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  • For those of you are still wondering to find an ideal vacation destination to beat the summer heat then you might have definitely not known about the exotic New Zealand. Offering some sizeable amount of things to do this place is a wonderland for all. With the stunning landscapes and the serene coastlines the wanderers go crazy with the thrilling activities here. From indulging in the heart warming kayaking, rafting or diving in the South to exploring the scenic views while cycling or walking in the fanatic trails you will never get enough of this place.  This is definitely the place for the adventure buffs who loves to try some extreme sports.

     And if you are still trying to be bold enough to bring out the beast in you then you have the electrifying bungee jumping, rafting, jet boating and zip lining which will undeniably give you that push. Here we bring you some of the best adventurous activities in New Zealand which will make you visit this destination at once.New Zealand also comes in top listing honeymoon destination and serve great package for couples.  So hold on guys it’s time to head out to this dream destination and try some of the most exhilarating activities in this region.
  • Things to do in Auckland

  • 01Auckland Bridge Bungee

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    Most of you might be confused at time how to start with your adventure then we suggest you should start with the exciting Bungee Jumping in Auckland Bridge. Well, it a perfect kick start for your thrilling adventure. Get ready to jump from a 40 metre Auckland Bridge bungee and then touch the ocean below before you bounce back. Isn’t it amazing? Soak in the beauty of the region while you fall from that height and witness the amazing view. Also, you will be very firmly harnessed with the hope which will hold you. It’s time to just let go off all you fears with this thrilling activity.

  • 02Walking and Trekking

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    Off late New Zealand is becoming the hottest destination for adventurous activities and while you are planning to visit this destination then this is a must do activity for you. Trekking and walking has been the most favored activity by a lot. What could be a better way to explore the beauty of a region then trekking or walking? Well in Auckland, take a walk to the highest point of the lethargic spring of gushing lava on the Rangitoto Summit Track and experience amazing perspectives of the city. This walk is an extraordinary alternative in the event that you'd jump at the chance to get out on the water and do some strolling.

  • 03Sky walking the Edge

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    Another adventurous sport which has been becoming very famous in Auckland is Sky walking. High above Auckland lays this one of a kind narrow walkway around the Sky Tower. No handrail, only thin air and the city 192 meters underneath, SkyWalk is a thrilling test you'll always remember. Auckland attractions, disclose to you a great deal of stories and on the off chance that you are sufficiently brave then you should fall into this adrenaline junkie traps. For an adventure junkie, this 360° perspective of Auckland and phenomenal recollections of Skywalk on the edge will be the most memorable part.

  • 04Abseiling /Rappelling

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    This is another activity which is very famous in Auckland. ?Get bold in Auckland with some abseiling or rappelling and make your summer an exciting one. There are a lot of choices accessible for any level and it's an energizing approach to witness some of Auckland's best landscape. On the off chance adventure sports is your thing then also attempt climbing or abseiling in Auckland. Abseiling might be down a stone, or in a gully and even down falling waterfalls. It’s time to get yourself lose as you try these adventurous activities in New Zealand.

  • 05Caving

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    Get ready for the enterprise of a lifetime with this exciting dark water boating and folding background. Investigate underground Auckland with a giving in experience. Abseil into characteristic holes, explore a labyrinth of passages and attempt to spot shine worms along the way.? The Waitomo Caves offer a rare underground ordeal that is an absolute necessity strives for anybody needing to test themselves in a lovely yet safe condition. You will be ensured to leave with an enormous feeling of accomplishment. All you have to do is be adventurous enough to head into the cave to find the glowy world.

  • 06Climbing

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    Another activity which is a must do for you in Auckland is climbing. Take a few to get back some composure with indoor or open air moving in Auckland. Scale and over the Auckland Harbor Bridge for excellent perspectives or go to the woodland for an exceptional climbing background in the wild. Whether it’s climbing in Auckland University with climbers and boulders or climbing at the Basalt Rock Cliff at Mount Eden Quarry you will have never enough of this place. Some other places where you can head out for climbing in Auckland are Extreme Edge, The Brickenhead and Gyms.

  • 07Visit Rangitoto Island

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    Rangitoto Island is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf close Auckland, New Zealand. It is a notorious and broadly obvious milestone of Auckland with its unmistakable symmetrical shield spring of gushing lava cone rising 260 meters (850 ft) high over the Hauraki Gulf. Rangitoto was shaped by a progression of emissions starting no less than 6000 years back. The latest ejections happened in the vicinity of 550 and 600 years prior in two scenes, 10 to 50 years separated, and are thought to have gone on for quite a while amid the later shield-framing scene. Get a chance to explore the amazing beauty of this island while you visit Auckland

  • 08Cycling/ Mountain Biking

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    Auckland is an unlimited and sprawling city concealed between three dazzling harbors. With its cosmopolitan feel, a lot of eateries to suit each financial plan, grant winning exhibition halls and closeness to various shorelines, it's an extraordinary place to start your cycling occasion to New Zealand. Getting out on the town on a bicycle is one of the most ideal approaches to inundate yourself in the staggering view around Auckland. Go through the city or look at a portion of the dazzling beach front trails.? Soak in the amazing beauty of the region and discover the real beauty here. The best thing is all you get to explore these live and also capture some moments in your lenses.

  • 09Horse Trekking

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    Well, you might have heard about Horse trekking in Auckland. Now let us know in a detail about this amazing horse trek. A horse trek is the ideal approach to see Auckland's staggering shorelines and picturesque farmland. Horse riding is appropriate for all ages and makes for a life-changing Auckland encounter. Take a ride through the slope nation ride on tracks through patches of local shrubbery and recovering bramble territories with perspectives of Kawau Island, the Coromandel, Orewa ,Whangaparoa to the Sky Tower in Auckland. What's more, above all you stallions are extremely very much mannered. I am sure you are going to fall in love with the place as well as your beautiful horses.

  • 10Off-road Riding

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    For the extreme adventure sports freak there are few other activities which you would love to try while you are in New Zealand. Overcome your fears as you head out for an adventure to Super Highway and feel the adrenaline rush as you lean toward gravity to make them move there is something for everybody. Take an exciting rough terrain driving enterprise in Auckland for a thrilling drive and astonishing view. Quad biking, motor biking and four wheel driving, you'll see everything here. All you have to do here is decide which one to take first and make your vacation the more thrilling one.

  • 11Take a stroll at Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

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    Rejuvenate yourself as you visit this amazing park in Auckland. The Waitakere Ranges Regional Park is a place where unblemished hedge, flourishing local untamed life and tough dark sand surf shorelines meet up. The 'wild west' feels like a different universe away, however is just 40 minutes from the downtown area. This shocking locale incorporates more than 16,000 hectares of local rainforest and coastline, and common fortunes like the Karekare Falls. With more than 250 kilometers of strolling tracks, the extents are a great place to investigate by walking, encompassed by astounding landscape. The recreation center incorporates 250km of strolling and tramping tracks, shorelines, amazing vistas, marvelous rough outcrops, waterfalls and precipices.

  • 12Skiing

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    In case you want to go skiing in New Zealand, here are the responses to a couple questions you may have. Auckland has two gigantic harbors enveloping a domain that is buzzing with social fervor and ocean seasoned difficulties. Auckland is likewise New Zealand's biggest city. Auckland ski fields appreciate spectacular view, crisp snow and an awesome scope of trails, hops and runs, cooking for all skiing and snowboarding levels. And for the ones who want to skip the mountains then you have the very favored Snowplanet. Experience the excitement of skiing without making a beeline for the mountains. It’s time to make the most of it with this exciting adventure.

  • 13Snowboarding

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    When it’s about thrill then Snowboarding is another activity which is a must do for you in Auckland. Glide through the snow as you try this amazing activity. One of the best places where you can try this activity is the Snow planet which is just perfect for the snow lovers. And if you want to hit the mountains then this is the perfect place for you with all the magnificent landscapes and scenic views. Take some time to yourself as you stare the amazing beauty of the region and also don’t forget to capture them in your lenses. So buckle up guys it’s time for some real fun in the scenic mountains. Also check here few more adventurous places to visit in New Zealand.

  • 14Ziplining

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    New Zealand is home to various terrific zip lining encounters, where guests can coast through marvelous local woods, crosswise over waterways and canyons. Soar over the tree finish and drench up the perspectives with a flying fox zipline enterprise in Auckland. There are many places in Auckland where you can try out this activity. Make a beeline for delightful Waiheke Island to experience Auckland's just zip line understanding. Additionally, get an opportunity to find out about nearby verdure and the protection of our stupendous regular habitat once you are finished with this astounding action.

  • 15Boat Cruises in Auckland

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    Now while you are in this amazing one of a kind destination this is something which you would not want to miss. Skim past the Sky Tower, Auckland Harbor Bridge, Bean Rock Lighthouse and Devonport Naval Base as you take off for a Boat journey in Auckland.Getting out on the water is an unquestionable requirement do movement in Auckland. Bounce on a harbor pontoon voyage from downtown Auckland for an unwinding approach to take in the wonderful sights of the Hauraki Gulf.? Nothing can be all the more energizing then investigating all the magnificence of the locale as you journey through the stream. Most of the entire sweeping breeze will make you fall in love with this place

  • 16Scuba Diving/ Snorkelling

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    Well, when it’s about adventure this is something which cannot be missed at all. In Auckland there are lots of places which offer a portion of the best scuba making a plunge Auckland and crosswise over New Zealand. Wide choices of value jump and spear fishing hardware and additionally a determination of scuba and snorkeling gear for contract. Auckland is New Zealand's biggest city. Auckland offers an assortment of astounding jumping, snorkeling and scuba plunging attractions in dazzling areas. Waters around Auckland abound with vivid, captivating submerged life and the waters for the most part make for magnificent review. Get the chance to investigate and make a plunge the probably the most beautiful jump destinations New Zealand brings to the table. 

  • 17Visit Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

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    Set beneath the ridge Albert Park in the focal city zone of Auckland, the display was built up in 1888 as the main perpetual craftsmanship exhibition in New Zealand. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o T?maki is the chief open display in Auckland, New Zealand, and has the broadest gathering of national and global workmanship in New Zealand. The building initially housed the Auckland Art Gallery and also the Auckland open library opening with accumulations gave by sponsors Governor Sir George Gray and James Tannock Mackelvie. Learn about the various arts and the displays while you visit this amazing art gallery in Auckland.

  • 18Visit the Auckland Zoo

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    Now while you are visiting Auckland don’t miss a chance to visit the Auckland zoo and explore its amazing wildlife. Auckland Zoo is home to the biggest gathering of local and colorful creatures in New Zealand, set in 17 hectares of rich parkland and minutes from focal Auckland. Auckland Zoo is a 16.35-hectare (40-section of land) zoological garden in Auckland, New Zealand, arranged beside Western Springs stop not a long way from Auckland's focal business area. Auckland Zoo is as of now home to more than 875 people speaking to 138 species, and spreads 16.35 hectares .The zoo is sorted out into presentation territories gathered by area of starting point, scientific classification, or biome.

  • 19Jet Boarding

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    Who does not love to take challenges and if you are one of those then here you go again with this another adventurous activity in Auckland. Jet Boarding is the most sought of adventure sports in New Zealand. ?New Zealand is the home of jet sailing, an extraordinary on-the-water adrenaline scramble for all ages. Encounter the excitement of an Auckland stream vessel ride on the harbor while taking in the city sees. Detect the Sky Tower, Auckland Harbor Bridge and other famous historic points from a special viewpoint as you power through the water in a supercharged stream pontoon. Feel the thrill on water traps while the driver expertly moves through 360-degree turns and fishtails. Make your adventure an adventurous one while you try this one of a kind activity in New Zealand.

  • 20Windsurfing and Kite surfing

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    With two wonderful coasts and many shorelines to browse, windsurfing or kite surfing in Auckland is an incredible daredevil's ordeal – whether you're an amateur or an expert.? There are distinctive spots for the beginners, transitional and the specialists kite surfers.  For the amateurs Auckland kite surfing spots are set apart with blue markers, green for the transitional and red for the master surfers. Concerning windsurfing there are spots where you can attempt this stunning movement. Winds are steady however at times exceptionally solid, in spite of the fact that it has its days in spring and harvest time. Whether you are thinking of surfing in the beach front or in the middle of the ocean you will have some of the best experiences of a lifetime.

  • 21Kayaking

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    There is yet another activity which is a must try for you in Auckland, kayaking. Whether you talk about the winds or the serenity Auckland makes a perfect place for the Kayaking lovers. ? Investigate Auckland's reality class marine situations by kayaking in the most soothing parts. Oar to forsake islands, go looking for dolphins or attempt an activity stuffed day surfing the waves. Brown Island, otherwise called Motukorea, is one of the best-safeguarded volcanoes in the Auckland Volcanic Field. Private vessels and ocean kayaks are the main methods for access to this untouched island. Get an opportunity to investigate the island once you achieve that island. There are three antiquated dad locales (Maori braced town) on the island, with the biggest involving the inclines of the fundamental scoria cone. You will be hungry by the way nature invites you to investigate it to its center.

  • 22Experience the fun at Hobbiton Movie Set

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    If you have been fascinated by The Hobbit movie then this is your chance to make your dream come true while you visit the Hobbiton Movie Set in Auckland. This is the first Hobbiton Movie Set from The Lord of the Rings motion picture set of three and The Hobbit movies. It is arranged on a family run cultivate around 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) west of Hinuera and 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) southwest of Matamata. The hidden geography of the territory is that of the Hinuera Formation, a gathering of alluvial residues, sands and rock set down in the last frosty period.  Feel as if you are actually in such a world while you visit this amazing place.

  • 23Dolphin and Whale watching

    How about getting personal with the friendliest creature on earth? Sound’s amazing right. Well while you visit Auckland get a chance to meet the dolphin and whale swimming in the crystal clear waters. Get an opportunity to watch, find out about or more all help ensure this astounding asset of marine life. With more than 1/3 of all marine-warm blooded animal species seen here Auckland is the ideal place for that unique experience you've generally longed for. Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari make it simple to encounter the amazing untamed life of the lovely Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. What's more, above all else you are ensured whale viewing and dolphin watching year-round, leaving from Auckland

  • 24 Bird Watching

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    There might be a few of you who love to capture some of the best shots of the bird’s flight. Well then here is your chance to try out this in Auckland. ?Auckland's bramble and shoreline natural surroundings make it a sanctuary for a wide range of birdlife. From the notable Kiwi and uncommon timberland species to penguins and gannet settlements, bird watching in Auckland is world-class. From the slippery flightless fledgling the Kiwi, that New Zealanders take as their own particular character image, to a portion of the rarest jeopardized species and widely acclaimed bird watching recuperation programs, a New Zealand birding occasion is played out against a 100% unadulterated background of amazing magnificence. From exotic to local birds which includes some of the rarest birds which is found in no other places of earth, it serves as the best for the bird lovers.

  • 25Explore the famous Devonport

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    Just 12 minutes over the harbor from Auckland City, Devonport is a brilliant, enthusiastic group, settled between a volcanic cone, Takarunga, and the shimmering Waitemata harbor. The beautiful noteworthy town gloats shocking perspectives of Auckland city concealed from some other area and a number special attractions. Find little sandy shorelines, a smaller town focus clamoring with bistros, shops and displays, and two volcanic cones offering stupendous perspectives. Make you excursion an uncommon one while you visit this one of kind destination.

  • 26Penguin Watching

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    After bird watching in Auckland you would not want to miss your chance of meeting the cute penguins. New Zealand is home to six types of penguin, and penguins in Auckland are a portion of the most effortless to spot. Get nearer than at any other time with an on-the-ice penguin experience, or travel to a zoo or aquarium. New Zealand gives you the uncommon chance to watch penguins in their characteristic natural surroundings. The three penguin species local to New Zealand are the little blue penguins, yellow-peered toward penguins and Fiordland-peaked penguins. There are numerous penguin-spotting choices in New Zealand, from the business operations where you are well on the way to see penguins to seeing them by chance on New Zealand's shorelines.

  • 27Auckland Sky Tower

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    Touching the high sky Auckland's needle-like Sky Tower is the city's another most astonishing component which is an absolute necessity visit for you. In case you're searching for a place to snap the ideal city display then the perception deck here is recently the place to get your camera out, with perspectives spreading over into the separation for 80 kilometers on a crisp morning. Spend you day appreciating the shocking scene of this locale while strolling through the 192-meter-high Sky Walk stage around the tower's pergola. You will have a portion of the best adventure of your lifetime here. It’s a place not just for the thrill seekers but for the nature wanderers as well.

  • 28Hike to One Tree Hill

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    The volcanic cone of One Tree Hill is the image of Auckland. The 182-meter-high slope sits in the midst of the lavish Cornwall Park with a progression of blossom informal lodging of develop trees set in the midst of strolling trails. One Tree Hill takes up the southwest corner of the recreation center, and the inclines contain leftovers of a Maori Pa, a sustained town situated here amid the pre-European period. One can locate the solitary pillar worked over the grave of Sir John Logan Campbell who talented this swath of greenery to Auckland to be utilized as a city stop. None the less you will be amazed by the enchanting sights from the hill summits.

  • 29Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Islands

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    The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Islands are a rich cut of nature ideal on Auckland's doorstep. Roughly excellent Great Barrier Island is an absolute necessity visit for wild fans with a large number of outdoors, climbing, mountain biking, and ocean kayaking openings. Rangitoto Island is a torpid spring of gushing lava and home to the world's biggest backwoods of pohutukawa trees. Climbing to the island's summit rewards walkers with dazzling perspectives over the Hauraki Gulf. Small Tiritiri Matangi Island is a natural life asylum for some of New Zealand's most imperiled birdlife with an assortment of simple strolling trails twisting through the island.

  • 30Visit the Waiheke Island

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    Waiheke Island is another most interesting place to visit in Auckland. Around 8,000 individuals live on the island year-round. The island's towns are home to workmanship displays and a flourishing bistro culture, while the drift has a lot of white sand shorelines. For sharp walkers and explorers, an assortment of trails twists along the coastline and through the island inside. For staggering perspectives and thrill seekers, the Church Bay Circuit is a magnificent three-hour walk that exhibits the best of the island. History fans shouldn't miss Stony Batter Historic Reserve with its underground passage framework cut out in World War II on the off chance that Auckland was assaulted. One can see ferries running from Princes Wharf to Waiheke Island.

  • Things to do in Christchurch

  • 31Garden City Helicopter Ride

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    While you are visiting the hottest destination on earth you might definitely want to check out a few things here. What could be a better way to explore the exotic beauty of New Zealand then on a helicopter ride? Well, then for that amazing perspective of the whole region with the green and yellow valleys Helicopter ride is considered the best. Marvel at the sight of the trees and the yellow meadows and the hills as you ride on the helicopter. And the best thing is that you get to decide on which place you would love to go. Whether it’s going to the top of the mountains or just a ride through the scenic views you will have the best time of your life.  

  • 32Golfing at Clearwater Golf Club

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    There might be a very few who love this sport but for the ones who actually love golfing then Clear water golf club is definitely the place for you. Get an opportunity to stroll in the strides of Clearwater graduates, for example, Jason Dufner, Bubba Watson and New Zealand's own particular World Number 1 Lydia Ko on our manicured fairways and greens encompassed by normal spring-encouraged lakes. The Clearwater Golf Course has demonstrated itself as a setting for global expert golf more than 13 successive years, yet it offers a reasonable test to all guests from the six tee decisions. While you are going by the resort one can likewise attempt their hands on different exercises like angling, strolling and cycling.

  • 33Visit the Orana Wildlife Park

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    It’s time for the wildlife lovers to draw near with the most savvies creatures on earth. Set in 80 hectares of quiet grounds, inside 15 minutes' drive of Christchurch Airport, Orana Wildlife Park is New Zealand's just open range zoo. Orana has practical experience in giving one of a kind creature experiences in an open range setting. Get very close with our magnificent creatures as you explore this vast animal kingdom.  Feel the thrill as you feed a grand giraffe, witness a tiger strolling up and down, meeting an enormous white rhino 'up close and personal' and going through a pride of lions. Sound’s all amazing right. Then here you go.

  • 34Walking or biking in the Port Hills

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    There is no doubt in that while you are heading out for a new destination you would definitely love to indulge in some thrilling activities. Whether you are looking for some walking or biking the Port Hills are considered as a haven for both. The Port Hills are one of the best-cherished scenes of Christchurch. The tussock meadows and tough shake out-products, differentiate the levelness of the Canterbury Plains. Leftovers of podacarp woods are indications of the past. People appreciate the Port Hills in a wide range of courses, from picturesque drives to outing posts. Either begin you walk or biking from the Bridle Path, just beneath the Christchurch Gondola or Lyttelton side from Bridle Path street, you will have the best ride or walk ever.

  • 35Waimak River Horse Trekking

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    You might not want to miss another exciting activity in Christchurch, New Zealand. set up by Erika and Stan McStay in February 2001 is one of the well known River Water Trekking which is exceptionally popular among the general population around the globe. Ride along an excellent sandy shoreline and on blustery tracks through pine woodland at the northern edges of Christchurch. Encounter riding an Icelandic Horse-their unique step "tölt" is amazingly agreeable and unwinding. The riding rhythm is acclimated to suit the level of the riders. The horses are little yet they are extremely solid and can carry on without much of a stretch convey even overwhelming grown-ups. They have a well disposed nature and are casual and simple to deal with.

  • 36Jet boating on the Waimakariri River

    Well who does not love Jetboating? Now is your perfect time to try this thrilling activity. Try the amazing Jet Boating. Join the rushes and energy of a jet boat ride with the amazing landscape of Waimakairir River Gorge while you visit Christchurch. Encounter an elating 30minute experience stream watercraft ride through tough Waimakariri Gorge with amazing perspectives of the snow-topped pinnacles of the Southern Alps. Encounter the popular 360° Hamilton turn. Exeprience this thrilling activity for 30 minutes and feel that adrenaline rush as you fly high up above the waters. Whether you are out with your family or your friends, this activity will definitely take your breath away.

  • 37Explore the Canterbury Museum

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    Positioned in the heart of Christchurch, Canterbury Museum is one of the renowned exhibition hall of Christ churches. The gallery was set up in 1867 with Julius von Haast - whose accumulation framed its center - as its first director. Rare Maori antiques and the stories behind them will captivate you once you step into the museum. Christchurch Street transports you back in time with the sights and hints of spearheading days. Dress and extras from yesteryear are joined by enriching fortunes can be find in their display. Get a chance to explore the ancient artifacts here and learn about the age old history.

  • 38Christchurch Botanic Gardens

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    While you are visiting this amazing destination Christchurch Botanic Gardens in Christchurch is a must visit spot for you. Established in 1863 this botanic garden is situated in the centre of Christchurch. The Gardens sprawl over a region of 21 hectares and lie adjoining the circle of the Avon River beside Hagley Park. The Christchurch Botanic Gardens have an assortment of gathering of intriguing and nearby plants of New Zealand. Throughout the years characteristic wetlands and sand hills have been changed into an exquisitely developed 21 hectare stop with more than 10 distinct greenery enclosures surrounded by develop trees and broad gardens.

  • 39Velocity Karts

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    Well most of you might be unaware of this another exciting activity. Regardless of whether you're searching for entertainment only for the entire family, praising a birthday or commemoration, dashing your companions or pursuing an adrenaline surge, Velocity Karts has it all. It is an incredible faction to do as a major aspect of a gathering where you can pit your newly discovered abilities against your companions. The front wheel driven with one of a kind floating wheels which will take you on a stunning adventure. Draw out the stray in you as you attempt this exceptional movement. You should simply bulge hang on tight for the supernatural ride.

  • 40Go Shopping at Re:START

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    Looking for some shopping spree on your visit to Christchurch, then here we have the perfect place for you.  Re:START Container Mall is Christchurch's infamous place where you can abundantly cherished shopping goal in the heart of the city. Investigate the beautiful gathering of hip delivery container transformations to discover blessing stores, design boutiques, astonishing sustenance, fabulous espresso, banks and a Post Office, and watch Christchurch modify around you in our reality celebrated setting. What’s more all you have to do is to just stroll around the place while exploring the various shops here. Don’t miss this chance this time.

  • 41Zip lining

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    Ziplining is basically an activity with excite ride which is popular among the people across the globe. As you realize that New Zealand is home to various staggering zip lining encounters, where guests can coast through astounding local backwoods, crosswise over streams and gorge, Zip coating is getting to be noticeably a standout amongst the most supported game. While you are up there on the decks, you'll have the opportunity to appreciate great New Zealand from up high, with staggering perspectives of Christchurch. Appreciate the beauty of this place as you try this one of a kind activity. It’s time to overcome your fear of heights this time.

  • 42Flying Fox at Spencerville

    Another exciting activity which is a must do activity for you in Christ church is Flying fox. Spencerville is a little beach front town only north of Christchurch City. Spencerville attractions incorporate a substantial outdoors ground, wetlands, a creature and winged animal stop and Spencer Beach. Spencerville offers the exceptional fly by wire, flying fox and gorge swing enterprise exercises, giving thrilling amusing to the experience buffs. Nothing can be more satisfying then gliding from a rope from a height and then swinging down. Get ready to experience the fun and excitement as you try this thrilling activity along with your friends and family.

  • 43Visit the Arthur Pass National Park

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    If you are looking for some serenity amidst nature then your visit to the Arthur National Park is a must. The eastern side of Arthur's Pass National Park is portrayed by wide, shingle-filled riverbeds and immense beech backwoods. The western side of the recreation center, where wet climate is more typical than dry, has profoundly pigged out streams coursing through thick rainforest. Down the center of 'the considerable separation' is a high fairyland of snow-secured pinnacles, ice sheets and scree inclines. Another method for absorbing the excellence of the locale is the TranzAlpine Train from Christchurch. Stroll through New Zealand local timberland, appreciate lunch at a comfortable bistro, and search for brazen kea. You will wind up in an option world.

  • 44Punting on the Avon River

    What could be a better way of sightseeing the scenic views then on a small flat bottomed boat? Sound’s cool right? Well then here you have the most amazing ride of your life. Appreciate the wonderful Christchurch Botanic Gardens or the changing face of the downtown area as you are expertly guided delicately along the Avon River on our true Edwardian punting visits. Summer or winter, skim along the serene Avon River in Christchurch, as a gifted punter in customary Edwardian attire man drives you gradually along the water. Avon River Punting visits are set on board high quality level bottomed water crafts, poled along by your punter from the platformed till at the backside of the pontoon. A perfect gathering or family action, Punting on the Avon is an eco-accommodating approach to unwind and appreciate Christchurch from an alternate point of view.

  • 45Gondola Ride

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    There is no doubt in that while in Christchurch you would definitely want to enjoy a Gondola ride. Get a chance to experience a stunning 360 degree view from 500 meters above ocean level - toward the west look over the shining cityscape of Christchurch, over the Canterbury Plains to the high pinnacles of the Southern Alps. Toward the south and east are emotional perspectives of Banks Peninsula, Lake Ellesmere and Lyttelton Harbor shaped in a depressed volcanic cavity. Looking north the shorelines of Pegasus Bay and the Pacific Ocean unfurl to the far off Kaikoura Peninsula. Blow your mind away as you experience Time Tunnel which is a reconstruction of Port hill and Christchurch.

  • 46Bowling at Garden City Bowling

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    I am sure most of you are bowling fan, trying your hand in hitting all the balls is something you would definitely love. And while you are visiting this one of a kind destination, it’s a must that you try the Garden city Bowling. Try your hand in the most interesting game and relive the excitement once again. Gather your companions, your workmates, your family, your neighbors and take off for this stand-out understanding. Advance toward the back road to encounter the humming, lively setting of your neighborhood AMF Bowling Center for yourself. What's more you will have a ton of fun of your life while you attempt this stunning action.

  • 47Hot Air Ballooning

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    Well who does not love to fly, watching the earth down below from high up in the air is something which you would never say NO. This time while you are visiting New Zealand don’t miss your chance to try this exciting hot air ballooning. Escape to a universe of peace and quietness. Hot air ballooning is a mysterious affair and a flight with Ballooning Christchurch offers all encompassing perspectives over the prolific Christchurch Plains toward the Southern Alps. Far from the city of Christchurch, you get the opportunity to douse up the country condition from the air, including all encompassing perspectives of the interwoven blanket like farmland and the effective Rakaia River. There is nothing so romantic and energizing as drifting easily over a steadily evolving scene.

  • 48Akaroa Dolphin Cruises

    This staggering marine experience gives you a chance to see these stunning animals from the solace of steady sailboat as your accomplished groups take you to the most well-known spots in Akaroa Harbor to discover the Dolphins. The Akaroa Harbor is the overflowed pit of a wiped out spring of gushing lava, set inside beautiful Banks Peninsula. Aside from the gigantic and remarkable volcanic precipices, this likewise implies the harbor is exceptionally protected. A great deal of the time, particularly in summer, your dolphin experience will be inside the shielded harbor.

  • 49Trout & Salmon Fishing

    Image Credit :

    New Zealand's spotless streams and lakes offer the ideal condition for freshwater fly angling, salmon or trout angling. The mouths of the Rangitata and Rakaia Rivers still deliver great searun dark colored trout angling all the time. Another favored spot for searun dark colored trout is the Waimakariri River downstream from the new motorway connect. This extend of water is an imperative 'after work' fishery for some Christchurch fishermen. It is especially prominent with those living in Kaiapoi. Try your hand in one of this fishing activity and feel the joy as you catch some of the biggest trout and Solomon.

  • 50Swimming with Dolphins at Akaroa

    When someone says swim with the dolphins you will definitely want imagine swimming with this wisest creature right? Well now appreciate swimming with the universes rarest and littlest maritime dolphin – The Hectors (New Zealand) Dolphin, just conceivable in and around the stunning volcanic hole of Akaroa Harbor. Likewise get an opportunity to experience with 1000 foot bluffs, ocean curves, astonishing volcanic arrangements, caverns, marine farms,White  Flippered Blue Penguins, Albatross and different seabirds, Akaroa Marine Reserve, Nikau Palm Gully, Occasional Blowholes. Find out about the Volcanic and Maori History and feel the magic of the past which you can still sense in these places.

  • 51Learn about the Air Force Museum

    Image Credit :

    Well, who doesn’t love museums? Well if you have a fetish to learn about the aviation history then this is the perfect place for you.  Formerly known as The Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum this stand-out historical center is situated at Wigram, the RNZAF's first operational base, in Christchurch. The Air Force Museum of New Zealand's main goal is to save and present the historical backdrop of New Zealand military aeronautics for remembrance, learning, motivation and enjoyment.The Museum holds the national gathering of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. One can see the accumulation of New Zealand military avionics both preceding World War I and amid this real clash. Learn something new this time as you visit this amazing museum in Christchurch.

  • 52Surfing at Sumner Beach

    Image Credit :

    New Zealand is an excellent area, and one that has been a mainstream traveler goal for some numerous years. It has turned out to be outstanding for an extraordinary games capital, and a wide range of adrenaline games spring to mind when this place is specified. Christchurch resembles a magnet for youthful daredevil, skiers and snowboarders. Because of the perfect surf shorelines gathered together for simple get to and, obviously, the hotter waters individuals rush to this district for surfing. That is the principal sign that New Zealand is a top surfing area in light of the fact that unquestionably there must be some good surf shorelines among that part.

  • 53Canoeing or Kayaking

    Image Credit :

    While you are visiting Christchurch don’t forget to try the happening canoeing or kayaking here. Christchurch City is the South Island's delightful Garden City with rich professional flowerbeds, long sandy shorelines and the roughly dazzling Banks Peninsular with its common natural life filled harbors. Christchurch Canoeing and Kayaking offer the chance to investigate the magnificence of Christchurch's coastlines, streams and lakes from the opportunity of a kayak or kayak. Investigate the assorted qualities Christchurch brings to the table, from the quiet Avon River that goes through the focal point of Christchurch to the beautiful wiped out fountain of liquid magma harbor of Akaroa.

  • 54Whale Watching at Kaikoura

    Image Credit :

    Whales are an exceptionally regular sight in the waters off Kaikoura as a result of a 2-kilometer submerged gully that sits next to the drift. In this goliath trench two intense ocean streams meet, attracting supplements to the surface of the water and drawing in a plenitude of fish. Kaikoura is known as New Zealand's whale-watching mecca. Get very close with magnificent Giant Sperm Whales; and in addition Humpbacks, Pilot Whales and Orcas. Goliath sperm whales are the superstars and year-round inhabitants. Contingent upon the season you may likewise observe moving Blue Whales and Southern Right Whales. Kaik?ura likewise pulls in the biggest fixation and assortment of seabirds on terrain New Zealand including 13 types of Albatross, 14 assortments of Petrels and 7 sorts of Shearwater.

  • 55Quad Biking at Hanmer Springs Attraction

    Image Credit : goldenoldies-media.s3.amazonaws

    If you feel that you are still missing some action on your adventurous trip to New Zealand then here you go again. Try the most thrilling quad biking while you are in Christchrch and bring out the daredevil in you. Challenge the terrain, stream bed spring intersection, mud and farmland trails on Quad Bikes. Push through streams, mud, and woodland and over rocks - roll over pretty much every landscape Christchurch brings to the table all on a two hour quad biking trip. The extraordinarily outlined track which winds through the tough Hanmer Springs scene will guarantee constant rushes and pleasure for the entire family. Hanmer Springs is only a hour and a half drive north of Christchurch.

  • 56Visit Quake City

    Image Credit :

    As the name goes I am quite sure what you are about to learn here. This spots is an unquestionable requirement visit for anybody intrigued by the Canterbury tremors. Quake City is a one of a kind multi-tactile fascination went for advising, drawing in and teaching guests about the Canterbury seismic tremors. This minimized historical center recounts stories through photography, video film and different antiques, including bits that have tumbled off the Cathedral. Most influencing of all is the film highlighting local people describing their own encounters. One can likewise observe a dynamic liquefaction fountain of liquid magma and find out about the art of seismic tremors.

  • 57Sky Diving at Methven, Christchurch

    Image Credit :

    Encounter the extraordinary adrenaline surge of pair skydiving close Christchurch at Methven with Skydiving could be your opportunity to pick up a genuine vocation choice in this fabulous enterprise movement, offering a universal ticket to a worldwide profession. Freefall at paces of up to 200 kilometers for every hour and appreciate stunning perspectives from our Methven skydiving dropzone. Feel an aggregate feeling of opportunity while safely saddled to your own sky plunging educator. The thrilling freefall joined with the peace and serenity of the parachute ride makes your New Zealand couple skydive a novel ordeal you will always remember.

  • Things to in Wellington

  • 58Ride the Wellington Cable Car

    Image Credit :

    While you are visiting New Zealand there might be a lot of things in your mind which you are planning to do. The perfect beginning stage for any trek to Wellington; its famous link auto framework is both a long-standing image of the city and an extraordinary approach to see some of Wellington's key attractions while taking in incredible perspectives en route. The Wellington Cable Car is both a beguiling and beautiful approach to explore a portion of the city's precarious and uneven landscape, while likewise being something of a fascination in itself as it's one of the most ideal approaches to see the full scene of Wellington and its encompasses laid out before you at an extremely sensible cost.

  • 59Explore Carter Observatory / Space Place

    Most of you might be searching for something more interesting than the usual. So this time visit the Crater Observatory in Wellington is a must visit for you. Take an adventure into space at Space Place at Carter Observatory. The planetarium offers a cutting edge, advanced experience that will take you on a virtual space travel from Wellington, through our Solar System and past. Find the sheer size of the Universe and its causes in the Big Bang, the M?ori story of creation, and analyze the likelihood of life on different planets. Go through Space Place's own special dark opening, handle a space shake, dispatch a rocket, and watch video stories.

  • 60Visit Zealandia

    Another interesting place which is a must visit for you in Wellington is Zealandia. Committed to displaying New Zealand's protection endeavors and its one of a kind sort and natural life, Zealandia is a 225-hectare urban eco-haven just two kilometers from the focal city. One can discover an assortment of nation's local winged animals, including imperiled species, for example, the stitchbird, saddleback, and takahe can be heard and seen and also more than 100 kiwi and New Zealand's well known reptile, the tuatara. The valley of Zealandia is a visual devour contained a variety of woodlands, lakes and streams that give as a pleasant situation to investigate the different natural life offerings, and its distinction to the encompassing city environs makes it just about a fascination in itself.

  • 61Spend some time at Old St. Paul’s Cathedral

    Image Credit :

    There might be a few of you who would definitely want to visit a church while on your vacation. One of the finest cases of nineteenth century Gothic engineering as yet remaining in New Zealand, Old St. Paul's Cathedral was opened the distance in 1866 and has been a long-standing symbol in the city. While it's no longer working as an area church, it makes for a fundamental spot to visit on any Wellington agenda for the individuals who have affection for engineering and can regard the luxury of human craftsmanship. At the point when seen all things considered, "curious" would presumably be the best word to depict Old St. Paul's – it has a moderately unassuming white wooden exterior – however after venturing inside it's anything but difficult to perceive any reason why it stays such a famous neighborhood fascination in this day.

  • 62Visit the The Weta Cave in Miramar

    Image Credit :

    Weta Studio Tours is your passage to immersive film making encounters in Wellington, New Zealand. On the off chance that you are a film buff this is the correct sort of place for you. Dive in profound as you visit the Weta Cave, an amazing mini museum of the Academy Award–winning enhancements organization that brought The Lord of the Rings, King Kong, The Adventures of Tintin and The Hobbit to life. Weta Cave shop, a sinkhole of imagination where you can look for collectibles,prop copies, attire, gems, DVDs and workmanship prints. While you're there, meander through the small gallery and sit down for a short narrative about the historical backdrop of motion picture making on the Miramar Peninsula.

  • 63The Wellington Zoo

    Image Credit :

    Wellington Zoo is settled in the city's green town belt and is home to more than 500 local and intriguing jeopardized creatures. Witness the chit chats and the watch the people feeding the animals, and get up near Red Pandas, Lions, Meerkats, Cheetah, Lemurs and Giraffes. Wellington Zoo is a slope protection heaven that leaves guests with a feeling of ponder and regard for nature, and a faith in the requirement for a reasonable conjunction amongst untamed life and individuals. Additionally, while you are here get the chance to taste from the Mojo Cafe and the Tuck Shop, and peruse the Zoo Shop for the ideal gift.

  • 64Northern Explorer Train

    Image Credit :

    Well, if you are still looking for something more interesting then this will definitely lit you up. Encounter the North Island's phenomenal scope of view in one stunning trip as you go between Wellington and Auckland; go through moving green farmland and virgin shrub, past curious nation towns and along rough drifts. The trip through Tongariro National Park, with its three fabulous volcanic mountains – Tongariro, Ng?uruhoe and Ruapehu – is a highlight, a position of extremes and shocks, where snow-covered fields, antiquated magma streams and thick beech backwoods can be seen one next to the other.

  • 65Visit the Te Papa Tongarewa Museum

    Another interesting spot in Wellington which is a must visit for you is the Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa Tongarewa). The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is the national museum and workmanship exhibition of New Zealand, situated in Wellington. It is marked and normally known as Te Papa and Our Place; "Te Papa Tongarewa" is comprehensively translatable as "the place of fortunes of this land". The historical center's standards fuse the ideas of brought together accumulations; the accounts of culture and place; the possibility of discussion; the bicultural organization between indigenous individuals (Tangata Whenua) and non-indigenous individuals (Tangata Tiriti); and an accentuation on assorted qualities and multidisciplinary cooperation.

  • 66 The Hutt valley

    Image Credit :

    Just a short 15 minute drive or prepare ride from Wellington, the Hutt Valley is home to daring activities, a rich culture and legacy, and lovely landscape. Hutt Valley is home to a portion of the area's best strolling and mountain bicycle trails. Add to that the beautiful townships of Petone and Eastbourne, and clamoring gathering of craftsmanship displays, bistros and eateries - all only a short 15 minute drive from Wellington. The range additionally has an ancient history that incorporates New Zealand's initially sorted out settlement and Maori mythology of taniwha (ocean beasts).

  • 67Mount Victoria

    Image Credit :

    This is another spot which is a must visit for you in Wellington. Get a chance to enjoy the most amazing views of the Wellington city and harbor once you are at the top of Mount Victoria. Found appropriate alongside the heart of the city, you can drive as far as possible up, or take a walkway through the bramble secured Town Belt. Initially named as Tangi Te Keo, this mountain offers a portion of the best perspectives with an alternate point of view. The Mount Victoria walk takes you up Mount Victoria at 196 m for 360-degree beautiful perspectives of Wellington in New Zealand. Don’t miss your chance to visit this place while you are in Wellington.

  • Things to do in Queenstown

  • 68Ride the Skyline Gondola

    Image Credit :

    You might be aware of the things to do in Queensland but let us give you a clear picture of this. Board one of the Skyline Gondolas and experience the excellence of the area's wonderful scenes more than ever. Ride the Gondolas high above Queenstown for staggering all encompassing perspectives over the lakes and towns. Offering some great scenic views Skyline Gondola Ride is a must try for you here. The best perspectives in the district are found here, spread out in a tremendous 220º display. The Skyline Gondola winds up the slope, far from Queenstown. From the summit, look out over the city beneath, settled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and encompassed by verdant slopes and tough pinnacles

  • 69Milford Sound

    Another interesting spot which is a must visit for you in New Zealand is Milford Sound in South Island. Milford Sound was carved by glaciers during the ice ages but slowly turned into an amazing spot with the change of time. Arranged on the west bank of the South Island, Milford Sound is a combination of astonishing scenic views with astonishing visual signs around each corner. The cove's bluffs rise vertically from the dull waters, mountain crests rub the sky and waterfalls course downwards, some as high as 1000 meters. When it rains in Milford Sound, and it regularly does, those waterfalls increase with heavenly impact. In the event that you appreciate hiking or trekking, the Milford Track is for you. 

  • 70Try snowshoeing

    On the off chance that you have never experienced snow this would be great. Gone are the times of strapping tennis racquets to your shoes, and in are the new 'cutting edge', slimline snowshoes, which offer more solace, dependability and mobility. You'll feel as though you're gliding over the snow. Encounter the tranquility of the breathtaking Queenstown backwoods this winter on snowshoes. A snowshoe excursion is the ideal approach to zest up your time in New Zealand. Snowshoes enable you to stroll crosswise over unbroken snow without sinking up to your midsection - opening up enormous potential outcomes for wild investigation.

  • 71Ben Lomond Walkway

    There is another spot in Queenstown which is a must visit for you. Encounter glorious lake and mountain sees.  Feel the thrill as you walk through the extremely steep Ben Lomond which is the highest point here. While it looks rough and could easily sit beside some other, bigger mountain in the Southern Alps, its specific interest is that you can achieve the summit with no specialized learning. Get a chance to marvel at the sight of the exceptional views of Mount Earnslaw/Pikirakatahi and Aspiring/Tititea. I am sure you would definitely want to click some memorable shots here. Make your vacation a special one while you visit the Ben Lomond Walkway.

  • 72Queenstown Nevis Highwire Bungy Jump

    Want to test the daredevil in you. Then here you have your chance to experience the most exciting activity in the world. In case you're hungry for the some adrenalin fuelled Queenstown activity then the Nevis is for you. Indeed, even the proudest of self-declared thrill seekers will shudder in their boots when they see this one. The most noteworthy bungy hop in New Zealand towers 134 m over the wild Nevis River in Queenstown. In the wake of wearing your bridle, you will attempt to appreciate the beautiful perspectives from a link auto as your heart pounds in your ears and you go towards the hop pod. The site is likewise home to the World's Biggest Swing, which will impel you through the chasm in a 300 meter bend.

  • 73Try Extreme Skydiving

    Image Credit :

    Queenstown is the origin of Tandem Skydiving in New Zealand, otherwise called the 'Enterprise Capital of the World. Venture out of that air ship entryway and for around 60 seconds you freefall at 200km/hour. And the best thing is you can to chose your elevation from 15,000ft, 12,000ft or 9,000ft over Queenstown and prepare to grasp the dread. Feel the thrill as you try this one of a kind amazing activity. Whether you are a beginner or an expert you just have to gather that courage to free fall from that height. Experience the thunder this time.

  • 74Head out for a Wine tasting

    Image Credit :

    Regardless of whether your sense of taste is very much created or just eager, the length of you cherish wine your visit to this winery is an absolute necessity. The Queenstown Wine Trail offers a fun, customized and benevolent touring wine voyage through vineyards and wineries in New Zealand's head wine locales – Queenstown and Central Otago. Queenstown Wine Trail was established only five years after the fact, in 1992. Displaying fantastic environment and excellent perspectives this spots is gone to by parcel of wine lovers and also traveler around the globe. Soak in the beauty of the region while you taste from the finest of wines. And also get a chance to learn about the process of wine making.

  • 75Helicopter Ride

    Image Credit :

    There can be nothing better than the satisfaction of watching the earth down below from a bird eye view. Heliworks offer an incredible new scope of terrific Scenic Flights all through Queenstown and Fiordland. Helicopters Queenstown Ltd is Queenstown's driving grand heli-flight organization. Offering a determination of every day picturesque helicopter visits around Queenstown, Middle Earth, Mt Aspiring and Fiordland National Park in our immaculate armada of Airbus helicopters. Elevated, snow or ice sheet arrivals are a piece of all our grand flights and icy mass arrivals are incorporated into all Milford Sound alternatives. Get a chance to explore the whole place from a different perspective. It will be one hell of an experience.

  • 76Walter Peak High Country Farm

    Feel the joy as you stroll into this astounding Walter Peak High Country Farm. Journey crosswise over Lake Wakatipu on the vintage steamship TSS Earnslaw, appreciate a farmstead visit and witness the sheep shearing exhibits. You can also warm up while enjoying a relishing tea or coffee and served at the noteworthy Colonel's Homestead. There is a lot of time to walk around the lakeside patio nurseries to the enchanting Colonel's Homestead. It’s time to make each and every moments count while you visit this amazing land.

  • 77Ski at The Remarkables

    If you love skiing then this place is a must visit for you in Queensland. The Remarkables ski territory is known for its elevated condition, loose climate and serene atmosphere. Youthful snowboarders, freeskiers and families rush to the mountain's fluctuated trails to enjoy the snow as well as the fun. One can see a lot of freestylers going on the frenzy in a fresh out of the plastic new UP and GO Terrain Park in Sugar Bowl this year – double the measure of the current territory stop. Tenderfoot freestylers can advance in the Fruju Beginner Park while not really genuine guests can overlook the sheets and appreciate the Ozone Tubing Park.  And the most of all you will have live music playing on the background while you experience the most thrilling activity.

  • 78Skippers Canyon

    Image Credit :

    Skippers Canyon is a notable and beautiful chasm, about 22 kilometers long, that is found a few kilometers north of Queenstown. The Skippers Canyon Road, situated in the south-west of New Zealand's South Island, is today one of New Zealand's better referred to grand streets and amazingly unnerving as it's absolutely limited and diverse to manouvre your auto. This rock street, with a length of 16,5 miles, cut by hand by mineworkers more than 140 years prior is produced using an exceptionally limit cut amidst a sheer precipice confront. A lot of you might have already started wondering about this destination right.

  • Things to do in Dunedin

  • 79Hare Hill Horse Treks

    Image Credit :

    With the serenity and abundant greenery Dunedin is the perfect location for you to spend some time with nature. And in such a beautiful place nothing could be a better option than hopping on a horse and exploring the place. Hare Hill Horse Treks is the top stallion riding and steed trekking knowledge in Dunedin. Hare Hill is a flawless 60 section of land ranch situated in Deborah Bay on the north side of the Otago Harbor. Hare Hill Horse Treks has brought the extraordinary experience of steed riding through a standout amongst the most lovely places in New Zealand to riders from everywhere throughout the world. Ride through the exotic beauty of this region with the friendliest animals. And the best part is that you can chose from the variety of trails. 

  • 80Ride on Taieri Gorge Railway

    Image Credit :

    What could be a better option than exploring a whole place while on a journey by train? Amazing right? This ride is going to be one of the most beautiful scenic trail trips. Cut out throughout a huge number of years by the waters of the Taieri River, the Taieri Gorge is overflowing with excellent view of a horde of sorts; mountain ranges infer exactly the amount of an elevated scene New Zealand really has. The prepare takes off from Dunedin's notable prepare station goes through the city before advancing towards the staggering crevasse itself. Offering remarkable and all encompassing perspectives over continually changing landscape this prepare ride is considered as a standout amongst the most looked for ride in New Zealand.

  • 81Biking & Cycling

    While you are looking for some more activity and fun, there is definitely biking and cycling which will definitely make your day. Dunedin is well known as a biker’s playground which has the most suitable trails. Whether you are opting for cycling or mountain biking you will always end up with some happy faces. The summer time is ideal for mountain biking, with mellow temperatures and a late setting sun. A conservative format and a level keep running for driving in the city, incredible mountain biking tracks and perspectives from the tops and additionally chronicled rides along the Otago Central Rail Trail. Another part is the Harbor with excellent landscape for riders alike, while the slopes and inlets around the city and on the Peninsula give abundant chance to riding, at all levels of trouble, set against a dazzling background of slope, Harbor, and waterfront view.

  • 82Fishing in Dunedin

    Image Credit :

    There is another favorite activity in Dunedin which you would not want to miss if you are a foodie. Most of you have that urge to catch your own fish for food and Dunedin seems to be the perfect call for that. Dunedin is one of New Zealand's unfamiliar pearls of global fly angling travel. Most salmon are found trolling, local people know the best places to troll their baits both inside the harbor and outside the passageway off Taiaora Head. Individuals likewise come here for trout angling which another popular fish is found in Dunedin. Don’t miss to try out the fish which you have caught this time. 

  • 83Surfing

    There is another sport which is very famous in Dunedin. From extraordinary shoreline to the city centre, to fun point breaks on the North Coast, to various concealed reefs breaks, Dunedin is a heaven for surfers. St Clair is a well known wave for surfing that can infrequently get swarmed. Waves at the shoreline break both ways and the correct hand point is known for its consistency. St Clair offers incredible seaward breaks as well as a splendid surf scene with a variety of nearby bistros and its own one of a kind surf school. The only things which you need to be careful about are the sharks which are attracted to the warm waters.

  • 84Visit Larnach Castle

    Image Credit :

    The very name of castle gives you that fairytale feeling right. Well it’s time for some castle time. While in New Zealand visit this one of a kind Larnach Castle. Also referred as mock castle, Larnach Castle on the edge of the Otago Peninsula is located at Dunedin, New Zealand. The Castle is currently exclusive by the Barker Family, and worked as a tourism goal. Offering an insight to the Victorian Culture Larnach Castle grandstands ace craftsmanship, New Zealand Antiques and the style of Victorian living. Get an opportunity to find out about the historical backdrop of this mansion and furthermore value the astonishing architecture of this castle.

  • 85Otago Museum

    Image Credit :

    If you have an urge of knowing more about the history and the past then Otago Museum is the perfect place for you in Dunedin. For around 150 years the Otago Museum has been sharing its knowledge gathering of more than 1.5 million items, recounting stories of nature, culture and science from Otago, Aotearoa New Zealand and the world. Eight free exhibitions feature the captivating and the exceptional, the greatest and the best. Get hands-on with science in Discovery World and encircle yourself with several colorful butterflies in the Tropical Forest butterfly house. Voyage to the edge of the universe in the Perpetual Guardian Planetarium and investigate the excellent way of science on the planet's first laser-initiated computerized display.

  • 86Hot Water Beach

    Image Credit :

    Just the name itself gives you Goosebumps rights? As the name goes this Hot water beach in New Zealand attracts a lot of tourist around the globe. In Hot water beach one can find naturally warmed mineral water which rises from profound inside the earth to rise through brilliant sand. Just close to the stones at the southern end of the shoreline you can delve your own spa pool in the sand. It might sound strange yet lying in a pool of boiling point water just meters from the invigorating ocean is something you would love.

  • 87Walk to the Otago Peninsula

    Image Credit :

    The Otago Peninsula together with its 20 km long harbor, is the home of a wealth of glorious world renowned marine untamed life, in particular The Royal Albatross, the imperiled Yellow Eyed Penguin/Hoiho and the Blue Penguins at Pukekura. Strolling and mountain Biking are exceptionally famous around the Peninsula with various track troubles and landscapes to suit all walkers and riders. Another fascinating thing about Otago Peninsula is that New Zealand's just palace, Larnach Castle is situated on the highest point of the Otago Peninsula. Larnach Castle is likewise home to greenery enclosures of universal hugeness.

  • 88Visit Olveston Historic Home

    Image Credit :

    Get a chance to learn about the history and past while you visit the Olveston Historic House. Olveston House was designed by acclaimed English designer Sir Ernest George, Olveston was worked as a family home outfitted with compelling artwork, furniture and ancient rarities obtained from all around the globe. This house was opened as a notable house historical center in 1967, Olveston is a period container as meager has changed inside the house since it was possessed as a family home from 1906 to 1966. Olveston is a bona fide and unique memorable home portraying the life of a well off trader family in the early piece of the twentieth century.

  • 89Tunnel Beach, Dunedin

    While you are visiting New Zealand there is another which you wouldn’t want to miss. Tunnel Beach is another spot which is attracting a lot of tourist around the world. This tunnel leads the visitor to the waters which is completely a different experience. The passage is somewhat spooky. You might get a bit scared if you talk as one can hear it at the very end of the other part. People must trek through a private farmland to reach the shoreline. It was opened in 1983 and is 500 feet above ocean level. The passage leads to the highest point which then leads visitors down 72 stages to the shoreline.

  • 90Little Blue Penguin Viewing

    Image Credit :

    Operated by the The Royal Albatross Centre, Little Blue Penguin viewing is another best thing to do in Dunedin.  Get a chance to encounter with the smallest penguins in the world. Admire this small creature as they slowly walk with their tiny little steps. Witness them in their l natural surroundings dashing up to their precipice confront tunnels at Pilots Beach on the Otago Peninsula. Following a day adrift, the penguins assemble in gatherings known as "rafts" not far seaward where they frequently can be heard vocalizing – generally short, noisy cackles. You will be amazed how these little creatures can make you fall in love with the whole place.

  • 91Chocolate world Dunedin

    Image Credit :

    Now if you are a chocolate lover then this is something you would never want to miss while you are visiting Dunedin. It's here you can find out about a portion of the phenomenal, mind blowing chocolates and lollies that will be treasured by you for eternity. Choc-a-block with fun Cadbury World is an unquestionable requirement do while in Dunedin. Find the enchantment of Cadbury when you take off on the Cadbury World Experience. Find out about the historical backdrop of Cadbury and chocolate as you voyage through time in the Visitor Center. Visit the Cadbury World Sensory Lab where you will find and test the diverse components of the chocolate making process, from cocoa bean completely through to our popular Cadbury Chocolate. You will know about the marvelous creation right just in front of your eyes.  

  • 92Explore the Cargill's Castle

    Image Credit :

    When we hear about castle all we can think of are the sight of something from the bygone days which will make everything alive again. The remains of Cargills Castle, roosted on the tough, uncovered precipices over the sea close St Clair, show a convincing display of somber sculptural magnificence. Finished in 1877 for Edward Bowes Cargill, the château is one of the vital structures in Dunedin related with the Cargill family. Cargill Castle is one of New Zealand's most noteworthy notable remnants, and one of just two mansions staying in the southern half of the globe It is one of a kind component of Dunedin's social identity as a result of its Italianate shape, its nearness or the windswept precipices over the southern sea.

  • 93Huka Falls

    Image Credit :

    Just couple of minutes drive north of Taupo, this astounding waterfall is the most attractive spot in New Zealand. It is about 11-meter high and the cascading water makes it all more beautiful. The sheer volume of water streaming over the falls adds up to 220,000 liters for every second - enough to fill one Olympic estimated swimming pool in 11 seconds. Appreciate the beauty of this place as you stroll close by the stream and meander around the nearby places. The perfectly clear water will definitely take your breath away. What’s more all you have to do is enjoy the smooth shower after you reach their by a boat.

  • 94Trekking or Biking in the Signal Hill

    Trekking has been always opted as the best activity which is opted by all. So while you are in Dunedin a trek to the Signal Hill is a must do activity for you. Whether you are looking for biking or trekking this place will give you some of the best experiences of your life. Signal Hill is hill which is located at the ascents over the upper east area of Dunedin's downtown area. Wonder about the all encompassing perspectives of the city's coastline and spot noteworthy milestones. Signal Hill conveys the mantle of having New Zealand's best downhill track with rocky gardens, grooves and steep section which allows you to test your skills. So get ready for this amazing experience. 

  • 95Visit the famous Tree Church

    Image Credit :

    As they say there is no end to exploring the places in a new place. Then here is another one for you. Set in particular gardens The TreeChurch, Ohaupo, is an absolutely real structure composed and worked by Barry Cox to be an attraction for all. Enlivened by Barry's affection for Churches, this is an extraordinary venture which he started. With a lot of perfection Barry showed how a normal garden can be made utilizing a Tree-Spade, the Tree Church greenery enclosures and Labyrinth walk is an invited withdraw from society. Cox's grounds additionally incorporate green garden strolls and a medieval-style maze. Outside weddings are dependably a bet, yet at any rate this one gives a rooftop in any case.

  • 96Heli Hiking, New Zealand

    Image Credit :

    If you are looking for something different in the bosom of New Zealand then here we have the perfect adventure for you. Heli Hiking or Hike is one of the most sought of activity these days. With such verdant beauty with the rainforest, mountains and valleys head out to the West Cost in New Zealand. The Franz Josef Glacier helicopter or Fox Glacier is unique experience for you. Get ready for the ultimate fun once you are equipped with leather boots.  Take the helicopter ride for your first flight over the apexes of the lower icefall. Take in perspectives of the upper icefall and Victoria Falls, which is the liquefy stream of the shrouded Victoria icy mass, before landing. Climb through the ice sheet and absorb the picturesque strives of the locale. It will be one hell of an experience for all.

  • 97Doubtful Sound, South West, New Zealand

    Image Credit :

    As you known that New Zealand is becoming the hottest destination lately. A lot of new places are added on the bucket list. This time mark your bucket list with a visit to this amazing Doubtful Sound in New Zealand. Also referred as ‘the Sound of Silence', nothing can beat the peacefulness of this amazing land. To be true this place is a heaven for the one who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The cove is rich in vegetation, New Zealand Fur Seals and Fiordland Crested Penguins can be seen on a significant number of the little islets at the passageway of the cove.  One can head out for some exciting experiences like kayaking, day cruise, night cruise etc. Get a chance to taste the wilderness while you visit this one of a kind place.

  • 98Cathedral Cove Beaches, New Zealand

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    If you are more of a romantic or movie freak then this is the perfect place for you in New Zealand. What do you think of when we say running or walking under the cove? Something magical, right. Well, here you have the most beautiful Cathedral Cove beach which is perfect for the romantics and beach lovers. From excellent Hahei Beach on The Coromandel you can stroll to Cathedral Cove, where a normally framed opening merits photographic consideration. A colossal angled natural cove goes through a white shake headland to join two segregated bays. The arch shaped like a cathedral gives the entire region a quality of loftiness. The shoreline is sandy with shady pohutukawa trees along the foreshore, best for the swimmers.

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