both veg and non-veg. All the meals during your stay will be included.
    And make your stay even more amazing, the homestay curates indoor as well as outdoor activities like Badminton, Volleyball, and Kabaddi, on premises so that you don't even feel like going anywhere else for your fill of fun. When you come back in the evening, you can sit around a bonfire and share your stories alongside songs and dances with your fellow guests. 
    Check-in- 12 Noon
    Check-out- 11 AM
    Capacity of Homestay- Min 2 & Max 35
  • 14Ajantha Homestay

    Ajantha Homestay
    Surrounded with lush coffee plantations, this homestay is located around 3km from Madikeri and is one of the best places to stay in Coorg. With exclusive services, hospitality, amenities and facilities, the Ajantha Homestay is ideal for families, honeymooners and backpackers.
  • 15Amulya Homestay

    Amulya Homestay

    From  adventure seekers, families looking for quality time to couples seeking quality time with each other, Amulya Homestay is an ideal place in Coorg. Located in a salubrious coffee plantation, the homely feel within this homestay quenches all your yearnings for a pleasant and splendid holiday.

  • 16Balaji Villa Homestay

    Balaji Villa Homestay

    An ideal place to stay in Coorg, the Balaji Villa is located only 33km from the main city. Being excluded from the hodgepodge of the city-life, it makes for a pleasant holiday experience. During the stay here, the guests can also enjoy river rafting and visit the nearby Dubare Elephant Camp.

  • 17Berry Lane

    Berry Lane

    One of the most exclusive accommodations in Coorg, Berry Lane is among the very few homestays that offers utmost luxury and comfort with all the colours of nature. Enjoy authentic Coorgi food, stroll around the captivating terrains, explore the lush forests and visit the scenic coffee plantations while holidaying around Berry lane!

  • 18Hidden Woods

    Hidden Woods
    Nestled by picturesque coffee and spice plantations in Srimangala, Coorg, Hidden Woods is an ideal homestay for families, couples, corporate groups and nature lovers. The stunning views of the nearby hills, plains and the forests keep the visitors immersed in never ending fun and excitement.
  • 19Victory Homestay

    Victory Homestay
    One of the most tranquil accommodations in Coorg, Victory Homestay is located close to the fascinating Tadiandambol Peak. While adventure seekers indulge in several activities during their stay, the other classes of visitors can simply relax and enjoy the wholesomeness of the homestay.
  • 20The Last Resort

    The Last Resort

    Standing graciously at a height of 3,000ft above the sea level, The Last Resort adds more beauty and charm to any of the vacations in Coorg. While the warm hospitality of the homestay offers a comfy feel to its patrons, its location near the Dubare Elephant Camp brings in the feeling of being one with nature.

  • 21Ananda Nilaya Homestay

    Ananda Nilaya Homestay
    Embedded with the modern-most comforts and luxuries, Ananda Nilaya is a home away from home. Located in a wholesome surrounding, it offers delicious dining options and an array of activities to its visitors. During the stay, the guests can also opt for a splendid visit to the stunning Abbi Falls that lies within the close proximity to the homestay.
  • 22Ibbani Cadu

    Ibbani Cadu

    Nestled amidst the mesmeric beauty of the Western Ghats, Ibbani Cadu Homestay is one of the scenic accommodations in Coorg. Known for its warm hospitality, pristine beauty and the vibrant range of plantations, this holiday home serves authentic Coorgi delicacies to its visitors.

  • 23Kabbe Homestay

    Kabbe Homestay
    Surrounded by the stunning beauty of a coffee plantation, it is an idyllic homestay for people seeking solitude as well as adventure seekers craving to be united with nature. Located within a close proximity to the Kabbe Hills, Thadiyandamolu Hills, waterfalls and several other major tourist destinations, it is often known as a trekker's paradise.
  • 24 Deepwoodz Plantation Homestay

     Deepwoodz Plantation Homestay
    If you are yearning for a plantation tour and witness coffee processing while enjoying an array of indoor and outdoor games, Deepwoodz Plantation Homestay should be your ideal destination. In addition to these, you can always munch on delicious and authentic Coorgi cuisines during your stay.
  • 25Golden Harvest Homestay

    Golden Harvest Homestay
    Ever wondered how the Western Ghats can soothe your vacation? Visit the Golden Harvest Homestay in Coorg and feel the charm of the fascinating hills and mountains. No matter whether you are travelling with family members, colleagues or your better half, you can cherish the memorable time spent at Golden Harvest Homestay.
  • 26Maracad Estate

    Maracad Estate
  • 27Spice Glade Homestay

    Spice Glade Homestay
    One of the most adventurous plantation stays in Coorg, Spice Glade Homestay is located only 2km from the Nagarhole National Park. Visit this holiday home and be a part of the wilderness of Nagarhole! In addition to the all this wilderness, you can also visit the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, Thiruneli Temple and several other destinations during your stay.
  • 28TATA Plantation Trails

    TATA Plantation Trails
    An offering of the popular TATA group, this is also one of the most scenic and picturesque plantation stays in Coorg. It offers rustic bungalows that were once the abode of the coffee planters and are surrounded by lush coffee plantations. Whether on a holiday with family, friends, colleagues or visiting alone, you can always have contended moments in this plantation stay.
  • 29Alpen Glow

    Alpen Glow
    Tucked away from all the chaos and weariness of city-life, this plantation stay is also one of the most peaceful homestays in Coorg. Besides offering a wide range of activities, its warm and homely ambience entices solo travellers, couples and also families travelling with kids. Among the activities, plantation walks, coffee tours, campfires and nature walks are the not-to-be-missed activities.
  • 304th Mile Inn Homestay

    4th Mile Inn Homestay
    A plantation as well as homestay, the 4th Mile Inn is located in the scenic environs of Virajpet. Offering the best amenities, you can also visit the nearby waterfall and a hillock called Chomakundu during your stay in this retreat. While you enjoy the lush surroundings, the kitchen in 4th Mile will satiate all your culinary needs with its home grown ingredients.
  • 31 Eco Habitat

     Eco Habitat

    Lush coconut groves, rustic architecture and the simple feel of the Eco Habitat make it one of the best farm stays in Coorg. Located in Kushalnagar, Coorg, it is ideal for families, couples, corporate groups and solo travellers as well. During the stay here, the guests can also opt for a delightful barbeque session by the Harangi Dam.

  • Guest houses and eco lodges in Coorg:

  • 32Amrithasthanam Guest House and Retreat

    Amrithasthanam Guest House and Retreat
    The winsome environs of Coorg are the abode of the exquisite guest house called Amrithasthanam Guest House and Retreat. Founded by a professional yoga instructor, it is an ideal retreat to relax and unwind in the lap of nature. It is in this guest house, the visitors can also witness several species of migratory birds.
  • 33Dubare Elephant Camp Jungle Lodges

    Dubare Elephant Camp Jungle Lodges
    Located 4km from Kushalnagar, this eco camp is solely dedicated to the massive elephants. One of its own kinds, the Dubare Elephant Camp helps in creating awareness towards these massive creatures and teaches the mass about how to take care of them. In addition to this, the guests can also go for wildife safaris and spot several other species during their stay.
  • 34Coorg Jungle Camp

    Coorg Jungle Camp
    Acclaimed as one of the best river-side jungle lodges in the vicinity, Coorg Jungle Camp embraces its visitors wholeheartedly with all its beauty and offerings. A bountiful retreat located within a walking distance from the KSRTC Bus Stand, it is ideal for adventure lovers, families, couples and corporate groups as well.
  • 35Ma’day Nature Camp

    Ma’day Nature Camp
    Located around 8km from the Madikeri Town, Ma'day Holiday is a themed guest house that caters to all the requirements of a serene holiday. Ideal for families, couples and backpackers, this retreat also offers adventurous activities like ziplining, jeep off-roading and other enthralling activities as well.
  • 36Spice Village Bungalow

    Spice Village Bungalow
    Offering a glimpse of the old world charm, this century old bungalow is one of the oldest retreats in Coorg. Whether the nature lovers, couples, families or the corporate groups, everyone can easily find ample of reasons to enjoy their holiday in the Spice Village Bungalow.



Abbey Falls

This refreshing waterfall gushes and pounds on the rock with full force especially during the rains and the roars echoes in the valley. The entire set up is gorgeous and looks right out of a storybook.

Abbey falls is a part of river Cauvery or Kaveri in Karnataka that falls from an elevation of 70 feet making an astounding natural scene fro the shutterbugs to capture in the lenses. Trekking trails of Coorg are littered around the falls region. To get a better view of these falls, you can walk over the hanging bridge.

The falls is under a private supervision and is amid stretches of the long coffee plantation. The green backdrop and the white foamy fall combine together to attract hordes of tourists every year from all across the country. It is one of the most visited tourist places in Coorg.

Height: Falls from a height of 70 feet

Location: Abbey falls Madikeri, 571252, Hoskeri, Karnataka

Best Time to visit: October to February.

Entry fee: INR 15 per head

Timings: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM on all seven days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: 1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 10 KM

Iruppu Falls

This stunning waterfall does not only captivates the beholder’s eyes but makes one fall in love with its unparalleled beauty. Falling along the Brahmagiri Mountain range of a tributary originating from river Cauvery. 

Irupu falls is also known as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls and this is the hidden splendour of Coorg, a very famous and picturesque spot. While on your route to Brahmagiri peak, Iruppu fall is one of the major attraction en route along with the trekking routes to Narimale forest camp.

Height: 170 Feet.

Location: Kurchi, Karnataka 571250

Best Time to visit: Monsoon season and winter season.

Entry fee: INR 50 per head.

Timings: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM on all days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: 3 to 4 hours.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 75 KM.


Raja's Seat

The place has a history of having the king of Coorg to spend his time witnessing the scenic and panoramic vistas of the place. Raja’s Seat is one of the best attractions in Coorg to watch the majestic sunrise or the fiery sunset.  It is a fantastic spot for recreational activities in Coorg.

Raja’s seat sets in a glorious garden of seasonal colourful flowers and musical fountain shows. There is also a toy train that runs through the garden entertaining both adults and children. Raja’s Seat has such an unerring location that it overlooks a valley bathing in green and a horizon doused in all shades of blue and orange.

Approximately 160 ft above sea level.

Location: Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

Best Time to visit: November to March (winter season)

Entry fee: INR 5 per person. INR 20 per head for Toy train ride and INR 40 for parking.

Timings: 6 PM to 8 PM on Monday to Friday and 6 PM to 7:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday
. The musical fountain show starts at 7:00 PM on weekdays and 6:45 AM to 7:20 PM on weekends.

Average time required to visit the place: 1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 1 KM from Madikeri bus stand.


Tadiandamol Peak

This is the highest peak in Kadakke and this moderate trekking route can be taken by even amateur hikers as the path is a decent climb except after Rock Point, from where the trail becomes a little narrower. 

The view from the top can take your breath away, incredibly surreal especially if you encounter clouds, see them engulfing the apex portion of the hills. 

This small square like design built of mortar and bricks where The king used to come with her queen to sit and enjoy the sunsets and sunrises in the distant horizon of high and low-rise mountains engulfed by white creamy mist. 

Tadiandamol Peak counts as one of the isolated places to visit in Coorg which is a pretty getaway in the lap of mountains and greenery.

Height: 1748 m

Location: Tadiandamol, Yevakapadi, Karnataka, 571212, India

Best Time to visit: December to May

Entry fee: No entry fee.

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM on all seven days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: The trek takes around 5 to 6 hours.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 37 KM

Coorg is known to be one of the best adventure destinations in India. It homes a lot of adventure camping sites, to experience the best camping trip check out the places to camp in Coorg.


Barapole River

Barpole is turbulent river full of class 2 and class 4 rapids originating from Kithu Kakathu River further extending to Brahmagiri hills to the Arabian Sea. Whitewater rafting is one recreational activity that Barpole river is famous for. 

One of the most challenging rafting experience on the different level of rapids. The adrenaline rushing activity is best done in Monsoon. Launch you rafts high in the rapids and click the most adventurous pictures on your trip to Coorg or Kodagu. 

Barpole is one of the adventurous Coorg tourist places in Karnataka and the best place to try rafting in Coorg. Venture into an off the beaten adventure and indulge into this heart-pumping activity.

Location: Barapole River, Coorg, Karnataka 571201, India

Best Time to visit: Monsoon (July to September)

Entry fee: An average cost of rafting may range from INR 1200 to 1500.

Timings: Best done before 2 to 3 PM

Average time required to visit the place: Rafting is a 1.5 to 2 hours activity.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 80 KM.


Dubare Elephant Camp

This river camp has trained Elephants and their mahout who bathe them and feed them. The Dubare Elephant Camp is a project which is run together by the forest department and Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd. 

There are naturalists who elucidate the biology, ecology and the history of Elephants to the visitors and you can not only see them but even participate in the river bath, and feeding. There are about 150 Elephants in every such camp of the Karnataka Forest Department and is a great way of promoting eco-tourism in the state. 

The project mainly started for the cause of conserving and understanding Elephants in India which is now becoming one of the major attractions in Coorg. 

One can hear the gurgling sound of the river Cauvery as it is situated on the banks of the river and also indulge in various activities which enable a close encounter with these beautiful mammals. 

Dubare Elephant camp is one of the amazing places to visit in Coorg for a wild adventure.

Location: Dubare Reserve Forest, India

Best Time to visit: Take an evening jeep safari along with a trained naturalist.

Entry fee: If you want to feed the Elephants, the kit will cost INR 20, if you want to bathe the Elephants then the fee is INR 100 per head.

Timings: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM on all days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: More than 3 Hours.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 30 KM


Brahmagiri Hill

Between Wayanad and Kannur districts in Kerala in the north and the east and Coorg in Karnataka in the south, lies the trekker’s paradise- Brahmagiri hills, the highest peak in the sanctuary that covers an area of 181 KM and derives its name from the Brahmagiri hill. 

The celestial presence of Thirunelli temple and the adorable Iruppu falls amid the green groves en route makes the trekking experience a lifetime event that states with you for long. 

It is suggested that you take a guide which will charge around INR 200 but will make your journey informative and more fun. Experience the best of our service, book our Brahmagiri Hill Trek Tour. 

Height: 1,608 m

Location: Border of Mananthavady Taluk, Wayanad district, Kerala and Virajpet Taluk, Kodak district, Karnataka India.

Best Time to visit: December to March

Entry fee: A single charge of around INR 200 for the guide which is mandatory to take on the hike.

Timings: Daytime, an evening trek can be tricky.

Average time required to visit the place: The trek can be of 6 to 8 hours depending on the route opted.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 60 KM


Namdroling Monastery Bylakuppe

Most of the people do not think of Southern India when monastery hits their brains, but this information is incredibly intriguing that the Tibetan-Buddhism influence had reached the southern part of India ages ago. 

Mandroling Monastery in Bylakuppe is also known as the Golden temple. Around 5000 nuns and monks live together in Harmony at Namdroling and It is the second largest Buddhism settlement in India. 

You can even spend some time in the bookstore and the cafe that is inside the Monastery premises. Namdroling is also called Golden temple because of the golden paintings etched on the monastery and the three golden statutes named Buddha, Padmasambhava, and Amitayus.

Photography is allowed inside the monastery and one can even light some incense sticks and sit for some time to soak in the piousness of the place.

Location: Arlikumari, P.O. Bylakuppe, Mysore, Karnataka 571104

Best Time to visit: Any time of the year.

Entry fee: No entry fee.

Timings: 7 AM to 6 PM on all the days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: 1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 35 KM.


Nishani Motte

When you explore the lesser known destination, it fills you with euphoria and Nishani Motte peak is one of those places to visit in Coorg. It is a trek of 15 kilometres that brings the uber joy of departing into an unknown land. 

The trail goes through forest research, long paddy stretches, aromatic coffee states and small rivulets and streams. The unadulterated sight of river Cauvery or Kaveri is so soul-altering that you can sit by the bank of the river and spend some lone time. You can book the Nishani Motte Trek Tour from our platform at the best deals.

Height: 4167 ft.

Location: Nishanimotte, Bhagamandala Village, Karnataka

Best Time to visit: Winter and Autumn

Entry fee: No entry fee

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM.

Average time required to visit the place: 2 days (trek)

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Around 12 to 15 KM


Chelavara Falls

It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the entire region and one of the best sightseeing places in Coorg. It is situated  13 KM from Cheyyandane village on Virajpet, the nearest settlement to falls. 

The falls is located in the interior of a forested patch and is incredibly breathtaking and equally dangerous as people are not allowed to go near the falls because of the depth of the water-pool that lies beneath the fall which is said to be 50 feet deep. 

People often do a combined visit of Kakabbe, Nalknad Palace and Chelavara falls. One can also visit Chomakund Hill which is around 2 KM away from the falls and is undoubtedly one of the Coorg tourist places which are equally mesmerising.

Height: 150 feet

Location: 2 Km From Choma Kund Hill, Madikeri, India

Best Time to visit: Monsoon is the best time but is equally risky. Winter season is the safest one.

Entry fee: No entry fee.

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: More than 2 to 3 hours.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 43 Km


Mallalli Falls

Mallali falls take abode at the base of the Pushpagiri hills at a distance of 26 KM from Somvarpet village. Originating from River Kumaradhara, the falls takes a dive from more than 1000 meters and gradually drains in the Arabian Sea. 

It is always better to visit this waterfall during the rainy season as it is a seasonal waterfall and is boasted along the Abbey falls.  

After a 10 KM drive from Somwarpet to Kalahari Road, the trekking routes for Mallali falls starts which is around 2 to 3 KM and there are wide steps for visitors to climb up to the falls. 

The best way to enjoy the drizzle and cool breeze at the fall is to trek through the gorgeous trails of the western ghats.

Height: 200 ft.

Location: Somvarpet 573123, India

Best Time to visit: October to February.

Entry fee: Entry is free.

Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on all the days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: 3 to 4 hours.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Around 57 to 58 KM.

Explore the best deals on Coorg holiday packages from the list we have specially made for you so that you the best of Coorg and experience all the 


Coffee Plantation Visit

There are numerous coffee plantations in Coorg. This region has acquired worldwide fame for its coffee plantations. There are government owned and private coffee plantations here. When you visit a plantation, you can join hands with expert coffee pickers. They entertain you with never-heard-before information on the techniques of coffee picking. Most harvesting activities are manual in these coffee plantations and only rarely are machines used.

You can get guided tours through these plantations if you are a first time visitor. Otherwise, you can venture into these verdant regions and breathe in the pure air. There are innumerable thriving estates. The vast expanses of coffee plants beckon you to explore them.

The winding paths leading through them are enchanting. Coffee estate owners provide these tours. More than recreational, these visits are informative. You are informed and educated on the various methodologies and processes followed to grow coffee. You get information on the entire process – from the coffee picking to the refinement procedure.

Companies such as Tata and Bombay Burmah have their coffee plantations here. Even they provide coffee estate tours. You can check with their PR office on these details. If you want to have a coffee plantation stay experience in Coorg, then there are plenty of homestays in Coorg that provide such stays in adjoining regions.

Location: Virajpet, Coorg

Entry timings:
 Start around 10:00 AM

Best time to visit:
 November is the month of harvest in these plantations. It would be a great time to arrange a visit to enjoy the mist covered plantations.

Average time required to visit the place:
 3 to 4 hours.


Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

It is incredibly amazing to know that Karnataka boasts of 21 wildlife sanctuaries and Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is one of them that adds more greenery to the state’s sizeable vegetation. 

Sprawled across an area of 102 KM, this wildlife sanctuary is world famous for its sustainable approach to endangered bird species. It is almost  290 KM from Bangalore and is situated in the Somwarpet taluk district in Coorg. 

Many small streams chisel down the steep terrain of the sanctuary which is caved by Bisle Reserve Forest on one side and Kukke Subramanya Forest range on the other. Around 70 % of the jungle is densely covered and many exotic bird species are found such as Malaria Grey Hornbill, Nilgiri Blue Pigeon, Blue-winged Parakeet and white-bellied blue flycatcher etc.

Height: 1712 meters above the sea level ( Pushpagiri- the highest peak in the Sanctuary).

Location: Somwarpet, Kodagu, Coorg-571251

Best Time to visit: Winter season (November to February)

Entry fee: INR 10 per head.

Timings: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM n all seven days of the week.

Average time required to visit this place: 3 to 4 hours.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: 64 Kms.


Kote Betta Hill

Kote Better Hill is one of the sightseeing places in Coorg which is also the third highest peak in Coorg. It is definitely a place for the sore eyes, a slice of heaven and a maze of greenery. 

Take a bumpy jeep ride crossing the twisty and muddy narrow lanes until you reach the foothills of Kote Betta. Start your climb to reach the peak, you will find temples and lakes such as Ardhanarishwara temple and a couple of lakes nearby the temple en route. You can book our Kote Betta Trek Tour to have a best trekking experiences. 

Once reached the top you will find an extraordinary view of the valley that falls beneath, a distant view of the Harangi dam and the silhouettes in the sky followed by a beautiful sunset. A day at Kota Betta hill is always a day well spent.

Height: 1748 Metres

Location: Somvarpet, Coorg, Madikeri, India

Best Time to visit: November to February.

Entry fee: No entry fee

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: A day.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 30 KM


Kumara Parvatha Hill

During the monsoon, pools of clouds hover over the hill of Kumara Parvatha, during winter, the entire hill takes the shades of orange and summers are hot.  There are two trekking routes to reach the camping ground of Kumara Parvatha Hill- one being Somwarpet and other Kukke Subramanya. 

Both the routes have plenty of waterfalls and abundance of greenery. Watching the sunrise from atop has been the favourite activity among people who hike up the hill. Camping is not allowed at the peak so while you visit the forest department to pay and enter the trek route, you have to leave your gears behind. 

You can camp near or next to the forest department or at Manscape. The hiking trail on the Somwarpet route goes around a 6 to 7 KM (one side) deep forest patch with multiple waterfalls. The 16 KM trail from Subramanya to Kumara Parvatha peak is filled with meadows and views of the western ghats making the long route exceptionally beautiful.

Height: 1712 Mts

Location: Pushpagiri, Kumaralli, Karnataka 571236

Best Time to visit: October to February.

Entry fee: INR 75 is paid at the forest office as a trekking fee and another 100 for Camera.

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM

Average time required to visit the place: It takes 8 to 10 Hours to trek the hill.

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 63 to 64 KM.


Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole brims with streams and waterfalls along with dense forests and valleys as a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. 

Along with several swamps, the park also has the park has four lakes and perennial streams where water remains throughout the year, 41 artificial tanks, 47 streams a Dam and a reservoir. 

It is outlined by Kabini river in the North, the western part of the park has Bamboo and sandalwood forests where tree dwellers are easily spotted and are dotted with pretty waterfalls, small streams and mountains. 

From Rosewood and teakwood to Eugenia tree, from sandalwood, teak, crocodile bark to Indian gooseberry, cotton tree, ficus, beechwood etc; the park has the abundance of fauna and flora which are best spotted in the winter season. 

The park is also famous for sloth bear, Bengal tiger, leopard, jungle cat, grey langur, leopard cat etc. If you plan to visit the park during summers, birdwatching can be a better sport as over 250 species of birds can be seen here.

Height: The altitude ranges from 680m to 1,454m.

Location: Madikeri Road, Hunsur, Karnataka 571201

Best Time to visit: From October to May, it is always better to avoid the monsoon season as the park is full of leech and surface becomes slippery and mushy during rains.

Entry fee: INR 150 to 500

Timings: Jeep safari : 5:30 AM to10:00 AM, and  from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

                Bus safari: 6 AM to 9 AM, and from 3 PM to 5 PM

                 Coracle: 9 AM to 11 AM, and from 5 PM to 6 PM

Distance from Madikeri Bus Stand: Approximately 90 KM.

Where to Stay:
 Best places to stay in Nagarhole

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