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Kayaking is an adventure sport taking you on an off beaten path, except that in kayaking, your adventure is on the sea/river. This sport provides the best opportunity for sports lovers to come up close with nature. Paddling through amazing seaweeds, exploring offshore islands, and travelling through canopied waterways makes kayaking a truly an exciting adventure sport.

Kayaking in India

Kayaks look like small fishing boat and are fast picking up as one of the favorite water sports in India. A Kayak can accommodate one or more people. For all those of you who are interested in taking on this water sport, there are lots of interesting destinations in India. Let us have a closer look at some of the best!

Here goes our list of top 5 places –

5. Kayaking on Brahmaputra River:

For everyone seeking an adventurous high, kayaking on the Brahmaputra River is for them. The expedition starts at Tuting where the Tsang Po River of Tibet transforms into the Siang River of Arunachal Pradesh. Along the course, your halts will be at several places starting from a camping and hiking place in the Jedu village, and then onto the Palsi village, Pango, Cherring, Geku, Yembung, Rotung Village and finally to Dibrugarh. Between these two halts are several rapids such as the Toothfairy, Pulsating Pulsi, Ninguing which make the kayaking experience that much more exciting. Pasighat is the last stop of rafting, from where a ferry takes you to Dibrugarh and a flight takes you to Delhi.

Grade & Level: Along this kayaking route, you pass through several grade 4+ and 6 rapids. The rafting and kayaking expeditions on this river are so extreme they are guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

Duration: This entire trip is 15 days long.

4. Kayaking on Subansari River:

SubansiriSubansiri kayaking

The Subansari River is the biggest tributary of the Brahmaputra which runs through Tibet before it enters India in Arunachal Pradesh. This exciting expedition starts from Nacho from where you could go kayaking to Sonala, which doubles up as a camping site. The next halt would be Taliha and then Sippi village. From here, the expedition takes you to Daporji. Upon paddling for a while from here, you reach the confluence of Kamla and Subnasari rivers. The expedition ends at Boghiwheel, from where you are taken to Dibrugarh by ferry and then to Delhi by flight.

Grade & Level: Here you can experience grade 3+ rapids.

Duration: The entire expedition can be done 10 days.

3. Kayaking in Rishikesh:

Rishikesh KayakingRishikesh Kayaking

The 12 km kayaking expedition in Rishikesh begins at Brahmapuri. Once you enter the Ganges, you are welcome with some heavier rapids interestingly named as Initiations, Double Trouble, Terminator and Hilton, which are sure to get your adrenaline pumping up. You continue paddling on the Ganga River passing through serene temples, ashrams and scenic ghats. This particular stretch is relatively calmer. Once you cross this stretch, you arrive at your final destination, Rishikesh.

Grade & Level: This is a moderately graded kayaking expedition which takes you through a mix of some challenging and not-so-wild stretches.

Duration: This entire trip can be done over a period of 2 days.

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2. Kayaking on Kali River:

kali river kayaking

Kali River in Karnataka is perfect for amateur rafter and kayakers. There are plenty of rapids and plenty of nature to keep everybody hooked. This expedition begins at Devprayag which is quiet a turbulent river. Then you pass through Rajaji National Park and the Vyas ghat, where you can enjoy the fantastic wildlife. Finally you reach Rishikesh after passing through Beasi.

Grade & Level: This expedition is great for grade 3 kayakers and amateur rafters.

Duration: You can complete this trip in 3 days.

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1. Kayaking on Zanskar River:

Zanskar KayakingZanskar Kayaking

Zanskar River is a fantastic option for adventure enthusiasts looking for a wonderful experience in kayaking. The trip starts on the Indus River from Spituk, where you will encounter grade 3 rapids. A little sightseeing opportunities and camping at Tsarap later, you reach Sutak. Then, you enter a mini canyon before camping at Yarshung. After passing through grade 1-5 rapids on Padum, you reach your final destination is Nimu.

Grade & Level: This kayaking expedition passes through several grade 1-5 rapids

Duration: The entire trip takes 12 days.

For those who simply love sporty waters, try surfing and scuba diving too. The thrill of conquering unstable waves is unparalleled after all! But remember, it’s good to be prepared for any disaster waiting to occur. So ensure you are well versed in all the measures that need to be taken on how to survive a sinking ship, brush up your swimming skills and then simply go ahead and get wet in the surfs of rapids.

White water KayakingWhite water Kayaking