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    Kayaking In Himachal Pradesh

    Today we are going to tell you more about it, so please read on and be well informed for the same.

    There is a name attached to kayaking in Himachal Pradesh, a name that attracts tourists from all over the globe to come and experience the thrill and fun in the waters of the river Beas. 

    The river is known to make its ways through Himachal Pradesh and if you are an experienced kayaker, Manali is where you need to be. And if you arent an experienced kayaker, do not lose hope for you still have the lower parts of the river Beas to experience your thrills and chills, follow it all on the jeep safari if you please.

    However, kayaking and trekking in the Himachal Pradesh doesnt start and end at the river Beas, other options available in Himachal Pradesh would be;

    1. Bhaga
    2. Chenab
    3. Zanskari
    4. Parvati
    5. Sutlej
    6. Spiti
    7. Chandra and finally,
    8. Lahaul.

    What Thrillophilia opines on kayaking in Himachal Pradesh

    The best spot without a doubt to kayak in Himachal Pradesh would be the famous Manali. If you are at Manali it would remind you of the Swiss Alps, hot air ballooning trips show you how majestically beautiful the place is. When you are at Manali everything would be easily available for you to arrange an adventure session towards kayaking in other rivers, such as the Bhaga, Zanskari and the Chenab.

    Your truce with the Beas

    They say kayaking in the Beas is the best, because the river gives you the utmost chills and thrills when treading its icy waters. You can paddle well and be warm at the same time while working your way upwards. As you descend the difficulty levels come down and make it easier for you to enjoy kayaking. And if that doesnt fancy you, one could try rock climbing!!

    The experiences with Sutlej

    It comes from a very high descend and is flat all the way through the well known Lahaul. But once the Sutlej enters Himachal Pradesh forcing its way through the Himalayan rocky beds, the whitewater volume would be high and waiting for your arrival. Rafting thus becomes much more packed with excitement and thrills, but only the experienced can tread these violent waters.

    The Bhaga- Darcha route

    Kayaking and rappelling on this route requires nerves of steel, fit and clam bodies and minds as well. Only those with tremendous experience should hitch a ride on these waters. The river looks very inviting when you see it from a distance, but the challenges beneath its rapids can take you by the horns. Once again it would all depend on the water level and your level of experience, when treading this route.

    The challenging Chenab

    Starting all the way from Keylong, it is only the experienced at kayaking who should tread these waters. Since it flows all the way to Kashmir, you may want to have instructors with you for guidance or else you could be in unknown waters and trouble as well. But the view on this kayaking in Himachal trip is breathtaking and spectacular to say the least.

    Challenge the Zanskari if you please

    Right above the point of Darcha is the Zanskari, which would take you in its mighty rapids, which could be violent and treacherous as well. Once again, this is one river which would look inviting but is only for the experienced to tread.

    For those of you who like kayaking in still waters of Himachal Pradesh

    You have options to play around and kayak in still waters around Himachal Pradesh as well. For example;

    1. The Maharana Pratap Sagar also known as the Pong Dam reservoir. The total length for kayaking allowance is forty kilometers and is looked after as an inland sea. Apart from kayaking at this location, one can even indulge in other adventure sports, such as rowing, water skiing, sailing, swimming, canoeing etc.
    2. You also have the famous Gobind Sagar near Bilaspur, in all its breathtaking captivating beauty for kayaking needs in Himachal Pradesh.
    3. One can even go to the famous Chamera Lake near Dalhousie to swim canoe and kayak in still waters.
    4. Lets not forget that still water kayaking in Himachal Pradesh can also be enjoyed at the famous Pandoh Lake which is located at the Mandi-Manali highway in Himachal Pradesh.

    With so many options to choose from in Himachal Pradesh, there isnt an excuse for you not to go kayaking or trekking in Himalaya!!

Kayaking in Himachal Pradesh