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    Rappelling in Rishikesh

    Rappelling in Rishikesh - If you have had your fill kayaking or trekking in Rishikesh, you shouldnt miss out on rappelling.

    Rishikesh has its significance not only as a holy town, a place where pilgrims throng, but also as a place for adventure seekers as well. With a wide range of activities and fun things to do, off late Rishikesh is being viewed as the Mecca for all things fun. Right from river rafting and challenging the rapids of the wildest rivers in India, to trekking the most rugged terrains and enjoying the breathtaking landscape dotting the hills and mountains around, Rishikesh surely is a paradise true to its name. And if you are in Rishikesh and want to try your hands out at an activity which could pump your muscles and yet be safe, try rappelling in Rishikesh.

    The trekking tours can be strenuous and sometimes not fun for all as it depends on your choice, but rappelling for sure would take your heart away. The sport of rappelling happens all through the year, and if the weather patterns go awry, the camps for the same would shut down with prior notice.  Many who come to this state join trekking in Rishikesh and then go on to other sport activities such as kayaking, rappelling etc.

    What thrillophilia says?

    Rappelling is a very exciting and an exotic adventurous sport, it means you would be descending terrains from a height. Usually if you take part in this sport, you would have to depend on the best state of the art gear to indulge in this adventure, and you have instructors around to help you with the same. As a climber you would be given the best equipments to use, so that your experience is safe and filled with loads of fun.

    The fun involved with rappelling

    When you indulge in rappelling you would be goi9ng down a steep dropping cliff, and this would be a fun activity to do. The gear used for the same would be of high standards and the instructors around would be guiding you on every step, so that the best usage of the rappelling equipment is made of. In rappelling one would use various types of equipments, such as ropes, harnesses, shoes, climbing gears, helmets, and even the right athletic tapes as well, so that you are safe while having fun.

    As an adventure seeker it is important you analyzed the quality of the anchor to be used, fix the end of the rope to the rappel and allow it to pass between edges which are sharp. The loose end of the rope should be left hanging to the ground at all time. If this all seems tedious and confusing, allow your instructor to help you with the same. Usually it is the instructor who would do all of this for you and would be the first to go down the rugged cliff, beckoning you to follow.

    The thrills of rappelling

    Just as white water rafting or kayaking in the violent rapids would be, the thrills and chills of rappelling to has its own challenges. Imagine yourself descending a steep rock and all that you have to rely on would be the gear in use for the sport at hand, now this is the thrill we speak about. Just as rock climbing, the sport of rappelling in this state can bring you a lot of adventure and fun when done right and with the right trained instructors around.

    You can rappel down a cliff in various ways, the most popular being standing parallel to the ground surface with the legs on the face of the steep cliff. With the help of the right gear you can go ahead and climb down the steep cliff, and while you are doing that you would be watching and absorbing the breathtaking view of the panoramic landscape around. if rock climbing makes you go up, rappelling makes you come down, so have fun doing both when you are in Rishikesh.

    The best place for rappelling in Rishikesh

    The best place to go for rappelling sport in Rishikesh would be the famous Shivalik Himalayas. Over here one would be face to face with the most daring steep cliffs of all, and lets include the charms of camping and enjoying the landscape around as well.

    Who can enjoy rappelling?

    Everyone can and there is no age limit at all. But you should be active physically and perform this activity with the help of well trained staff around. With the help of rappelling and cliff jumping you get to understand your own physical stamina and capabilities, plus since rappelling makes you concentrate as well, your mental abilities would be honed.

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Rappelling in Rishikesh