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Sri Lanka might look very small on the map but the tiny province has a myriad of attractions to lure you into planning a sightseeing tour to Sri lanka, this vacation. It hangs like an unpolished pearl in the Indian Ocean and is often related to the stories recited in the Ramayana. The landscape of Sri Lanka comprises of hidden beaches and bright hilly forests. The place has suffered from wars and disasters like Tsunami but nothing has been able to take the charm that hides in the jovial and cheerful population that lives here. Sri Lanka is blessed with abundant wildlife and endless beaches. Listen to the stories from the locals who have survived tsunami and war and get inspired by the firmness of the land. People who have spent vacations in this tiny country are often found mulling to go back raving about its timeless ruins, scenic train rides, skillfully-manicured tree plantation, delicious food, and the country’s 2000-year old culture.


The rainforests in this region are great for trekking and spending a day that indulges you into a walk uphill. Sri Lanka is bordered by beaches from all the sides and is perfectly enveloped by the Indian Ocean that makes it look like a jewel. The island is old and is loaded with stories, do not forget to pay a visit to Anuradhapura which is the sacred home to the world’s oldest living human-planted tree and stand in awe by the sight of hundreds of elephants gathered at Minneriya. Srilanka is a place that you have not been to because it has never been highlighted but all you should do is, escape in the old ruins and tropical beaches of this jewel that you found in the Indian Ocean. Take a sightseeing tour in Sri Lanka for the best experiences of the land.

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