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20 March 2016
Very good option for trekking and camping. Beautiful scenery with snow capped Himalayas in the backdrop, exquisite meadows, refreshing springs en route. Spent a memorable trip. wanted the sheer joy of being etherized to the core by the beauty of the unknown. Trekkers can also explore this park area as its one of the richest biological parks in world. Small lodges are available with good local food.
"We booked for the same day and after calling at thrillophilia, our booking was confirmed, we were given a great rafting guide who guided us very safely and completed full 7kms without cheating on us which most guides do there but our guide was very very good.. He even let me dip in the water. it was a great experience. We will definitely recommend this. "
26 January 2016
Gudakesha Bhattathiri Trek to Rudranag with a Guide
This place is heaven for nature lovers as well very reasonable as compared to other places for best experience go with your tents and have your energy drinks and water with you when start trekking
07 January 2016
We sped past Barshaini and we now able to view the mountain peaks from an altogether different angle - could not believe these were the same vistas that we had been viewing all day long. As the evening hues came about, the peaks turned crimson red - absolutely stunning. We were once again humbled into silen
05 January 2020
Harita Achari Trek to Bijli Mahadev
It was the finest experience we had. Visiting the shiva temple surrounded by snow and at a height of 2460 meters was indeed an amazing experience. The views from the hill are astonishing and worth the efforts to climb until that height.
Kullu Manali trip was an amazing experience. I went there with my friends and we had the best experience. The trip was so well planned, we did not have to bother about anything. The view from Solang valley was so beautiful, it was a nice experience exploring the different attractions of the city and river rafting was a thrilling experience. It was fun playing in the snow and we even tried making a snowman. The accommodation and other facilities included in the package were up to the mark.
15 March 2020
Naval Chaturvedi Trek to Bijli Mahadev
It was a great experience to trek to Bijli Mahadev Temple and watched one of the amazing views of the Kullu and Parvati Valley. The entire trekking trail is surrounded by long trees and deodar forests. Even there are some shops for snacking and the 360-degree views of Himalayan Mountain Ranges were worth seeing here. Such an amazing place to go for in Manali.
06 March 2020
Ganak Marar Trek to Bijli Mahadev
This was not so much a famous trek among people and was quite peaceful during the climb. The climb is a bit steep but when you had Lord Shiva in mind it was nothing. The temple had such a positive atmosphere and it was surrounded by beautiful scenery and one of the best valleys as well. It was like heaven on earth as it was covered by snow most of the time.
09 March 2020
Minakshi Devar Trek to Bijli Mahadev
We visited there in the month of October and the 360-degree view from the top was magnificent. We witness snow-capped mountains on one side and amazing views of Kullu and Parvati Valley as well. It was the best visit we had on a Manali Trip.
14 February 2020
The walk towards the temple was completely peaceful and we feel the positive vibe in oneself during the walk. Nature was at its best and the scenic beauty of the mountains during the climb was breathtaking. The architecture of the temple is old and very unique as well.

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