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What You Should Know More About Cancun

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Do not trust the strangers blindly.

    ·         Make sure you are always alert and aware.

    ·         Do not go to secluded places alone in the night.

    ·         Make sure you have a map handy whenever you are traveling to a new destination.

    ·         Make sure you avoid traveling alone in the hidden trails.

    ·         If needed, hire a guide. Make sure that the guide hired by you is only from a registered agency.

    ·         Do not leave your important documents carelessly.

    ·         Never leave your documents in the hotel room.

    ·         Enquire about the availability of the room safe.

    ·         Do not get involved in any type of fights with the locals here.

    ·         Make sure you follow the traffic rules of the country if you have rented a vehicle.

    ·         If you are traveling in a public transport, do ensure that you have negotiated the fare before traveling.

    ·          Do not do any form of drugs.

    ·         It is always safe to carry with you a first aid kit.

    ·         Do not flaunt your valuables in the public area.

              Make sure you are nice and gentle to the locals of the country you are in.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Cancun is 18 years. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss

    The Many, Many Beaches of Cancun

    Almost all the resorts of the Cancun are built as direct access to the beaches. Known locally as "playas" with mesmerizing views over the glistening crystal clear waters which make these the most important places to see. The city of Cancun in fact comprises of a couple of beaches while the locals and the regular visitors may have their preferences. However, when it comes to the beaches here, it is impossible for you to make a bad choice. All of them are just as good. Some of the most popular beaches of Cancun include Chac-mool, de las Perlas, Linda, Tortugas, Juventud, Caracol and Langosta. If possible, visit a beach a day and you’ll only enjoy it for the good.

    El Rey Maya Ruins

    Situated only minutes away from the Punta Nizuc end of Cancún are some interesting Mayan ruins which are also known as El Rey. Christened after a mask found here which is believed to be dedicated to the Sun God, the El Rey Ruins comprises of some 47 buildings along with the several tombs that were built by Mayans right from AD 900. Of these the major sightseeing attractions include two main platforms along with their temples. They once happened to be a part of the market and contained quintessential ceremonial areas. The area is indeed worth taking a time to visit. A number of resorts here offer inexpensive outings to the site. This is particularly famous for the huge colonies of Iguanas which resided here. 

    The Maya Museum

    In the Cancún Center which is the large convention complex of the city lies the Maya Museum (Museo Maya de Cancún). This indeed is a great tourist attraction as it will help you learn more about the rich history of the region. It is the largest such museum project eve since the opening of the Mexico City’s Templo Mayor Museum in the year 1987. This fantastic attraction has been working very well in explaining the ancient roots of the Mayan culture from its foundation era which is probably centuries ago from the modern era. Significant highlights here include 350 artifacts spread across three halls. Most of these comprise of the skeletal remains acquired from Tulun some 14,000 years back. Other prominent highlights here include displays of art and architecture including the sculptures from the Chichén Itzá as well as the adjoining San Miguelito archeological site.  

    The Cancun Underwater Museum

    Want to see the most unusual attraction of Cancun? Head to the
    Cancún Underwater Museum. In the wake of the strong damage to the Cancún National Marine Park, this sea bed attraction is revered to the ‘art of conservation’. Set up in the year 2009, it is an attraction which the divers would love to explore.

  • Q. What you will like there

    Rare animals and amazing wildlife

    Beaches in Cancun are basically the province of people. They are swamped with hair of the dog partiers, unique marine habitats, fringing coral reefs and tanning tourists. Visitors who come here can discover a vast variety of rare and exotic tropical sea species which vary from the long and mystic lemon shark to an umpteen variety of endangered and rare sea turtles. However, your wildlife spotting will not end at the shore. So, guests who demand more of it can take a short trip to the UNESCO biosphere that is located at Sian Ka'an. There you can get to spot some of the rarest of the land beasts.  

    Mouth-watering culinary creations

    All American burgers, colorful sushi, paellas, oriental spiced soups, pizzas, high-stacked, curries from the Indian subcontinent, pastas, succulent local veg dishes or freshly caught Gulf seafood – you name it and Cancun has it.  The city has a myriad of top class luxury resorts. This tiny corner of the Mexican Yucatan has done phenomenally well to attract some of the best chefs from around the globe, all of them ready to cook up their personal specialties on demand. You can also find a number of hidden beach shacks that sell traditional Mexican dishes. Trying out this impeccable culinary delights is something that you definitely must not miss when in Cancun.     

    Year-round sunshine and sunbathing opportunities

    The Midwest states of North America fall under a blanket of winter snow. On the other hand, the great plains of Canada frost over white. The tropical beaches of the Cancun city are glistening in summers. However, it doesn’t end with that as even from April onwards the city explores in average temperature in excess of 75 whereas the sea temperatures are soaring at 85. Uninterrupted sunshine here dominates the days.    

    Because flying there is cheaper than you think

    One of the most prominent places to see for American air travellers is Cancun. Fortunately for us, the flights are pretty affordable too. The city boasts of phenomenal air connections that offer direct flights 17 of the American cities. So, traveling to and from Cancun is never going to be a pricey affair.  

    Retail therapy, Mexican style

    Amidst the super chic fashion centres of the Playa del Carmen and the sprawling modern shopping hub of Kukulcan Plaza, coming to Cancun very well assures that your retail therapy isn’t too far. The city here boasts of a vast array of art and food markets and local crafts where the visitors are regularly invited to come and hone their bargaining skills. You can also spot the other seller roaming between the clusters of sunbathers on the sands all day round. 

    Some of Mexico's more off-the-beaten-track surf and snorkel spots

    There is no surprise that most of tourists as well as the locals’ head to the Hotel Strip of Cancum when they wish to indulge in some sunbathing and beach combing. Others may also come here to enjoy water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming in the reefs which line the coast. Cancun is also known to lure a number of adventure enthusiasts who come here to ride the rolling swells of the rockier and the elemental beaches that lay slightly afield. If that sounds more like you, you can check out the Playa Chac Mool or the Cozumel Island where you can enjoy a range of adventure activities.

    Unbridled and unrivalled luxury: Cancun's hotels and resorts

    Possibly no list of the best bits of Cancun is complete without the mention of the hotels and the resorts of the Cancun. These are unquestionably one of the most developed in whole of Mexico. It boasts of literally hundreds of accommodations for you to make a choice no matter what your budget is. Right from the all inclusive like Le Blanc Spa Resort and Hyatt Zilara to the more focussed boutique hotels such as the Sandos Cancun, there’s something for every taste.   

    The history and pre-history of the Yucatan Peninsula

    There are not too many destinations in the world where sunbathers can tan themselves in proximity to the ancient ruins. The beach combers can stroll around in the shadow of the looming temples which are around 2 millennia old. Some of the historical tourist attractions that you cannot afford to miss are the complex of the Chichen Itza and the smaller ruins at the Tulum. These make for great day tours from the city and are very well served by the tour operators in town. These offer some of the most alluring and fascinating glimpse of the Mayan architecture on the continent.  

    Hedonism and hard partying

    Amidst the chic inner city cocktail spots, leaning balneario bamboo bars and the world renowned super clubs which pepper the coast and the downtown districts of Cancun. Just about everyone from the Caribbean rum punch aficionado to the tequila-shooting spring breaker, will find a place to while away their hours to make the most of the nightlife here. In order to catch a glimpse of the most eye-popping show of the lot, you ought to head to the iconic Dady'O and the Coco Bongo where a lot of acrobatic shows and laser parties dominate the nights. 

    Pearly beaches and brilliant sands

    Beaches in Cancun are indeed some of the best in the world. With sands that glisten and glimmer to water that is as clear as a crystal, we assure you that the beaches here will never fail to mesmerize you. Sun kissed sea here runs for over 20 miles up to the Yucatan coast. It offers some of the most panoramic sights in whole of the Mexico. In the northern end of the city is the lively Playa Tortugas and Playa Las Perlas. These are the best places for those who enjoy sunbathing, swimming and windsurfing. In case, you wish to indulge in the adventure activities at the beaches, make sure you get proper professional training so that you don’t getting hurt here.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination

    Website: Official Website

  • Q. When is the best time to visit Cancun?

    The month span in between December to April is considered the peak season to visit Cancun.  Though the crowds in Cancun is heavier at this time, you are sure to experience almost near to perfect climate at Cancun. At this time the prices for the air ticket is also found to be the cheapest along with the room rates attracting tourists from afar. However, you must try to avoid to visit Cancun in between the months mid-March to early April. This this the time when the spring breakers drop on the Yucatan’s shores. You might also get considerable discounts if you visit Cancun during the time of late spring and summer. Though it is unbearable to witness the unbearable and sweltering heat of Cancun’s summer.

    Segregation of the months according to the best time to visit Cancun during summer:

    • December to April:

    The rate of the rooms is considerably high and difficult to attain. If you make an attempt to book the hotel rooms around two to three months in advance then you might get three to five hotels offering you rooms for stay. This case is much more prominent during the month of March and early April.

    • May to August:

    In between the month May to August, you will find that Cancun’s weather is hot and humid at this time with temperatures soaring high to a different tangent. But on a lighter side, the prices for the hotels witness a drop.

    • September to November:

    If you are planning to visit Cancun for an autumn trip, then your trip could witness an upset by storms. The Cancun region faces the worst amount of threat from hurricanes in the fall. At this time the temperature generally is in between mid 79s to the high 80s.

  • Q. How to reach Cancun?

    You can reach Cancun by the following way:

    By Air

    Cancun International Airport is considered to be Mexico’s second business airport. The top best characteristic of the Cancun International Airport is that it is well affixed with the main countries of the globe and for the major air carriers, it exhibits distinguishing services.

  • Q. What are the things to do in Cancun?

    The following things can be done in Cancun:

    • Visit Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve
    • Drive into the Aquaworld Cancun
    • Visit Xochimilco, the most famous tourist attractions
    • Visit Tulum, a Mayan Ruin Site
    • Dive in the Carey Dive Center is situated  on Isla Mujeres
    • Experience the Eco Park named Xelha
    • Explore the largest and the most attractive Mayan archaeological ruins named Chichen Itza.
    • Trip to Isla Mujeres
    • Visit the eco-archaeological park named Xcaret.
    • Explore the Xplor, an eco-adventure park with family

  • Q. What is the local food of Cancun? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    The local food of Cancun are as follows:

    • Sopa de Lima
    • Panuchos
    • Salbutes
    • Papadzules
    • Cochinita Pibil
    • Kibis

    The best places to taste the local food in Cancun are as follows:

    • Peter's Restaurante
    • La Habichuela
    • Taste Of India
    • Porfirio's
    • Du Mexique by Sonya Grimond
    • Chuchito Pérez
    • Hacienda El Mortero
    • Calypso's
    • The Surfin Burrito
    • Lorenzillo's
    • Restaurante Puerto Madero

  • Q. What is the best public transport to commute around Cancun?

    The best public transport to commute around Cancun are as follows:

    • Taxi
    • Car Rental
    • Public Bus
    • Bicycle
    • Mopeds
    • Motorcycle

  • Q. Which are the best shopping places in Cancun and what are they famous for?

    The local language in Cancun is Spanish. The most commonly used greeting in the local language of Cancun are as follows:

    • Hola: Hello
    • Bu Buenas trades: Good Afternoon
    • enos días: Good Morning
    • Buenas Noches: Good Evening
    • ¿Aló?: Hello?

  • Q. What is the local language in Cancun and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    The best shopping places in Cancun along with their specialty are as follows:

    •   La Isla Shopping Village

    This is considered one of the best places to stop, browse and shop. Popular stores like a movie theatre, restaurants, museums, interactive aquariums are few attractions of La Isla Shopping Village.

    •   Luxury Avenue

    Luxury Avenue is the perfect place for fashion, style, and jewelry lovers

    •   Plaza Las Américas

    Plaza Las Americas brings the latest style alive for all types of various travelers.

  • Q. Which are the famous destinations for snorkeling and scuba diving in Cancun?

    The famous destinations for snorkeling and scuba diving in Cancun are as follows:

    • Aquaworld
    • Total Snorkel Cancun
    • Squalo Divers Cancun
    • Torre Escenica Xcaret
    • Scuba Diving Cancun

  • Q. Which are the best beaches to visit in Cancun?

    The best beaches to visit in Cancun are as follows:

    • Playa Delfines
    • Puerto Morelos
    • Playa Chac Mool
    • Playa Tortugas
    • Playa Forum
    • X'cacel
    • Xpu-Ha
    • Akumal
    • Playa Maroma
    • Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve
    • Playa del Carmen
    • Tulum Beach
    • Playa Delfines

  • Q. Where should I visit for a wildlife experience in Cancun?

    The best places to experience the wildlife in Cancun are as follows:

    • Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve Tour from Cancun
    • Private Bird-Watching Tour for Beginners from Cancun and Riviera Maya
    • Private Luxury Bird Watching Tour for Beginners with Muyil Ruins
    • Crocodile Adventure Tour in Cancun
    • Crocodile Adventure Boat Tour in Cancun
    • 11-Day Birdwatching Tour from Cancun

  • Q. How is the nightlife in Cancun?

    Cancun is famous to provide a splendid nightlife all over the world. It is generally quoted that Cancun always has something for all, and this statement is true once it is magical and dark. While few of the vibrant, splashy and zealous discos dominate the night scenes, there are few resorts that offer the travelers to listen to the soothing song to relish the nightlife of Cancun.

    The nightlife of Cancun refers to entertainment, joy, happiness and lots and lots of fun. Dance clubs, festivals, shows, bars, parties, restaurants, live music bands, all invite the tourist to endeavor and enjoy the nightlife of Cancun. The amazing music played by the excellent DJ rolls on the travelers on the night disc to dance and relish the nightlife in Cancun.

    You can visit the following nightlife areas where you can relish and thoroughly enjoy the night in Cancun:

    • Carlos n' Charlie's
    • Grand Mambo Café
    • Mandala
    • Coco Bongo
    • The City
    • Palazzo
    • DADY'O
    • Congo Bar
    • Senor Frogs
    • La Vaquita