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    Rafting in Karnataka 

    There is a lot that Karnataka has on offer for the adventure seeker, and one of them stirring a rage amongst all is river rafting.

    This adventure sport surely has become a main attraction for people to come and experience. Karnataka boasts of a wide expanse and a rugged terrain for rock climbing and hence the waters make it feasible to get such adventure sports and outdoor activities happening for real.

    Of late Karnataka has not only become an IT hub but also an adventure hub for seekers from all across the globe. Nature lovers for trekking are always in for a treat and adventure sports have now taken an upper hand with a wide variety of river rafting options on offer.  It is the mystery and the thrill combined which makes river rafting in Karnataka a pleasure to experience. If adventure and fun has been on your mind of late, Karnataka surely then is the place to be, experience the majestic scenery with hot air ballooning as well.

    Blessed with many rivers, Karnataka beckons the adventurous at heart

    In Karnataka there is a reason why adventure sports have become very popular. If you go to regions such as Honnemaradu, Kemphole, Gokarna, Sitanadi, Marawanthe and even Dandeli or even at Devbagh and Karawr, river rafting thrives like no mans business. It is because of the River Cauvery, the backwaters of Shravanthi and the River Kali which allows for such adventure sports to thrive.

    You now get an opportunity to have the most fun and excitement indulging in white water river rafting and other water based sports, such as water banana and kayaking as well, dont miss out on sledging or even corralling amongst others.

    Get ready to be spoilt for choice

    The facilities and options for the layman river rafter are a plenty to choose from, and since river rafting is becoming the most popular activity, amateurs and experienced rafters are being spoilt for choice. From across the globe you would find many tourists rushing to these adventure sporting hubs to fill their quench for river rafting and kayaking, moreover to purely enjoy the thrills and excitement as well.

    River rafting in Karnataka is not tough to do, as fast as the rapids go, river rafting too is catching the mindsets of the bold and daring out there. There are many rafting schools and rental outlets which have started training and helping people enjoy the sport of river rafting in Karnataka.

    The most popular spots according to thrillophilia

    1. Bheemeshwari is a very important spot for river rafting in Karnataka. It is situated aptly right in the middle of a thick forest engulfed in the arms of misty clouds. It is a hill station that sits along the shores of the famous River Cauvery and the white waters of the river makes it an exciting challenge to overcome and a perfect hub to river raft or indulge in trekking in Karnataka as well.
    2. Another famous spot around Karnataka for white water river rafting would be Kondaji. This spot is in very close proximity to Davangere and the scenic beauty along the waterways while you raft down the river rapids cannot be penned down in a few words. On either sides of the waterway you would find small hamlets and thick lush green forests, and you would also find wild species of birds and animals as well. This is surely a splendid spot to make your river rafting or kayaking experience an exciting and an unforgettable one.
    3. If you travel towards the famous river Shravanthi, which is a haunt for those who seek mind blowing adventures and experiences, you would come to Honnemardu. This is a favorite haunt for white water rafting as well, and you have plenty of small islands to overcome and challenge as the course takes it turn.
    4. Near Shimoga there is a small village and on the banks of the well known River Sita, Agumbe. Agumbe is a spot haunted by those who seek the thrills of river rafting, and because of the generous rains it experiences every monsoon, the kayaking and rafting experiences get wilder and rougher, making it perfect to enjoy the adventure sport. Now while you raft along the River Sita at Agumbe, dont miss out on the gorgeous waterfalls that dot the landscape, and finally,
    5. Dandeli National Park houses itself on the famous River Kali, which as its name goes has a blackish hue as color, thanks to the rocks found on the riverbed of this waterway. The rapids on River Kali are wild and very famous for its notorious nature; hence river rafting here has become famous. If you wish to be at this famous spot for river rafting, the best time would be between early October and late February.

    With so many options around Karnataka for river rafting, which one would you choose?


Rafting in Karnataka

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