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What You Should Know More About Shanghai

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Do not trust the strangers blindly.

    ·         Make sure you are always alert and aware.

    ·         Do not go to secluded places alone in the night.

    ·         Make sure you have a map handy whenever you are traveling to a new destination.

    ·         Acquire enough information before making a travel to the new destination.

    ·         Do not drink more than you can handle.

    ·         Keep your passport safely.

    ·         Make sure you avoid traveling alone in the hidden trails.

    ·         If needed, hire a guide. Make sure that the guide hired by you is only from a registered agency.

    ·         Do not leave your important documents carelessly.

    ·         Never leave your documents in the hotel room.

    ·         Enquire about the availability of the room safe.

    ·         Do not get involved in any type of fights with the locals here.

    ·         Make sure you follow the traffic rules of the country if you have rented a vehicle.

    ·         If you are traveling in a public transport, do ensure that you have negotiated the fare before traveling.

    ·          Do not do any form of drugs.

    ·         It is always safe to carry with you a first aid kit.

    ·         Do not flaunt your valuables in the public area.

    ·         Make sure you are nice and gentle to the locals of the country you are in.   

  • Q. Drinking Law

    There are no liquor laws in Shanghai worth worrying about. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Shanghai's Promenade: The Bund

    Shanghai's Promenade is majorly known by its Anglo Indian name of Bund, the Zhongshan Lu. It is broad lovely promenade which runs along the western bank of the River Huangpujiang. The promenade is particularly popular amongst the tourists as the place has a vary relaxed vibe with European feel annexed to it. This promenade used to be the location of the city's International Settlement which is very well noticeable via the many old French and English buildings that today serve as restaurants, galleries, boutique stores and offices. Always happening, Shanghai's Promenade is one of the best place if you wish to take a stroll in the 52 unique buildings that are constructed in a number of styles which have Renaissance, Gothic, Neoclassical, Romanesque and Baroque influences along with what amounts to one of the most impressive collections in the world of Art Deco architecture. Drifting from South to North, the dominant buildings here are the erstwhile headquarters of Shanghai and Hong Kong banking corporation with old Peace Hotel, harbour customs office and the Bank of China. Bund is also an excellent place from where you can embark upon a sightseeing tour. You can aboard a boat around the confluence and the port of the Yangtze and Huangpujiang rivers. This is definitely the best tourist attraction for anyone making a visit to Shanghai.

    2 Yu Garden

    Situated north east of the Old Town, the beautiful Yu Garden was laid out in the year 1559. It is also known as the Garden of Happiness. Sprawling over an area more than 20,000 square meters, the garden comprises of an outer and an inner garden. Oldest section of the garden is known as the Outer Garden that had a couple of changes being made in the 18th century when Sansui Tang which is the main hall of the park was added. The building is known majorly for its beautiful roof ornaments, window openings as well as the figurative representations in bas reliefs on the roof. Over here the best known building is the Hall of Spring where the Company of the Little Swords had its headquarters between the time period of 1853 and 1855 when it ruled Shanghai. Of significant historical importance is the artificial rocks that are located in this part of the garden. Here the only work of the master garden designer Zhang Nanyang can be found. The newer as well as the much smaller Inner Gardens that you find here have been in existence ever since 1709 and depicts features typical of a classical Chinese writer’s garden with its miniature mountain, attractive little pavilions, writer's garden, dividing walls, small ponds and decorative stones. You can even find a richly decorated theatrical stage. It is an incredible sightseeing attraction.

    The Jade Buddha Temple

    Lying in the Shanghai’s Anyuan Lu district is the beautiful Jade Buddha Temple. It houses two Shakyamuni statues that was brought here by monk Huigen from Burma. The current building that you see here was erected in the year 1928 to replace the original temple which was built in the year 1882. It is divided into two courtyards and three halls which includes the splendid Hall of the Kings of Heaven that is known for its statues of the two Shakyamuni sculptures and four heavenly kings. The temple has been carved from white jade which is one of the most significant statues that stands some 2 meters high in the Wentang Main hall where you can find a vast collection of Buddhist manuscripts that are housed here. Its smaller statue can be found in the western courtyard. Other highlights which may be of extreme interest to you include the of the Great Hero completed with its Buddha of the Three Ages along with the 18 Luohan figures. Other prominent tourist attraction is the beautiful Jing'an Temple on Nanjing West Road. A tour to the temple is a must.

    The Shanghai Museum

    The Shanghai Museum was founded in the year 1952. Ever since then, it happens to be the most important museum of the classic Chinese art. In the modern building which is somehow a work of art itself, you can see unique square and round top base which encompasses the traditional Chinese concepts of the earth. The four floor of the museum includes fascinating displays of ceramics and bronzes from the pre historic culture to the 19th century ink drawings, seals and calligraphy. You can also find a large collection of art from the ethnic minorities. The museum is also a home to vast collection of coins, furnishings and jade from the Qing and Ming periods. One thing that is really worth a visit is the Shanghai Natural History Museum which is one of the largest museums of natural sciences of China. The museum indeed is the best place to see in Shanghai. 

    Longhua Temple and Pagoda

    Nestled in the pleasant park in the South west area of Shanghai is the magnificent Longhua Temple which happens to be one of the oldest religious sites of China. Along with the brick pagoda built around 242 AD and the 40-meter-tall wood, this place of worship was destroyed and further rebuilt several times through the centuries. The present structure of temple, which you see is the one that was built in the 10th century. This site is regularly used for Buddhist ceremonies and comprises of 5 huge halls including the Maitreya Hall (Mile Dian) that has a huge Buddha statue along with the Heavenly King Hall which is dedicated to the Grand Hall of the Great Sage. Other highlight here comprises of the bell tower that has an archaic two meter tall and a five ton bell that has been around ever since 1382.  This bell is used a number of times, especially during special occasions. You can also find a Library which has old manuscripts as well as ceremonial instruments. This can be a good place to visit during your tour to China.  

    The Oriental Pearl Tower

    While you are in Shanghai for a holiday, one of the places that you cannot afford to miss is the, Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower. It is tower with a height of 468 meters. Nestled in Pudong Park, the tower is situated on the eastern bank of the River Huangpu. Besides the phenomenal views, over the new city and the busy river, you can expect some superb views from the iconic Bund promenade. Established in the year 1991, this tower gets its name from 11 linked spheres found here in a variety of sizes. The highest one here, the Space Module has an Observation Level nestled at 350 meters. It has a glass floored outside deck. This tower very well flaunts its 15 viewing areas that include the Space City and the Sightseeing Floor along with the revolving restaurant which assures phenomenal views. Other highlights of the tower include a shopping mall where you can shop all you like and the Space Hotel which offers rooms with phenomenal views. Just in case, you cannot make it to the tower, you can still enjoy the view at the night when the entire structure is very well lit up. A fascinating light show is also conducted here.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    China's Largest and Richest City

    The total population of Shanghai is over 20 million. It happens to be the China’s largest city and also happens to be second largest city proper of the world after Mumbai. At present, it is the biggest finance and commerce center in mainland China, given that a couple of domestic as well as international companies have been opened here especially along the Bund. Given the fast pace of development, there is a new boom in the high rise buildings which are today the new skyline of Shanghai.  

    A Blend of Eastern and Western Cultures

    Given the favorable location of the city along with its distinct oriental culture, Shanghai has attracted a variety of foreigners to live here given its oriental charm. The most legendary of these being Tagore, Bernard Shaw and Albert Einstein. In the eyes of a Chinese, Shanghai tends to have a strong western flavor while in the eyes of a foreigner Shanghai has a distinct oriental charm.  

    Shopping Paradise

    The shopping scene of Shanghai is vivid. It is something that you will never forget. It does not matter whether you are a shopaholic or not, Shanghai has a variety of shopping areas that sell just about anything that you may possibly need. The significant shopping streets such as Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road offer a vast selection of luxury goods. You can go to the traditional outdoor markets where you can get a unique taste of old Shanghai.

    Colorful Nightlife

    Shanghai is a sleepless city. Here the dynamic life of the city goes beyond the day time hours. It is a beautiful city with a vibrant and colorful nightlife. The city has a diverse cultural flavor and cinema halls that show both Chinese and foreign movies as well as the theatres which feature dance, acrobatics, puppets and drama. There are also a variety of bars and night clubs that are open until the sun comes up.

    Convenient Transportation

    Just as most of the metropolitan cities of China, Shanghai is very easily accessible. You can get access to it via bus, plane, train and ship. Elevated highways can be found everywhere.

    144-Hour Visa-Free Transit

    In Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu it is very much possible to get a 144 hour visa free transit. This makes it incredibly convenient for businessmen and flyers.

    Onward Trips

    Shanghai has a couple of tourist attractions both in and around the city. Just 40 minutes drive from Shanghai is the Zhujiajiao Water Town. It is an ancient water town built in the Southeast China style. From Shanghai, you can easily reach the cities of Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuxi and Suzhou which are all within 3 hours ride by express bus or bullet train. 

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