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    White Water Rafting in Himachal is an excellent adventure sport which has gained popularity over the past decade. To enjoy the experience and thrills of river rafting, one should head to Himachal Pradesh using the jeep safari.

    Himachal Pradesh in a few words cannot be described for the abundant options available. But lets just call it the Mecca of river rafting up north India. Now even you along with your loved ones can travel to Himachal Pradesh to enjoy this sport or indulge in trekking.

    Best time for river rafting

    Summers are the best for river rafting in Himachal Pradesh. It is when the snow capped mountains melt to give its waters to the ever hungry rivers. This also makes the rivers speedy and volatile, making it a wonderful challenge for river rafters out there. Every adventure seeker and nature enthusiast would love rafting in the waters of these rivers, for Himachal Pradesh knows very well how to quench the thirst and the ambition for powerful challenge seekerssuch as rock climbing enthusiasm with kayaking.

    Why Himachal Pradesh river rafting is so famous

    The rivers of Himachal Pradesh are exciting and tough to conquer, driving up the spirit and the adrenaline of the river rafters no doubt. It is a challenge to the body, mind and soul and with waters that run at speeds above the levels of human reach, any adventure seeker with grit and determination would want to overcome the challenge, while having fun as well.

    Moreover, when you are busy taming the wild force of nature, the banks on either side of the rivers in Himachal Pradesh is densely populated with flora and fauna (which you can watch while you go on a hot air ballooning journey) that would leave you breathless. It is an out of the world experience, one of a kind which would make you come back for more.

    The popular spots in Himachal Pradesh for rafting

    The four main rivers of Himachal Pradesh are Sutlej, Ravi, Beas and Chenab, each of them popular as the other in its own rights for river rafting. The four rivers are almost parallel to one another. Meandering through Lahaul-Spiti, Kullu, Pangi, Chamba, and Kangra, even through the valley of Sutlej as well.

    The best part is they all flow North West and in the same direction, so now you can only imagine the speeds at which they travel. This is why the four rivers are known to be hotspots or Meccas for river rafting in Himachal Pradesh.

    Here is a list of the popular river rafting spots in Himachal Pradesh

    •  You can be at River Sutlej, Shimla to experience the wild waters and enjoy the flora and fauna around.
    • Another option would be testing the waters of River Ravi, Chamba. And while doing that dont miss out on the tribal settlements that dot the landscape on either side of the banks.
    • If you are an amateur and would like to experience the thrill of river rafting, the Chamera Lake, Dalhousie is for you.
    • Both amateurs and experienced rafters have given five stars to the experiences of river rafting at the River Chandrabhaga, Lahaul.
    • For beginners and amateurs who would like to try river rafting in Himachal Pradesh, River Beas, Kullu screams of adventure and thrills.
    • The famous Pandoh Lake, Kullu is apt for you if you want a thrilling experience while river rafting, dont miss out on the species of birds that come visiting.
    • Another place for beginners would the famous Gobind Sagar Lake, Bilaspur, and finally,
    • The famous and well known River Spiti, Spiti Valley where trekking in himachal along with water sports happens

    When should you arrive at Himachal Pradesh for the experience?

    The best time to be in Himachal Pradesh for river rafting ventures and thrills would be from early October until the end of April. If you get there during the winters for rafting in Himachal, which is December and January, you wouldnt find river rafting services around, since the biting cold winters withdraws it all. And certainly you arent advised to river raft or go kayaking in himachal during the monsoons, since the rivers are way above from being wild and the currents are violent and unpredictable.

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Rafting in Himachal Pradesh