Trekking in Thimphu: Upto 30% Off on Thimphu Treks

Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, is a blissful destination because of its natural beauty, and for giving the appearance of a small town with all the amenities and facilities the capital and financial hub of a country should provide. Being one of the world’s most famous adventure destinations, it has the world’s best camping, hiking and trekking tours in Thimphu. Bhutan is emerging fast as the adventure destination in South Asia because of its cool weather and beautiful sightseeing destinations, the breathtaking flora and fauna and activities you can do here. Some other treks that you can undertake in Bhutan are the Bumdra trek, Druk Path trek, trek to Dagala Thousand Lake, Jomolhari trek, a cultural tour of Bhutan and the Dragon Kingdom tour etc. Make sure you carry enough warm clothes, beverages, dry fruits etc for the trip, along with medicines and other essential items.


Most of the trips and tours span across five to twelve days because of the number of places to see and the time taken to trek through the mountains and valleys. The Soi Yaktsa trek is one of the best and most challenging treks you will ever encounter in Bhutan. You start from Paro and camp at the foothills of the mountain Jomolhari, also famously called the Goddess of Mountains. There are also expeditions in Bhutan where you can see some of the most prominent sites of the country. These tours span over five to nine days, and cover everything from Paro, Kyichu Lhakhang, which is one of the oldest temples in the country, Rinpung Dzong and Ta Dzong, the national museum of the country, National Memorial Chorten,Changangkha Lhakhang, Zorig Chusum, Punakha, the temple of Chimi Lhakhang in the village of Lobesa, Punakha Dzong, Bumthang Valley, also known as the mini Switzerland of India etc are some of the places that you will be visiting in the course of your trip. So set out on some of the best trekking tours in Thimphu and be enthralled by the beauty surrounding you.

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18 November 2015
Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek was a great experience. It passes by picturesque lakes, Alpine meadows and villages set to a backdrop of magnificent mountainous landscapes. The experience was amazing and brilliant. We had a really great trek. It was sheer brilliance.
16 August 2015
The trekking experience was great. I had a really nice trek here. It was an inexpensive and a really nice trek. I had a great time.
10 October 2015
Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek is something that every trekker must take in his life. It is so poignant and brilliant. I totally loved this. WOW can be an understatement. The crystal clear, poignant lakes just give me goosebumps. The pristine lakes are so beautiful that you will forget yourself here. The trek is difficult, but nevertheless it is an amazing and a beautiful experience to say the least. I totally loved this trek and I just still can’t get enough of this trek. The experience would not have been this nice if the planning was bad. Special cheers to the team for handling the organization and planning of this tour in such a beautiful manner. If you are planning to have heartfelt trek, then look no further than here.
09 February 2016
13 days of fun: This is the first time I am taking a long trek. I had a lot of fun. It was well organized and absolute fun. The trekking was very beautiful and brilliant. I had such a lovely and nice trek. It was very well organized too. Dagala trek is the only trek in Bhutan which offers the view of all the high mountain peaks of Bhutan including all the famous ones. This can be done as a 6 days one or 13 days one too. It depends on budget and vacation available for us. The flight tickets can be costly it is better if tickets are booked in prior.
15 November 2015
The trekking was great. I had an awesome experience with the trek. It was a worthy and a nice trek. Trekking can be very tedious but the beauty of the trek lies in its beauty. The trek is so beautiful that we would not feel tired or restless at all.
This was a 6 day trek. It was so amazing to see the beautiful snow capped mountains with the lake. It was an unforgettable experience.
I loved the whole trek , nice arrangements and well managed trip
Bhutan was my dream destination and it finally got fulfilled. Thank to Thrillophilia who helped me everytime from booking to travelling to returning. Arrangements were nice at every places. At some places there were some issues with drivers but Thrillophilia peeps sorted it out for me. Thank you everyone. best trip ever.
nice trip, though the trek was tiring but I and my brother managed to complete it. We took 2 hours break at the top to come back as we were very tired but still we enjoyed alot.
14 April 2015
This trek was the best trek ever. I had an awesome experience. I totally loved it. I always prefer trekking than instant adventure sports. Lake treks were something that I wanted to take for a long time now. I had a lovely trek recently here in Dagala, and it was indeed a brilliant and an exciting experience. I loved it totally. The trek was super enticing and exciting. As a trekker, I was more than happy about the trek. The trekking is quite tough but good practice at basic training and ample trekking experience or even with good warm ups, you can enjoy the trekking completely. It is indeed a lovely surroundings and landscape too. I guess that goes without the saying.