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    Nestled in the state of Karnataka in India, verdant Coorg is known for its spices and coffee plantations. Also called Kodagu, visiting this place is a fabulous way to escape the grinds of mundane existence. To keep pace with the burgeoning touristic population, plenty of resorts that are available here. Along with the intoxicating aroma of coffee and spectacular plantation sights, these retreats offer an international and world-class experience.

    Before choosing a resort package, consider the kind of experience you want to have. Different resorts present various opportunities for leisure and relaxation. Some are suited for honeymooners, some are for individuals, wildlife enthusiasts, and some just about suit everyone.

    Following are some of the best Coorg resorts:

    1. Orange County Luxury Resorts

    When in Orange County Luxury Resort, you can’t help but lose yourself in nature and submit to the pleasures it provides. Be happy to leave the world behind and experience one that is simple yet beautiful. The resort is a sprawling three hundred acre coffee plantation that exudes the aroma of coffee and spice at all times. You are healed completely with this pleasant fragrance. Your mind stays alert and keeps you fresh as a daisy throughout the stay.

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    This premium property has villas attached with swimming pool. Each villa is very spacious has a courtyard. With an accommodation that is world-class, you can get a private dining facility here. There are plenty of activities that are possible in this sprawling estate. Plantation walk is one. In this activity you hike through the heart of the coffee plantation area along with a guide who explains the nuances of coffee growing.

    The thatched cottages offer breathtaking views of the surroundings. They face paddy fields and the air blowing from these fields constantly refreshes you. Sitting in the lap of nature, you are amidst two of the most beautiful regions in Coorg that are protected and secluded. The Kaveri River runs close-by and the Dubare Forest Reserve is on the other side of the resort.

    Along with plantation walks, bird watching is another popular activity here. There are also coracle rides on offer to regale and energize you. Around the resort there are plenty of villages where you can visit as part of the guided tour. Touring these places gives you an idea of the local culture and lifestyle of the people here.

    2. The Tamara

    The Tamara means lotus. A boutique resort, the Tamara will leave you spellbound with its natural beauty. This scenic stay is an ideal hideaway from the vagaries of urban existence. The cottages are made of wood and the foundation of these cottages is not affixed to the ground. Instead, stilts are used. Located in a sprawling coffee estate, the resort is in close vicinity to the Nagarhole National Park. There is much to see and do on the one hundred and seventy acre resort. Situated in the Npoklu area, Tamara provides an amazing experience of luxury, hospitality, and food.Tamara also offer amazing honeymoon destination package in coorg.

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    The premium resort has luxury rooms with suites and a deluxe suit. The deluxe suite is equipped with a whirlpool. The cottages are set on a high plane and are an ideal place to sit and enjoy the scenic beauty surrounding them. Known for its beauty, the enchanting architecture of the resort is a true spectacle. The resort has also been awarded the most romantic resort by a Television channel.

    All aspects of this resort are designed to provide supreme comfort. The on-location restaurant called the Falls, provides multi-cuisine delicacies that will leave you asking for more. To experience heady cocktails you have to head to the Deck. There is another interesting place named the Verandah which displays a range of items that you can purchase. It is just like your in-house shopping region.

    The Tamara in Coorg has been constantly recognized for its service and quality. Here you are treated to an experience like no other. It is like living in a paradise that you can experience on your own. The combination of an exotic surrounding with the plenty of activities make it among the best Coorg Resorts.

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    3. Magnolia Resort

    Magnolia Resort

    The Magnolia Resort, located in Virajpet, is an undervalued part of the region. But the truth of the matter is that this place offers unbelievable scenic delights making. Magnolia Resort that is located here is simply breath-taking. The resort is essentially a coffee plantation, located at the base of Arji Hills.

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    Adding to the beauty, are rolling hills on the estate that are layered with pristine foliage. Robust coffee and pepper are grown here in abundance. It is between February and March that the coffee plants bloom. The entire region is covered with a verdant blanket of coffee plantation. Initially manifesting as white flowers, they later turn into coffee pods. When you visit this resort in January, you can see how the coffee picking happens here.

    Given that the resort is built against a backdrop of Arji Hills, there is plenty of activity lined up for you. One of them is trekking along the impressive trails of this region. You can combine your stay at the Magnolia Resort with such activities. Even walking on the Magnolia estate fulfills your cravings for a nature walk. The estate is an abode for rich flora and plenty of birds, deer along with several types of animals as well.

    This theme based resort offers unique sightseeing expeditions and amazing hospitality. It is here that you get to experience the vitality and versatility of Coorg. Be it the food or service, everything in this place brings to the fore the essence of the region. The suites are impressively furnished. This place is definitely an escape into the wild. From this resort, you can also visit Nagarhole and Wayanad forests. So it definitely won’t be a stay without activity when at the Magnolia Resort.

    4. The Windflower Resorts

    The Windflower Resorts in Coorg is a picture perfect place. The resort is in the vicinity of three wildlife sanctuaries where you are amidst more than three hundred and fifty species of birds. This is also the birthplace of the Kaveri River. Located at Suntikoppa, this unique resort and spa facility is an idyllic location to be pampered by nature. The look and feel in the resort is distinctive, unique and complements the exquisite disposition of Coorg as a nature lover’s paradise.

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    Only two hour drive away from Mysore, this private retreat center offers the very best of facilities. Situated in a wooded valley, you can experience all the modern-day luxuries here. The resort is nestled in a sprawling coffee plantation. All around bountiful nature surrounds.

    You are enthralled at the eucalyptus forests. The constant aroma of coffee that fills your nostrils time and again and the smell of spices is unmistakable. When you see the misty slopes, you could consider anointing this place as nothing short of heaven.

    Offered at the Windflower Resorts are some of the best gourmet cuisines. There are plenty of wellness therapies to rejuvenate you as part of Coorg resorts packages. The resort also has activities lined up for you like Coorg team buildling at windflower. The plantation tour takes you through the heart of the estate and regales you with the nature’s delights. Bird watching and nature walking are everyday activities. You are inspired by the simple yet sophisticated lifestyle of some of the colorful birds on the planet.

    The Windflower Resorts is one of the largest in India and one of the best Coorg resorts. This is the perfect venue to de-stress and rejuvenate. It is here you get expert ayurvedic massage. This is an ideal time to get started with yoga sessions. The spa restaurant is a must visit as well.

    5. Coorg County Resorts

    If you want to experience the charm of Coorg, then you have to visit the Coorg County Resorts. Every inch of this place reflects the aesthetics of this blessed region. The suites available here also echo that fact. Grace and charisma are understatements when it comes to describing these elegantly crafted places of stay. Given this fact, this resort has been winning the hearts of local and international visitors.

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    Lying in the lap of nature, the resort is located at Suntikoppa in Coorg. As much in the resort, there are attractions outside of it. The region is littered with pristine villages which you can visit. The surrounding hills provide the perfect opportunity to trek. You are flanked with the splendor of nature in and around the Coorg County Resorts.

    The resort organizes various adventure activities for its visitors. You can go elephant safari and feel like a king purveying his landscape. An exciting boat race gets the competitive spirit out of you. You also get guided tours among which are the visits to the Madikeri Fort. The next on the list is the visit to the Omkareswara Temple. If you love waterfalls, a trip to Abbey Falls can be arranged. To see splendid sunrises and sunsets head to the Raja’s Seat.

    The resort also provides campfire facilities where you can sit by the fire and string a guitar. Play song-games and enjoy the chill of the evening in front of the warmth of the fire. This facility is a very popular one with visitors. Coorg County Resorts also have a well-equipped health club. Everything about this resort is on par with others making it one of the best Coorg resorts in Suntikoppa.

    6. Evergreen County

    Sharing a space with verdant settings is a surreal experience. The Evergreen County at Coorg gives you this opportunity in abundance. In these vast expanses of nature’s creations, you are awestruck. Feel like you have pushed yourself out of an urban jungle and into a wonderland that you don’t want to leave. There is everything for everyone at this resort be it nature, adventure, or wild, it provides you a holistic experience.

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    It is in this place you get personal attention and treated like a welcome visitor that the people here had been waiting for years. Feel at home and not for once feel like you have visited a resort.

    There are different types of stay on offer. The bamboo hut for example is one such type of accommodation. Built entirely of bamboo, the stay here is unique. The wooden cottage is another type of stay that is built entirely of wood.

    Apart from this, the resort provides you camping facilities. You get tents to camp outdoors where all assistance and supervision is provided. The personal attention never dissuades you when you are at this resort. The rooms and the resort in general are well-equipped. The resort is located in Virajpet at Nangala village and is definitely amongst the top and best Coorg resorts.

    7. Kadkani River Resort

    Picture Credits: Mohan BN

    Set amidst verdant coffee plantations, the Kadkani River Resort is an enchanting backyard of nature. In this wilderness you are one with yourself and find peace in nature. This resort captures the naturalistic orientations of Coorg. When you visit this place, you are treated to a world of surprises. Choose any one of the thirty plus cottages here which provide the some riveting experiences. Each cottage is well-equipped with a private porch. The porch is your perch point to view the surroundings that envelope you.

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    The resort is in close range to the Kaveri River. It is for this reason why you will love it even more. Water sport facilities are provided by the administration here with rafting Coorg being among the popular water sport activity. A rafting expert accompanies you on your expeditions on the Kaveri River. Then there is trekking too as the surroundings regions provide plenty trekking trails. And if there is no trekking trail, make your own one! This is one of the safest regions to explore the landscape.

    The Kadikani River Resort is multi-faceted. You can come here on Coorg resorts packages for a romantic holiday where business and pleasure and mixed. Within the sprawling resort estate, there is much to see and do. Go on nature walks accompanied by guides who give you precious information on the flora that surrounds you.

    At last, you come to terms with a higher reality and intelligence that surrounds you. Nature’s astounding intelligence is manifested through its beautiful creations. These sights are nurtured and displayed in its true aesthetics at the resort.

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    The resort also has a golf course where you get assistance on improving your game from seasoned amateurs and even professional golfers. This is an ideal time to tee away amidst coffee plantations and a river close by.

    8. Amanvana Luxury Spa Resort

    This resort is situated on the banks of the Kaveri River and considered amongst the finest and best Coorg resorts. Inundated with nature’s delights, it provides a fulfilling experience. The ambience is simplistic and makes for a sophisticated and comforting place. Located in Madikeri, Kushalnagar Road, the warmth of the place makes you feel at home.

    Magnificent bungalows await you in the resort. Each bungalow is well-equipped to make your stay here worth its while. The courtyard is an ideal place to come out at dawn and dusk and experience the magic of twilight. This is a time when you can see early morning birds or birds returning home. The sight is truly amazing and the quiet and serene ambience leaves you spellbound.

    The various treatments on offer at the spa and resort are essential and complete your experience here. Designed to rejuvenate you, the treatments employ the best methodologies in the world. The sauna and Jacuzzi experience is out of the world and the aroma therapy inundates your senses with pleasing smells.

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    This is an addition considering that you are already thrilled to bits with the outdoor smells of the resort. The smells of aromatherapy are addictive, mesmerizing you and making you linger there for a longer time.

    Barbeque is an ideal way to enjoy the ambience of outdoors. As you take in the smells, air, and sights of the resort, a barbeque service slowly grills sumptuous meals for you. The resort provides private barbeque facilities where you can order your favorite dishes. Also organized are treks and nature walks where you can also camp outdoors under the supervision of the staff.

    9. The Porcupine Castle

    The Porcupine Castle

    The Porcupine Castle is like a home away from home. Over here there is no end to fun. This is a retreat where craggy mountains touch the skies. The place in and around this resort is full of meandering nature trails and lead to amazing sights such as milky waterfalls. The undulating landscape of this resort complements the stature of Coorg as a green paradise.

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    The resort is set on an elevated land and stretched across the three hundred acres coffee plantation. Surrounded by amazing valleys, it is one of the best Coorg resorts. A perfect abode for indoor and outdoor recreation, the tranquility you experience here is unmatched. It is here you feel nirvana as the fresh air and scintillating aromas of the coffee estate leave you dazed and happy.

    The castle can be reached through multiple routes. Once you reach Ammathi and Gonikoppal in Coorg, you can ask for directions to this place. A better option would be to call the resort reception and ask for guidance. No place is near or far in Coorg as almost everyone in this region knows directions.

    When it comes to comforts, there are multiple options available. Each accommodation has its own identity. For instance, the chalets are designed so as to provide you an experience that combines all the elements of nature. These homes are located on a hill-slope. There are private balconies from where you can feel one with your surroundings.

    The Nest is another concept accommodation where you live atop a tree. A black currant tree is the foundation of the home. This is an idyllic location to spend romantic moments with your loved one. If living atop a tree is what you wanted from a long time, then this is the opportunity to do so. These homes are built scientifically with the help of local tribals who have centuries of experience building homes atop trees.

    10. Club Mahindra

    The Club Mahindra Kodagu Valley resort is the place where you can experience the wonders of the Kodagu region and its valleys. The stay is located amidst a sprawling coffee estate. Located at Galibeedu near Madikeri, it has hundreds of apartments.

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    The best thing about this resort is the outdoor activities, one of them being zorbing. Apart from this, the administration here organizes trekking and camping facilities as well.

    There are plantation tours to help you mingle with nature and liberate yourself from human afflictions. The bird watching tour eases your senses and calms your mind. You now understand that to live well, you can do so in the most uncomplicated manner. The jeep safari takes you through dense forests where plenty of flora and fauna are seen on the way. Such trips appease your appetite for adventure.

    The Club Mahindra Kodagu Valley resort offers a brilliant spa experience. You get excellent rejuvenation treatments at competitive rates. This is one the reasons why this resort is among the well-rounded and top Coorg resorts.

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