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There are endless destinations for trekking in Panvel where you can plan to visit over the weekend to take a break from your busy life. You will find all kinds of treks, ranging from easy treks like the Lohagad Fort for beginners to some of the most challenging treks like Kalsubai Peak Trek to choose from. Moreover, most of the trekking trails in Panvel are surrounded by beautiful natural abodes. If you wish to spend some peaceful time in the lap of mother nature, you must definitely plan to take up one of these treks to enjoy with your friends or family.

There are a number of treks near Panvel which have some beautiful summits like waterfalls, historical forts, as well as caves. Moreover, more of these trekking trails are situated in the close vicinity of Panvel which can be reached easily by road and even by public transport. These treks are best enjoyed during the cooler months of October to March. However, if you wish to go birdwatching and love monsoons, you can also plan for a trek in the beautiful surroundings of Panvel during the months of July to September.
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People Also Ask About Trekking in Panvel

  1. Which are the best treks in and around Panvel?

    1. Bhivpuri Trek: Situated in the Karjat, the trek to the Bhivpuri waterfalls is only an hour’s trek away from the Bhivpuri railway station. This amazing waterfall pours over from a height of 115ft., creating a wonderful view amidst the lush green landscape, making your trek to this place an amazing one.

    Trek starts from the base village of Ashane and ends at the small village of Sagachi Wadi, where the waterfall is situated. It is an easy trek and can also be taken up by any beginner, without any difficulty. You can also indulge in rappelling on reaching the destination. It is one of the most popular treks near Panvel as well as Mumbai.

    - Best Time: November to August (All time destination, except for monsoons)

    2. Ulhas Valley Trek: Situated in the lush green foothills of Sahyadri, a trek to Ulhas valley is a perfect weekend getaway from Panvel, Mumbai, as well as Pune. The interesting part about this trek is that instead of trekking up hilly terrain, you trek down to the beautiful Canyon Valley Waterfalls, which is a whopping 320 ft. high and falls beautifully along the Ulhas River.

    The trekking trail passes through a dense patch of beautiful forested area and provides you with some breath-taking views. Also, the base point of this amazing trek is easily accessible by public transport. The complete trek takes around 8 hours, including an hour stop at the beautiful waterfall, and is accessible easily via Panvel, Mumbai as well as Pune.

    - Best Time: Year Long Destination (Except for Monsoon Season)

    3. Irshalgad Trek: The Irshalgad Trek takes you all the way to the historical and beautiful forts situated amidst beautiful views of the valley. This trail is perfect for trekking in Panvel for hiking lovers as well as photography enthusiasts. This trek route has been completed by only very few travelers, thus provides you with a completely different and peaceful vibe. The trekking trail is almost 3.5 kilometers long, which takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach from the base village to the abandoned fort, though a beautiful zigzag path.

    The summit also provides the trekkers with a splendid view of the Morbe reservoir. On reaching the summit, apart from admiring the unexplored fort, one also gets to soak in the beautiful views of the lush green surroundings. It is advisable to have one complete day in hand to completely enjoy this trek.

    - Best Time: June to March

    4. Kalavantin Durg Trek: One of the most peaceful places for trekking in Panvel, it also provides you with a chance to explore the amazingly situated Prabalgad Fort. The Kalavantin Durg Trek takes you through some rocky terrain, amidst lush green natural vegetation, through a thick and astonishing layer of clouds. The destination of this trek, which is the Prabalgad Fort, is situated at a height of 2300 ft. and the trail passes through various beautiful waterfalls.

    It is highly recommended to start this trek from the base village early in the morning so that you can get ample time to admire the beauty of the summit, situated on a beautiful plateau. The base village of the trek is easily accessible by Panvel via road.

    - Best Time: October to May

    5. Karnala Fort Trek: Situated only 10 kilometers away from the city of Panvel, Karnala Fort is situated within the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The Fort is situated at a height of 1500 ft. and is popular among trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. This trek is also perfect for beginners as well as families with children. If you wish to spot some migratory birds in the region, you can plan a visit between the months of October and March.

    Reaching the trekking summit from the base takes approximately 2 hours. The trek essentially has two trails, one of which passes through the middle of the forest, defined by a prominent trail, whereas; the other trail encircles around the bird sanctuary, meeting the main trail at the end.

    - Best Time: October to May

    6. Manikgad Fort Trek: The Manikgad Fort trek has one of the most beautiful views to offer in the near vicinity of Panvel. On reaching the summit of the trek, you shall be able to spot a number of beautiful nearby destinations such as the Sondai Killa, Malanggad Fort, Chanderi Fort, and various others, with a beautiful backdrop of beautiful untouched nature.

    The trek length is approximately 5 kilometers from the base and you should have at least 5 hours in hand, including the ascent as well as the descent. The Fort at the summit is protected by dense nature from three sites and is accessible by trekking only from the southern end. A moderate level of fitness is advisable to take up this trek.

    - Best Time: All year destination

  2. Which are the best one-day treks near Panvel?

    1. Lohagad Fort Trek: Surrounded by lush greenery, Lohagad Fort Trek is one of the most beloved spots for trekking in Panvel amongst the visitors from nearby cities, Mumbai, and Pune. Lohgad Fort has been one of the most important bases of Chhatrapati Shivaji, hence has great importance in Maratha culture.

    2. Garbut Point Trek: This moderate level trek is perfect for adventure lovers. The summit of this trekking trail has a beautiful valley on the one end and a lush green forest on the other, providing the visitors with a mesmerizing view from the top. This trek is highly recommended to be done during monsoon to experience nature at its best.

    3. Purandar Fort Trek: Son of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Sambhaji was born in the very fort which is situated on the summit of this beautiful trekking trail. This trek is popular amongst history buffs and the best time to take up the same is during the winter months.

    4. Kalsubai Peak Trek: Kalsubai is the highest peak in the Sahyadris mountain ranges. Completing this amazing trek is like a dream come true for most of the trekking enthusiasts out there. The views from the Kalsubai Peak are beyond words and obviously, one needs to have quite good fitness to easily complete this trek. It is also considered to be one of the most difficult treks near Panvel.

  3. Which are the easy treks in Panvel?

    1. Korigad Trek: Particularly popular amongst couples, the major attractions that you will come across during this trek are the two ancient caves and the two mystical ponds. It is quite an easy trek yet has an amazing view to offer to its visitors.

    2. Rajmachi Trek: One of the easiest treks near Panvel, the Rajmachi peak has two fortified structures that you get to explore on reaching the summit. It is one of the most popular destinations for trekking in Panvel. Moreover, the surroundings of the two forts have some of the most beautiful views of the valley to offer.

    3. Tikona Fort Trek: Tikona Fort is one of the most unique forts in the Maharashtra region and will surely leave you astonished. You will surely enjoy an easy trek from the base, all the way up to the fort to admire its magnificent architecture from the ancient era.

    4. Peb Fort Trek: One of the most beautiful trekking locations near Panvel, Peb Fort trek is particularly popular due to the mysterious caves and the meditation spots inside which attracts a whole lot of trekking enthusiasts from the nearby cities.

  4. What is the best time to go Trekking in Panvel?

    Most of the destinations for trekking in Panvel are open for trekking all throughout the year. However, the best time to indulge in trekking activities is from the month of October to March. If you are a rain lover and wish to witness nature at its best, you can also try out some easy treks near Panvel during monsoon, i.e., from July to September.

  5. How do I get to Kalavantin Durg from Panvel?

    1. By Road: Kalavati Durg is only 17 kilometers from the city of Panvel and is well connected by road to travel by car.

    2. By Public Transport: You can get off the Panvel Railway Station on Harbour Lane and walk to the Bus station from where you can easily get a bus to the base village of Thakurwadi which heads to Kalavantin Durg.