Best Trekking Tours in Central Province Sri Lanka - 2020

The Central Province of Sri Lanka is a magical place. Trekking tours in the Central Province are a popular way of exploring it. Steeped as it is in natural beauty, it offers exotic trekking opportunities to eager travellers which make every minute of the time spent in the region worth their weight in memories. High peaks dominate the landscape of the Central province, and this makes it a Sri Lankan trekkers paradise. The treks through the dense jungles are magical in themselves, but the views from the summits take the crown for their spellbinding beauty. Trekking tours in the Central Province can be single day trips ranging from 6 to 15 hours or multiple day trips involving camping adventures too. There are several wonderful peaks that trekkers enjoy exploring in the Central Province. The Knuckles Mountain Range is the most popular place to engage in trekking expeditions. Several tiny hamlets, tea estates, rice paddies, lush-green thickets are crossed in the course of the expedition and you will have some opportunities to swim in the brooks and rivers that flow through the region.


Trekking this trail is a great opportunity to sight all the exotic birds that flock the trees. Photography opportunities will also present themselves galore. Treks to the Knuckle range are generally spread over a couple of days and involve camping options. Other trekking destinations in the Central Province include the trails leading to Adam’s Peak and the routes in the Sinharaja Rain Forest. Both these treks are single day treks and so can be enjoyed even if you are in a hurry. The trek to the Kirigalpoththa mountain peak, which is the second highest peak in Sri Lanka, also offer an adventurous time to trekkers and can be completed in a single day. There are many wonderful trekking tours in the Central province of Sri Lanka, and most of them are easy to navigate, so make sure you embark on at least one when you are in the region.

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