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    The beautiful state of Rajasthan is blessed with such tremendous natural beauty that it entices travellers from all over the country and the world to explore its golden sands, spectacular architecture and colourful people and their cultures and traditions. Jaisalmer is a tourist hotspot in Rajasthan and is known for the Jaisalmer desert safari , beautiful camels and golden monuments which have earned it the name ‘the Golden City’.

    Jaisalmer is a beautiful city surrounded by architecture swathed in a golden yellow shade of sandstone and has a splendid fort that boasts of fine architecture and palatial grandeur.

    Photo credit: Terry Presley - flickr

    The sand dunes of Jaisalmer glow in the sun rays as portly camels tread through the sandy paths bobbing their heads up and down. Situated in the heart of the Thar Desert, it is unexpectedly lively and full of colour. Amidst the golden sea of sand, you can spot bursts of colour in the turbans and clothes of the locals. As colourful as it is, the city of Jaisalmer holds great historical value too.

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    Jaisalmer is named after the founder Maharawal Jaisal Singh and it means ‘the Hill Fort of Jaisal’. Unlike most forts in the country, the Jaisalmer fort is buzzing with activity as a major portion of the city resides in the palace. You will find an entire stretch of vendors near the palace selling their wares and marketing them through interesting slogans. If you are skilled at bargaining, shopping here wouldn’t be a problem.

    Photo credit: Flicka - wikicommons

    Jaisalmer is abuzz with activities. There are also a number of tourist places within Jaisalmer that will interest and intrigue you with its historical and aesthetic value. You can visit the picturesque Gadi Sagar Lake and Amar Sagar. For those who would love to experience the desert and its ecosystem, the Jaisalmer Desert Safari is the best way.

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    The Jaisalmer Desert park is one of the largest national parks and about 20 per cent of it is covered in sand dunes. The national park abounds in birds and is considered a haven of migratory and resident birds of the desert. If you are interested in bird watching, you can spot birds such as eagles, harriers, falcons, buzzards, vultures etc.

    Photo credit: travelwayoflife - flickr

    The Jaisalmer desert safari packages are extremely popular with tourists as it allows travelers to soak in the beauty of the sand covered landscape with a little bit of adventure. During the safari, the temperatures may get uncomfortable but the spectacular landscape will divert your attention to more important things. You will be accompanied by a guide on foot who will not only keep you from getting lost, but will also share very interesting stories and information about Jaisalmer, which you will rarely find in books.

    Photo credit: Honza Soukup - flickr

    Thrillophilia arranges for carefully designed desert safari packages that will allow you a sneak peek into the ways of life in the desert and open up new avenues for you to learn more about this sandy stretch of land. The Thar may have intrigued you with its sandy charm through pictures and videos, but here’s your chance to explore it in a way that you have never done before.

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