15 Explorable Countries To Bring Out The Backpacker in You

Unravel the natural charismas of the planet with the most fun and budget friendly way to travel across the world. With minimum luggage and cheaper accommodations, backpacking is the definite way to fulfil your purpose of travelling. Whether you are a mere observer or seeking novel experiences, sights and sounds, backpacking will aid you to experience the local culture. It all dangles on your travelling style and level of frugality, so bear in mind the costs when reserving your trips by evading the luxury options. Check out our list of 15 best countries for backpackers and start planning your awesome trips right away.

  1. Bhutan

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    Attractions: Phuentsholing, Thimpu, Punakha, Trashigang, Haa Valley, Trongsa and others

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    An exquisite country buried in the lap of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a sanctuary for backpackers. A nation blessed with a resonant culture and picturesque landscapes, a visit to the Tiger Monastery should be on your inventory. Local home-stays are offered and shared taxis are best for your voyage. Bhutan has a traveller friendly ambience, which will make your backpacking trip undeniably spectacular!

  2. Cambodia

    m_Cambodia 1

    Attractions: Angkor Wat, Silver Pagoda, Koh Ker, Bayon Temple, Preah Vihear, Sihanoukville, Tonle Sap

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    ‘The Kingdom of Wonder’ will leave you enthralled as you discover the plush culture, intense heritage and intriguing traditions of this rustic country. A paradise for photographers, Cambodia brings about a sensation of peace and safety, owing to its friendly citizens. This retreat will eliminate your anxieties and allow you to explore its relaxing ambiance. A visit to Angkor Wat is recommended while the country itself is adequately economical for you to pamper yourself.

  3. Thailand

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    Attractions: Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Santikhiri, Tarutao and others

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    With a dominant tourism ratio, Thailand exhibits a spread of rich cultural diversity and brags of tranquil white beaches amidst delightful panoramas. Discover the thrill of adventure endeavours and value a Muay Thai Match, which you can’t afford to overlook. The Full Moon Beach party is a requisite for all party enthusiasts. Thai people are well known for their gracious nature and compassion, possibly why they don’t value tips from travellers.

  4. Laos

    m_Laos 1

    Attractions: Vientianne, Luang Prabang, Pakse, Savannakhet and others

    m_Laos 2

    A country relatively untouched by tourism, Laos happens to be a picture-perfect destination for backpackers. Bursting with attractive landscapes, gracious people and wonderful food, Laos has an inimitable culture that bypasses all expectations. Visit Wat Phu, take a boat ride across the Mekong River and ride songthaews (passenger vehicle) for a low-cost travel. Guesthouse lodgings are more economical to devote substantial time in this stunning country.

  5. Indonesia

    m_Indonesia 1

    Attractions: Bali, Derawan Island, Toba, Jakarta, Wakatobi, Pangandaran Beach, Batu Secret Zoo and others

    m_Indonesia 2

    Home to over 17,000 islands about which 6000 are populous, Indonesia is notorious for its impeccable beauty, untamed wilderness and rich cultural tapestry. Jakarta may be a famed energetic destination; but for a backpacker, unflustered landscapes anticipate your stopover. Visit the traditionally seething Jogia and the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park to captivate the pristine natural habitats. The beautiful Bali offers economical stay options with access to lovely fishing villages and white sandy coasts.

  6. Costa Rica

    m_Costa rica 1

    Attractions: Corcovado, San Jose, Monteverde, Alajuela and others

    m_Costa rica 2

    With limitless tourist potential, Costa Rica has been graded as one of the most visited international destinations. Although not as economical as other countries, Costa Rica offers an eclectic array of adventure activities. It is bestowed with a powerful display of biodiversity that includes volcanoes, woodlands, stream gorges and stunning beaches. Attempt hiking in the Corcovado National Park and enjoy local street food, which is inexpensive as compared to overcharging tourist hubs.

  7. Cuba

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    Attractions: Havana, Vinales, Trinidad, Santa Clara and others

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    The largest island country in the Caribbean, Cuba boasts of vivacious art, soul inspiring music and villages veiled in a colonial allure. Although not widespread amongst backpackers, Cuba is one of the safest spaces to call on. Travel about with the locals to grasp the country’s exquisite vistas as an alternative to planned tours. Visit the tobacco farms and the array of Cuban cigar stores. A fantastic collection of old cars will leave you enthralled. Casa Particulares (B&B’s) are recommended as decent cuisine is challenging to locate.

  8. Guatemala

    m_Guatemala 1

    Attractions: Antigua, Xela, Livingston, Guatemala City, Lanquin and others

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    Considered the spirit of the Mayan world and a preferred destination for Backpackers in the Gringo Trail, Guatemala is a flourishing and enchanting country. Although security is of paramount concern owing to the crime frequencies, its astounding natural beauty makes it a nirvana for adventure buffs. Visit the country of perpetual spring that furnishes its astonishing cultural prosperity and primeval Mayan history.

  9. Belize


    Attractions: San Ignacio, Placencia, Caye Caulker, Hopkins and others

    One amongst the world’s last well-preserved tourism destinations, Belize boasts of beautiful weather and spectacular beaches alongside swinging palm trees. Visit the Maya temples of Xunatunich and Caracol and explore the Barton Creek Cave and Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Caves. Cave Tubing is a celebrated endeavour along with horseback riding and snorkelling. The museum of Belize will aid your discovery of its past while the ‘One Barrel Rum Factory’ will leave you amazed. Witness majestic colonial architecture and enjoy the cheap delicacies this country has to offer.

  10. El Salvador

    m_El Salvador

    Attractions: San Salvador, Suchitoto, El Liberterad and others

    Visit the tropical delight that is El Salvador and its colonial splendour, by engaging in an immaculate volcanic lake trek. Take a tranquil boat journey among the natural attractive exquisiteness of the country that is slowly being discovered as a global travellers paradise. With well-preserved track trails, this country marks as a picturesque destination for backpackers. Discover the splendid art and music of this country, which will leave you enchanted.

  11. Nicaragua

    m_Nicaragua 1

    Attractions: Corn islands, islets of Grenada, Masaya volcano and others

    m_Nicaragua 2

    Treasured for the natural cordiality, hospitality and prudence of its people, Nicaragua is a forthcoming destination amongst visitors in the backpacking community. Although it has marginal criminality concerns, vigilance with respect to wellbeing is commended. Owing to its natural attractiveness and its flawless charm of dance and music, this country is swiftly ascending as one of the utmost backpacker destinations on the planet.

  12. Panama


    Attractions: Bocas Del Toro, Panama City, Kun Yala and others

    An island that harbours a vision of the sunrise on the Pacific and the sunset on the Atlantic, Panama’s cultural exquisiteness and virgin coastlines make it a less touristy abode to stay. With plenteous low-priced hotels and exquisite beach shacks, Panama transfigures a backpackers voyage into a fun packed and laid-back adventure.

  13. Vietnam


    Attractions: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Sapa, Mekong Delta and others

    From its soothing sandy beaches to the spectacle of limestone islets, from the colossal foothills to the historical phenomena, Vietnam is a country of divergences that offers something for every backpacker. A superior variability of travel experiences can be gained due to the simplicity of travel and availability of inexpensive accommodations. Indulge in local food bistros to experience the finest of this prodigious country and witness the pride of nationality among its inhabitants.

  14. Mexico

    m_Mexico 1

    Attractions: Mexico City, Oxaca, Palenque, Yucatan Peninsula, Baja Peninsula and others

    m_Mexico 2

    Considered the home of an ancient empire that flourished into an enormous metropolis, Mexico bustles with enchanting food, immense marketplaces and a plush cultural heritage. Visit the beautiful Aztec style temples and don’t miss out on the Yucatan Peninsula, which is a tropical paradise with magnificent beaches, coral reefs and submerged caves. Nature reserves are a supreme nirvana for backpackers in this prominently overlooked country.

  15. USA


    Attractions: The Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, The Old Faithful Geyser, Chicago, The Wild Wild West and others

    One of most celebrated countries in the world, The United States of America is a sanctuary for backpackers. Rental Camper Vans are a great tactic to save expenditures particularly if you evade the majorly over appraised metropolises. There are oodles of things to do for everyone in this picturesque country. Engross in an exhilarating experience among nature trails across the country while you ascertain its luxurious splendour.

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