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Most Popular Places Around Sao Paulo

What You Should Know More About Sao Paulo

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Keep the touts at bay.

    ·         Do not entertain the beggars.

    ·         Make sure you have acquired sufficient knowledge about the place you are traveling to.

    ·         Learn the necessary words and their pronunciations whenever you are traveling to any new location.

    ·         Do not get involved in any types of brawls or fights with the locals.

    ·         Be warm and gentle towards the locals.

    ·         Always carry with you at least one proof of your identity.

    ·         Do not let anyone deceive you.

    ·         Always make sure you sit in prepaid taxis or cabs. If you are unable to find prepaid taxis, it is a good idea to negotiate the fare before traveling.

    ·         Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

    ·         Do not drink more than you can handle.

    ·         If you are eating street food, it is good to check the quality before eating.

    ·         Check for the seal before buying a bottle.

    ·         Book a hotel in a renowned location only.  

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in São Paulo is 18 years. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    São Paulo Museum of Art

    São Paulo Museum of Art is locally refereed to as MASP. The museum was opened in the year 1968 and has a vast collection comprehensive and representative of the Western Art in Latin America. In this museum you can find works by impressionists as well as the modern masters - Van Gogh, Miró, Renoir, Picasso, Matisse, Manet and Debret. The museum also houses some 73 works of the bronze sculpture by Degas alone. True that the museum reaches back to the Renaissance artists, it is indeed one of the first art museums not just in the country but in the continent. The outstanding collection of the museum puts it in league with the Centre Pompidou, MoMA and Tate Modern. The building of the museum is designed and conceptualized by Brazilian Italian architect Lina Bo Bardi who is a classic of Modernism. The plaza that lies beneath the suspended structure hosts antique market on every Sunday. You can show your love for shopping here. Some concerts are also organized here on and off.   

    Teatro Municipal (City Theater)

    São Paulo's Municipal Theater was modeled by architect Ramos de Azevedo after the Paris Opéra. The museum brings forth an eclectic mix of the Italian Renaissance and the Art Nouveau themes. Just post its completion in the year 1911, the museum became a significant tourist attraction. Statue here was enhanced in the year 1922 when it became the venue for an iconic event which revolutionized the art scene in Brazil. A prime hub of performing arts in South America, the Teatro Municipal has hosted a couple of performances by some of the most renowned signers, musicians, dancers as well as the performing artists.      

    Parque do Ibirapuera (Ibirapuera Park)

    Laid out by architect Roberto Burle Marx, the buildings of the Ibirapuera Park were designed and conceptualized by Oscar Niemeyer. The park has vast green spaces complete with lakes, monuments, playgrounds, gardens, trails, lakes, museums and performance space. Besides being a great sightseeing attraction, the park is also a leisure paradise for the locals of São Paulo. It also brings forth the modern culture and architecture of the city. 

    Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Contemporary Art Museum)

    The phenomenal Museum of Contemporary Art is nestled inside the Parque Ibirapuera, the Pavilhão da Bienal de Artes. Completed in the year 1957, the magnificent museum was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. At present, the museum worth watching shows and exhibitions for the public. Housing over 8000 pieces that are a representation of a vast range of art schools and Brazilian painters. An excellent place to see, a visit to this museum is a must.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    The Shopping: 

    Sao Paulo is a shopper’s haven. Given the presence of some of the top brands of the world and the leading designers selling their stuff here, shopping can be a great fun here.


    Sao Paulo has a number of beautiful picnic areas and the park. You really have to go to a zoo to check out the chickens, ducks and peacocks here.


    Just a short ride from the incredible beaches, farm-ranch hotels equipped with several kid friendly facilities, top class infrastructure, delightful cities in the mountains, kids are naturally going to have a great time here.

    Latin American Culture: 

    Sao Paulo is a city that assures intense cultural programming in the Latin America. It is also said to be the financial centre of the Brazil and has a couple of cultural institutions such as the Latin America Memorial and the Museum of the Portuguese Language.


    Sao Paulo has a couple of tourist attractions for kids and parents to cherish together. A number of these sightseeing attractions are free to explore. So, you really don’t have to get into all that over spending when you are here.


    The architecture in Sao Paulo is commendable. Right from the modern designed buildings such as the Edifício Itália to the neoclassical buildings such as the Sao Paulo Cathedral, the city is just too beautiful.  

    Street Fairs

    A number of street fairs are organized in Sao Paulo. You can shop for handicraft fairs, antique fairs and food fairs all of which present the culture of the city making it one of the most beautiful places to see.


    Going by the nightlife trend of the Sao Paulo, it seems that the city just doesn’t sleep. You can check out the hot spots such as the Skye Bar at Hotel Unique and Tatu Bola for the trendy cocktails and the beautiful views and Azucar for Latin music.

    It's Brazil's cultural and economic powerhouse

    Sao Paulo doesn’t have the obvious pull that is common to Brazilian cities like Rio De Janeiro however, it is still a magnet for the overseas visitors. A number of people visit the place on business because Sao Paulo happens to the central hub for finance and industry in Brazil. There’s no exaggeration when we say that Sao Paulo is the driving force behind the burgeoning economy of the country which is today the sixth largest in the world. However, the biggest metropolis of South America is just all not about the hard graft. With its exemplary culinary fair, cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, Sampa both bucks, samba beats, world-class museums and shanty towns, it confirms to the Brazilian stereotypes.

    Big Apple flavours

    When you take a stroll beneath the vast array of skyscrapers of the Sao Paulo, most of them with art flourishes while overheating the horns of the gridlocked taxis, you’ll noticeably appreciate why the city is also known as the New York of South America. Nestled on the Empire State Building, Edificio Banespa which is 161 meter high, it offers phenomenal views from the observation deck that is located on the 36th floor. Another vantage point here is the lounge bar and the rooftop restaurant of Edificio Italia. It is indeed a great tourist attraction, that you shouldn’t miss out when you are out on  a holiday in Sao Paulo.


    The debut skyscraper of the city, Edificio Martinelli was designed by ace designer and architect Giuseppe Martinelli. He was one of the thousands of Italians who went on to seduce a new life to Brazil. Like the Big Apple, the city too is a melting pot. Italian flavors are predominant here in the café and the pizzeria packed zone of the Bela Vista. There is also a Jewish diaspora as well as the synagogues in the opulent Consolacao and Higienopolis as well as the strong Turkish and Arab feel which courses along the Rua 25 de Marco that is a haven for bootleg stalls, kebab shops and the bargain stores. The city is also influenced by the Portuguese, Spanish, African and Europeans influencers. In the year 1822, Brazil was colonized by the emperors from Lisbon.

    Little Japan

    Most absorbing immigrant quarter of the city is the Liberdade. Koreans and Chinese reside here however it is said to have the maximum Japanese community off Nippon. You can also see vermilion torri arches, ramen restaurants, sushi shops, plenty of Tokyo-style hairstyles, lantern-like street lamps and abundant of fashion victims. The district’s Museum of Japanese immigration is a hub for exploring the Brazilian and Japanese heritage.  A weekly market is organized here on the Praca de Liberdade on Sunday. It is a market that exudes strong Asian vibes.


    Undoubtedly, the leading twilight cultural scene of South America can be experienced in Sao Paulo. It has more than 150 performance spaces and theatres. Designed like the Paris Opera House and lit up magnificently at the night, the beautiful Teatro Municipal melds Renaissance styles and art nouveau styles with aplomb.

    Seaside escapes

    One of the most important thing to do in Sao Paulo is hitting the beach. Nestled 80 km from lively port city of Santos, the city has vast stretches of sand. From the rustic fishing villages to the jam-packed, condo-lined haunts, the beauty of the city is visible from all ends.  Beautiful Island of Ilhabela attracts the visitors with the jungly waterfalls, pristine beaches and sublime seafood.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

    Website: Official Website


  • Q. When is the best time to visit Sao Paulo?

    Tourist places in Sao Paulo attracts various visitors to this place from far off. Sao Paulo is like a gigantic monster, enormously huge in area and enormously captivating. Intimidating, enormous and at the very first instance, an ocean of countless beauty – Sao Paulo calls to be a place which must be visited by the tourist at least once in their lifetime. Though the area and the numerous visiting places make it difficult for the tourist to administer or explore it in totality, making the city a master of tourism.

    One of the largest cities of Brazil, Sao Paulo is a city with about a population of around eleven million and almost about twenty million in its metropolitan area. A capital of the southeast state of Sao Paulo also called to be a beehive of sports activities offering a great prosperous nightlife with an extraordinary cultural experience. Sao Paulo, called to be one of the richest places located in the south part of the hemisphere, shares great equality between classes. This place exhibits fertile cultural lifestyle that is highly supported by the best-educated class of Brazil which further gives way and enriches thousands of different ethnic groups of the place that even include the Japanese, Italian, Arab, Syrian and Lebanese descent populous. With about a calculated population of about twenty million residing in Sao Paulo, the city caters to be the third largest metropolitan city in the world. With an amazed avalanche of the top-rated cultural centers, museums, cinemas, cultural centers and Sampa night clubs with bars around, the place calls to be one of the best for its world-class restaurants and pubs. Offering the best tourist places in Sao Paulo, it is often called to be a close cousin of the place New York City or The City of Tokyo, Sao Paulo proves to be taxing for the sagacious hipsters of the town.


  • Q. How to reach Sao Paulo?

    You can reach Sao Paulo by the following transportation mode:

    • By Air

    Sao Paulo exhibits three major type of airports. The three major type of airports is Viracopos, Guarulhos International, and Congonhas. Guarulhos International Airport and Viracopos Airport are for the domestic and international arrivals while the Congonhas Airport is for short-medium domestic flights.

  • Q. What are the different things/activities to do in Sao Paulo?

    The different things/activities to do in Sao Paulo are as follows:

    • Relish the complete city tour of Sao Paulo
    • Private City Tour of Sao Paulo
    • Private Tour Beaches Day Trip and Coffee Tour of Sao Paulo
    • Private Eco Tour of Sao Paulo at Cantareira State Park
    • Visit three Beaches at a stretch – It is known as the Paradise Route Tour
    • Private all over city tour of Sao Paulo
    • Private street art tour at Sao Paulo
    • Overall Private Gastronomy Tour from Sao Paulo
    • Overall Private Architecture Tour from Sao Paulo
    • 4X4 Adventure that includes One Day Trip Road Tour
    • A Private Transfer Tour from Sao Paulo to Santos
    • An Overall Cooking Class Tour from Sao Paulo
    • A Private Tour is known as the Aparecida do Norte Religious Tour
    • Sao Paulo Overall City Walking Tour
    • A Leisurely Street Art Biking Tour
    • Ibirapuera Park Biking Tour
    • A Small Group Downtown Historical Biking Tour from Sao Paulo
    • Eco Tour all over Sao Paulo
    • A Retrospective History & Cultural Tour in the Downtown of Sao Paulo
    • A Contemporary Urban Art Tour Around the place Sao Paulo that Include Famous Brazilian Cocktails and Mocktails
    • A Splendid Taste of Sao Paulo That Include Contemporary Drinks and Food
    • A Complete Cultural and Art Tour Around the place Sao Paulo
    • Architecture, Fashion, Arts Trends Walking Tour around Sao Paulo
    • A Small Group Beaches Full Day Trip from the place Sao Paulo
    • Visit of Campos do Jordao – This is known as the Brazilian Switzerland
    • A thorough tour of Sao Paulo Layover Transit that includes a journey from GRU to CGH Airport
    • A thorough Private Tour of the place Embu das Artes
    • A Splendid Nightlife Celebration at Sao Paulo
    • A Private Tour that includes roaming about the Art Galleries in the place Sao Paulo
    • A thorough Historical Farm Tour with a Personal Guide from the place Sao Paulo
    • A Brazilian Cultural Immersion Tour Around the place Sao Paulo
    • A Private Tour that includes Sao Paulo Tour with a Mercado Municipal visit
    • A Complete Half Day City Tour of the place Sao Paulo in totality
    • An enthralling Bike Tour Around the place Sao Paulo
    • A Relishing Day Trip to the Campos do Jordao from the place Sao Paulo

  • Q. Which are the best resorts to stay in Sao Paulo?

    The best resorts to stay in Sao Paulo are as follows:

    • Aparthotel Adagio São Paulo Barra Funda
    • Aparthotel Adagio Sao Paulo Moema
    • Village Resorts do Brasil Ltda
    • ConstruHotel Construtora Hotéis Hospitais Resorts
    • Rio Quente Vacation Club
    • Blue Tree Hotels & Resorts do Brasil
    • Turnet Viagens e Turismo
    • Summerville Resort RESERVAS
    • Pullman Sao Paulo Ibirapuera Hotel
    • Village Resort Brasil
    • Grand Hyatt São Paulo
    • ConstruHotel Construtora Hotéis Hospitais Resort
    • Bourbon Atibaia Convention & Spa Resort
    • Pure Resorts Hotels & Residences
    • Spa Holistico Zen
    • Resort Sport Atibaia
    • Tênnis Camp Sports Resort
    • Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa
    • Interlagos Small Resort
    • Mello Soto Spa & Resort
    • Resort dos Moraes
    • La Isla Ecoresort
    • Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa
    • Tênnis Camp Sports Resort
    • Resort Sport Atibaia
    • San Andrés
    • Txai Resorts
    • Hair Academy malu Lima
    • Unica Doradann Estética
    • Borbon Hotéis & Resorts
    • SPA Harumi
    • Talai SPA rua Moliére
    • Clínica Raízes
    • Espaço Maxima
    • Club Med Lake Paradise
    • Balneário Jóia
    • Resorts Angra dos Reis
    • Kabanah Spa
    • Buddha Spa Brooklin
    • Buddha Spa Vila Olímpia
    • Spa VillaZen
    • Buddha Spa Itaim Bibi
    • Buddha Spa Ibirapuera
    •    Via Vidya
    • SpaSol Estética
    • Amazonat Jungle Resort
    • Empresa Hoteleira Mabu
    • Usina do Rio Madeira
    • Espaço Espiral
    • Instituto Vishnu de Terapias Complementares
    • Dra. Flávia Piza - Clínica
    • Esmeralda do Atlântico
    • Wellness Card de benefícios
    • Breeze Studio & Visagismo Centro Estético Ltda
    • Espaço Vida Saudável
    • Rosa Valinas Spa Studio
    • Buddha Spa Reebok Cidade Jardim
    • Brasil Praia Clube
    • Emagrecentro Pompéia
    • Chézi - Artigos de Praia e Piscina
    • Los Roques
    • Buddha Spa Reebok Vila Olímpia
    • InterContinental Sao Paulo
    • Maison JT

  • Q. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Sao Paulo?

    The best public transport modes to commute around Sao Paulo are as follows:

    •    Local Bus
    • Taxi
    • Rental
    • Metro
    • Local Train

  • Q. Which are the best places for shopping in Sao Paulo?

    The best places for shopping in Sao Paulo are as follows:

    • Market Place
    • D&D Shopping
    • Raposo Shopping
    • Brascan Open Mall
    • Bourbon Shopping São Paulo
    • Shopping Center Norte
    • Mooca Plaza Shopping
    • Shopping Eldorado
    • Shopping Anália Franco
    • Shopping Ibirapuera
    • Shopping Pátio Paulista
    • Morumbi Shopping
    • Conjunto Nacional
    • Shopping Vila Olímpia
    • Shopping Cidade Jardim
    • Shopping Frei Caneca
    • Pátio Higienópolis's Shopping
    • Shopping Cidade São Paulo
    • Iguatemi
    • JK Iguatemi
    • D & D
    • Saara Shopping - Rua 25 de Março - SP
    • Sogo Plaza Shopping
    • Cinemark
    • Lombroso Fashion Mall
    • GPA Malls
    • Shopping Nações Unidas
    • General Shopping
    • Flórida Center
    • Semma Empresa de Shopping Centers
    • Galeria Trianon
    • Saara Shopping - Rua 25 de Março - SP
    • JK Shopping
    • Shopping Porto Geral
    • Shopping Center IGUATEMI SP
    • Shopping Iguatemi
    • Shopping Villa Lobos
    • Sogo Plaza Shopping
    • Mega Shopping Notebook.Com
    • Capodarte
    • Cavalera
    • Shopping Cergon

  • Q. Which are the famous museums in Sao Paulo?

    The famous museums in Sao Paulo are as follows:

    • Tomie Ohtake Institute
    • Museum Lasar Segall
    • Caixa Cultural
    • Jewish Museum of Sao Paulo
    • Museum of Brazilian homes
    • Oca - Gov. Pavilion Lucas Nogueira Garcez
    • Immigration Museum of Sao Paulo State
    • Latin America Memorial
    • Museu Catavento
    • Ema Gordon Klabin Cultural Foundation
    • São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound
    • Estação Pinacoteca
    • Football Museum
    • Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo
    • Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo
    • Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo
    • São Paulo Museum of Modern Art
    • Museum Afro Brazil
    • Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand

  • Q. Which are the most famous places for sightseeing in Sao Paulo?

    The most famous places for sightseeing in Sao Paulo are as follows:

    • Cathedral da Se de Sao Paulo
    • SESC Pompeia
    • Villa Lobos Park
    • Bradesco Theatre
    • Ibirapuera Auditorium
    • Museum of Image and Sound
    • Parque Estadual da Cantareira - Nucleo Pedra Grande
    • Liberdade
    • Our Lady of Brazil Church
    • Instituto Tomie Ohtake
    • SESC Belenzinho
    • Room Escape Games
    • Hotel Unique
    • Jardim Botanico de Sao Paulo
    • Solo Sagrado De Guarapiranga
    • Theatro Municipal De Sao Paulo
    • Mercadao - Sao Paulo Municipal Market
    • Renault Theatre
    • Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand - MASP
    • Allianz Parque
    • Corinthians Arena
    • Mosteiro De Sao Bento
    • Jardins District
    • Football Museum
    • The Julio Prestes Cultural Center - Sala Sao Paulo
    • Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Sao Paulo
    • Catavento Cultural e Educacional
    • Paulista Avenue
    • Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo
    • Ibirapuera Park

  • Q. Which are the famous festivals or carnivals of Sao Paulo?

    The famous festivals or carnivals of Sao Paulo are as follows:

    • Sambadrome
    • Samba parade
    • Street parties
    • Spinning Samba Magic
    • Street Parades
    • Sambadrome’s Carnival Magic
    • Anhembi Sambadrome

  • Q. Where can one enjoy adventure activities in Sao Paulo?

    The places where you can enjoy the adventure activities in Sao Paulo are as follows:

    • Half-Day Expedition Tour near Negro River
    • Paragliding Tour in Rio de Janeiro
    • Rappelling and Hiking Adventure at Tijuca Forest National Park
    • Eco-Tour around Tijuca Rainforest and Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden
    • Half Day Tour from Bonito to Lago Azul Grotto
    • Hiking Tour at Pedra do Telégrafo