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The capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu located on the western part of the city is famous for its Buddhist structures, Taschichho Dzong monastery that has been there since 1216 and the government palace that is decorated with a roof made of gold leaves. The region is known more for natural beauty than its buildings and structures, as it is surrounded by the mountains and hills that are a part of the Himalayas. Its location makes it an ideal place for adventure tours in Thimphu like hiking, trekking, rappelling and whitewater rafting. The Bhutan hiking tour takes visitors to two of the largest cities of the country namely Paro and Thimphu besides other locations. The nine mile trek starts at Paro and after a sightseeing tour at the National Museum and the carvings of Buddhism’s history at Tshogshing Lhakhang; it moves to the viewpoint of Taktsang monastery. The tour then moves on to Thimphu for detailed exploration of its attractions like Memorial Chorten, national library, Simtokha Dzong and the Zorig Chusum or Painting School.


The Pho Chhu River has all classes of rapids so rafting teams are divided according to their ability to handle the water speed. While the upper sections have class 3 and 4 rapids, the lower sections of Pho Chhu has class 2 and 3 rapids that takes the tiny rafts across the river at a furious pace, if the people manning the raft are not able to set a strong pace of their own. The Bhutan Climbing club conducts thirteen rock climbing exercises at a location called The Nose near Thimphu for people with different levels of expertise. There are several beautiful monasteries built on peaks and hills, several centuries ago which give stunning views of the valley but travellers have to hike towards them. The most famous among them are Tango Buddhist Institute, Changangkha Lhakhang, Trashichhoe Dzong and the Druk Lhakhang Temple. Check out the best adventure tours in Thimphu for a truly rejuvenating and fulfilling experience here.

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18 November 2015
Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek was a great experience. It passes by picturesque lakes, Alpine meadows and villages set to a backdrop of magnificent mountainous landscapes. The experience was amazing and brilliant. We had a really great trek. It was sheer brilliance.
16 August 2015
The trekking experience was great. I had a really nice trek here. It was an inexpensive and a really nice trek. I had a great time.
10 October 2015
Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek is something that every trekker must take in his life. It is so poignant and brilliant. I totally loved this. WOW can be an understatement. The crystal clear, poignant lakes just give me goosebumps. The pristine lakes are so beautiful that you will forget yourself here. The trek is difficult, but nevertheless it is an amazing and a beautiful experience to say the least. I totally loved this trek and I just still can’t get enough of this trek. The experience would not have been this nice if the planning was bad. Special cheers to the team for handling the organization and planning of this tour in such a beautiful manner. If you are planning to have heartfelt trek, then look no further than here.
I loved the whole trek , nice arrangements and well managed trip
09 February 2016
13 days of fun: This is the first time I am taking a long trek. I had a lot of fun. It was well organized and absolute fun. The trekking was very beautiful and brilliant. I had such a lovely and nice trek. It was very well organized too. Dagala trek is the only trek in Bhutan which offers the view of all the high mountain peaks of Bhutan including all the famous ones. This can be done as a 6 days one or 13 days one too. It depends on budget and vacation available for us. The flight tickets can be costly it is better if tickets are booked in prior.
13 September 2019
We had so much fun on this bike trip from India to Bhutan. This a great trip organised by Thrillophilia for bike trip enthusiasts. All the requirements were well taken care of and the tour was well organised. The route is extremely beautiful and a group activity as it was, made it all the more amazing. A lifetime cherishable memory!!
13 September 2019
Very well planned trip and itinerary. Our group leader was very good in managing the itinerary during the 9 days. We had enough time to see the major attractions of Bhutan and enjoy the ride of bullet with beautiful views. Group was amazing and very friendly and I had made a lot new rider friends.
13 September 2019
Roads were good with amazing views and landscapes. Bhutan is a county filled with full of natural beauty. Accommodation during the trip was ok and food was very good. After Ladakh this was second long bike ride adventure and bike trip to Bhutan will remain in my memories for forever. Thanks to team Thrillophilia and our group captain.
Bhutan was in my bucketlist and then i came across this package and couldnot resist. Perfect
This was a 6 day trek. It was so amazing to see the beautiful snow capped mountains with the lake. It was an unforgettable experience.