20 Beaches Near Mumbai 2020: With Distance & Activities

Beaches near Mumbai includes Manori Beach, Vasai Beach, Kalamb Beach, Alibaug Beach, Kihim Beach, Kelva Beach, Mandwa Beach and many more. 

When the beaches in the city seem too choked with crowds, it is time to explore the lesser-known beaches near Mumbai to spend sunny days full of fun and plenty of seafood. There are many options for cleaner and secluded beaches near Mumbai for weekend holidays and unforgettable experiences.

While, beaches like Kashid, Manori, and Diveagar have gorgeous sweeping views of waters, balmy breezes, sea surf, and lots of sunshine; others make up for the amazing watersports options. Activities like kite surfing, parasailing, motorboat riding, and windsurfing can be enjoyed at Ganpatipule, Kalamb, and Mandwa Beaches.

Murud and Tarkarli Beaches even offer dolphin tours to let you see these playful & lovable creatures. Many of these are dotted with ancient forts, temples, and lighthouses that are perfect for photography enthusiasts. So, take a break from the usual places and head over to one of these stunning hidden locations for your next beachside escapade.

Beaches Near Mumbai Within 200 Km


Manori Beach (48 Km From Mumbai)

Manori Beach (48 Km From Mumbai)

This secluded seaside, one of the cleanest beaches near Mumbai, lets you have a peaceful escapade from the hustle-bustle of the city. Outlining the village of Manori, this beach is famous for its powdery white sands and cashew tree-lined shores and is often compared to the beautiful beaches of Goa.

The place is especially beautiful in the evenings and offers fantastic sunset views. Don’t miss to try authentic seafood at the seaside shacks like Bombay Duck, fried crabs, pomfrets, and pork vindaloo.

Distance from Mumbai: 48 kilometres.


Vasai Beach (60 Km From Mumbai)

Vasai Beach (60 Km From Mumbai)

This is one of the few beaches near Mumbai that are rich with historical charm and architecture. While here, see the 16th-century Vasai Fort, the ruins of which still stand majestically near the beach. It’s arches and facades are worth photographing.

The beach is surrounded by dense palm groves, which lends it an oasis-like ambience. Enjoy Portuguese food and sip on fresh coconut water as you relax in the beachside shacks. Try water sports like paragliding and motorsport boat rides.

Distance from Mumbai: 60 kilometres.


Kalamb Beach (67 Km From Mumbai)

Kalamb Beach (67 Km From Mumbai)

This unassuming beach is one of those places abundant with untouched beauty. Counted amidst the most pristine hidden beaches in the region, it is clean and free of the usual crowds and noise. Located in the Nalasopara area of Thane, its soft black sands are dotted with palm trees, great for long walks amidst crisp sea breeze.

The beach has calm waters, perfect for a long relaxing swim. You can also enjoy horseback riding and camel riding here. It is a popular spot for paragliding, motorboat riding, and kite surfing. 

Distance from Mumbai: 67 kilometres.


Alibaug Beach (95 Km From Mumbai)

Alibaug Beach (95 Km From Mumbai)

Alibaug Beach is one of the most famous beaches near Mumbai mainly due to its distinctive black sand dotted with rocks. The beach lies close to the ruins of the Kolaba Fort, which is reachable by a short boat ride. The fort provides an amazing backdrop to the magnificent sunrise and sunset that one can see here.

Don’t miss the 400-year-old Ganpati Temple near the fort that is revered by the locals here. Visit the nearby fishing villages to enjoy authentic seafood. Try horse riding here or water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, paragliding, and motorboat riding.

Distance from Mumbai: 95 kilometres.


Kihim Beach (96 Km From Mumbai)

Kihim Beach (96 Km From Mumbai)

Free of crowds and noise, nestled amidst thick patches of coconut trees and flowers, this beach is an absolute paradise. The white sands of the beach are full of colourful shells and rocks that serve as vantage points to see the setting sun cast golden-orange hues on the vast sea.

The place is often visited by migratory birds and is a popular place for bird watchers. Don’t miss to visit the nearby Kolaba Fort. Enjoy Bumper boat rides, kayaking, fishing, horse cart rides, and banana boat rides here. No wonder this is one of the best beaches near Mumbai for weekend.

Distance from Mumbai: 96 kilometres.


Kelva Beach (103 Km From Mumbai)

Kelva Beach (103 Km From Mumbai)

This 8 kilometre long stretch of golden sands is very popular with people who want to spend some tranquil time listening to the rhythms of the sea. Surrounded by thick Suru tree mangroves swaying in the sea breeze, Kelva Beach is perfect for beach holidays near Mumbai with your family.

Try camelback riding, paragliding, ATV riding, and speedboat riding. There is even a children’s park with swings and sand pits to keep them busy for hours. Visit the nearby Kelva Fort and Sheetala Devi Temple, both important landmarks in the area.

Distance from Mumbai: 103 kilometres.


Mandwa Beach (104 Km From Mumbai)

Mandwa Beach (104 Km From Mumbai)

One of the best beaches near Mumbai to visit, Mandwa Beach is perfect for indulging in watersports like jet-skiing, banana boat rides, kayaking, bumper boat rides, kitesurfing, and power kiting. For those looking for spending a day of quietude, this beach will not disappoint you.

Its vast stretches of sand and cool waters brushing against your feet are great for taking long walks as you look onto the glittering skyline of Mumbai. Enjoy scrumptious seafood like fried crabs, grilled fish, and prawns at the local shacks here. 

Distance from Mumbai: 104 kilometres.


Korlai Beach (115 Km From Mumbai)

Korlai Beach (115 Km From Mumbai)

Located around the charming Korlai Village in Raigad district, this is one of the few black sand beaches near to Mumbai. The shores here come alive during the monsoons with luxuriant mossy patches and flowers, quite uncommon for Mumbai beaches.

Visit the 15th-century Korlai Fort also known as El Moro. The majestic ruins of this fort backdrop the vast expanses of the Arabian Sea. See the beach lighthouse and a 17th-century Church, perfect for taking stunning pictures.

Distance from Mumbai: 115 kilometres.


Kashid Beach (124 Km From Mumbai)

Kashid Beach (124 Km From Mumbai)

This impressive beach promises a beautiful day under the sun with sounds of soft waves and sea breeze enveloping you. With its stark white sands and crystal blue waters, this is one of the most beautiful beaches near Mumbai to visit.

This is the only beach near Mumbai that has ancient Buddhist caves near its shores. The shoreline is surrounded by lush thickets of Casuarina trees, which add to the allure of the place. You can indulge in horse riding and watersports like parasailing or simply watch the beautiful sunset as you take long relaxing walks here.

Distance from Mumbai: 124 kilometres.


Dahanu-Bordi Beach (142 Km From Mumbai)

Dahanu-Bordi Beach (142 Km From Mumbai)

Located near the tiny charming hamlet of Dahanu, Bordi Beach is where you can enjoy miles of uninterrupted sea views and unmatched tranquillity. This beach, due to its seclusion, is a favourite spot for long romantic walks while watching the beautiful sunset.

Try horseback riding, ATV riding, parasailing, and swimming here or simply spend time getting a suntan. The waters are calm making them perfect for swimming and scuba diving. The shores are dotted with orchards of chikoo trees. Bordi is the home to many Parsi families. Don’t miss to indulge in delicious Parsi cuisine here. No wonder this beach features amongst the top beaches near Mumbai for weekend holidays.

Distance from Mumbai: 142 kilometres.


Murud Beach (148 Km From Mumbai)

Murud Beach (148 Km From Mumbai)

With its waters abundant with dolphins, Murud Beach is a popular place for dolphin tours and scuba diving, making it one of the best beaches near Mumbai for weekend holidays. This beach is also the perfect place to enjoy parasailing, boating trips, kite surfing, paragliding, and ATV rides.

The beauty of this beach is unmatched and has beautiful contrasting hues. Its black sands set off the brilliant blue waters that are surrounded by lush green hills on three sides. The shores are dotted with jutting rocks lending the landscape a very unique appearance.

Distance from Mumbai: 148 kilometres.


Diveagar Beach (189 Km From Mumbai)

Diveagar Beach (189 Km From Mumbai)

The strong currents of seawater at this beach, one of the beaches near Mumbai to visit, make it the preferred spot for surfing enthusiasts. Other watersports to enjoy here are banana-boat ride, parasailing, paragliding, and motorboat riding.

Or you can simply take a long relaxing dip and sunbathe as you see the beautiful sunset. This 15-kilometre long beach is framed by betel nut and casuarina trees and offers a getaway from the choking cities. There are fishing villages near the beach, great for trying some authentic seafood and Konkani cuisine.

Distance from Mumbai: 189 kilometres


Velas Beach (189 Km From Mumbai)

Velas Beach (189 Km From Mumbai)

Famous for its annual turtle hatching festival, this beach is quite popular with people who are looking for some unique experiences. One of the few breeding grounds for Oliver Ridley Turtles; you can spend time seeing them in their natural habitat.

One of the best attractions here is the 17th-century Bankot Fort. Visit the nearby town of Harihareshwar to soak in its old-world charm, explore the laid-back village life, and try the delicious seafood and Konkani cuisine. Definitely one of the must-visit beaches near to Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai: 189 kilometres. 


Harihareshwar Beach (200 Km From Mumbai)

Harihareshwar Beach (200 Km From Mumbai)

Located in the beach town of the same name, Harihareshwar Beach is one of the quietest beaches near Mumbai with impressive panoramic beauty. The beach is surrounded by four hills, Brahmadri, Harihareshwar, Pushpadri, and Harshinachal, in the Sahyadri range and is split by the Harihareshwar Temple, one of the major attractions here.

The two beaches, known as Shrivardhan and Diveagar, are popular for paragliding and surfing. There are many souvenir shops here along with food stalls selling local fruits like kokum and jambhul.

Distance from Mumbai: 200 kilometres.

Beaches Near Mumbai Within 500 Km


Kelshi Beach (223 Km From Mumbai)

Kelshi Beach (223 Km From Mumbai)

Take long walks amidst thick mangroves of Coconut, Kevda, and Cyprus trees as you soak in the cool sea breeze at this pristine beach located in Dapoli. Watch a magnificent sunset as you sit on the rocks and are sprayed by sea surf.

Visited by migratory birds like Oriental Kingfisher, White-bellied sea eagles, Great Reed Warbler, and Sandwich Terns, this is a haven for bird watching enthusiasts. Located just outside the Kelshi Village, it offers one the opportunity to explore the charming bylanes of this colourful village and interact with the locals over delicious seafood.

Distance from Mumbai: 223 kilometres.


Ganapatipule Beach (333 Km From Mumbai)

Ganapatipule Beach (333 Km From Mumbai)

This pristine beach outlines the charming village of Ganpatipule, located in Ratnagiri District on the Konkan Coast. This serene beach, one of the most beautiful beaches near Mumbai surrounded by cashew trees, is an ideal place to take a break from the city life.

It is perfect for taking long walks in the cool sand or trying watersports like water scooter ride, paragliding, and pedal boat rides. Visit the nearby ancient Swayambhu Ganapati Temple where the idol is said to be self-created from the sands here thousands of years ago. Try delicious Konkani food like Phanspoli, Kokam Kadi, and spicy fish curries.

Distance from Mumbai: 333 kilometres.


Ratnagiri Beach (335 Km From Mumbai)

Ratnagiri Beach (335 Km From Mumbai)

The ancient city of Ratnagiri, known as the city of the kings, is famous for its beaches perfect for some relaxed seaside ‘me-time’. Some of the most popular beaches here are Kunkeshwar Beach, Bhatye Beach, Guhagar Beach, Aare Ware Beach, and Anjarle Beach.

Each of these beaches has something unique to offer. Be it waterfalls, rocky cliff-lined shores, forts, temples, charming fishing villages, and even the endangered Oliver Ridley turtles, these panoramic beaches promise to offer spectacular experiences during your beach holidays near Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai: 335 kilometres.


Devgad Beach (500 Km From Mumbai)

Devgad Beach (500 Km From Mumbai)

The long coastline of this idyllic and serene beach attracts many people to the Devgad district, famous for its historical architecture. Visit the 12th-century Devgarh Fort to see its still majestic ruins including canons. The beach has an old lighthouse that offers great photography opportunities with the vast rolling seas in the backdrop.

Don’t miss the Brahmdeo Temple, an important place of worship for the locals in the region. You can visit the nearby alphonso mango orchards and indulge in mango-based delicacies and seafood while here.

Distance from Mumbai: 500 kilometres.


Tarkarli Beach (532 Km From Mumbai)

Tarkarli Beach (532 Km From Mumbai)

Located at the confluence of the Arabian Sea and the Karli River, Tarkarli Beach is famous for its crystal clear waters, which is uncommon amongst the beaches found in the region. Don’t miss to see the turtles roaming freely on the shores.

The waters here have an abundant dolphin population, which can be seen through special dolphin tours held here. The beach houses the country’s largest scuba diving centre known as the Indian Institute of Scuba Diving and Aquatic Sports (IISDA), which also serves as a resort. Also, enjoy boat rides, kayaking, snorkelling, parasailing, and swimming here.

Distance from Mumbai: 532 kilometres.


Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach
Image Credit : Flickr

Varsoli Beach is the ideal place to sneak out from the maddening crowd of Alibaug. Located around 3 km from main Alibaug it is less crowded than the other beaches, and you can have a peaceful and fun time over here. This long stretched beach serves as a naval base for the Indian Navy.

It is also a haven for adventure seekers who want to indulge in a wide range of water sports activities like water-skiing, banana ride, and surfing. It is the home to many cottages and resorts where you can check in to have the best time of your life.

There are many shacks and beachside cafes over here where you can have the best combination of booze, scrumptious delicacies, and happening parties.

Distance: 3 km from main Alibaug

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  6. Does Mumbai have beaches?

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    Some of the best-secluded beaches are Kashid Beach, Dahanu Beach, Gorai Beach, and Korlai Beach.Since they are located a little far from the city, they are less crowded.
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