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  • The largest island-country in the world has, without a doubt, the largest list of activities that you can choose from.

    From sailing, snorkelling and beachcombing in the waters of the Gold Coast of Queensland to dining with a spectacular view of the Sydney skyline and from taking trips along the ocean, on the expansive roads of Melbourne to wine tasting in Adelaide, Australia is a universe by itself.

    A must-do is diving in the Great Barrier Reef, to see the exotic sea animals. Having said that, the beaches of Bondi in Sydney and Perth’s magical coast play host to surfing in these Pacific waters. Aussie land has an unimaginable species of wildlife. You can do whale- and dolphin-watching on a cruise in Auckland.

    Bushwalking, like trekking, is an Aussie staple. You can avail this in a large city and hike your way up to the end!

    If you want a change in landscape, you can take a camel ride in Uluru/Ayers Rock just to watch the sunrise or sunset. You can also choose to do an indigenous food tour to sample some excellent dishes and wine straight from the vineyards. 

    Here are some of the best things to do in Australia:

  • 01Skydiving

    Image Credit : wikimedia - Google
    One of the most exhilarating adventure sport is Skydiving and there is opportunity to explore the sport at its best in Australia. With pictorial coastal and inland areas to give the best shot with some of the reputed tour operators, this is a must do activity in the country. Out of all the popular places for skydiving in Australia, few are truly best standing out in the lot.

     Among them, Mission Beach between Cairns and Townsville with sufficient coastal vies is one of best skydiving areas in the country. Here one can jump anywhere from 9000 to 14000 feet. The Wollongong Beach Skydive of Sydney is also quite popular offering splendid views of the city. Apart from this Lee Point Beach, Darwin, Byron Bay, Bells Beach Torquay, and Hervay Bay of Queensland are some of the most preferred spots to explore the sport. Tandem skydiving is also popular here where professionals accompany in the jump helping the beginners enjoy the game. 
    Skydiving at York in Australia

    Skydiving at York in Australia

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  • 02Kayaking

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    When it comes to water sports, nothing can beat the joy of Kayaking through the exotic waterways of Australia. Backwaters, tranquil inlets and meandering trails of calm water is the essence of the country. There are several places in each city to enjoy the sport, specially in Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. Almost all the places have many kayak shops and tour organizers which can help for arranging the kayak tour with all amenities and facilities.

    Image Credits : wikimedia - google

    For the beginners there are adequate trainers to impart a small training on the sport so that the thrill of the sport can be enjoyed. The rates of Kayaking can differ on the basis of location and the time of sport, however the same is quite reasonable. The country is filled with amazing spots where one can kayak and at the same time enjoy fascinating marine life, do fishing or have fun paddling and seeing dolphins in the waterways. Definitely, one of the best way to explore the scenic beauty of Australia. 
    Kayaking Tour to Wavebreak Island in Goldcoast

    Kayaking Tour to Wavebreak Island in Goldcoast

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  • 03Parasailing

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    Another adventurous sport which conquers the heart of thrill lovers is Parasailing, which is quite a popular sport in Australia. There are several spots where parasailing is done under reputed and licensed fliers in the country with all safety measures to provide maximum entertainment at zero risk. Parasailing is done in almost all major cities of the country but there are few places which have more exposure in this regard.

    The most sought after place for parasailing is Cairns especially with the Great Barrier Reef. Apart from this the Gold coast area is quite popular in this regard. The clear blue sky and the breathtaking views and the adrenaline rush make it worth the initiative. However it is better to do the same under expert guidance if the sport is tried for the first time. 
    Parasailing in Cairns

    Parasailing in Cairns

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  • 04Visit Sydney

    Visit Sydney
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    One of the largest cities of Australia as well as the capital of New South Wales region is one of the exciting cities with Mediterranean climate, sunny beaches, impressive skyline and sparkling harbour. With throbbing and consistent buzz, the city is full of entertainment and places to visit without which a holiday to Australia is incomplete. A unique feat of architectural magnificence is Sydney Opera House hosting thousands of performances and attracting millions every year.


    Image Credits : wikimedia - google

    Just like the Opera House, The Botanical Garden of the city is equally beautiful with array of plants and verdant greenery. Apart from this Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach, Sydney Aquarium are few of the must visit places in the city. Sydney cannot be explored fully without gracious shopping experience and the city provides luxurious shopping destination at the Queen Victoria Building with modernised stores selling suits, jewellery, accessories and a lot. Sydney Tower offering 360 degree view of the city and National Maritime Museum is also worth visiting. 
    Sightseeing Tour of Sydney in Australia

    Sightseeing Tour of Sydney in Australia

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  • 05Visit Adelaide

    Visit Adelaide
    Image Credit : wikimedia - Google
    Being the fifth largest city of Australia, the proud city of Adelaide was primarily founded by Britain immigrants at the foothills of Mount Lofty. Adelaide today has been progressed and the prosperity is majorly based on agriculture and mining industries. The greatest attraction of Adelaide is the awe striking private mansions, the grand public buildings, museums, galleries, gardens and lovely opera with flourishing music.

    Image Credits : wikimedia - google

    For the lovers of sea side attraction there is Glenalg, a seaside village away from the city hustle. One can enjoy relaxing ambience amidst harmony of nature. Even wildlife can be explored in Adelaide with the popular Adelaide Zoo and Cleland Wildlife Park and enjoying the sight of Aussie animals. Apart from this North Terrace, State Library, South Australia Museum, Art Gallery of South Australia all are famous sightseeing spots of the city. 
    Adelaide City Tour

    Adelaide City Tour

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  • 06Visit Brisbane

    Visit Brisbane
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    Being the third largest city of Australia and existing on the banks of the winding Brisbane River, this place is the jewel in the crown with unlimited attractions that make it a popular tourist destination. Boosting its rich heritage and modern elegance, the city caught the eye with its hosting of Commonwealth Games way back in 1982 and subsequently World Expo in 1988. Having mild subtropical climate, this is one of preferred places of the country both for the natives as well as the visitors.


    Image Credits : wikimedia - google

    It projects a new world with loads of opportunities in terms of commerce, industry, tourism and development. There are plenty of good places to see in Brisbane and some of them include Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Cultural Centre, Mount Coot-Tha, South Bank, Custom House, Queen Street Mall and Moreton Island. Apart from this huge activity entertainment is also available here making the city a sought after destination.
    Sydney to Brisbane Experience: a Sightseeing Tour

    Sydney to Brisbane Experience: a Sightseeing Tour

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  • 07Visit Perth

    Visit Perth
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    Being the capital city of Western Australia, Perth is designated as one of the best cities to live. Flushing with money from mining, this beautiful city is based on the south west coast is a thriving rich place with a modern outlook. The sterling beaches and the meandering Swan River form the source of many activities and the greatest attraction of this place. One can enjoy sailing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, boating, diving and many other things that guarantee entertainment unlimited.

    Image Credits : wikimedia - google

    Camping at the national parks and visiting Rottnest Island is also quite entertaining here. Some of the major attractions here include King’s Park, Botanical Garden, Perth Zoo, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Aviation Museum, St Mary’s Cathedral Cultural Centre and many others. Cycling through the bike tracks beside the Swan River is one of preferred pastime of people here. 
    Half Day Tour to Perth City and Hillarys Harbour

    Half Day Tour to Perth City and Hillarys Harbour

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  • 08Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tours

    Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Tours
    If you are in Sydney, wine tasting tours must be among the activities you definitely need to do. All these are small personal wine tours so you get a complete experience of the event. You can book tickets for it online through various sites.

    Location: The tour starts from the Potts point in NSW where you will depart from and go around various places to taste wine. There are other places too where you can choose to take a tour from.

    There are full and half day tours that take you around the hunter valley into some of the most special wineries for wine tasting. Nothing could be more better for people who love to have different varieties of wine.
    Price: The price for these tours vary but most of the sites have a listing of 125 Australian dollars per person which is decent for a full day tour where you will visit a lot of places.
    Hunter Valley Gourmet Food and Wine Tour from Sydney

    Hunter Valley Gourmet Food and Wine Tour from Sydney

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  • 09kangaroo Island

    kangaroo Island
    Australia, the queen of all islands is particularly marked for its beautiful and lavish islands surrounding the continent. Kangaroo Island is the third largest island of Australia, surrounded by water and located in the farthest southern state. Australian aboriginals were first to start a civilization on Kangaroo island, but with the tremendous rise of water level, the place, today, is more a tourist spot than a habitat area.

    Situated on the southerly corner of Australia, Kangaroo Island serves as an authentic tourist spot for travelers. With an exclusive range of lobster and seafood, Kangaroo Island has gone forth as one of the most populated tourist destinations in Australia. This destination is not just renowned for its tourist attraction, but is likewise known as the wine lover's vacation spot. Kangaroo Island has got as many as 30 wineries across its 150km long area, offering tourists an authentic range of sweet wine.

    Location:  Kangaroo Island is located at the southwest of Adelaide, in the southernmost part of the continent.

    Price: Entry to the Kangaroo Island is free of monetary value.

    Kangaroo Island Tour in Adelaide

    Kangaroo Island Tour in Adelaide

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  • 10Hobart

    Hobart, being the most popular city of the Australian state, Tasmania, the city is less populated compared to its popularity. Hobart has emerged as a one-stop tourist destination of Australia. Speaking about history, Hobart is Australia's second oldest state capital city, after Sydney. Hence, it holds the country's ancient traditions and culture.

    Hobart is one of the top tourist destinations in Australia. For Yachting lover, Hobart is the paradise. The city hosts a Syndey to Hobart yacht race every year after the Christmas eve day. People from all over Australia visits Hobart to enjoy this beauty event day. The Yacht race is celebrated with the Hobart Summer Festival. The festival brings a warm essence of Tasmanian food and exotic wine. Hobart is known as the festive city of Australia. It hosts more than five country festival all over the year.

    Location: Hobart City is located at the Southeastern corner of Tasmania State, at the bank of the Derwent River.

    Price: Entry to the city of Hobart is free of cost.
  • 11Surfers Paradise

    Surfers Paradise
    Located in the suburbs of Queensland, Australia, Surfers paradise is the promised land of urban sundry surrounded by tall buildings and a wide surf beach. The high rise buildings of Surfers paradise are well recognized as the skyline of Queensland. With the best mall in the Kernel, the Cavill Mall', Surfers paradise is a beautiful spot for tourists to relish.

    Surfers paradise is the home of 20,000 Australians. The 'Cavill Mall' is the bosom of the city which authentically blends the Australian culture with the tourist through its exotic Australian cuisine and nightlife. Surfers Paradise is recognized as the soul of Queensland, particularly because of the comportment of the wide surd beach. Tourists from all over the world, visit the place to relish this colossal destination. The great Surfers paradise festival, is celebrated every year in the month of March or April to celebrate the exuberant beauty of Gold coast's authentic cuisine, fashion, artistic production and craft, culture and local music.

    Location: Surfers Paradise is situated in the suburbs area of Gold coast in the Queensland, Australia.

    Price: Entry to Surfers paradise is free of monetary value. Only the festival time charges $15 to $25 as an entry fee.

    Day Out to Surfers Paradise and Tamborine

    Day Out to Surfers Paradise and Tamborine

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  • 12Blue Mountains National Park

    Blue Mountains National Park
    The Blue Mountains National Park is the country's pride and heritage. It houses a number of endangered mammals, including Tiger Quoll. Situated at the heart of the Blue Mountains, this national park attracts more than 3 million visitors every year.

    Highlights: The Blue Mountains National Park is a spectacular area, belonging to Australia. The national park offers a wide range of sports and activities to its visitors, which including mountain climbing, rock climbing, short walks, overnight adventure, long way lookouts, and Canyoning. The largest bird, 'Emu' flies into this park every summer, which is an absolute mesmerizing scene to witness.

    Location: Blue Mountains National Part is located in the heart of Blue Mountain hills of New South Wales, Australia.

    Price: Entry to the Blue Mountains National Park is free of any monetary value. But it costs $8 per day if you have vehicles parked in the parking lot. 
    Blue Mountains Luxury Escape Tour near Sydney

    Blue Mountains Luxury Escape Tour near Sydney

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  • 13Fishing

    Image Credit : wikimedia - Google
    The relaxing sport of fishing can be excellently enjoyed in Australia. Being home to some of the unique marine life, like Snapper, Flathead, Lungfish, Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Yellowfin Tuna and many others the place provides unmatched enthusiasm and thrill for the sport. In Port Philip Bay of Melbourne one can find Snapper, Whiting, Small Shark etc. Port Stephens in Queensland is stated as a place for big game fishing.

    Cressy in Tasmania is also a popular destination to enjoy fishing. The Shoalhaven River towards the south of Sydney is known for the avid availability of Luderick, Flathead, whiting and Flounder. For the best flatheads one can go to East Gippsland in Victoria. In a nutshell there are various places to enjoy the sport and in most of the places there are no restrictions except there are bag limits for each species. 
  • 14Camping

    Image Credit : Wikimedia - Google
    Camping can be again quite an interesting activity in Australia. Almost every city of the country has supreme campsites which can be explored with all facilities and excitement. However there are few popular spots which exceed the entertainment package in compared to others. Among them the Whitsundays in Queensland is possible the best of the lot. With white sandy beaches at the backdrop of azure warm water with secluded campgrounds and a whole lot of thrilling activities this is quite a preferred campsite.

    Image Credits : wikimedia - google

    Apart from this Leliyn Camping area in Nitmiluk National Park, Freycinet camping area in Freycinet National Park, Tulki Beach Camping area in Cape Range National Park, Rocky River camping area in Flinders chase National Park, Bald Rock Creek camping area in Girraween National Park are some of the prominent places in this regard. In many of campsites, permit s required and one needs to maintain some rules which should be known beforehand. 
  • 15Cycling

    Image Credit : wikimedia - Google
    One of the best ways to enjoy sightseeing in a city and to know more about the place is through Cycling, as it helps to point out even those which remain otherwise missed while travelling through car or bus. In Australia there are various cities which can be explored through cycling but it is Melbourne city which can be termed as cyclist capital with safe biking trails, good networks covering all prominent spots of the city.

    Image Credits : freeaussiestock - google

     Apart from this Adelaide, Perth and Sydney also is known for great biking pathways that help to explore the city in a better way. And what’s more in Adelaide, there is a free bike hire scheme which makes t all the more interesting. All the other cities provide easy biking hiring facility with plenty of bike stores in all prominent locations. 
  • 16Hot Air Ballooning

    Image Credit : wikimedia - Google
    One of the most extra ordinary ways of exploring a location, floating high above enjoying the pleasant air, the soft rhythm and spectacular views is hot air Ballooning. This sport is quite popular in Australia with spectacular venues where one can enjoy the sport. It is true that a balloon ride is always special no matter from where it is done but there are few top spots where the scenario and the journey is simple breathtaking.

    Image Credits : wikimedia - google

    Among them the most sought after hot air ballooning location is Gold coast Hinterland in Queensland with panoramic views of lush mountainous region. Apart from this Alice Springs in the Northern Territory is also famous for the remote beauty of Australian outback. Along with this one can explore Byron Bay in New South Wales, Port Douglas in Far North Queensland and Yarra Valley in Victoria to enjoy fascinating views of the country. Undulating hills, vines and meandering rivers makes it an ideal sport to explore. 
  • 17Visit Taronga Zoo

    Taronga Zoo is one of the best zoological park in Sydney, New South Wales in Australia. The zoo was opened on 7th October 1916 and is among the best places to explore different types of wild animals.


    Location: Taronga Zoo is located in the shores of Sydney Harbor in the suburb of Mosman. To reach the zoo, you can use public transport which is easily available or private vehicles if you please.

    Highlights: Taronga Zoo has different animal species nearly about 340 species and more than 2600 individual animals. You can also hire the venue to organize any functions or events with a 180 degree and peaceful view of the Sydney harbor making those events truly memorable.

    Best time to visit: Taronga Zoo is open daily including the Christmas days. The visiting hours are 9:30 am-4:30 pm in the month of May to August, 9:30 am-5:00 pm from September to April and on new year's eve 9:30 am - 4:00 pm. You need to plan your trip accordingly to the timings of the zoo.
  • 18Visit Royal National Park

    Royal National Park is the second oldest and protected National Park in the vicinity of South Sydney. In December 2006, the park was added under Australian National Heritage List. It is also known as Nasho or Royals and was established in the year 1879.


    Location: Royal National Park is located at Sutherland Shire, New South Wales in eastern Australia. Public transports like ferry, tram or trains are easily available to reach the national park.
    Highlights: This place has incredible landscapes and beaches and is the best place to explore the beauty of nature. It's also a perfect place for walking, cycling, surfing, picnicking, whale watching or bird watching.

    Best time to visit: Usually, tourists like to visit the national park in different seasons to enjoy different attractions. In the summer, people can enjoy surfing and relaxing on the Garie beach. In the winter, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the coast and spot whales too.
  • 19Visit Bronte Park

    Image Credit :  Robert Cutts (pandrcutts)
    Bronte park is a famous recreational space for families in Sydney. It has many great facilities and promises you a delightful experience. This is among the must visit tourist attraction while you are in Sydney. What most people like about the place is that it also has a beach in the park so people can enjoy it too.

    The park is located at the east end of Bronte road in the Bronte region itself.

    Highlights -  
    The park is extremely pleasant and quite grassy. It is perfectly suitable for a family outing and also for leisurely activities like cooking barbeque. You can have a beautiful view of the ocean through the park and even swimming pool facilities are available.

    Best time to visit: The park stays open on all days from 6:30 in the morning to sunset in the evening so you can visit it anytime during the specified timings.
  • 20Himeji Garden

    Himeji Garden provides you a safe haven away from the busy city life. It is one of the most peaceful places in Adelaide. It is a great place to enjoy some quiet moments with your loved ones. You can enjoy picnic or explore the mesmerizing garden. It was gifted to Adelaide by the sister city Himeji. There are two traditional areas - The sensui area has mountain and lake while the kare sensui area has rock garden.

    Highlights: You can take a walk under the canopy of trees to reach the old fashioned teahouse. You can also visit the traditional Japanese Zen Garden. The Adelaide central market is just a few minutes ride away.

    Timing: 8 AM to 5:30 PM from Sunday to Saturday. It closes at 4:30 PM on weekends and public holidays during April to September.

    Price: N/A 
  • 21Carrick Hill (Mitcham)

    Carrick Hill is a grand heritage manor style structure which used to be the home of Sir Edward and Lady Ursula Hayward. The building houses a number of best in class fine art collections and furniture and fittings. It is surrounded by picturesque gardens where weddings can be organized. One can take a leisure stroll or a guided tour in and around the home.

    Highlights: Visit the little gift shop located inside the house to buy a souvenir for your journey. Stop by at Carrick Hill Cafe which is 15 minutes away from the house. The cafe offers delicious cakes and coffee as well as picnic boxes. You can also enjoy mouth watering cuisine cooked with fresh ingredients.

    Location: The property is located at the base of Adelaide hills.

    Timing: 10 AM to 4:30 PM from Wednesday to Sunday and Public Holidays.

    Price: $12.00 Adults, $8.00 Concession and $28.00 Family. 
  • 22St Peter's Cathedral

    St Peter’s Cathedral is a major landmark of Adelaide. Located at the edge of Pennington Terrace and King William Road, this Cathedral has beautiful architecture and a mix of modern and traditional stain glass windows. Inside the building you can feel the holiness of worship, choirs, incense and candles.

    Highlights: There are experienced tour guides to help you understand the history and importance of the cathedral. They will also explain about the religious significance of different artworks inside the cathedral. Next to the main entrance of the cathedral, you can find a small gift shop from where you can purchase the souvenir of your visit.

    Location: The St Peter’s Cathedral is just 5 minutes drive away from Rundle Mall.
    Timing: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM from Monday to Saturday and 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM on Sunday.

    Price: The price per head for the commercial tours is $5.00. 
  • 23Visit Scitech Discovery Centre

    Scitech Discovery Centre located at Sutherland Street, close to King’s Park at the city centre displays some of the best theories on science and technology through exhibitions, events and activities. Taking participation from all the visitors this is absolutely entertaining as well as educational that all can enjoy. There are separate sections on space and galaxy and the world of physics s been explored firsthand here.

     One can actually enjoy the versatility of science which is known to have many standpoints that can provide entertainment to people of all ages. It is actually a great value entertainment and a place to get huge knowledge. There are restaurant and in house cafes where one can enjoy snacks and other refreshment. The place is a fascinating location and a must visit for all. 
  • 24Helicopter Ride

    Many of us have wished to ride on a helicopter since childhood. You can make your wish come true while in Sydney. You will have a beautiful skyline to gaze at and the Australian sky looks extremely beautiful especially during the evening time.

    Location: There are many locations in Sydney where you can take a helicopter ride.

    Highlights: You are above the whole city of Sydney and can have a bird's eye view of the city by getting into a helicopter ride.

    Price: The price for per person is around 100 Australian dollars but be assured that the experience is totally worth the money you pay.

    Best time to visit: Usually helicopter rides can be taken anytime you wish to but people who prefer a good view can opt for going in the evening. If you are someone who loves the night sky, then you can have a ride at night.
  • 25Paragliding

    Image Credit : wikimedia - Google
    Paragliding is another enthusiastic sport which is often experimented by adventure seekers in Australia. A sub tropical climate is best for paragliding and in several places of the country one can have the requisite temperature. There are prominent tour operators who have professionals to give an end to end training on the sport and help it enjoy better.

    Image Credits : publicdomain - google

    In Queensland many local operators ensure a 2 day crash course and training s taken by the fliers before they independently do the same. The 2 day course is virtually a license to the sport. However one can also do tandem flying where a professional will accompany the flier. In Queensland there are several sites like Canungra, Toowoomba etc near the gold coast which provides great views and good sporting experience. In Sydney also the sport is quite appreciated taking place at Stanwell Park for a stretch of 30 minutes. 
  • 26Mountain Biking

    Image Credit : wikimedia - Google
    Mountain Biking is quite popular in Australia. Be it the rugged coastlines or undulating forest tracks, the sport has always been much appreciated in the country. There are several prominent biking trails in each city of the country which helps to know the location better and enjoy its scenic extravaganza. However in midst all these there are few biking trails which is considered to be the best in the whole country in terms of smooth well paved trails and view of scenic surrounding.

    Image Credits : pixabay - google

    Some of the best trails include Sydney bike ride to south head, through Mt Coot Tha Forest in Brisbane, Robin Falls to Adelaide River town, Cox Peninsula loop, Manton Dam Darwin Dam Loop and many others. In fact the country is filled with such exotic trails where one just needs to explore. While few trails are easy and can be covered by beginners but there are moderate and difficult trails too which needs a little training and ft body. The details of the trails can be achieved from local bike stores. 
  • 27Whitsundays Island

    Sandwiched between the NE coast of Queensland state and The Great Barrier Reef, in Australia, Whitsunday Island is an assemblage of beautiful yet adventurer islands, clubbed in together, forming an exotic tourist attraction place. Though Whitsunday Island is itself popular enough to draw tourists, businessmen are simply attracted to its more commercial kind of term known as 'Hamilton Islands'.

    The Whitsunday Islands are a collection 74 continental islands situated at the north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. One cause for the massive tourism attraction of the Whitsunday Islands is its exotic yatching destination. Brisbane weekends are largely spent on the southern waters of Whitsunday Island, yatching out along the seashore. With a mixture of tasty Australian seafood and the traditions of Ngara people, the natives of Whitsunday Island, this spot is the best holiday destination.

    Location: The Whitsunday Islands are typically located on the northeastern shores of Brisbane, Queensland.

    Price: Entry to the Whitsunday Islands is free of monetary value.

  • 28Port Douglaa

    At the furthest north of Queensland, Australia, a small place called Port Douglas exists which is an extraordinary tourist destination. Travelers from all around the world who visit Australia, never misses this beautiful and refined place, Port Douglas. One cause of its popularity and fame is because of its close proximity to the World heritage sites- The Great Barrier Reef and The Daintree Rainforest.

     Port Douglas is popularly named after John Douglas, the former premier of Queensland. The township is the home of four best World heritage sites: Macrossan Street, St. Mary's Wharf Street, 6 Dixie street Port Douglas Wharf and Port Douglas Court house Museum. Kitesurfing is the most popular play in the town which draws crowds of tourists hovering at the streets of Port Douglas. Port Douglas is named as one the best top 100 towns in Australia.

    Location: Port Douglas is located north of Queensland, Australia and is in close approximation to Cairins, Australia.

    Price: Entry to the Port Douglas town is free of monetary value.

  • 29Sunshine Coast, Queensland

    Being the third-most populated state of Queensland, Australia, the Sunshine Coast is a semi-urban area situated at the heart of the city. The town has a touch of urban lifestyle with European culture since Europeans were the first to settle in this region. As the name suggests, Sunshine Coast is a beautiful coastal region surrounded by valleys and water bodies while making it an ideal place to hop in during vacations.

    Highlights: Sunshine Coast region is guarded by an unbreakable chain of sea beaches which attracts more than 3.2 million visitors every year. The plethora of sunshine falling upon the sun-kissed beaches explains the scenic beauty of this place. This Coast is the home for 5 famous National Parks of Australia, including Mapleton National Park, Kondalilla National Park, The Glass House National Park and so on.

    Location: The Sunshine Coast is located at the north of Brisbane, in the Southern east corner of Queensland Australia.
  • 30Scuba Diving

    Image Credit : wikimedia - Google
    Housing the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the biggest reef across the globe, Australia is one of the best places to enjoy scuba diving. With astounding bio diversity one can spot here several types of sea animals like Giant Groupers, Whales, Shark, Dolphins and many others. The best scuba diving sites of the country are Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Port Douglas, Townsville, Whitsunday Islands and Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth.

    Image Credits : pixabay - google

    Though diving is allowed throughout the year, especially in Queensland, in some parts of Southern Australia there remains some restrictions on diving in case of bad weather which happens mostly from May to October. It is important to enjoy the sport with expert tour operators who can guide on air temperature, water temperature, water current, tide speed and direction, depth and very importantly visibility. For the beginners it is a fun sport as the same can be learnt and enjoyed within hours of training.
  • 31Townsville

    The Northeastern Coast of Queensland, Australia, Townsville is the beauty of the country which attracts tourists from all over the world. Townsville is noted as Australia's largest urban centre for livelihood, modernity and shopping centres. The City has emerged some World's leading brands in terms of fabric, knit and leather.

     Townsville is one of the most Urban-clad cities of Queensland, Australia. "The Strand" is the main cause of tourist attraction in this city. It is considered as one of the most beautiful sea beaches of the Australian continent. Apart from that Townsville is the house of Australia's largest heritage places like Riverway, a riverside parkland, The Castle Hill, which is considered as the most famous tourist attraction spot. The Castle Hill is known as the city's fitness destination.

    Location: Townsville is located on the north-eastern corner of Queensland, Australia, which is just adjacent to The Great Barrier Reef.

    Price: Entry to the land of Townsville is free of cost unless you are willing to be a part of any event.
  • 32Hiking

    Image Credit : pixabay
    In terms of natural excellence, Australia has a lot to offer with mountain ridges, open landscapes, ocean, lakes, and a lot more. Undoubtedly all this features makes the country one of the best places to enjoy hiking. There are two types of hiking opportunities in Australia, a multiday hiking and secondly, same day hiking. Among the best trails in multiday hiking includes Overland Track Tasmania, Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria, Six Foot Track, NSW and Cape to Cape Walk, Western Australia.

    Image Credits : pixabay - google

    For a single day hiking, one can choose from Kosciuszko Walk, NSW, Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Northern Territory, Dove Lake Circuit, Cradle Mountain National Park, Binna Burra to Green Mountains, Queensland, and Manly to Spit bridge. Apart from these there are other hiking trails which can also be explored in each city after taking necessary permits, where necessary. 
  • 33Hamilton Island

    Hamilton Island is a part of Australia's famous Island collection called Whitsunday Island. Located close to The Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the prestigious world's Heritage places, Hamilton Island is an ideal place to spend a holiday away from the urban-clad lifestyle of the modern century.

    A holiday plan to Hamilton Island is an ideal choice if you want to enjoy the raw essence of Australia's white sand and untouched coral lifestyle. The Island has emerged a marine lifestyle which is quite different from the rest of Australia's Island collection. Hamilton Island is a paradise for golf lovers since it houses 18 famous golf championships. Hamilton Island houses the world's famous sea beach, 'Whitehaven Beach'.

    Location: Hamilton Island is located at the heart of The Great Barrier Reef and very near to the Queensland state of Australia.

    Price: Entry fee to the Island is free of any monetary value. 
  • 34White Water Rafting

    Image Credit : pixabay - google
    River trips are the best ways to reach all those places which are otherwise untouchable through vehicle or foot. In fact one can explore the natural wilderness best by going through rivers in some of the best rides with white water rafting. Australia with amazing rafting locations gives immense excitement for all the adventure seekers. Among all places Cairns, Queensland and Victoria is quite popular in facilitating rafting locations with a number of tour operators being present here.

    Image Credits : pixabay - google


    In fact the Tully River of Cairns is considered as the best to enjoy the thrill as well as the Heritage Rainforest. Apart from this Barron Rafting and Xtreme Rafting are also popular to enjoy half day or full day raft adventure. Apart from this Jameison River in Victoria is also quite popular in this regard. The rented gear and all other facilities for the sport is available with the tour operators only. 
  • 35Shark Bay

    Shark Bay is known for one of the most important treasures on earth. Shark Bay is on the edge of the Australian continent, and meets the western coast sea. With over 2 million hectares of surrounding, the Bay is one of the best visiting spots in Australia. A well-known for its marine activities, provides an adventurous outing for your family.

    Highlights: Formed by peninsulas on both its sides Shark Bay is known as two bays, also called as Gutharraguda, the geographic shape of Shark Bay is breath taking and is a place for contrasting colors, plants, animals and wildlife to cheer for.

    Location: It is located at the westerly point of Australia along the coast of Western Australia. Many people visit this place by road. North West Coastal Highway is linked to the sealed road with the Bay.

    Price: There is a fee associated with every visit that you have in Shark Bay, and varies according to the season.

  • 36Visit Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

    Queen Victoria Building is also popularly known as QVB among locals and tourists. It was built in the late 19th century replacing the old Sydney original site. This beautiful architecture is 30 meters wide and 190 meters long. QVB occupies the entire George, Market, York and Druitt Streets. In 1987, the new market building was honored to Queen Victoria for her glorious reign which marked her diamond jubilee.


    Location: Queen Victoria Building is located at 455 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales in Australia. Public transport is easily accessible to reach this destination.

    Highlights: Queen Victoria statue is placed in front of the Druitt Street entrance. The building has four main shopping floors and many memorials along with historic displays. The building consisted of concert halls, coffee shops, offices, showrooms, city library and a variety of trade people are accommodated

    Best time to visit: The shopping center is open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • 37Visit Westfield Sydney

    Tourists love shopping and Westfield is the best shopping center present in Sydney. The place was opened in the year 2010 and the rush never seems to slow down. The whole place is operated by Scentre group. The place went through a huge redevelopment process and after that there has been many new stores opened up.

    Location: Westfield is located right below the Sydney Tower in the Sydney central business district. It is also very near to the Westfield Sydney Central Plaza so getting around other famous places is hassle free as well.

    Highlights: There are more than 361 stores and services in the shopping center so you can purchase from a wide range of collections here. You will also find some of the high end luxury stores like Guess, Esprit and Cue in the place. The Pit Street Mall is also here, which is supposedly one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world.
  • 38Visit Art Gallery of South Australia

    For all the lovers of art, The Art Gallery of South Australia is an ideal location to visit. Housing some of the best art collections of the country in one of the most elite buildings, the art gallery is located in North Terrace of Adelaide. Being a landmark of the city and based close to University of Adelaide, and Australian Museum this place is visited by more than 7,00,000 visitors almost every year.

    The collection of the gallery includes about 38,000 art works from various places including Asia , North America, Europe and Australia. The gallery showcases art works of different genres inclusing painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, metalworks, jewellery and many others. From Renaissance till the modern day the art gallery is a complete storage of multiple creative works. The entry is free for all and it is open on all days from 10am to 5pm.

    Location: North Terrace, Adelaide 
  • 39Visit National Zoo and Aquarium

    Image Credit : nationalzoo - google
    I enjoyed winding through the installation and seeing a decent vary of animals from Australia and around the world. You’ll be able to get quite near the small cities- just like the penguins and therefore the meerkats- and want you're a part of their world for a minute. I got amazingly near a hyena too - he lay down right next to the glass that backs onto the vivarium.

    Image Credits : Orangedrummaboy - flickr

    The National installation and vivarium aren't low cost to go to if you're coming up with an occurrence visit; therefore, the animals have superb habitats. Nice use of plants and streams through the installation, with sensible aggregation for the path and benches here and there for taking a possibility. You'll be able to book into accommodation right at the installation or book into a special event like ' meet the cheetahs'. Once you pay, you'll be able to keep all day if you would like.

    Location: 999 Lady Denman Drive, Canberra 2611, Australia.
  • 40Cockington Green Gardens

    Image Credit : wikimedia - google
    Cockington Green Gardens a park of miniatures, situated in the Nicholls, Australian Capital Territory. Doug and Brenda, Sarah had an idea to create a miniature village in 1972 and Cockington Green was then opened on 3rd November 1979.The business is a family owned and operated, incorporating over four generations. Cockington Green Gardens offer to visitors an experience one cannot find anywhere else.

    Venture into this delightful and fascinating display of meticulously crafted miniature buildings set in the beautifully landscaped gardens to make the Canberra visit complete. Created by Doug and Brenda, Sarah Cockington Green Gardens is family owned and operated attraction, with nearly four generations involved in its operation over the past 35 years.

    Image Credits : wikimedia - google

    Opened to the public in 1979, Cockington Green is one of the Canberra’s landmark attractions and being a winner of an Australian Tourism Award with many local tourism industry awards in present time. While being in the park, one can visit the Rose Room indoor exhibition, featuring ‘Waverley’ a 34 room Dolls House, enjoy a coffee in the Parsons Nose Garden Cafe.

    Location: 11 Gold Creek Road, Canberra,Australia.



Tamborine Mountain

Tamborine Mountain is one of the most tranquil spot in Gold Coast that takes you away from the hubbub of city life, to indulge in the serene and scenic beauty of tropical rainforest, exotic birds and incredible flora and fauna. Apart from the breathtaking view, the destination also offers you a range of comfortable accommodation, a host of restaurants, arts & galleries, wineries, breweries, cafes and other shops.

Highlights: There are a host of things that you can do at Tamborine Mountain. The Skywalk tour is a unique way to experience the beauty of the beautiful rainforest. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the area by floating on a hot air balloon. Apart from that, it is an excellent place for bird watchers and people who enjoy living close to nature.

Location: It is located in the Scenic Rim, just an hour’s drive away from Gold Coast.


Cavill Avenue Mall

At the heart of the Surfer’s Paradise lies the best nightlife and shopping avenue of the Gold Coast – The Cavill Avenue Mall. It is the fun and leisure centre of the Surfer’s Paradise, with a number of shops, bars, restaurants, night clubs as well as some of the best food joints. The avenue is a place where you can see some of the incredible live music performances.

Highlights: The Cavill Avenue Mall houses some of the best restaurants that offer a wide array of mouth watering cuisines from all over the world. The close by streets is the major attraction of the Cavill Avenue Mall. The street has some of the best night clubs, tattoo shops and economical yet incredible food.

Location: The Cavill Avenue Mall is located in Surfer’s Paradise and is just a little more than hour an hour’s drive from Gold Coast International Airport.


Robina Town Shopping Centre

Shopping at Robina Town Shopping Centre will be a very exciting affair for you. With more than three hundred and fifty shops and food joints, this Gold Coast’s largest shopping centre defines luxury shopping and dine-in. From fashion to departmental stores, you can find almost everything in the Shopping Centre.

Highlights: Enjoy a cup of coffee and relax at the Food Atrium. After shopping enjoy the latest movie on the comfortable chairs of the Events Cinema. You can also spend some fun time at AMF Bowling and M9 Laser Skirmish. Finish your day with a delicious meal from one of the beautiful lakeside restaurants of The Promenade.

Location: The Robina Town Shopping Centre is located next to M1 Motorway. It is less than a kilometre away from Queensland Rail Robina Station. The free shuttle service from the Centre is operational on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Timing: 9.00am - 5.30pm

Kurrawa Beach

Kurrawa Beach lies on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and is popular amongst the enthusiastic surfers. It is well known for hosting the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships by the
surfing enthusiasts and is popular nationally as well as internationally. The Kurrwa Surf Life Saving Club is one of the leading clubs of Kurrwa known for surfing sports and at the same time is popular amongst the locals for its bistro and bar. The trippers across the world come here for spending their holidays and relish a full dose of entertainment along with mouth-watering meals and refreshing cocktails and beers. To the north of the main beach area is a playground and a duck pond for progeny, which is also meant for picnic purpose and barbeques. Activities like cycling, rollerblading, walking, and watching the alluring view are famous things to do here.

 Highlights: Pacific Fair, Kurrawa Surf Club, Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant.


Showcasing the best of China's food and culture is Sydney's Chinatown, an urban locality in the southern part of Sydney's central business district. An enthralling experience for any food lover, you can get all of your favourite classic Chinese food right here. Chinatown is sure to give you an intensely rewarding experience as here you can immense yourself in Chinese culture and history and partake in its many festivals that take place throughout the year. It is an absolute family destination with something for everyone. With its cheap hotels, it makes for a great place to stay for the weekend.

Location: Located in Haymarket, between Darling Harbor and Central station. It is Australia's largest Chinatown.

Highlights: What makes Chinatown extraordinary are the specialty shops wherein one could buy things which would not normally be available elsewhere. You could get art, crafts, tea sets, dinnerware and Chinese herbs. There is a Chinese supermarket as well which houses ethnic Chinese goods.

Best time to visit - September to November, March to May.

North Terrace

Located at the centre of Adelaide, the North Terrace gives the insight about the culture, history and architecture of the city. There are a number of buildings and structures like War Memorial, museums, art gallery, Casino, restaurants, hotels among others. There is a lot to do in and around North Terrace. After exploring the area, you can take refuge under one of the shady trees over the bench and enjoy your lunch while watching the world around you.

Highlights: Take a tour through the cultural boulevard of the North Terrace which includes galleries, museums, university and library. Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum. Enjoy your meal and drink at any of the several restaurants and bars in the area.

Location: North Terrace is 20 minutes drive away from Adelaide Airport. It is a few minutes’ walk away from Rundle Mall.

Timing: N/A

Price: N/A 


The Northeastern Coast of Queensland, Australia, Townsville is the beauty of the country which attracts tourists from all over the world. Townsville is noted as Australia's largest urban centre for livelihood, modernity and shopping centres. The City has emerged some World's leading brands in terms of fabric, knit and leather.

 Townsville is one of the most Urban-clad cities of Queensland, Australia. "The Strand" is the main cause of tourist attraction in this city. It is considered as one of the most beautiful sea beaches of the Australian continent. Apart from that Townsville is the house of Australia's largest heritage places like Riverway, a riverside parkland, The Castle Hill, which is considered as the most famous tourist attraction spot. The Castle Hill is known as the city's fitness destination.

Location: Townsville is located on the north-eastern corner of Queensland, Australia, which is just adjacent to The Great Barrier Reef.

Price: Entry to the land of Townsville is free of cost unless you are willing to be a part of any event.

South Bank

One of the most popular attractions of Brisbane is the South Bank. It is the cultural destination of the city based close to the meandering Brisbane River. Stretch of green landscapes and sweet music of the water gushing is the essence of this location. Based in the southern part of the city this is the heart of Brisbane cultural destination.

The place is filled with world famous, reputed and famed group of restaurants serving all kinds of gourmets, shopping zones, markets, fun activities and street Beach. As per statistics about 11 million people visit South Bank every year. There are three massive undercover car parking zones in this area to cater the footfalls here. Lazy strolls from Kangaroo Point leads to South Bank which is often availed by visitors here. In a whole visiting South Bank is a must for all visitors to catch the real entertainment of the city. 

Queen Street Mall

Queen Street Mall is the shopping paradise in Brisbane city. It is the most popular pedestrian mall in the whole country and it is known to host about 26 million visitors every year. The mall has huge number of stores which showcases local, international as well as flagship brands. It is believed that there more than 700 retailers based here which caters to almost all kinds of goods available here. It is not only the shopping that attracts people here but it is also considered as the most happening place in the whole Brisbane.

Thousands of events gets organised here and one can feel the thud of music feeling the air on every weekends. Restaurants, pubs, cinema halls, beauty salons, boutiques, bars and a throbbing nightlife can be experienced here with some of the best entertainment options being available here. It is truly the premier entertainment destination of Queensland. 

Kings Park

One of the largest inner city parks of the world with around 6 million people visiting the destination every year, the Kings Park is one of the most visited places in Australia. With some of the fascinating collection of flora, this place is much visited for picnics, nature walk and for ceremonial events. Providing stunning views of the Perth city and the Swan River this is based on Mt Eliza. There are options of fine dining in the in house restaurant and one can also enjoy a cup of coffee with the locals. Being the first park of the country, it is also home to State War Memorial and State Botanic Garden.

The park has more than 1700 native species along with a many alluring collection of wildflowers. The Kings Park Festival is also quite popular a festival in this area and it is celebrated every year in the month of September. 

Swan Valley

On the northern side of Perth and the Swan river lies the beautiful Swan Valley. It is the oldest wine region of Western Australia. The Swine Valley food and wine trail is a wonderful location to explore some of the best cuisine and bag some fine bottle of wines. There are many breweries, winery cafes and fresh produce stalls which can be explored to know the real essence of the city. One can visit the national Park and even do cycling in the Swan Valley Heritage trail. Village Guildford is based at the gateway of Swan Valley.

One can shop a lot of antique goods or work of art here and explore the local shops. Horse riding tours are also quite popular in Swan Valley. In fact it is an ideal location to have a full day trip with many entertaining activities that helps in spending good time with friends and family. One can get close to koalas in Caversham or enjoy the visual treat of crocodiles in Henley Brook.

Fremantle Prison

Being the largest convict built prison this is Western Australia’s World Heritage Building which has been used for the last 140 years as a place for incarnation. With 5m high walls this is one of the dominating places of Fremantle. The tour consists of visit to kitchen, men’s cells, and solitary confinement cells. One can visit the women prison and take the underground boat ride through the tunnels. Once entering the gate house one can visit Prison gallery, gift shops and the Convict Cafe which is absolutely free. The first convicts were made to build the same including others as time passes by. Stretching from 1855 to 1991, over 3, 50,000 have been incarcerated here. This is one of the prominent sightseeing spots of the city and a must visit for all who wants to explore the historical places of the city.

Location: 1, The Terrace, Fremantle, Perth

Timings: 9am to 5pm 

Cottesloe Beach

Pretty as a picture, the Cottesloe Beach is the perfect place to enjoy various water sports like surfing, snorkelling, and swimming in the crystal clear waters. It is a perfect relaxing space where one can enjoy long hours hearing the gushing waters and the scenic beauty beyond with family and friends over a refreshing drink.

The place can be easily reached by taking a ride with the Transperth busses or take a train ride and then hop off to enjoy a 600 m walk to the lovely Cottesloe Beach. The white sandy beaches and the lovely beachside food is the best way to get entertained as well as spend quality time with the near and dear ones. A lazy afternoon with good is what is promised by the beachside. 

Gallery of Morden art

Based in Stanley Place, The Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) is one of the famed sightseeing destinations in Brisbane. Based in the beautiful twin buildings of Cultural Precinct, this is a treasury of the finest art of Asia, Australia and Pacific. Hosting some of the renowned world famous Australian as well as International art exhibitions, the place has successfully grabbed the attention of millions of art lovers across the world. In fact the greatest achievement is the storage of more than 17000 works of art in various genres like contemporary, historical and even modern art from various parts of the world. The Gallery has its own retail outlets where all purchases of artworks can be done. The stores are open from 10am to 5pm.For the travellers there are refreshments within the premises, the Goma Restaurant and QAG Cafe and Goma Cafe Bistro.

Location: Stanley Place, Cultural Precinct, South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland.

Timings: 10am to 5pm 

South Bank Parklands

South bank Parklands is located in the southern bank of Brisbane River. 17 hectares of lush and verdant landscape forms the destination of premier lifestyle and cultural stoppage of Brisbane. The park host a range of world famed renowned eateries with delicious mouth melting cuisine, breathtaking and awe striking views of the rivers and hundreds of cultural entertaining events that keeps the place throbbing with almost every night throughout the year.

For the nature lovers there are place to enjoy the silent harmony away from the hustle and bustle too. In a whole it is a splendid place to unwind and relax specially feel entertained in the weekend nights with family and friends. One can enjoy some of the best Australian cuisine in the eateries based here. 

Pony Dining Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane CBD

This restaurant is mainly renowned for its modern Australian cuisines and steaks. The location is excellent, which is one of the major reasons for which lots of people are attracted to this restaurant. The service is good and the staffs are friendly and attentive towards the customers. It is also recommended for special events because it has a private room. The food is indeed excellent and flavourful. If you have never visited this restaurant before, you should visit it at least once, and you will surely not be disappointed with it. The fitouts are stylish and modern, and you will get a sense of warmth and comfort. Booking in advance is a good idea.

Location: You can find this restaurant at Upper Level, Eagle Street Pier, 45 Eagle Street at the heart of the Brisbane city.

Price: Expect to pay around $100 for two people. 

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