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  • 01Must Do Things in Venice

    Must Do Things in Venice
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    1.     One must enjoy the famous Gondola ride through the historic canals of Venice

    2.     Famous Annual Venice Carnival festival celebrated on the streets of Venice

    3.     Visit the famous Opera House situated at Teatro La fenice

    4.     Explore the Piazza San Marco

    5.     One can explore the old villa with forseced walls at Villa Foscari

    6.     Admire the famous Jewish Museum of Venice

    7.     Explore the limestone creativity bridge at The Bridge of Sighs

    8.     Visit famous church and bell tower in Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore

    9.     Walk on the roads of the beautiful garden of art & architecture in Giardini della Biennale

    10.  Admire astonishing creativity of glasses in Murano Glass Museum

    11.  Must explore the ornate footbridge situated at Rialto bridge

    12.  Stroll across the Byzantine shipyard in Venetian Arsenal

    13.  Explore the church and catch the glimpse of museum at St Mark's Basilica

    14.  Cool down with a delicious gelato

    15.  Kayak along Venice’s Canals

    16.  Have an aperitivo the way Venetians do

    17.  Explore the Spooky Prisons in the Doge's Palace

    18.  Go Lion Hunting

    19.  Go on a Treasure Hunt

    20.  Get Lost in a Maze at Villa Pisani

    21.  One can lost in the world of highly specialised Venetian glassmaking at Vittorio Costantini

    22.  One can go on a search for uniques boutiques, craft items at San Samuele

    23.  Leather Handbags available at Arnoldo & Battois

    24.  One can shop Carnival Masks at Ca Macana

    25.  Famous old school letterpress in Gianni Basso

    26.  One can grab famous Bellini drink at Harry’s American Bar

    27.  Al Volto is one of the oldest wine bar

    28.  Caffé Florian serves best breakfast in the city


  • 02Offbeat Things to Do in Venice

    Offbeat Things to Do in Venice
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    29. Get lost along Venice labyrinth of backstreets

    30. Experience (well-played) Vivaldi in Venice

    31. Ponte dei Pugni (Bridge of Fists)

    32. Enjoy Spritz with the locals at Campo Margherita

    33. Visit the Rialto Market And St Mark's square at night

    34. Take a day trip to the surrounding islands

    35. Visit the Biennale di Venezia


  • 03Things to Do in Venice with Kids

    Things to Do in Venice with Kids
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    36. Get lost in garden maze

    37. The Peggy Guggenheim

    38. Join the Horses on the Portico of St. Mark's

    39. Snap pictures of the most unusual uses of boats

    40. Ride a Traghetto

    41. Visit the mask shop


  • 04Places to Shop in Venice

    Places to Shop in Venice
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    42. Shop at Attombri with well known Designer brothers

    43. Shop latest fashion trends at Le Mercerie

    44. One can go for search of both Italian & International designer boutiques at Calle Larga XXII Marzo

    45. Giuliana Longo famous for three-cornered hats

    46. Laberintho is known for its well established jewellery shop

    47. Good stylish shoes available at Kalimala


  • 05Places to Eat and Drink in Venice

    Places to Eat and Drink in Venice

    48. Campo Santa Margherita

    49. One can enjoy some of Venice's balmy summer nights at Margaret Duchamp

    50. Skyline Rooftop Bar

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